Chapter 5: Rest in Peace

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Nevertheless, It’s quite a spectacle seeing 2 million of that before my eyes.

From right to left, from left to right, so many skeletons.

The zombies who were just born can’t make it here, looks like their joints got frozen up.

However, the skeletons are a little bit too relaxed. Too slacking!

Looks like I must lift up their motivation.

I think it’s weird for enemy to get fired up after hearing their enemy’s name themselves though.

Then, take a deep breath~

“My name is Leonhart Friedrich von……”

“No? You’re Karl Gustav von Grosse, right?”

“That was my name before I got disinherited, so my current name is Karl Gustav Pendragon though?”

“Karl’s disinheritance is just an act. So until now, you’re still a member of Grosse Family, you know?”



Leonhart-niisama is here.

Siegfried-niisama is here.

And the 13,000 years old King Arthur is here too.

Marlin grandpa too…. Is it because he’s old, he’s shivering because of cold. Why are you here?

“Why are you all here?”

“The sun watches.”

“The moon won’t overlook you, you know?”

“Hmm, [NTR-gou]’s friend, Dun Stallion informed us! You’re about to go to war, right?”

“*shiver**shiver**shiver**shiver**shiver**shiver**shiver**shiver*…… C-Cold. It’s cold”

Let’s ignore this old guy.

“Man, not that, why did you come here?”

“My little brother said he wants to fight, so what’s wrong if your big brother helps you out?”

Leonhart-niisama said that with awkward face.

Resentment of child abuse, would not be forgotten that easily, you know?

“When Leo-niisama knew that princess Maria is still alive, he wanted to apologize to you right away, you know? It’s not like she didn’t come out at all from her mansion, so there’s a time when she’s under the sun. And, to help Karl’s war, I asked the [Empress] to bring me here. Fufufu, don’t you think she’s cute?”

“Don’t say that! Sieg! Recently, you resemble Karl, you know!!”

Aah, I see. So it was like that.

But, I won’t forget the grudge I hold for child abuse, okay?

“Then, it’s my turn, right? When the viceroy Karl, goes to war, it means it’s also my war as the king. Therefore, I come to this place riding Dun Stallion immediately. Umm… please just ignore that currently shivering old troublemaker over there.”

“I understood.”

In summary, it means, “Let us in that fight too”, right?

These battle junkies.

“Then, Leonhart-niisama. Would you introduce yourself as the supreme commander?”

“Would it be okay for me to do that? This is Karl’s war, right?”

“If Leonhart-niisama isn’t the supreme commander, <War> divine protection won’t have any effect, right? And King Arthur, I beg you to become the second-in-command.”

“Muu~ under another country’s prince, huh…… It can’t be helped, since it’s Karl’s request, I must bear with it.”

Unlike a certain ochre kitten from somewhere, he’s quite understanding, Arthur-kun, please be like that forever.

Then, there are few important points I must tell you when introducing yourself.

I pulled Leonhart-niisama’s ear to bring him here, and whisper him about that.

“Ouuuuuuuch!! Hmm? What? I see, I understood. I will introduce myself like that.”

Eeh, as I guess, supreme commander won’t suit me.

It’s enough for me to pull the strings.

Because, I’m always the source of evil and the schemer anyway.


“My name is Leonhart Friedrich von Grosse!! The first prince of Grosse Kingdom and the one who will grant death upon the immortals!! As long as the sun still exists, my sword won’t allow your existence!! A great hero who saved his country and also the villain who ruined his own country, Michael Yaroslavich!! You’ve laid your hands upon people from your motherland! People from another country! People from foreign country! And, my sword will act in behalf of the regret, rage, and hatred of people who lived in northern land in fear!! My name is Leonhart Friedrich von Grosse!! Villain Michael!! I’m the sword who will condemn you!! There’s no need for a villain to name themselves!! Because I have no ears to listen to a villain!! Then, let the battle begin!!”

Hahhahha~, the skeletons whose name got called would be surprised, right?

And, they clatter their chin.

Very satisfied, right? As a way for how Michael-kun die.

The atmosphere around 20 million skeletons changed.

From now on, they’re not the pleasant and cheerful skeletons, but they’re the excellent and cool soldiers Michael.

“Everyone, attack!!”


The special grade <War> divine protection starts to kick in, 200,000 volunteer soldiers who were afraid of 20 million skeletons become Brave Heart, forgetting their difference in number and start rushing to the frozen lake.

“Holy Arrow of Moonlight!!”

“My first speaaaaar”

Ooh, it’s been awhile I haven’t see that. The blue sky turns black, shooting and penetrate 100,000 skeletons’ head.

However, it didn’t work!!

“Buhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, it didn’t work, did it!! Sieg, you’re stupiiiiiiiiid!!”

“Wh-wha-what, my holy arrow of moonlight didn’t work!?”

Err, well, because even though you penetrate their head, that won’t hinder them. And that first guy is a demon king you know?

If you want to aim, aim at their hipbone.

And like that they quarrelled like a brothers……

“Caliburn in my left hand! Excalibur in my right hand! Remember those swords name which would condemn and cut you all to pieces!! My name is Arthur Pendragon!! As a warrior, be proud to be cut by me!!”

The one who receives the honor of the first spear is Arthur-kun, who has received <War> Divine Protection, or you could say a real life monster.

Just by one swing, close to one hundred, and it became double with two swords, they turn to pieces.

And moreover, his combo is really fast. Arthur-kun is someone who fights with number of hits, huh.

Won’t he be able to kill demon king Charlemagne in few seconds in this state?

“My first speaaaaarrr……”

“Buhahahahahahahahahahaha, Leo-niisama, you’re an idiot!!”

Aah, Golden lion and Moon Shadow, please don’t start that ugly fight between brothers at place like this.

Look look, the 200,000 volunteer soldiers start to back out, you know?

I think for those skeletons or the excellent soldier Michael-kun, weapons are something you picked up in the actual place.

In contrast with the empty-handed and naked skeletons, we have soul information body’s energy field and salty whip.

Uwa, looks painful! Even though they’re the strongest against steel weapon, if they fight an opponent who use weapon containing salt, every attack they receive would be fatal, isn’t it?

They’re writhing in intense pain.

Between getting kick in the balls and this, which one is more painful?

[The pain of getting injured in your soul information body is 5 times more painful]


[If you use the pain when your little toe hit something, it would be 300 times more painful.]


U-umm, s-sorry, Michael-kun, to use this kind of weapon to you.

I didn’t know this weapon would be that brutal. This weapon could breach the Hague Convention.

[TL Note: Hague Convention of 1899 and 1907. International treaties regarding of weapon usage in war.]

However, as expected of the former excellent soldier. It would be very easy to get behind the back of amateurs……. Too bad! The mantle which I have prepared to resist the cold also have their salinity increased for a limited time

Aah, the skeletons who touched them received 5 times the pain of getting that thing kicked!!

It’s more painful to seeee!!

“Sorry for making you wait! I will show you my sword!!”

I really waited for this. Why is this ochre kitten joking around now?

Did he play with a wool ball or something? Don’t tell me he’s polishing his nail?

Then, please try at your best as the golden lion from now on, okay?

Ooh, as expected of the storm of violence, one slash ten thousand kill. Almost all skeletons who have no equipment scattered into pieces!

If Leonhart-niisama is #1 Power, then Arthur-kun is #2 Skill, isn’t it?

Here we go!!!! Slash slash scatter♪Slash slash scatter♪ it’s viva time.

Everyone, cut them all!!

Everyone, stay on your feet, and slash those bones.

Ah, come to think of it, what is that useless Sieg-niisama doing?

“Don’t….. misunderstand. I, other than bow, can use power of shadows too…… Cut them all into pieces!  Shadow Slicing Sickle of Hades!!”

Ooh, black sickles without thickness came out from his shadow, cutting the skeletons around him into cubes while moving freely as if it was a whip!!

Aaah, this is so cool…… I won’t admit it, I won’t admit it!!

Sieg-niisama can fight in close quarter too huh.

Because until now, everything ended before they can go close to him, I don’t know about this.

Well then, until now everything is great, but our opponent is a soldier.

Maybe he has more scientific knowledge than me, but at this rate, he will wrecked one-sidedly without any weapon in his hand.

Well~, what would come out next.


*bump* a loud sound resound, and one volunteer soldier collapsed.

Ah, this is bad. As expected of a soldier, he’s quite adaptable, he’s already capable to deal with that.

It’s bad if they touch us.

Then, it’s good if they didn’t touch us, isn’t it?

Making snowball and hardening it by compressing with its own field.


They pitched those after making them as hard as ice with all their might.

Mumumu, the most primitive and used for the longest time in history, throwing weapons, isn’t it?


Q: If chunks of ice thrown by baseball pitchers from 10m away comes from all directions, what would happen?

A: They would be beaten to death.


In the rear, snowball, no, ice block maker unit and transportation unit, and in the front line, throwing unit have been set.

It’s the strength that could happen because of 1 vs. 100 number.

Looks like they ignored those 3 monsters and came directly to the 200,000 volunteer soldiers.

It’s reasonable, but shield can only protect the side you cover with.

In this midst of coldness, the day you wear metal armor, you would freeze to death.

At the most, you could only wear thick leather hat and leather armor.

So if someone throw ice block with all their might from all directions, you could only protect yourself like a turtle. The height of self-protection.

Nunununu, why are mantises and skeleton from afterlife race smarter than human race?

As a human from the old era, it was so pitiful, my tears are coming out!!


Well then, this much disadvantage is enough I guess.

“Everyone, retreat to the previous river bank! Siegfried-niisama, evacuate and protect the middle, Leonhart-niisama, evacuate and protect the left side, King Arthur, evacuate and protect the right side! ”

First, let’s split the throwing unit from the transportation unity with our 3 monsters, if the throwing unit is out of projectiles, they are only a bunch of skeletons, so they would surrender because they’re afraid of the salt whip and mantle. And with <War> divine protection, even though we can’t go over 60 km/h on top of ice, we can still run at the speed of 100m Olympic medal holder’s speed, 40 km/h. Not a speed that can be caught up by skeletons.

Then, we went back safely to our headquarters, Mustvee side’s coast.

We have a lot of injury, but no casualty among our volunteer soldiers.

As I guessed, it’s not as hard as rock. It’s good to not have casualties.

But, it’s not the end yet. The skeleton army are chasing us to the lake.

I think it would be more disadvantageous to us if they reach the coast, because they could make effective weapon from trees and stones immediately.

So, as I planned, I will borrow sensei’s power and use my new technique, nipple sunshine…. No, forget that.

I’m the string puller. That’s a job for heroes, so let’s just leave it to them.


“Leonhart-niisama, umm… was it certain kill sword technique – sun slayer blade? Please use that to melt the ice on the lake. But don’t evaporate it, okay?”

The clash between two sides on the center of lake, and if we retreat to the riverbank, only 20 million skeletons would be left on the frozen lake.

Even if the lake melted, since it’s a freshwater lake it shouldn’t change their full of composure attitude I think.

“If it’s that technique then it’d be too difficult, I think it would evaporate the whole place. Is it okay to increase the heat of the sun and make this whole place as hot as summer season?”

“Yeah, it’s enough if you can melt the ice.”

“Then, I will do it!”

And suddenly, the sun increases its light intensity, the hazy sunlight of winter turned into clear blue sky just like midsummer.

Because of the sudden change of temperature, the ice which covered Lake Peipus starts to crack, and failed to serve as a ground.

Here it comes, the present for Michael-kun who wants to die and be destroyed, and yet don’t have any guts to commit suicide.

“Then, [NTR-gou] and all dragons, please bomb them!”

The salt I have collected so far.

From rock salt to natural salt, *splash splash* we throw it to the lake.

Lake Peipus is a big lake, so if you want to raise its salt content, you need a very, very much amount of salt, but in this occasion we don’t need to increase the salt content to such extent. Besides, the salt would only just accumulate in the bottom.

The relative weight of bone to water is 2.01, the body who doesn’t have air inside of it won’t be able to float, simply sinking to the bottom, when they’re struggling because of water resistance, we will add a small amount of salt gradually, letting them die peacefully by giving them damage continuously.

Is this the cause of sodium reduction trend?

Because they’re in agony because of getting damage continuously, they can’t move their body perfectly so they can’t escape, right?

Please die peacefully at the bottom of this lake.

Gyate gyate horaso gyate, namu amitabha no hohokekei.  


Well then, before they die peacefully, I must tell this to him.

Sensei, translate please, and my voice only can be heard by them.


Lie is no good, isn’t it?

Close my eyes, and choose the word I should say……

“My name is Karl Gustav von Grosse and also Karl Gustav Pendragon. Straddling a dragon…..Michael, I was the boy who showed himself in front of you to declare war. Warrior…. No, I was the boy who stood in your way as a soldier, fought you as a soldier, also who won against you as a soldier. The savior of his motherland, a great patriotic hero, Michael Yaroslavich, and also a great criminal who destroyed his own motherland and world with his own hands. Carve that glory and sin into your soul, and suffer and rot here…… Karl Gustav von Grosse and also Karl Gustav Pendragon. That’s the name of the one who granted you death as soldier, remember that. Carve that into your soul…… Sleep peacefully. Then, for accompanying me in this very long time mission…… everyone, thank you!!”

Looks like my speech got delivered to several Michaels, some of them are guffawing while in agony.

Gooogle-sensei, can you remove the pain from soul information body destruction?

[Yes, it’s possible to do that by using Gooogle medical service.]

Then, please relieve their pain.

Just like giving morphine to soldier was promised to die in the midst of World War 2, letting them die in peace not in agony.


[Yes, certainly. Execute Gooogle medical service.]

Because the pain of getting your soul scrapped off disappear, peace have come for them, they, which is also a single entity, give a burst of laughter simultaneously.

Rest in Peace. What is Russian language for that? Well, that’s enough, I think it’s transmitted properly.

At last, that chorus of laughter become less, and less, and after 2 hours, it’s gone.


In the lake, there’s only white bone sinking at the bottom. There’s no response, really, it’s only a corpse.


“Hohaaaaaaa, the sunlight warms me uuuupppp”

Marlin grandpa. Really, why are you here?


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