Last Chapter: The Thirteenth Seat’s Master

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There are thirteen seats in Camelot’s round table.

But there’s no one sitting on that thirteenth seat. Formerly, it was Lancelot’s.

And there’s also not one soul is going to sit there.

Because, that seat was a cursed seat. And because that seat is the seat of director of this round table conference!!

A seat disliked by everyone, and now on that cursed seat, is me.

Oh man~, I wanna go home! I was already exiled and disinherited though!

……I’m a homeless kid. If you pity me, please give me home.



One day, Merlin grandpa said.

“We will decide the viceroy of Highland Kingdom. That man will be awarded with the Adamandight which resembles the good luck sword of the previous viceroy Lancelot, Arondight! Anyone who believes you’re worthy of that, gather and show your sword skill!!”

At the moment when I went to take Adamandight, that news circulated in Highland Kingdom, and when I come back, the tournament has started, and I win.

The deciding of viceroy is written in the pamphlet distributed earlier.

And it’s not written in the pamphlet I saw.

Eeh, so I was being awarded? The Adamandight, from my hand to myself.

Viceroy is the one who represents the ruler of kingdom and the one who aids it, it means I become the person in charge to take care of the 13,000 years old Arthur.

I think taking care of creatures like hamster or rabbit is easier than this.

Yeah, now it’s not too late.

Let’s change this land into hell and go on a killing spree with the Adamandight, yeah let’s do that!



At that night, looks like Merlin grandpa wanted to talk to me, I thought he wanted to talk with me using fist.

Divine creation, T.A.M.S.D!! <Tactical Armored Muscle Suit D-Model>

Let’s give him some present by carrying this fist which can destroy molecule bonds to his face.

It will omit your burial labour, please be thankful for being ecological.


“I’m already old, it becomes hard to take care of Arthur.”

“Shaddup, aren’t your age roughly the same as Arthur?”

“No, I’m two hundred years older than him!”

“Like 200 of 13,000 years have a great meaning!!”

War is about information.

And, decision based on wrong information will bring incorrect result.

And the me now is like that! This resentment, should I release it here……?

“In general, do you think saying “I don’t know, I don’t know” when you interrupt a fight between warriors which King Arthur put his honor on the line will work?”

“I don’t know, I don’t know”

I don’t do anything. All of it is done by sensei.

[Gun don’t shoot people. People shoot people.]

[EDNote: relevant, can’t resist pls forgive me]

Being lectured by sensei. I’m sorry.


“Honestly, I don’t know how did you he managed to do that. I don’t know how Demon King Charlemagne lost his magical power, leading King Arthur to victory. The difference of my magic with Charlemagne’s is just like heaven and earth. But, I’m not too senile to the extent to not realize about that mana abnormality!”

How he manage to do that, huh?

I just request sensei to remove the mana for a bit though?

In fantasy world, Mana is something distributed unevenly like air.

And by taking in mana and converting it to your own magical power, and when you use it in various form is called magic.

So, I make mana repulsive field with Charlemagne as its center.

And a result, Charlemagne’s surroundings become mana vacuum, so the self-healing using magical power didn’t happen.

Arthur-kun has a healing divine protection/curse, so it’s okay for him to just stall some time until he used up the remaining magical power inside him.

A fight between King Arthur, a cable powered generic human-shaped weapon and a battery powered Demon King Charlemagne.

If the fight become prolonged, the winner will become obvious.

Man, it’s good for him to not lose heart, very well.

Actually, if I’m to consider Arthur’s feelings, I wouldn’t want to butt in it……

But, wouldn’t want to and won’t is a different thing, right!?

You don’t want to be injected, but you must do that, right!?

So, I butted in.


“Oh please, didn’t you say it yourself you’ve become senile? A misunderstanding, a misunderstanding. 200 years difference is a big deal, isn’t it?”

“Huh, not only that. Demon King Charlemagne is a symbol of fear inside Frank Empire too. So if King Arthur managed to defeat him, he will be treated as a hero inside Frank Empire, and he will be forced to become a savior. And to avoid that, we must bring him back to Highland Kingdom forcibly, right!! Arthur can’t turn his back on the weak. He is that kind of man. And thus a war involving Highland Kingdom’s people! So after defeating Charlemagne, he must come home without boasting it, am I wrong!!”

“Is this that special misunderstanding of old person?”

Oh pleasee, this grandpa, saying things as if he saw through it.

Actually, it’s like that though.


“For the people of Frank Empire’s sake, he will forcefully sacrifice this kingdom’s people. So I will express my thanks for preventing that hero, Arthur, from doing that. Because if you want to invade them, just do that after they’re weakened because of civil war. Walking through a thorny path, making his people shed blood, and bringing peace to Frank Empire. To prevent him from becoming a bloodstained hero like that, you became the clown, right!! Making Charlemagne to suffer the most gruelling death to lower the grudge of our warriors, and to make them return immediately after war without attacking any city, you choose the seashore as the battlefield, right!!!”

“Man~ after you reach such age, even walking will be troublesome. Aging is scary, isn’t it?”

Oh please, I don’t want to hear this old person’s grumble.


“Taking back the Adamandights and not handing them over is to prevent the other tribes from holding any ambition, right? To prevent them invading another foreign country. ……And, that day, you were sad because of Charlemagne, right?”

“No, towards someone I never met, and in the first place, the one who killed him is that special executioner-san, right?”

Not just unexpected, I’m quite happy about that, I couldn’t think, this ugly face of mine can be useful for Highland Kingdom.

Y-o-u-r face, is useful♪



“You’re needed for this 13th seat!! Arthur is a hero. So he has many things he can’t do, and many things that can’t be seen by him, this country needs someone like you!”

“Really? Do you need me? Even though war won’t happen again? Or perhaps, is a civil war starting? I don’t want to, I don’t want to get caught in it.”

When the former Frank Empire is in big civil war, the power of Highland Kingdom is big, so what illusionary enemy is he fighting with?

Merlin grandpa has become senile already?


“I am an 11 years old kid, you know? I don’t want to pass my valuable youth doing nothing being a viceroy in this peaceful kingdom. I want to experience love. Well, the longed peace have come, even a broom is enough to become this country’s viceroy, right? Aah, that’s right, just stab this Adamandight there. It’s already enough, right? I will give this one sword worth one mountain of gold as a big service. Won’t Arthur become zealous at government affairs because he remembers Lancelot after seeing this sword there? Even though the prospect is small though.”

There’s no country attacking this place.

Even though there’s someone trying to destroy this country from inside, King Arthur won’t lose as long as he has those two swords.

Because the current weapons of the other tribes have won’t have a chance against him.

Absolute strength will stay at the top.

Just like Demon King Charlemagne ruled Frank Empire with his power, Hero King Arthur also rules with his power.

If I distribute these Adamandights, that absoluteness will be shaken, and the royalty supported by strength too.

Even Arthur-kun still will be defeated if he was stabbed with 15,000 Adamandights.

Of course in good government, the thing which supports royalty is strength. It’s just hidden and can’t be seen.


“I understood……War won’t happen, huh.”

“Yeah, it won’t. In my country, there’s ‘Heiwa-boke’ word, there’s a word called ‘Sensou-boke’ too, you know?”

[TL Note: heiwa boke/peace idiot means about someone whose sense of crisis is dull because of long peace. And, sensou-boke/war idiot means about someone who thinks war is normal occurrence, but when war happened, he/she will become panic.]

War definitely will happen. But, there’s the word [eventually] following it.

And the [eventually] of Highland Kingdom will surely be a long one.


“Then, let it rest inside Camelot’s basement, what type of Adamandight equipment which can support 15,000 soldiers?”

“Because we’re in peace, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t prepare for the next war, right? Besides, I don’t know what will happen in this world. Can you cooperate to seal these with me?”

Inside Camelot’s basement, the equipment used at Caen decisive battle were sealed using magic.

Humans won’t attack. But, no idea about other beings in this world.

Therefore, we must prepare.

“I understood…..Karl. I understand it really well. This country don’t need you. That’s quite an amazing fact. By the way, the seat of viceroy has already decided. So you can’t resign. But, nothing can bind Pendragon. You can live as you like.”

“I will do it without you telling me. Because that’s my own life.”

Well, there’s nothing to say anymore, huh.

One thing I stayed quiet about is the Adamandight equipment used at Caen are sealed while it’s still full of old men’s sweat and tear, so when they released the seal, it will become an amazing cursed equipment.


“One last thing I want to ask, are you really an 11 years old?”

“……I wonder.”




“Now!! You may choose!!”

I lined up 200 Adamandight sword.

And I made them pick the one resembling Arondight the most among those.

Where’s Warrior!!

[TL Note: a Where’s Wally reference, or Where’s Waldo in the US.]



“Nuuuuuuuuuuuuu!! Every one of these resembles it……Give it all to me!!”

“Like I will! Stupid!! Just one!! After all, that one will be mine again. Fuhahahahahaha!!”

Teasing is not cool. ……But it’s fun!! *Intoxicated*!!

Arthur-kun is looking at 200 black swords one by one, holding it, swinging it, and hesitating while saying not like that, not like this.


And he’s looking it together with Merlin who hold a cup of tea while grinning.


What an indecisive bastard. With this, he’s disqualified as king!!

As a viceroy, I will re-educate him!!


“Karl! As I thought, give it all to me!!”

“I won’t!!”

At the end, it took him fifteen days to decide it.

Man, for a king to pass his time like this, peace is great……

Aah, I, the viceroy, which is responsible for the government affairs accumulate during that time didn’t do anything!!

That’s right, I must harden my heart to train Arthur-kun!!

And that’s the job of viceroy!!

How bitter~ How sad~ Don’t laugh~


The next day, Arthur-kun came crying to me, but me as the viceroy, totally ignored him and enjoyed playing chess with Merlin grandpa.

“King Arthur, you’re disturbing our game, why don’t you do your job?”

“There’s no end to my job! The documents didn’t decrease at all! Why does it become like this!?”

Well, because you didn’t do anything for fifteen days.

I won’t help you even if you come crying to me at the end of summer.


By the way, Merlin grandpa is a super veteran of chess for 13,000 years.

Because he grumbled “I haven’t tasted defeat for 10,000 years, you know?” I challenged that king of masters who can even fight one-hundred grand masters.

200 fights, all win. I crushed grandpa’s pride.

Thus, by detaining Merlin grandpa, no one can help Arthur-kun anymore, and he knows the bitterness of government affairs for the first time.

The job of viceroy is really hard, for real. I can only sleep for 8 hours. So hard.

Supporting everything the king can’t do = making him self-study.

Yeah, I’m an ideal viceroy, right?



Well then, every day inside Castle Camelot was fun, but I will leave soon.

By the way, my reputation inside Highland Kingdom is a thief who stole the right of proud revenge by pouring water on the decisive battle between Hero King Arthur and Demon King Charlemagne.

And moreover, they said I’m a miser and trash who takes back the Adamandight after giving it too.

If you want the Adamandight, you must bring me a mountain of treasure, ahahahahaha, make my reputation even worse.

Not a mountain-like, but the mountain itself.

It’s not a metaphorical expression, so please don’t make a mistake while you’re trading with our company.

And even though he is a jerk like that, he’s the viceroy, and yet he didn’t do any of his official duties, everyday everyday, just playing and have fun, a very irresponsible bastard.

Nevertheless, the fact that he’s a Pendragon admired by everyone, it increased the hate even more.

Therefore, I will voluntarily exile myself.

First, I placed Adamandight which resembles Arondight soundly on the thirteenth seat.

I want them to be zealous doing their government affairs after seeing this.

And, when I was about to ride [NTR-gou], Arthur-kun found me.


“Looks like you want to go out from this country, huh?”

“Where did you know it from?”

“My dragon, Dun Stallion said [NTR-gou] came to say goodbye to him.”

I was careless.

That’s right, I have said to not say anything about Adamandight, but I haven’t said to not say about our departure.

In the first place, at least as sibling dragons, he will say some farewell, right?

“I heard it from Merlin. I don’t know how did you do that, but when I fight Charlemagne, I heard you helped me by taking away Charlemagne’s magical power. I thank you for that. I thank you for that, but let me punch you. It’s rage towards someone who dishonoured my fight!”

That Merlin grandpa. As I thought, I should just get rid of him.

“Okay. I admit it. I’m the one who made Demon King Charlemagne lose his magical power. You may punch me. I will accept it fair and square.”

I think he’s not really angry.

This is a distinction.

This is a distinction as a king, as a warrior, as a knight……and as a friend.

“Go ahead, punch me, King Arthur.”

It’s a distinction that must be done as friend and comrade in arms.

I will receive it properly.

I close my eyes, and wait for his fist……



“Then, Here I go!! Clench your teeth!!

King Arthur clenches his fist tightly, and it slipped off my face like *nururin*.

[TL Note: sfx of something slippery]


Fufufu, the reborn divine creation, T.A.M.S.D’s dimension distortion circuit, armor which distorts the space, changing the vector of attack to protect its user.

Japanese name: Unagi Barrier

[TL Note: unagi = eel]

Yeah, do it as much as you want? I will receive it openly and fairly, you know?


“Is it done? Then, I’m off?”

“Waiiiiiit! I won’t accept this!! Not yet, let me punch you agaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin!!”

And the child abuse started again.


“Eh? Not yet? Are you not satisfied yet?”

“No-not yet, I won’t lose!!”

Clenching his teeth, burning his eyes, clenching his fist tightly.

Aah, that face, I have seen it before.

It’s the face when he fights Demon King Charlemagne.


“Here I go!!!!!”


Arthur-kun breathes heavily.

Midway through, it’s obvious he used mana by making his fist shine (Shining Knuckle).

But, it didn’t work. He can’t touch me. Your skill is not enough!!

“Hmm? Didn’t work? Shall I keep you company until your heart breaks?”

“My heart won’t be broken!! Even Demon King Charlemagne can’t break my heart!! Karl!! Do you want to say you can break my heart!!?”

“Eeh, sure? Arthur, I love that fruitless effort of yours. I will let you be my opponent until your heart breaks. No matter how long……No matter how long okay!! Because I love your fruitless effort, you can punch me until you’re satisfied!!”

[TL Note: in this line, Karl imitate Charlemagne’s way of talking]

Arthur-kun became enraged because of that provocation.

He clads both of his fist with light and starts hitting me.

Well, how much time it would take until his heart breaks?




“I-I feel so mortified!!”

Man, I didn’t think he would do this for fourteen hours.

Now, Arthur-kun is crying in front of me. Looks like his heart have broken.

I’m watching films from the past with in brain internet theater thro———-ugh it.

As I thought, Bravely Heart movie is great.

That clash between infantries, and when they stop, it was so supremely cool.

And Highla*der too.

The foreign drama one, that was great too. But, I have watched until in the mid of season 2, can I continue watching it?

Because even season 6 exists too.

And, the movie exists too, so there’s still so much more to watch you know?

“It’s……………………………… lost!! My defeat!!”

Really, because you treated me the same as that small thing like Demon King Charlemagne, it became like this.

The opposite of love is indifference. A great saying.

I ignored him all the way through.

The result, he gave in.

Even so, he persisted for fourteen hours. How great, how great.

“Then, it’s my win. Kukkukku, don’t treat me the same as that small Demon King Charlemagne. I’m Super Demon King, The Great Emperor Karl. Fufufu, Arthur, I love that unsightly of yours. Fuhahahahahahahahahahaha!!”

Aah, he’s completely crying in orz pose.

That crying face of peerless beautiful boy, so irresistible for everyone who like that.

I’m not interested in that though.


Yeah, with this, the distinction as friends is completely done.

I’m upper, and he’s lower.


“Then, good bye, and I will tell you one last thing before I go. You said I have dishonored the fight between warriors, right? Charlemagne is not a warrior, but a demon king, you know? Then, farewell! Fly, [NTR-gou]!!”

By my word, Arthur-kun was taken aback and realized while seeing me in the sky.

I look down from the back of [NTR-gou] who have flew away, I saw him hugging his head with both of his hand while rolling on the ground.



“My master, Karl. That…. Isn’t bit too far? Even me was drawn back a bit, you know?”

“Harden your heart, until your job as viceroy done. ……Fuhahahahahahahaha!!”

Aah, it was fun.


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