Help! Gooogle-sensei!!

Help! Gooogle-sensei!!

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Author : Takada Ta


I was on the verge of death after ruining my health by being over weight for over 30 years. Goodbye, past world. And hello to new world. I will cheat with modern knowledge, is what I thought, but in reality I don’t have any practical knowledge. Nitroglycerin? How to make it? Where to find potatoes? Method to make transparent glass? Method to make carbon steel? I don’t know any of that.

However, the heavens didn’t abandon me. I was born with royalty as a cheat. And, my brothers and sisters have unparalleled level of cheat talents, so unparalleled cheat ability would also dwell in me!…… I changed my mind, the heavens have abandoned me. I didn’t get any unparalleled ability. While I was spending my days lamenting about that I was already abandoned by heavens, but Gooogle-sensei didn’t abandon me! Expanding his service over many eras, sensei is exactly Deus ex Machina! My era has star-, no, Sensei’s era has started! Just look at it, all possessors of unparalleled ability!! You must prostrate in front of Sensei’s power!!

Chapter List :

Volume 1 (Q1)

Prologue [Goodbye Past World. Hello New World.]

Chapter 1 : Bird in the Divine Protection (Cage)

Chapter 2 : Even Though I Believe This is Another World

Chapter 3 : Gooogle-sensei the Deus ex Machina, Hyper Dimension Linker, and Divine Fortress

Chapter 4 : Boobs

Chapter 5 : Debut

Chapter 6 : 21,425 Bodies

Chapter 7 : Electrical Parade

Chapter 8 : Someone Else’s Problem

Chapter 9 : Grosse Royal Family All-out-war (Without Father) -First Part-

Chapter 10: Grosse Royal Family All-out-war (Without Father) -Second Part-

Chapter 11: Grosse Royal Family All-out-war (Without Father) -Last Part-

Last Chapter: I See, the World. And Then Time Starts to Move.

Extra Chapter: Help! Gooogle-sensei!!Extra Chapter: Help! Gooogle-sensei!!

Volume 2 (Q2)

Prologue – Sensei is Mean

Chapter 1: The Hasty Princess General

Chapter 2: Holiday in Geneva

Chapter 3: Prince, You’re in the Way

Chapter 4: Below the Cloudy Sky

Chapter 5: Exile

Chapter 6: Adamandight

Chapter 7: Rip-off

Chapter 8: Click! Click! Click! Click!

Chapter 9: Extremely Easy Nasty Deed

Chapter 10: Slave Trade

Chapter 11: Lancelot-niisan

Last Chapter:  The Thirteenth Seat’s Master

Extra Chapter: Maan, Troubled Times, Really Troubled Times.

Volume 3 (Q3)

Prologue – Winter is Coming

Chapter 1: Fuhahahaha, My Turn Forever!

Chapter 2: Skeleton-san’s Cooking Classroom

Chapter 3: My Name is Leonhart Friedrich von Grosse!!

Chapter 4: A Crowd of Nameless Hero

Chapter 5: Rest In Peace

Chapter 6: The Running Hiruhiru

Chapter 7: There are Various Four Seasons

Final Chapter: Hey you, could you die for a moment?

Extra Story: Promise

Answer: Previous Talk: A What If Story

First Final Story: Sensei Please Watch Over Me

Help! Gooogle-sensei!




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