Q2: Prologue – Sensei is Mean


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This story is a fiction, so if there is any coincidence in this story like person, place, or religion, I’m sorry.

In the middle of Vatican City State, St. Peter’s Basilica, a very disturbing meeting was held.

One thousand holy knights, a cardinal who received <Insect> divine protection, and a cardinal who received <Foresight> divine protection, and due to these two’s divine protection they are capable of performing this battle of purification, but due to some interruption, they only got a dissatisfying result, so they held this meeting because of that.

After the prepared 10 eggs had purified the heretics of heretic country, West Habsburg, they planned to destroy the biggest heretic state and their bitter enemy, Frank Empire using their power to command the black mantises that had increased their number to several millions.

But, Grosse Kingdom’s interruption foiled their plans. Good job, me.

The name of the plan is [Nero Cavaliere], it shares the name of the 3rd horseman of the apocalypse, which is the black knight that appeared in the book of revelation.

And the color of black mantises shares the meaning with a being that controls over [Ruin].

Certainly, due to the march that started from Chur region, the land from Liechtenstein until Zurich, and Bern too are completely in ruin.

Thanks to that, the people of West Habsburg is in a big turmoil right now.

“The result is really different from the prediction of Cardinal Lauro’s <Foresight>, huh.”

The leader of the holy knights, Cardinal Lombardi, with a cunning voice, said that.

Maybe in the first place for a knight like him, making a mere insect to be the cavaliere <Knight> itself is an unpleasant thing.

You are being rude to the black mantises! They were a splendid knight you know!! Over the friendship between someone who has exchanged blows with them, I protest!!

From the start, if you didn’t do anything unnecessary thing to them, I think they all will live a fulfilling life in a distant place, a survival of the fittest, so the black mantises is the injured people…… injured insect? Hmm, what was that? Well for the time being, this is all your fault.

[TLNote: supposed to be a word play here, lost in translation. higaisha is victim (or when break apart, ‘higai’ is injury/damage, ‘sha’ is person/people), he used higaichuu where the ‘chuu’ uses kanji for insect, hence injured insect. if anyone knows a better word or have an idea to preserve the word play, go ahead]

“Even though it was something predicted by <Foresight> divine protection, do you know that it can’t see the distant future very well, right? Looks like Cardinal Lombardi feels dissatisfied with this result, but I think it’s a great achievement because we can purify half of West Habsburg by just waiting.”

Certainly, they have the responsibility to investigate the reason for their failure, but they have a great military gains, which is halving the territory of their enemy, maybe it should be called an achievement. Even though it didn’t go like what they have planned, there’s no reason for them to not admit it as a gain.

Because in any case, even though it’s mortifying, the Vatican City State didn’t suffer any loss.

“Smooth words make smooth ways, huh. If you want to be proud of that achievement, I want you to destroy at least a country, like destroying West Habsburg.”

Lombardi-kun laughs with his nose.

Looks the human-weapon of Vatican City State that has two special grade divine protections, that is <Sword> and <Armor>, doesn’t like this plan.

Maybe he will be a conservative person because of his <Armor> divine protection.

Leo-niisama doesn’t have any command except [Let’s rock!!], but at least I can feel a bit of intelligence from him.

“So, you have the next plan ready, right? Cardinal Lauro the Foresight.”

Cardinal Lauro answers it with a cynical smile.

“After this, tension will run between West Habsburg and Frank Empire. And at that opening, we will march to Frank Empire’s territory using Cardinal Oldani’s <Insect> divine protection Nero Cavaliere. Firstly, we will take the coastland near Nice until Marseille. After that, we divide Frank Empire’s army into 2, and we will go to Marseille via Lyon. And when we baited them enough to Marseille, we will recapture Notre Dame Cathedral at Lyon using our holy knights. And then, we will purify Frank Empire’s army as soon as we surround them from Lyon and Marseille with our holy knights and our Nero Cavaliere.”

Cardinal Lauro said that without breaking his smile.

“Will it really work that smoothly? Wait, maybe it will. If Cardinal Lauro the foresight says like that”

It’s the word of the person that has the future premonition <Divine Protection>.

There’s no way we can’t believe it, right?

Because <Divine Protection> is the only grace that was given by the god or the father of heaven.

But it’s only among you.

“By the way, is the number of our Nero Cavaliere enough to do that? I think there’s quite many soldiers stationed there, right? Cardinal Oldani the <Insect>. I want you to explain how you will increase the number.”

What Lombardi-kun questioned is right.

The black mantises at Switzerland and West Habsburg have been exterminated, you know?

“We still have some eggs remaining. After that, let’s purify every heretic in our country to increase the number of our Nero Cavaliere. 200,000 should be somewhat enough, if we collect about 300,000 heretics starting with the older ones should be fine. After that if we add a few of unusable livestock, it will be perfect.”

Slave major power, hurray.

Looks like they don’t lack heretics to be used as food.

Disproportionate to their meeting name, that is cardinal meeting, the content of the meeting is so

“Ooh, certainly it’s a purification. Even though they would become insects, to make the heretics be born again as the vanguard of father in heaven, what a great plan indeed.”

“Hahhahha”, Lombardi laughs like that.

Maybe their way of laughing is different because of culture gap?

“For now, in addition to Nero Cavaliere, we have prepared Rosso Cavaliere too, so I think the capture of Nice will be really easy. Let the period of preparation be 3 months if possible. Since that will be around the time when we would be done harvesting potatoes, so it will be perfect. And when the march becomes more difficult because snow starts to fall, it will be the right time for both of our Cavaliere to show their true power, so by all means expect the good result.” 

Cardinal Oldani is thinking about his people while thinking about war too huh.

How great. Looks like he wants to be forced to drink nail plaque by a certain war idiot.

And, are the mantises not hibernating in winter at all?

Destroying city one by one when they are isolated by snow, it gives me shiver.

“Yes, the purification of the heretics in winter, I will expect it.”

Cardinal Lauro seems satisfied too.

And Lombardi-kun looks disinterested.

I guess as a soldier, he really hates that his merit is stolen by insects.

In winter, the human army won’t be able to move freely, huh.

With this, Vatican City State’s meeting has ended, so let’s start our meeting now.

However, Rosso? Is it the new species of mantis?

[The species that is called Rosso Cavaliere didn’t have any scientific name, but it’s the same species as the super hard carapace-type with sword arms and it can produce hypnotic gas. So if it approaches human or demi-human, it will drive them into a frenzy, making them to start fighting each other indiscriminately. So think of them as a scavenger that will eat the corpse of people that fought each other to death. By the way, as what Rosso means, their color is red.]

It’s a life-form that will eat them after making them fight each other to death without dirtying their hands.

Even though their color is red, they don’t like to dye red their hand, nature is wonderful.

I will name them red mantis, so from now on, please use that name.


By the way, between them and the black mantises, which one is stronger?

[The black mantis has a super hard carapace, and it has resistance towards the red mantis’ gas too, so basically the black mantis will win. And, both black mantis and red mantis are a subspecies, but they don’t recognize each other as the same species, so they are hostile to each other. But in the current enemy’s plan, they will force them to work together using <Insect> divine protection I think.]

<Insect> divine protection, huh. What a cheat.

Moreover, they have a future premonition cheat, which is <Foresight> divine protection too.

The fight between the future premonition divine protection and Gooogle-sensei’s past vision, who will win?

Well, it’s become more interesting.

[Karl-sama. Because I’m a being separated from the four dimensional space-time, I am out of range of the effect of <Divine Protection>. So, the probability to win is 100 %.]

Even though it just became more interesting……

Sensei is mean.

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7 thoughts on “Q2: Prologue – Sensei is Mean

  1. -Sensei is mean.
    -I’m an AI, you know.
    -I suggest we use meteor to end them in one strike.
    -Then all living things will extinct like the dinosaurs. Like hell we can do that!! Bugs will survive even after that!

    Thanks for the chapter.


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