Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku O! Volume 5 Prologue [Let’s & Go to Crimson Demon of Explosion!!]




TL Note: I’m doing this because this LN’s status on skythewood is still on Hiatus, so I will stop translating this if skythewood restarts his work again.



Suddenly, an unreasonable violent shaking came to the tranquil prairie.

A blast with a roaring sound blows violently, and at the same time a swelling dust rolled up.

I’m helping Megumin who exhausted her mana and fell down to the ground to go up.

“How many points is that…!”

Megumin asked me with eyes that have a very strong light, even while she feels so sluggish.

“The sound and destruction power…… 85 points”

“Gu! As expected of Kazuma, even if I’m the one who’s rating that explosion magic, I will give it that score. Your rating skill is getting better……!”

“Fufu, something like this if I get accompanied with you everyday, I can get it just  by seeing it. You can call me Sommelier of Explosion Magic. Hey, I will carry you.”  


I lend my shoulder to Megumin who’s completely exhausted while saying that.

“You really, don’t get bored with explosion magic even though you use it everyday, huh? Do you really don’t have any intention to try to remember another magic or try to class-change to another magic user-class those are more superior?”

“Certainly no. By the way, you have already got a superior magic user , what the heck are you talking about?”

The self-proclaimed [Superior magic user] said that while turning her hand on my back.

Well nowadays, this person somehow, if you can use her properly, she can be more reliable but……

I breathed out a sigh, and fixed Megumin’s position on my back.

――Starting tomorrow, I will restart my journey again.

Along the way, to conserve mana maybe I won’t cast any magic, and today I will do it too, I will go along with her to do one day one explosion and the like.

Exactly, because I really don’t quite get tired of it.

On the side road towards Axel City.

While the sky gradually becomes crimson colored, Megumin who is on my back muttered frustratedly.

“Next time for certain, I will get 100 points……!”



2 thoughts on “Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku O! Volume 5 Prologue [Let’s & Go to Crimson Demon of Explosion!!]

  1.            _,.. -──- 、,
            , ’”          `ヽ.
           //¨7__  /     i  _厂廴
          / ̄( ノ__/ /{    } 「 (_冫}
        / ̄l_//  /-|  ,!  ム  ̄|_「 \__
      . イ    ,  /!_∠_ | / /_⊥_,ノ ハ   イ
       / / /  〃ん心 レ’|/ f,心 Y i \__>
      ∠イ  /   ト弋_ツ     弋_ツ i  |  | \
      _/ _ノ| ,i ⊂⊃   ’   ⊂⊃ ./  !、_ン
       ̄  ∨| ,小、  ` ‐ ‘    /|/| /
              Y |ヘ> 、 _ ,. イレ|  レ’
           r’.|  |;;;入゙亠―亠’ );;;;;!  |
    ┃ Thanks! Nepu!! ┃
       |  /


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