Q3: Prologue – Winter is Coming

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In the old world, especially in medieval age, the season called winter is frightening.

You can’t get out of the city, or the village, and sometimes even your house.

Plants won’t produce any fruit.

Preys to hunt can’t be seen either.

Until the snow melts away, until spring comes, you can only wait patiently while breathing belatedly.

And it’s the same in this world too, but now it’s a bit different.

Because there’s someone who can move freely inside snow……


Yeah, that is……the skeleton-san from afterlife world!!

For a being who is only a skeleton like them, the coldness of winter is nothing.

It’s just a bit hard to move because snow hinders them, and every one of them who is basically a spiritual being can’t freeze to death.

The careless skeletons who didn’t rot away their meat during the summer will be frozen solid as a zombie.

Probably, their comrade will point at them and say, ‘Pfft, how lame’.

How terrible. Indeed, how terrible.

And currently, there’s one person (?) half zombie skeleton (or half skeleton zombie?) is being pointed and laughed by its friend.

Bullying……how uncool……but interestiiiiiiing!!

Ahahahahahaha, how lameeeeee!!

Even I laughed at him too.


“That’s why I said it, right? Quickly throw away your flesh!”

“Ahahahaha, he’s frozen. How stuuuuuupid!!”

“Shut up! This bastard! I became like this because my decomposition can’t make it in the beginning of autumn!!”

“But, only half is a no! Half! *guffawing*guffawing*!!”

Looks fun. After I heard their conversation by using sensei’s translation service, it made me feel in harmony.

Peaceful and gentle world.

The world of death, it’s more peaceful than this brutal kill or be killed world. How surprising.

It’s feels like being pointed by your bad companion while you’re half-crying (maybe).

A Skeleton able to make you believe it’s the death itself. A smelly rotten body.

For a living being, it would only bring unpleasant feelings and will treat them as their natural enemy.

Human is not just a face, and not just a flesh.

Nonetheless, they can’t get along with living beings too. It’s their instinct.

For them, attacking living beings hold two meanings.

First, they can absorb soul which is their mind energy to retain themselves.

And the other one, reproducing their descendants by soul contamination.


Oh god, if you can be like that, it would be a fun skeleton life.

The soul represents the core of your own self, so if it still remains, you’re alive, but to say you’ve died if your own self change, is a very difficult question.

If just by remaining you can say you’re alive, you will acquire a life close to immortal.

But, what’s considered your own self will no longer be you.

Indeed, a difficult problem.

But, they look quite fun.

By releasing yourself from worldly attachment, you can call it a utopia.

Once upon a time, there’s capital city called Moscow in a country called Russia.

If summer is called a season brimming of life, then winter would be their season brimming of life, because it’s their breeding season.

Their natural enemy, salt water, if it’s solid frozen, it would just become ice.

The winter of north country is their ally.

If it became too cold, it would be bad for bones too though.



And they are marching to the west as a large army while saying, ‘Our season have come!!’ as if they’re young snowboarders.

Just to prey upon and child-making.



……Huh? Aren’t they just a crowd of rapist?


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6 thoughts on “Q3: Prologue – Winter is Coming

  1.   ∧_∧
     ( ・∀・)Thanks!
    oノ ∧ つ⊂) Nepu!!
    ( ( ・∀・)Merry
    oノ ∧ つ⊂) X-mas
    ( ( ・∀・)And A
    ∪(  ∪ ∪  Happy
     と__)__) Nepu Year


  2. Huh? Aren’t they just a crowd of rapist?

    This is the first time I heard a guy calls and undead horde a group of rapist
    I laughed so hard at it


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