Chapter 8: Click! Click! Click! Click!

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Click! Click! Click! Click! Click! The great all-out war!!

Lately, I forgot I’m a German, so to encourage myself, I do a pronunciation training.

I use sensei’s Active Gooogle Translation Feature all the time at this land, so I kinda forgot my own nationality.

……[NTR-gou]’s name, did it get translated?

[It’s okay, so please rest assured.]

What a relief.

Then, I want to start the great all-out war♪ Yeey, *clap clap clap clap ~♪

I will erase him from the face of this world……Like I will forget the great enemy of His Majesty Maximilian and Princess Maria, right?


First, I recommend King Arthur to write a love letter.

I used a mysterious kanji written as [recommend] but read as [coerce].

I met Merlin grandpa the wizard and together with him we recommended the 13,000 years old kid.

Arthur-kun, Nee nee, how do you feel right now? Nee nee, how do you feel right now?

In a way, a really agreeable grandpa.

The content of letter is,

“Dear my lovely Charlemagne-sama, how are you? After 13,000 years, I finally realized I’m in love with you. Please forgive this fool. Therefore, I think I want to repay your love at our decisive battle. If you win, you can do anything you want to me. Could you please allow me to bring my dragon and my friend to accompany me? And the place for our decisive battle is Caen. I will bring 15,000 soldiers. It will be a bit far from your living place, Paris, but please forgive me. My lovely Charlemagne-sama will surely forgive me, right? I only bring small scale army, so please, it will help me if you don’t bring too much soldiers. Well then, with love from Highland. From the one who loves Charle-sama, Arthur.”

Yeah, a literary gem.

It took about 10 hours for Merlin grandpa and me to recommend him, and that 13,000 years old child wrote it while crying.

By the way, after I asked this to Merlin grandpa, when someone from fantasy world have magical power greater than a certain amount, they won’t die from aging. Dragons, elves, dwarves, and giants are categorized in that.

And, he said, “Me too!” while pointing to himself, so I responded with a thumbs up and a smile, and I received a really pleased smile.

And when I asked [Even the Lady of the Lake only have a maiden’s face, right?], I also received a thumbs up and a smile as his response.

As I thought, smile is the ultimate weapon to make the world peaceful.

So, because I sent this love letter using dragon express delivery post, so let’s go toward the battlefield.

As promised, with 15,000 soldiers.




First, we receive an enthusiastic welcome from Caen’s locals.

So we responded by performing a flame dance by [NTR-gou] and Arthur’s favorite dragon, [Dun Stallion].

There’s a town at Caen, and its people aren’t our enemy, so we build camps near a sea close to it.

I heard ‘Last stand will increase our offence to the maximum!!’, but essentially, it’s a formation used against siege extermination.

Thus, as our 2 dragons have gone out already, their magic cavalry won’t be able to use hit and run tactics, the demon king Charlemagne himself must go to the front. And at the same when our express delivery post arrived, he prepared 150,000 soldiers already and ready to go.

Love is something that moves people.

However, even though I have said to not bring too many soldiers, what a mean person.

Well, Frank Empire army, 150,000 of its total number, 6 million, well it’s one fortieth, it’s quite few, maybe?

The difference in perception, huh. For a great demon king, 150,000 is a small number, he thinks he can win for sure, maybe?

If the enemy is more than 15,000, he can just escape, so there’s no problem.

And the great demon king can fight against a dragon.


After that, I face towards the sea and go fishing to wait until the great demonking arrives.

Come to think of it, it’s my first time fishing on rocks by the shore.

Everyone from the mansion, what are they doing right now……. I can’t go cruising, huh……

Me at that time, never thought that Grosse Kingdom isn’t facing the sea.

And Merlin grandpa also participate in, what an easy going person.

Or maybe, he just want to express that his name, Merlin, is everything.

The result, me: nothing, Merlin: made a killing. I competed with him because he ridiculed me.


However, you’re a great demon king, so please use Ru*ra, really. Because time is limited.

[TLnote: Dragon Quest reference, Ruura/Zoom, teleportation(for those who’re lazy to open the link)]


And 5 days later, the great demon king arrived at Caen, so firstly we will exchange messengers.

Even though he asked,’ How about taking a dinner before the decisive battle?’ very gentlemanly, it came to a halt because our 13,000 years old kid started to bawl. Isn’t English a country of gentlemen?

Even though it’s our long-waited French cuisine, what a waste.


Our decisive battle will happen at noon, and our camp is at the north side.

King Arthur stands in the vanguard and raises his sword.

The sword of unfulfilled promise of victory for 13,000 years, right?

And at his back is 15,000 brave warriors wearing full Adamandight equipment.

Somehow, seeing that group in black makes me remember about the black mantises, so my tears is about to flow. *sniff

After that, even though I have given them greaves, but why can I still see hairy legs?

Is hairy legs really that important?

And both dragons have shown their gallant appearance from the both end of right and left wing.

On the other hand, the demon king Charlemagne’s army placed their encampment on the south side.

As long as we have the northern sea on our back, it’s inevitable.

Their main power are soldiers on horseback, magic cavalries.

Maybe he tried to respond with what King Arthur did, Charlemagne also stood in the vanguard, facing each other.

As promised, when the sun starts to shine directly above us, both of us name ourselves, and so the war starts.

A bit more until our thrilling moment.


Having sea on our back, and the sun before us, King Arthur’s 15,000 Highland Kingdom soldiers and two dragons tackled the challenge.

And our enemy, having the south sun on their back, 150,000 magic cavalries and demon king Charlemagne wait for us.

Me? I’m watching it from even further north of King Arthur’s formation.

Just a bit more before the fight start, Click! Click! Click! A great all-out war.



Those who want to fight just fight. At this place, you’re prepared to kill or be killed, right?



Come to think of it, the fight-like thing at Nice ended yesterday.

Unlike the insect race who can maneuver stealthily in mountain ranges, it’s easy to observe a human’s army.

Mantises can’t be controlled, so they’re strong, right?


Alps United Kingdom claimed the land from Montblanc to the east.

So, Hiruhiru is observing Vatican City State from a mountain, southwest of Mont Blanc.

Because to enter Frank Empire’s land while avoiding Alps United Kingdom’s territory, they must certainly go there.


The Holy Knights troupe has 1.5 million people, meanwhile, the mantises, red and black included, numbered twenty thousand.

Hiruhiru has 3 million soldiers assembled, but because they are being invaded, if they try to fight back they might be defeated.

Because, if the mantises increase their numbers, they might lose their quantity advantage.

That’s why, they are being/must be striiictly taught.

Before they multiply, they must be killed, if it’s not a certain kill, they will be defeated, you know?


“However, are they stupid? It makes me remember about Karl. Or possibly, did they have some plan?”

Remembering me after seeing a fool, how rude!

Well, when we met, I was playing the fool, though! Birmingham palace doesn’t exist, though!

Kuuh, my chest… my chest hurts. Is this… love?

[No, it’s a sense of shame.]

I knoooooooooooooooow!!


Like The Three Kingdoms’ Empty Fort Strategy, we have many bizarre plans too.

We mustn’t let our guard down, but it’s not just something anyone can understand. I myself also can’t understand.

On the road beside the elongated seaside, army with a total of 1.7 million soldiers lined in tandem are going on a picnic to Nice.

Nice huh? This is their destination for vacation, right!


“No, if we didn’t know the existence of red mantises on the vanguard, indeed we might had to see  something terrible. Nuuu, that Karl, he has done it, huh. He just increased my debt again. At West Habsburg too, like that. Breaking the spirit of its people, suppressing the amount of victims from both sides as minimum as possible, and as a result, he chose the way with the least victim. Is he a demon king or what?  No, the demon king is His Highness Emperor. Well, his height is a bit lacking though.”

Yes, the demon king is Hiruhiru’s father.

And also, don’t gouge the heart of this flat faced baron in a distant land.


First, in the vanguard is the red Rosso Cavaliere, following that is the black Nero Cavaliere, after them is the holy knights, and in the center of Holy Knights is two cardinals who act as commanders marching in that sequence. This could be the last time the red mantises and black mantises to be called as Rosso and Nero. So let’s refer to Cavaliere as <Knight>.

Their objective, first they will purify the people of Nice using both Rosso and Nero Cavaliere and enlarge their army.

Replacing the holy knights won’t be effective, so replacing the insects will be effective. …….Apologize to the mantises!!

But, if it’s like that, don’t go together with them, but let both Cavaliere go ahead first, right?

Is it because Lauro-kun the <Insect> is a lonely person?

“Well okay, if they let me use it, let’s use it.”

First, they start with wind magic users.

Insects are on the vanguard of Vatican army, so they haven’t realized it yet.

If they show themselves in front of Rosso Cavaliere, it will instinctively eject hypnotic gas which can make human and demi-human go insane.

Rosso Cavaliere casted Me*pani! But, Hiruhiru casted Ma*kanta!!

[TL Note: Medapani(confusion gas) Mahokanta(reflect magic)]

Magical wind flows from Nice to the east along the road, directing the hypnotic gas towards the holy knights.


Next, those who show themselves are users of earth magic.

An inverted ‘八’ shaped rampart spreads like an open fan with a gap on the end.

That’s a tiger’s den, you’re a tiger, tiger, tiger, tiger!!

At pressed end of road, Rosso Cavaliere and Nero Cavaliere collided with each other♪

Rosso-chan, get lost, I can’t kill that human!!

Nero-kun is angry, but Rosso-chan is angrier than him.

Because of its gas attack didn’t work, Rosso-chan’s face became red, and ejects even more gas. In the first place, it’s already red though.

It’s okay, Rosso-chan, your attack is working, it’s really working. On your back.


As I thought, the holy knights possess <Sword>, <Spear>, and <Arrow> divine protection.

But them not equipping poison resistant equipment just won’t do.

The C of ABC weapons, Chemical weapon sure is frightening.

The gas from 100,000 mantises is blown towards 1.5 million holy knights.

Nero is 100,000, and Rosso is 100,000, well, I understand your feelings to make them align.

The hypnotic gas from 100,000 mantises sure is amazing.

One of it will be enough for 30 people, so they can drive 3 million people mad.



Ah, I have seen this movie before.

A zombie movie. Oh? The Holy Knights Order Leader, Lombardi-kun is acting strange?

Aaatto, the leader of Holy Knights, Lombardi-kun attacks Lauro of the <Insect>!!

Lauro-kuuuuuuuuuuuuuun!! Was unable to resist iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!

[TLnote: for some reason the author wrote Oldani here instead of Lauro]

As expected of someone who has special grade <Sword> and <Armor> divine protection, he is strong even though he’s in berserk mode. Because he is in berserk, he might be stronger?

Ooh, finally, Rosso Cavaliere and Nero Cavaliere broke out from the brainwashing of special grade <Insect> divine protection, the red mantises and black mantises have woken up. Deeply moved. Like seeing your own family wake up from a bad dream.

And, they start to kill each other.

Come to think of it, because they’re a sub-species, their relationship is bad, between Rosso-chan and Nero-kun is.

After seeing that, Hiruhiru closes the tiger’s den.



Even though they know what happened before them, army have rules, so they can’t escape.

Wind magic user, you have done a great job.

Bringing the gas towards that far place without dispersing it, making all 1.5 million inhale that deserves some praise.

Well then, Holy Knights of Vatican City State, all of you will participate in this battle royale.

Well the odds, as I expected, the most popular is the one who has 2 special grade divine protection, Lombardi-kun.

And the next is black mantises. Regrettably, red mantises because the difference of their hardness, they’re number 3.


“…….What on earth is happening?”

Even though they’re her enemies, Hiruhiru still has a headache.

Yeah, I have the same opinion too.

Oh! As I thought, the third most popular, red mantises are the ones who lost first.

And next, the target of black mantises is, the zombie holy knights behind them!

Ooh, as I thought, those who survive have high-grade divine protection, so they can fight the black mantises.

But, they die because they were slashed by their former ally from back.

These zombies, can’t they just be friendly to each other?

When black mantises arrived at the center of zombie army, the one who appears is Lombardi-kun!!

<Sword> and <Armor> special grade divine protection.

Perfect at offense and defense! One thing regrettable is that he doesn’t have abnormal status resistance, right?

Towards the black mantises, he slashes, slashes, slashes!!

Ooh, he didn’t give up even though his enemy is almost 100,000 black mantises, no, he pressured them instead!!

Amazing. As expected of someone who has same special grade divine protection as Leo-niisama.

Ooooh, wonderful, he slew almost 100,000.

You’re the general! First place prize!! The prize is simultaneous magic attack from Hiruhiru’s army.

He will be okay if he has magic resistance, right?


“Haa…… For something like this, my chastity…… Haa……”

That feeling, I really understand that.

Yeah, I’m also disappointed.

“Eeh, everyone, exterminate them. Wind user, please disperse that poison. Then, charge……”

While her motivation was lost, she still took care of the remnants smoothly.

Hiruhiru, good luck♪


For the few mantises who fled to the mountains, sensei will handle it.

It’s just, Hiruhiru thoroughly hunted the mountain, she continuously searched for the insect race for 3 days, resulting in futile effort, I might have done something bad to her.


I’m sorry? Hiruhiru


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