Chapter 7: Many Things Happened in This Four Seasons

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Many Things Happened in This Four Seasons


First, my homeland, Grosse Kingdom, can be summed up as peaceful.

It’s just, since Prussia Kingdom fell into ruin, they provided their salt supply from Bex salt mine and the stolen salt from the former Vatican City State.

Because the nobles who became helpless due to the civil war came and begged in tears, it gradually turned from invasion into annexation, and I think the remaining nobles will eventually come and beg in tears too, sooner or later, country called Prussia will be gone from the map.

Their noble status will be guaranteed, but according to Grosse Kingdom’s law, I wonder how long can they endure the suffering of our so called “nobles”?

Because people of Grosse Kingdom won’t be tied to a land and capable.

In the front, it’s feudal nation, but actually a democratic nation inside.

Population moves instead of votes.

Decrease of population is the same as the decrease of a noble’s power.

If you ban emigration, the people inside that noble’s territory will be gone, it’s impossible for such powerless bill from a weak aristocrat to even go through.

The noble who lost their population will be abolished immediately by royalty.

And a new permanent noble will appear, but anyone who knows the truth will all run away.

And sometimes there’s some stupid guy who raise their hand, receiving that curse which will continue from generation to generation. Uhhihhihhi.

No power, no one will follow your law, if you want everyone follow your law, you will lose your power.

Indeed, a nice deadlock.

Just because of that one law, it prevented the depravity of nobles for 2500 years, If I can meet that <Politics> Special Holder, I’d like to meet him.

[Karl-sama. You have met him before, you know?]

Eh? I don’t have any acquaintance from 2500 years ago.

I’m not that old, you know? I’m still a cute 12 years old in his puberty, you know?

[It’s Maximilian. Maximilian made it in his previous life.]

Aah, I see.

He’s already sly in his previous life. Understandable slyness.

Not just his mind is black, but he’s pitch black inside.

“Nobility~ Anyone wants nobility~”

“I want it!”

“G-o-t y-o-u. Uhihihihihihihihi”

Terrifying, more terrifying than that old hag of the lake, that youkai nobles’ temptation.

That curse will continue to your descendants.

7 generation curse? No, it’s an all generation curse, so every good kid out there, please receive it with no stop.

In the middle of recruiting good kid. The job description is general affairs section which is also called nobles.

There was a reckless great hero from West Habsburg Kingdom, Rigardo (a lucky person) who was hailed as a king and made a reckless slogan like taking back our land from Alps United Kingdom, so he plotted a conciliatory policy by providing their lifeline, salt, to their ruined nation.

As expected of someone who enslaved a whole nation.

I think His Majesty Maximilian doesn’t want to suffer for the second time.

Why didn’t he crushed that person’s will by instigating dragon like what he did before.

And please turn that kindness to me.

Speaking about dragon, Roni-san the dragon king or insect dish cook started to say something like, “I’m going to meet a new insect”, so from demi humans, dragons, and His Majesty Maximilian desperately stop him because of it.

Just in case, I tell our super classified information about how to make a Dragon King to His Majesty Maximilian.

First, you must prepare a cook with first grade cooking divine protection.

Next, make him to cook insect dish. Force him to cook until he cries. Even if he cries, force him to cook. Even if he turns bald, force him to cook. Even if he pukes blood, force him to cook. Just force him to cook, cook, cook, and cook until he realizes about the deliciousness of insect.

It’s actually an easy recipe with easy ingredients, so you can make it easily.

Oh my, at the dungeon, no, at the wonderful basement kitchen with best cooking facility which can make any cook drools all over, I hear the second Dragon King screaming while crying, but I think it’s just my imagination.

Royalty, at some time, must harden their heart.

Your precious sacrifice will not be forgotten. You would forget about it after you know the beautifulness of insect though.

One more thing about dragons, Siegfried-niisama and “Empress” are blessed with an egg.

And when I came there because of this “A child will hatch from egg soon, so Karl, let’s come to celebrate it a bit” message from NTR-gou, the egg is quivering like it‘s about to hatch right now.

When we’re going towards the cave where nee-san dwells, NTR-gou says something weirdly admirable like “My master Karl. Sorry to bother you by bringing you here.”, I should realize about that earlier just by hearing those words.


Looks like nee-san has something to talk with NTR-gou, so they’re outside the cave right now.

Originally, they’re friends and lovers, they even made children together, there should be something they want to talk about.

I’m thinking about the child’s gender like, is it a boy, is it a girl, is it a male, is it a female while staring at that quivering egg.

[TLNote: as in, male human/female human/male dragon/female dragon]

My bet is a female.

That empress child, it’s surely a female.

And as that quivering egg start to crack, and the one who shows up from that egg is a beautiful girl with red hair.

Too bad! I miss it! So close!

And, why that red hair girl who’s just born run towards me with her uncertain way of walking, and rubbing her face to me.

Aah, the face rubbing of my just born niece. It’s cute. And charming.

Even though I’m sweating like crazy.

“Not like Siegfried-sama but like me, red hair. But, her eyes resemble Siegfried-sama.”

Eeh, nee-san come back at the right moment.

Nee-san, you planned for me to take care of her?

I said something good! It’s not good in German though!

[TLNote: Karl made a word play here, takuran (brood parasitism) o takuranda (planned) ne]


Written as imprinting effect, read as imprinting, that effect which make you recognize someone you see first as your parent.


Looks like female dragon will enter mating season again after she frees herself from the obligation to raise her child, no matter what the way is.

Nee-san’s lifespan is eternal, Siegfried-niisama’s lifespan is limited, so I want to love him as much as possible, she said that shamelessly.

Dragons, they can change their form with magic easily, and nee-san changed herself to a red haired beautiful woman.

And she said she did her first child-making with him in this form.

So, I fervently did the following speech.

“If you believe in love, appearance is mere trivialities. If nee-san loves Siegfried-niisama from the bottom of your heart and so does he, face each other in your true form, and make love with him!! Indeed, next time you want to make a child, absolutely do it in your true form!! Not nee-san in human form, but in your dragon form, and Siegfried-niisama will answer!! Believe in Siegfried-niisama, and pursue true love!!”

After hearing my fervent speech, nee-san is touched and nodded while in tears.

That’s right, rather than artificial beauty, you should do it in your true beauty. If your love is true love!!

The reason for that fervent speech is 100% me venting my anger to Sieg-niisama though.

And looks like NTR-gou can change into human form too, and his form like black hair with black eyes, but handsome and not flat faced, so I commanded him, “Never take that form while I’m still alive”.

Don’t take over my character. Black hair and black eyes, and handsome, if such us lined up together, it will be poison for women.

It’s certainly not a man’s jealousy, okay? It’s certainly not because if we lined up together, we will be compared, and I’ll be depressed, okay?

My niece who was just born is so cute, and pampered, she won’t eat if I don’t feed her. She’s cuuute.

And suddenly black aura come out when I show my niece’s charming figure in front of her own father, Siegfried-niisama.

Sieg-niisama’s divine protection is shadow, right?

“Open your mouth, aahn?”


“Is it delicious?”


Has seeing his lovely daughter awakened his paternal love or what, black aura is leaking out from his body just by seeing his lovely daughter’s cute behaviour.

And that lovely daughter sees Sieg-niisama as some unknown uncle.

Hahahaha, if I was him, I will obliterate that guy on the spot.

It’s just, if he did that, he would lose the guy who will take care of his lovely daughter, so he can’t.

“Open your mouth aahn?”


“Is it delicious?”


It’s not mere shadow anymore but all out dark force, if you’re jealous, go ahead and make the second one.

In your true from, okay!! Gehahahahaha!!

“Open your mouth aahn?”


“Is it delicious?”


Seeing his not illegitimate grandchild, Wilhelm-tousama became a doting grandpa.

And while I introduced her to him, he also reunited with His Majesty Maximilian and princess Maria, he was moved to tears.

So, I recited his passionate speech he did in front of that fake grave, he got mad out of shame and saying “Disown! I will disown you!!” repeatedly.

Well man, you have disowned me already, so don’t send a divorce letter next, okay?

I want that though.


Has seeing his granddaughter’s face awakened his grandfather soul, he came here once a week, twice a week, three times a week, four times a week, five times a week…… Go home!

You’re Grosse’s king, right!! This is Alps United Kingdom you know!!

Do your job in your country! Sitting on the throne is your job, right!?

By the way, she rejected Leonhart-niisama immediately by saying, “Many females’ scent coming from you, no! I hate you!!”

Far from laying a finger on his first niece, she doesn’t even allow him to go within 10 meters of her.

Ochre kitten, you reap what you sow.

Dragons like pure love.

Well, I’m not worthy to criticize him though……

Hiruhiru, befitting her title, the hasty princess general, she unified Frank Kingdom in godspeed.

Giving food to starving, giving blade point to fat pigs, giving honor to true nobles, giving everyone what they should’ve gotten, cleaning all cancer inside the country.

After that, obtaining crown of the emperor of Frank Kingdom and by destroys it by throwing it to the ground as an apology and acknowledging independence of vassal countries around Frank Kingdom.

In the first place, they are too far from their home country, so they acknowledged the independence of a territory we called in the ancient world as Spain.

Just like the tale of The North Wind and the Sun.

She took less than half a year to conquer that chaotic world after the snow thawed. As expected of Hero Hiruhiru, she ran all over the place quite fast.

And in less than half a month, she abdicated the throne, giving the throne to her lovely beautiful brother, Pippin, and declared her position as his guardian right after that.

Does she have a lot of free time after withdrawing from politics? I received a really manly challenge letter from her like, “Karl, I come here, I have to repay this debt to you.”

Usually if you want to repay a debt you come here instead of me though.

And so I go there riding [NTR-gou].

Well, just by seeing the circumstances, I understand what she means though, but Hiruhiru didn’t move by herself, so I won’t move either.

After about one hour, the condition stays like this.

“Y-you….understand just by seeing, right?”

“No, I don’t. Unless you say it.”

On the of bed with canopy, Hiruhiru is continuously fidgeting with a naive face.

Her erotic appearance wearing a thin, high quality cloth with her voluminous breast pushing out from within, seeing the gap between that and her pure innocent heart is really fun.

“Y-you……helped me so…… Um… virginity……to you”

“If you want to sleep with me because I aided you, I will have to decline. Because, isn’t it the same as using money to sleep with a prostitute?”

Even though she’s very gallant in the battlefield, why is she so innocent on top of the But, that kind of thing only stimulates my sadistic heart though.

“Ugh……you’re mean…….Karl, I love you……so, sleep with me……I want your child……”

Man, it feels so good to corner a naive maiden like this, doesn’t it?

“Want to sleep with me? You said you wanted to repay your debt, why are you adding more instead?”

“Nununu…… just sleep with me already! Stop shaming a maiden!”

It’s about half shyness and anger, Hilde’s face become so flushed.

Just teasing her like this is already fun, but soon, I can’t hold back either.

Using sensei’s medical service, I enlarge this 12 years old body to a 20 years old body.

And of course, my lower half. About 30% bigger. Is this the so-called man’s look, huh?


“M-Magic……Oh, it’s magic……No, I know it’s a magic but…. Umm…… I have seen Pippin’s long ago, but the shape and size differ very greatly, doesn’t it……”

She’s looking at me mainly at my lower half.

Hilde is a lewd lady, isn’t she?

“Then, Hilde. Let’s make love. I also love you.”

I forcefully push her down to the bed.

Even now, she’s still panicking and flustering continuously.

“Wa-wa-wa-wa-wa-wait…..umm……please…… be gentle, okay?”

I nod slowly.

“Be intense, right?”

“Be gentle!!”

And so I did it very, very intensely.

Vatican city state which is located at south have thrown away their abominable name, and became a nameless state.

And among them, the one who lead them is hero, no, hero in the making, Laura-kun the foresight.

His soul’s way of life have reached the special grade, it began with the idea of how to lead people to happiness.

It’s just, his people doesn’t include, fantasy world’s people and demi-humans.

Leading people towards happiness.

Delivering people from misfortune.

Making sure everyone can live.

His foresight first told him to start selling salt.

Using demi-humans as messenger, he started salt business with Alps United Kingdom by exchanging it with their necessities.

Gold, silver, and gems disappeared from their impressive church, making only stone and wood decorating it.

They got compassion, honorable poverty, and forgiveness from the people they treated and oppressed as slaves before, and so they finally started to walk a path of hero.

Religious revolution, hooray!!

However, not only good things happened in this world.

The four country union of Three Baltic Kingdom and Estonia start a revolt against August empire centered at former Poland, and they’re in a state of war right now.

The war didn’t show any signs of ending soon.

However, I think the four country union that knows they can fight a war even without divine protection would definitely win the battle.

Even arrows without divine protection, if it hit someone, he will die.

Even if it’s not an arrow, mere stones can kill people.

That creativity and way of thinking, in a way, it’s the parting gift Michael-kun gave them.

And in the former Spain territory, the territorial dispute still continued until now.

Hiruhiru’s army stationed at their border with Frank Kingdom, so inland areas won’t be affected I think.

Every territory sent messengers to Frank Kingdom seeking assistance, but all of them are rejected before entering the gate, those who want to fight, do as you please yourselves.

And someday, among them will appear heroes that will do something or another.

I can only hope nothing but for it to appear faster.

Today in Highland Kingdom, just like usual, Arthur-kun is crying while being chased by his government job.

Looks like Marlin grandpa is busy with his chess training. Go for it grandpa. He won’t ever have a chance to win though!!

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