Extra Chapter: Maan, Troubled Times, Really Troubled Times.

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Now then, let’s go back to this homeless kid’s base, Alps United Kingdom.


Looks like the demi-human supremacy campaign events are done already, so I missed it.

The demi-humans who were taken care by Rottenmeier-san’s subordinates, the mansion members, got really angry.

They sharply criticized “The things you ate, the things you wore, the houses you lived in now!! All were prepared by them, you know!! If you guys hate humans that much, don’t eat! Take off your clothes! Get out from those house! And just go back to Vatican!!” or so.

Well, after being fed and dressed without any compensation, if they complained to them like that, something like that would of course happen.

Seems like it went over their tolerance limit.


Well, it hasn’t even been half a year since that black mantises’ case.

All their necessities is “given” primarily by Grosse Kingdom.

Although they are demi-humans, they are not idiots.


Rottenmeier-san who constructed their lovely houses.

Old man Heinz who taught them the rules and language to live here.

Roni-san cooks delicious meal for them, but will surely mixed some insects.

Denis-san who desperately restored the rough ecosystem but flirted so much with the elves that it’s fine if he perishes.

Everyone from the transportation corps who brought food for them every day.

Albrecht-kun and his subordinates who volunteered themselves to fight those unreasonable dangerous living beings from another world.

There’s no place for ungrateful demi-humans like that here.

As a result, the advocates who are racist to human got kicked out from country.

Literally, they’re kicked to Vatican City.

Eeh, why don’t they know their place before saying something discriminating like that?

Well as someone being discriminated, it’s just like risking their life though.

Look, even Vatican sent a request to us to return their property, let’s give it back to them.

This world is so sorrowful, because when [Right of the Strong] exists, [Right of the Weak] doesn’t.

Well, I have some sympathy because they were born as a slave, raised as a slave, had no knowledge, hated humans, and don’t have any means to fulfil their dream.

And, because of that I gave them some protection toward some extent.

Even so, there are still people who can’t forget their hatred, and people who misunderstood that demi-humans are superior, so I have investigated, hunted, sorted, listed them, and purged them.

All was done simultaneously. I can only say, a great performance.

A Schemer’s trick.



“Even though they finally have their long-awaited peace.”

“Because the heart is beyond our control”

We’re nodding to each other.

This place is a building which is said where the [Empress] lives…….

In the first place, nee-san likes caves more than this place, and she uses this building when there’re visitors because this place is only specially made for welcoming visitors.

Well, speaking of special, a place where dragon can enter in. If this wasn’t special, what else?


“However, beyond our control, huh”

“Beyond our control, right?”

Only limited to melancholic talk, he can understand it better than [NTR-gou], a very great thing.

“By the way, along with the revival of West Habsburg royal family, I heard that East Habsburg royal family placed ‘East’ in their name again. Because of it, they’re so busy changing their sign boards. Really, he never does anything good, huh. That baldy.”

“Yeah, well, maybe because he was driven by righteous anger. Even that Wil, when he was young, he’s quite mischievous, very resembles the current prince Leonhart. He had done many troubles. His hair color, his hair volume too, come to think of it, the future of prince Leonhart is quite dark, huh. No, quite bright?”

Even his current tuffy manes, can’t win against aging, huh.

Looks like whether Blond hair or bald, the future of prince Leonhart’s head will always be bright.

And both of us laugh.

“Aah, that’s right. I want to ask you one thing. You have predicted that the center of Frank Empire will be torn apart, but I don’t see any signs of that happening though? Do you have some misinformation?”

“Well, aren’t they splitting apart right now? Maybe because you didn’t include yourself in the calculation?”


“Look, you have two beautiful sisters, Louise and Charlotte. So if you think they will fall into the hand of Demon King Charlemagne, you yourself will destroy him, right? Look, isn’t that the same as I predicted?”

“This bastard. Setting me up like this.”

His Majesty Maximilian grins.


“Aren’t you glad you got set up? If that demon king knew about the beauty of your sisters, I think he will surely come to rob them even at the cost of all-out-war. It’s rather a great luck for him to not know about it until now. It’s quite a hurdle to arrange it like that as a king of small country, you know?”

“You mean, I owe you one, is that it?”

Without answering, a grin that didn’t affirm or deny anything.

Well, if you think of it as Charlotte was saved, I think saving a country or two is quite even.

Man, I want to meet her. Charlotte……

Today your nii-chan, worked hard for you, you know~


“By the way, prince Karl isn’t not a prince anymore. Then, how about hanging out together with Maria as fellow commoners? Don’t you think it’s a great idea?”

Kukkukku, for someone who is trapped in this small mansion, you won’t know about world affairs.

Hear and be surprised, because I came back to say this.

“Yes, I lost my right to succeed the kingdom, lost my connection to Grosse royal family, and I was exiled from that country. But right now, I have become the viceroy of Highland Kingdom!!”


Hahahaha, I wanted to see it, that face.

Thank you, Merlin grandpa. Only this once I’m grateful to you.

This schemer finally can win!!

“What have you done to become that!? Ununununu, I don’t know! Totally don’t know!!”

“Look, Maximilian the commoner. You can serve me. And, talk to me politely, because I’m different from a commoner like you. I will forgive every rudeness you have done until now, but next time it will become lese majeste, you know♪”

“Kukkuuu, your honor, please forgive……”

“Hohhohhohhohho, I forgive you. Kakkakkakkakkakka”

Viceroy is a representative of king, so basically, he’s treated the same as king when he’s outside his country.

It means, commoners don’t have any right to talk back.

Without me realizing about it, I have ranked up from prince to viceroy.


“You think I will say that, huuuuhhhhhh!!”

“This is blasphemy!!”

After this and that, retired in name only, His Majesty Maximilian works in Alps United Kingdom a counselor.

Your country will go bankrupt if you don’t have anyone who had governed a country once when you want to make a country.

Above all, I can get someone who is superior in brain than that baldy.

Rather, I become worried about that baldy who have lost his brain. The same as his fallen hair.


And even until now, that baldy doesn’t know about the existence of His Majesty Maximilian, and in front of his grave, “Max, I saved your country…… But, I couldn’t save Princess Maria, please forgive me……” and heroic stuff etc. While crying.

I saw that via sensei and laughed my ass off. Pupuu!


By the way, no one in my royal family knows until now.

Because if this happens to be exposed, I think citizens of West Habsburg will come to him while saying, ‘Traitor king!’

The details about what I had done, more or less like this.



Sensei, I want 1:1 doll of Maximilian and Princess Maria’s accurate down to the cell level please.

[Due to adult content restriction, I can’t allow you to use this service]

…..Ah, those things in the lower half body, huh.

Then, excluding those things, I want you to reproduce a doll to extent of not touching adult content.

[As you wish]

Ripping the cardboard, pop the bubble wrap.

Man, this is so amazing. Really a work of master.

I can only see this as the person himself.

Even blood cells inside the blood vessel are reproduced.

But, there’s nothing in that bottom area. Moreover, there’s no nipple too.

In addition, even the mouth is made to be unusable. The wall of adult contents, so hard.

For now, I excitedly put some clothes, armor and so on.

It won’t be exposed, right? Undoubtedly.


“So, nee-san, please hold His Majesty Maximilian from his wyvern with your mouth, and drop this doll towards on the ground. Please.”

Nee-san grumbles for a bit because she had just laid eggs, but I have done a favor to her by handing Siegfried-niisama to her, I think it will be okay.

Rather than that, there’s something moved me,

“Throwing away my life to keep my master alive is my long cherished dream! My very least wish, let me die a painless death in one attack.”

Using sensei’s translation service, the time when His Majesty Maximilian’s wyvern tried to persuade her is so manly.

Can I call you big brother?


So, with that plan, the predetermined aerial battle is done.

Looks like His Majesty Maximilian intended to die at that time, but I didn’t let him.

Don’t push all the clean-up up to me, you work too.

So in exchange for the wyvern’s life with his well-being, even though he tasted a punishment called nee-san play biting hell, we kidnapped him to Alps United Kingdom.

Nee-san said it was really troublesome to put him in her mouth all the time.

Maximilian said it was really smelly, so to punish him, I reported it to nee-san.

Please pay respect to the elder. She’s an over 10,000 years old talented woman, you know?

And apologize to the wyvern who has sacrificed his life for you!!


And it was really easy taking princess Maria.

First, I asked sensei about her location specifically, and I found her closing her eyes while praying for his father’s safety inside her room in royal palace.

And at that time, I tasered her from behind using taser gun. One job done.

Rude against women? Like I care! I’m busy you know!!

And while [NTR-gou] made a racket inside royal palace, I placed the doll, and escaped immediately.


After we came back to Alps United Kingdom, nee-san threw His Majesty Maximilian from her mouth, and I said,


“Please work your bones hard, or else misfortune will fall upon your daughter.”

Indeed, a very beautiful trade.

Looks like that sly king will follow that nonchalantly if his daughter is taken as a hostage like that, he worked himself to the core.


And somehow recently, I was being avoided by that princess Maria who loves love itself.

Most likely, it’s because she expected ……someone riding on the back of a dragon gallantly to destroy the empire’s army.

But in reality, he is an enemy who broke the hearts of citizens of Geneva and made them surrender.

Her prince is a hero, but I’m a demon king, so it woke her up from her dream.

A very good thing.

Because rather than me, someone wonderful would suit her more.



Frank Empire is in discord because many imperial princes and princesses declared they’re the legitimate crown prince/princess.

In addition, many people who have a deep grudge against the demon king started to revolt.

When the threat called demon king is gone, all vassal states declared their independence.

Baka-chin lost their holy knights, making them lack combat personnel, and all fantasy world’s human slaves start to revolt.

And, I threw those demi-humans supremacist in such place, Three Kingdoms?

Well, after various things, the world is in turbulence, and mainly it was caused by me!!

What would happen after this, huh?

Maan, Troubled Times, Really Troubled Times.


But that’s none of my business.

[TL Note: Can’t resist]

Go around the world bringing peace? Leave something like that to heroes.


Q2: End                          Next: Q3

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  2. Well, well, well… The author’s sense of pacing really sucks… Still, it’s good to hear that Max and his daughter are alive.

    Anyway, thanks for the translations. Dunno if I can follow forward though, since the genre apparently leans farther into seinen slapstick than the light-hearted comedy that I was expecting.


  3. Truthfully, im a little disappointed in author. I wasnt at all surprised by Max & Maria being alive, but it’s whimping out. The pace on the death chapter was still all wrong, bringing back the main sacrifices after that brutal chapter just makes it weaker. If he wanted to keep the fluffy feel he shouldn’t have left their survival til the last act. Pulling that out of a hat was no surprise and was to late to change that chapter’s dark atmosphere that turned some readers away.
    Imo he should have included Max planning his own death scene prior to it happening. Then whether he died or survived, it wouldn’t have been as damaging to the mood. Author tried to be clever inappropriately. It was unnecessary. A cheap trick.
    Having given a rant about that, I otherwise really enjoyed this volume. The ruthless evil genius Karl was actually even more fun. Lol

    Thanks for the chapter & volume


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