Chapter 4: A Crowd of Nameless Hero

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“PSSSH! PSSSH!” those sounds which came from whipping the sinner with leather whip resounds inside the town of Belarus.

They skinned that pitiful sinner, and they even tore off its meat, clearly showing its bone.


It’s a skeleton from the start though. They only have bones.


And currently, he’s being publicly executed while being tied up with rope to wooden stake planted on the ground.

Man~ Human’s hatred is scary~ everyone formed a line and punched it as if they’re ringing a temple bell on New Year’s Eve.

After the 108th, will it enter nirvana because its suffering has gone?

If you want to rub salt to its body surface, there’s no need for you to dissolve it in water.

I think it’s okay to mix antifreeze to that, but that’s not ecological. Polluting earth is a no.

So, between 2 pieces of leather, I inserted unfreezable oil along with salt.

It’s only that, even only that they can’t even achieve it, the imagination power of people inside cage (Divine Protection) is like that.

Because they cling to their gift too much, they don’t even try exploring alternatives.

They can see the choices so they can’t get away from the choices.

They lock themselves up inside cage just because they think, only people with divine protection for battle like <Sword>, <Spear>, <Bow> can fight, they can’t.

There’s neither creativity nor ingenuity. So, they can’t even achieve that.

Like this, they will know that they can fight too.

Like this, they will know that they can destroy those undead by themselves.

Because of me, Leonhart Friedrich von Grosse (fake).

Actually, there’s no need to punch, only entwining it to their body is already enough, but no matter what, just in form, they want to punch it, I think. I understand that feeling.


Ah, the tied up skeleton-kun has entered nirvana. Then, I must prepared the next skeleton-kun from the bag.

Skeleton-kun has quite a free personality, so individuals who got separated from their group aren’t few.

They’re different than the mantises who have one will even though they’re a group, no one would notice if one of them got kidnapped. Such worthless friends.

Heh heh heh, the child with white bones at your house is in our care. If you want him back, I’ll return him to heaven. He will probably go to hell though.

The procedure of kidnapping is like, search some stray skeleton using sensei’s power, abduct it with the power of T.A.M.S.D-kun, throw it to [NTR-gou]’s tote bag, and close the bag. That’s all. It was very easy.

There’s still enough skeletons inside the bag, but everyone in the city has the face of someone begging me to let him/her punch it at least once, so no matter how many I have those skeletons, it won’t be enough. How troubling.

It has become troubling, so let’s recruit the people who haven’t punch it.

“My name is Leonhart Friedrich von Grosse! The maker of this weapon!! I already have many of this!! But I don’t have enough personnel!! And currently, your comrades, the people of Estonia is about to get attacked…… Even if you don’t have any divine protection like <Sword>, <Spear>, or <Bow>, you can defeat them!! Then won’t you all become warriors!! No, if you can believe your <Divine Protection>’s possibility, you can even fight more effectively…… Braves!! Lend me your power!!”

The skeletons which have lied down and died. And one by one men come to me with fighting spirit burning in their eyes after looking at them entering nirvana.

Ah, of course I asked the women to back down.

Because even the skeletons are pleasured, they’re still irritating.

“There’s a limit for the weapon, so I want the women to fall back….. That’s right! Fighting is for men!! Please don’t take it from them!! This is the pride of men!! I want you to stay in the town and pray for their safety!!”

Even though I give them my royal smile, the women retreated with face full of displeasure.

If I’m the real Leo-niisama, they would do that happily though.

Haah, I hate them, the society of face discriminator.

“Then, for the braves who will go to the battle, at noon tomorrow, gather in this land! I think you all will got surprised after seeing the dragons who will bring you to the battle, but they’re our comrades! Rest assured! And, you know, north is cold!! So prepare for our journey toward the battle…… And, please prepare for the worst. Then, because I must go to the next city, I must go now!! Fly!! My dragon!!”

[NTR-gou] soars the sky and left while holding a big bag of skeletons.

I must gather people from all direction, so I’m busy.

Thus, the brave men came back to their house to prepare for tomorrow’s noon, and the next noon, they will go to the battlefield after being crammed inside the bag held by dragons.

Of course, they vomit altogether after they arrive to their destination.


“Does riding those feel that bad?”

“My master, Karl, why don’t you test it out yourself?”

“No way.”


Well well, after I have gathered all the soldiers from all place, I got around 200,000 heroes burning with morale and bravery.

And because they have prepared well, food and thick outfits are perfect.

I can’t and don’t need to remember all their names, so let’s call them nameless heroes. What a ground-breaking idea I thought out.

Even though they’re like that, in front of 20 million skeletons, they got frightened while shivering.

Hmm, everyone? Haven’t you prepared yourselves? Or is it because the cold? You are shivering because of cold, right?

The comparison of their battle power, 1:100. Isn’t this just like a really happy situation in shounen manga? Should I fire them up with a shot?



Before this decisive battle, I want to talk to you about what is <Divine Protection>.

<Divine Protection> is, simply put, the power to fulfil your wish.

<Divine Protection> is a phenomenon which can grant the wish by forcing itself on a gap in causation using the power of soul.

Rottenmeier-san who has Grade 1 <Mansion> Divine Protection likes doll house very much in her childhood, and at last she can make it herself, that’s why she achieved Grade 1 Divine Protection.

Albrecht-kun who has Grade 1 <Sword> Divine Protection likes swinging sword around very much in his childhood, that’s why he achieved Grade 1 Divine Protection.

Roni-san who has Grade 1 <Cooking> Divine Protection likes cooking very much, and he achieved Grade 1 Divine Protection.

Soul, which is named soul information body by sensei, can grow.

If Rottenmeier-san dies and reincarnates, she will become a child who likes doll house for sure.

If Albrecht-kun dies and reincarnates, he will become a child who likes swinging sword around for sure.

If Roni-san dies and reincarnates…… I can easily imagine him becoming a cook who likes insects. I can only pray that he wouldn’t get disgusting divine protection like Special Grade <Insect Cook> Divine Protection. Even though it’s delicious, insect is a no, even though shrimp and crab are delicious though.

Human’s body will be gone at some point. Memory, feeling, and personality too.

But soul will leave the ways things should be.

Demon King Charlemagne has a great desire toward love, and because of the way he should be, it brought many misfortunes, but that became the source of his magical power.

If you said that in <Divine Protection>, the size and purity of the way he should be, are at special grade.

Well, if you said that in <Magic>, the equivalent is the size of magical power.

People, no, living beings live and die continuously, and because of that the soul grows.

In fact, <Divine Protection> have existed in the earth in ancient times too.

However, the principle of causality disturbed that, making the wish hard to grant, and actually it had existed from the olden days.

And because of world fusion, principle of causality became loose, making <Divine Protection> to appear easily, only that.

By the way, my divine protection is around Grade 8, that’s why that crystal didn’t lit up. Out of range, it can’t be helped.

Sensei said something scientific like according to observation under quantum mechanics though, but let skip that detailed things.

The important one is, soul is growing.

And, what afterlife race do, that is soul corruption, makes that growth useless.

That’s why I will protect it. If sensei didn’t say that I think I will overlook them, but sensei had told me, so I must do something.

To not stop the growth of people, to not stop the growth of soul, I will fight, and protect it.

I think they have their own reason. However, I have my own reason.

Thus, I fight.

Literally, I will stake my life and fight in this survival battle.

I will destroy your egoism with my egoism.

I don’t know which one is right, my way, or your way, but I don’t have any intention to lose!


I want to protect the way I should be, because that’s my way!!

I will destroy you all while knowing I’m being inconsistent! Prepare yourselves, okay? Michael-kun!!



And one more, I want to tell you a story about a certain man.

His name is Michael-kun, 38 years old, a soldier, single. He’s just an unlucky man.

His country was in war. In addition, it’s an all-out great war which happened because of crisis in resources.

And in the midst of that, at some place, someone thought about something.

He wanted the dream of humankind, [Immortal soldier].

At that time, even though it’s still incomplete, science could perceive an existence called soul, and with that they made a hypothesis, isn’t it possible to make an energy-type living being by using soul as the core.

And so that inhuman experiment started. Fortunately, even though they have limited resource, they have many materials.

First, for that incomplete theory, many people’s soul got destroyed.

And next, they have completed the theory, but many people’s soul got destroyed until they know that salt can destroy soul.

And at the end of that, they succeed in experimenting about keeping someone alive while killing and taking out their blood and salt content.

In this way, the first afterlife race is born, but because the subject is a person from enemy country, they killed him with salt.

And Michael came voluntarily to become the next subject, for his country, for his dead wife, for his dead children.

Even though it’s an abomination, they succeed the experiment, and moreover, they come to know about secondary effect.

He has a special characteristic, he can autonomously reproduce himself by contaminating other people’s soul.

Enemies got captured, so the excellent soldier, Michael, also became many.

The war continues.

No matter how many times their body got destroyed, they can move their soul to their enemy as many as they like.

They don’t care any attack such like salt as long they have advanced equipment.

Having gun in their hand, they rode tanks, piloted aircraft, and they even easily pass human’s boundary.

And they win. Win, win, and win.

His country united the world, and Michael was sung as a great hero.

And after that, unfortunately, his country started to rot.

If every resources from the entire world used, even though it’s quite scarce, it will be above enough.

Mass production, mass consumption, everyone can be happy in that country, what a wonderful society, literally.

The people who have escaped poverty smiled brilliantly, and everyone revered Michael as a hero.

They enjoyed material pleasure such as warm foods, beautiful dresses, and gorgeous house.

However, there’s one guy, left out.

Michael can’t see dreams. Because he can’t sleep.

Michael can’t eat food. Because he has thrown away his stomach, tongue, sense of taste long ago.

Michael can’t wear clothes. Because he has thrown away his skin, flesh, sense of pain, and warmth long ago.

And, Michael can’t love. He didn’t have any skin to touch it and can’t feel warmth too, even just by touching it, he would got rejected with the salt content inside human body.

Nevertheless, Michael endured that by seeing the smile of people. He endured, endured, and endured.

But, the people can’t endure it.

Before long, the respect toward Michael faded out. Forgotten. And even more as the generation passed.

Those eyes which was full of respect and admiration became full of scorn and disgust toward the living dead.

Therefore…… Love changed into hatred.

They are literally one person, Michael. So if one Michael start to hate something, every Michael will start to hate that too.

He can only see those smiles of his country’s people, which he supposed to love so much, as an object of hatred.

And like that, Michael change from soldier into a revolutionist, or perhaps a thinker.

“Everyone, equally, become Michael!”

The crowd of Michael, who are excellent soldiers, changed his countrymen who have forgotten war long ago into him.

Michael’s anger, unknown when to subside, turned towards the entire world, every land, everyone became Michael.

Michael’s world for Michael created by Michael.

The world of Michael only.

And so, Michael even lost his name.

Because there’s no Michael in this world anymore, because there’s no people would call Michael’s name in this world.

The only people left out are the crowd of nameless hero.

And, they only passed their life in boredom.

Because his instinct for self-preservation doesn’t allow him to commit suicide.

Even after becoming like this, he still fears his death very much, so if there’s a sea, only a small amount of Michael would cross that.

There’s no people left to satisfy his instinct of self-multiplication.

And that gave Michael a very great suffering.

A suffering called boredom. And after a very, very long time, in the middle of his anguish because he can’t satisfy his instinct, the world fusion happened.

At that time, his anger has subsided. But, the only thing left in him, his instinct of self-preservation and self-multiplication stimulate him to satisfy his craving by sacrificing people as few as he can. He conducted honorable poverty. However, Michael increases as the time passed. So the victim increases too.

And in those endless days, at a certain day, when he was doing his winter travel just like he did every year, in the middle of his route from his hometown, Moscow, until the edge of north, he met a boy riding a dragon.

It’s me riding [NTR-gou].

And he declared war. Looks like that word lit up their soldier’s heart which had been frozen since 12,000 years, no, long before that.

And after that, Michael accepted that designated route, while knowing greatly that would be a trap, because he wanted to die.

He think, he would magnificently destroy those trap I set up.

Could I call him big bro?


By the way, sensei said, at the moment Michael-kun saw me, his instinct said,

“This boy is the same as me, and he’s my death god.” like this.

As expected of old man’s wisdom, that excellent soldier and a hero as well, Michael-kun know me really well.


I declared that war proclamation inside my heart too.

Those skeletons which motivation can’t be felt.

Th-Those guys……. They are just like students who keeps talking all the time even though the principal is already on the platform!!

Y-O-U A-L-L!! Purge!! I will purge you all!!



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