Chapter 3: My Name is Leonhart Friedrich von Grosse!!

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Well, skeletons (including zombies) are intelligent living beings.

Moreover, they were humans who lived in the era further ahead than our current Middle Ages-like era.

I was arrogant to think that my previous world is the most scientifically advanced.

Therefore, they’re the equivalent of modern people, perhaps, they have even more advanced scientific knowledge, and behave according to that.

But, the thing called immortality corrupts people, makes them start to think like if you can do it tomorrow, then tomorrow is fine. If the day after tomorrow is possible, then the day after tomorrow. If one year later is possible, then one year later. Whether ten years later or one hundred years later, it’s okay.

However, from the perspective of self-preservation, seems like many people hate “death”, and they take a safe method and has no chance of dying.

They certainly won’t kill too much, let them live too much, decrease the population too much, increase the population too much, they will move unpleasantly systematically like that.


And their ally is severe winter. The season where water will freeze, and salt water can’t be created.

The tactic of medieval people whose civilizations stopped because of <Divine Protection> is just like dancing on the top of one’s palm.

Isn’t all you need to do is heat up the ice back to water was what I thought, but it seems like the heater that will be heating it up needs to work 24 hours a day. Because, the enemies can attack without minding whether it’s day or night nor minding the weather.

When blizzard is coming, it must be heaven for them.

And as for humans, it is the opposite of that.

The winter of those Three Baltic States can only be described as “hell”.

Not knowing when those skeletons will come. No salt water around the lookout, it is impossible to defeat them.

Even with soldiers with <sword> or <spear> or <bow> divine protection, they wouldn’t be able to kill them.

They can only pray for the skeletons to overlook them, that kind of hellish season.

When autumn changes into winter, the time when water becomes ice, the coldness came from the north.

That’s why they also come from the north.


“Whoa, it’s over one million, isn’t it?”

I watched that hellish apocalyptic scene from the sky and uttered my impression.

Hmm… the result of observation, ten white and ten white?

The color of snow is white. The color of skeletons is white too. Result, pure white.

I don’t know the number of those pure white Nordic beauty, skeleton inside this world of snow and ice.

[The current number of afterlife race you can see below right now is about 20 million.]

A crowd of 20 million undead, and despite this, the conversation is really cheerful.

I can only feel uneasiness while seeing this.

“Ugh, lonelonelonelonely, that’s a lie though!”

“Ahahahaha, just forget that, it’s already ten thousand years, right? I don’t know precisely though.”

“That’s right, we no longer know such a thing like time. How old am I? ”

“You are me too, right? So, there’s no way you know, right?”

“*guffaw**guffaw*, no mistaking it. My principle is to not mind about such minor details like that.”

“In the first place, how old were we when we got into this body?”


The skeletons stopped simultaneously and tilt their heads out of wonder.

You don’t remember your age when you die?

“If I remember correctly, we didn’t pass thirty, right?”

“O-ou, around twenties second half…… No, twenties first half, maybe?”

“I think it’s around thirties second half. What are you doing? Asking each other about our age with this body.”

“””You’re right, *guffaw**guffaw**guffaw*”””


“In reality, precisely, how old?”

“……Hmm…, I don’t remember.”

“Past thirty, our life will feel so fast”

Yeah yeah, I know right.

Past thirty, one year feels much faster, right? Faster than twenties.

“Hmm… Then how about at eighteen?”

“That’s too young, how about at twenty two?”

“Then, how about we take the middle, at twenty!?”

“””Coming-age ceremony! Yeeeeeeeeeeeey!!”””

I want to join in! I want to join in very bad!!

So, let’s join in!!

Heading toward the front of their army with Dragon’s Don!!

“Whoa, amazing! It’s a dragon!”

“Whoaaaaaaaa, it’s so cool!!”

“It’s my first time seeing this, whoa, I’m so deeply moved!! Is there anyone who bring camera here?”

“””No, *guffaw**guffaw**guffaw**guffaw*”””

As I thought, dragon is cool, isn’t it? Because it’s boys’ dream.

You all aren’t a boy anymore, because I knew it already that you all are already in your thirty second half!!

“My name is Leonhart Friedrich von Grosse!! I came here to challenge you all to a duel!!

“””Whooooaa!! A dragon knight!!!”””

Aah, I feel a bit happy seeing that empty hollow eye which full of their admiration toward dragon.

How’s that~! Jealous, right~! It’s [NTR-gou], you know~!

“I want to meet your army’s supreme commander!! Because I want to declare my proclamation of war directly!!”

By my words, the skeletons become noisy.

What for? Why? This dragon is so frickin’ cool, right?

Inside the noise, one skeleton raised its hand.

“Err…., inside our army, there’s no leader though?”

“Eh!? That so? Oh my god….. Can somebody decide the representative?”

The skeletons in the front starts to play rock paper scissors. What a surreal scene.

Ooh, the last one won with scissors.

Looks like he became the representative.

“I’m the supreme commander who commands this big undead army! Dragon knight, I will accept your proclamation of war……”

They ride it on.

The skeletons who lost the rock paper scissors also look over here with the face of mighty soldier.

I don’t know from their appearance, but their spirit.

It feels like the real undead army, very great. Because until now, they look just like a young snowboarder.

“Then, in accordance of knighthood, I’d like to decide the place for the engagement. From me, I want to do it fifteen days later from now at the opposite shore of lake Peipus, around the vicinity of Mustvee, what do you think?”


No response. It’s just a corpse… It’s not.

Huh? What happen?

“……Ah, sorry. We don’t know the place called Lake Peipus and Mustvee.”

“Eh? Really? Sorry sorry, then can you look the map for a while?”

I descend from [NTR-gou] and go to supreme commander.

They won’t attack according to their instincts when playing like this, right?

Even if they attack me, it’s okay because I have [Unagi Barrier] though.

“Umm… here, this big lake is Lake Peipus, it’s freezing right now, so you walk on the top of it, and currently you all are right here. There’s no plains around there, so I want to make this frozen lake as the battlefield, is it okay?”

“Yeah, OK OK. It’s so close to the place where we walk usually.”

“Then, I will lit a torch at Mustvee to guide you to the destination easier. So, is fifteen days enough?”

“Yeah, it’s okay. With our usual pace, I think we can. Because we will cross the lake, I leave the marking to you.”

“Then, let’s do it like that.”

And so I ride the [NTR-gou] again, and step back just like a dragon knight.

“Supreme commander. No, the king of undead!! Will you accept the proclamation of war from me, Leonhart Friedrich von Grosse?”

“Fufufu, all living things are our prey. You, your dragon, we will add it to our family!! Kukkukkuk, we will make regret to challenge us, the big undead army…… Guhahahahahahaha!!”

And I grin and sneer at them.

I don’t know the expression of that skeletons, but I think he have the same expression as mine.

“Then, let’s meet again at the battlefield. King of Undead! Will you prove to be worthy as my opponent, a “dragon king”? Fuhahahahahahaha!!”

I provoke them too while flying away.

Sorry, Roni-san, I use your title like this.

“This “King of Undead” will surely make you fall from the sky!! Guhahahahahahahaha!!”

I receive some nice conversation.

Thank you, skeletons.

Ah, they start to fight among them. I envy you all very much, somehow.

Aah, the skeletons are really close.

However, twenty million, huh…… It’s better for them to not run away out of scare though.


“””Draagooon!! Draagooon!!”””

Yeah, they definitely won’t run away.

All them raise their voice simultaneously, even there’s some encouragement mixing in.

As if answering the dragon calls from below, I circled one round and two round above them and then I withdraw from them.


Nevertheless, they didn’t realize about I can speak with them, huh.

The skeletons communicate by using their peculiar telepathy-like thing, so they can’t communicate with normal living beings.

If, those three Baltic States know their true nature, won’t they will get angry before they got frightened?

I feel relieved for not make them understand out of farce.

However, even telepathy is within sensei’s translation service, how amazing, isn’t it?

[Your praise is an honor to me.]


Then from now let’s start our tactic.

Because I’m too invincible until now, maybe I’ve lost my sense of danger?

Or perhaps? Well, let’s examine that after this.

Then, then then, let’s do our last job in this world.

Namu namu.


Humanity’s biggest nation, August Empire

It’s an empire which is located at the center of Poland of the old world.

Pointing their blades towards Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania of the three Baltic States and even Belarus, they’re that kind of yakuza-like country.

Even though the undead troops attacked from the east, they still organized their campaign with their preserved power by using many other countries, which are exhausted because every winter the god of death visits them, as meat wall.

What a great national personality they have.

With this kind of national personality, from the three Baltic States to Belarus, there’s not a single country that does not detest them. However, a group of skeletons that appear every winter reduces their national strength.

Not sparing people’s lives nor killing them, as if they’re collaborating with the skeletons or being controlled by them.

What being accumulated is resentment after resentment.

But, without any time to lament for their powerlessness, if they do not put their effort to keep on living, they would not survive, they are such citizens of a weak country.

Although they work and eat, they do not live in comfort, that kind of thing.

But the ups and downs of life, the prosperous will fall down one day, material things are transient, that is the way of our world.

If one thing changes, the rest also changes.

When the east changed, the west also changed.

It would be good if all the pent-up resentment they’ve been accumulating did not explode and bring calamity for them.



Now then, finally we have arrived to three Baltic States’ northernmost country, Estonia’s Royal Palace!

“Mu, do you want to say you don’t believe me that I’m Leonhart Friedrich von Grosse!! You rude fellows!!”

Wearing golden wig and secret shoes, swallowing my own tears as I cast away my pride as a man just for this disguise. Why doesn’t it work!!

“Ah, no, that, Grosse Kingdom’s Prince Leonhart is supposed to be a handsome man or so I heard…”

Is it my face! Is it my face! Even you also discriminate people because of their face huh!!

After an incredible hardship through thick snow to reach Estonia’s modest royal palace I thought I can push unreasonable demands to the sentries!!

Even though I had decided to do this peacefully, if you are going to discriminate people based on their face I’ll just do it this way!!

[Come! [NTR-gou]]

Dragon’s Don!!

“Master, I did say from the start this will fail.”

[Karl-sama, even from my test calculation, 99.99998 % chance this would fail.]

I dunno something like that.

The me right now is not the flat faced baron but Leonhart-niisama after all.

I even disguised using a colored contact lens!

[Karl-sama, you forgot to change your eyebrows and eyelashes]

I see! Then, if I changed my eyebrows and eyelashes, how much is the chance of success!?”

[The chance raised by 0.0003 %.]


Well then, setting aside this soldier who is an advocate of face discrimination, it’s time to do some diplomacy.

The gate’s soldier? His waist already gave up so let’s leave him alone.

This face discrimination advocate.


The (fake) lion who borrowed the dragon’s intimidation walks inside to the modest palace while holding a big wig in his hand.

But, with my friend, T.A.M.S.D <Tactical Armed Muscle Suit D type>, you are even stronger than a dragon!

And with Gooogle-sensei, I’m even stronger than the universe itself!!

I bet you think that I will be leaving all the intimidation to dragon’s intimidation!! You have holes in your eyes!!


“Y-, yo-, you are, Grosse Kingdom’s First Prince Leonhart-dono, am I correct?”

“Yes, it is I, Grosse Kingdom’s first Prince, Leonhart Friedrich von Grosse. Today, I brought something I want to show to your majesty.”

“Ye, yes. I think Leonhart-dono is, quite handso…… yes, what did you want to show me?”

Kuh, this person is also an advocate of face discrimination huh?

Eei, as I thought let’s just abandon them all!

As I think about it, I remove the wig and set the mass of black shroud on top of my head free.

And as I do that, everyone there in exception of myself became pale and hardened.

Serves you right, face discrimination advocate bastards.


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