Chapter 7: Rip-off

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Well then, let’s start our evil plan.

On the same occasion, let’s see the condition of Bakachin, or Vatican City State.

Steadily, the demi-human slaves is decreasing…… No, they’re all gone, aren’t they? Not just becoming an endangered species, they went extinct.

Everyone acts quickly, huh. Many failed to escape though, but please blame your own powerlessness.



Then, let’s watch our anticipated cardinal meeting.

I’m sure it would become something interesting.

“Cardinal Lauro the <Foresight>? You claimed that the distant future is hard to see, didn’t you? However, this time you can’t even foresee a quite close future. Did you lose your <Divine Protection>?”

The leader of holy knights, Lombardi-kun is mean too.

It can’t be helped, his opponent is sensei, it’s obvious for him to have crushing defeat, you know?

Look! Lauro-kun will cry because he didn’t have any words to talk back, you know? No, his eyes are wet already. So pitiful.


“Well, it’s happened already, it can’t be helped, let’s proceed without him”

Cardinal Oldani the <Insect> is optimistic, isn’t he?

Because he managed to finish his job to prepare 200,000 black mantises and red mantises.

Well, I don’t know how he managed to finish it though.


“The current slave shortage. This problem’s solution. If we can’t go with demi-humans, then we have to catch the fantasy world’s human.”

And Lombardi-kun is full of spirit.

If you act in modesty and honorable poverty, you will be able to manage somehow, won’t you?

Even with the current amount of slaves.


“The leader of holy knights, Cardinal Lombardi, the preparation of Nero Cavaliere and Rosso Cavaliere have been done. We will enter Nice from the coast, and along that we will start our slave hunt. What, we won’t lose if we increase our number in that place, right?”

Aah, can’t forget luxury once tasted, huh.

Oldani-kun is a good ruler who thinks about the happiness of his people, huh.


“Cardinal Oldani! Cardinal Lombardi! If you do that, I have foreseen it using my <Foresight> that you all will be annihilated by 3 million soldiers of Frank Empire army!!”

Ooh, Cardinal Lauro, that’s right.

Hiruhiru can feel the threat of insect race.

She will definitely prepare around that many.

But, when a person have lost his trust, it won’t come back again.

And moreover, if you said something like that, they won’t believe it.


“3 million you said, isn’t that more than half of the Frank Empire army? Like that will happen.”

“Rosso Cavaliere will show its power regardless their number. Even their enemy is 3 million, they will suffice to win. If we can purify the land from Nice until Marseille, our number will suffice to win over them.”

Too bad, Lauro-kun.

You made someone that shouldn’t be your enemy into your enemy.

Fuhahahahaha, you’re wrong if you think you can win the genius of evil plan, sensei! No, in the first place, he won’t think that.

[Karl-sama, you are the one who devised that evil plan.]

……Right. That’s right. I’m always the bad one~ they didn’t have telephone pole~ they didn’t have red post too~


“Please believe me! Cardinal Oldani! Cardinal Lombardi! My <Foresight> told me like that!!”

Yeah, I believe you.

Absolutely, it will be like that.


“If I believe, and seclude myself, will it solve our slave shortage? If you can’t think of another way, can you just shut up? Cardinal Lauro the <Fo-re-sight>”

Yeah, that’s right.

When you have lost your main labor power, you must supplement it if you want to feel the same happiness again.

If Lombardi-kun isn’t someone from Bakachin……Aah, if he’s not, he won’t attack, huh.

It won’t go smoothly, huh.

“Then, let’s proceed our talk in another room, Cardinal Lombardi.”

“We must move our entire holy knights, huh……How troublesome.”

That’s right, to fill in the gap in finance loss, they must hunt for slaves using their entire army.

But, if you move your army grandly like that, even if you do it inside your country, other countries will find it out, you know?

They relied too much on Cardinal Lauro’s <Foresight> until now, didn’t they?

All of you are the same people from my kingdom, someone who won’t hold any interest into something that isn’t related to their <Divine Protection>.

Man, I can feel it, that familiarity.

Come to think of it, the one who has special grade <Politics> divine protection was an ingenious schemer.


“I didn’t lose my <Divine Protection>, I didn’t lose my <Divine Protection>, I didn’t lose my <Divine Protection>!!”

Inside the room where he left behind, Cardinal Lauro screams, but there’s no one to hear that……

Ah, I heard him.


The war amateur who rely too much on <Foresight>, and Hiruhiru, I wonder which one will win.

I will bet on Hiruhiru, how about sensei?

[I bet on Hiruhiru too.]

But, that won’t be a bet.

[Then, if Karl-sama change your bet, it will become an established fact.]



Then, let’s see the other party.

The scene of conversation between the great demon king, Emperor Karl and Hiruhiru is.

Ooh, the incredibly unmotivated great demon king paid no attention to Hiruhiru’s words.

At his sides are half nude beautiful women, girls, little girls, boys, and men.

This is a spectacle that can only be seen in a game……No, even in games I have never seen it.

However, the great demon king-sama, I thought he’s a pig full of fat, but unexpectedly he’s a good looking blonde man.

Moreover, he’s an athletic-type ikemen. A great match for King Arthur.

If these two embrace each other, won’t that be considered an art in itself

Charle “I’m a dangerous man that will eat everyone regardless if they’re a heterosexual man, you know?”

Arthur *Refuses violently*

Well, their relationship is like that, it can’t be helped. Please embrace each other on the battlefield.


“I understood, Your Majesty Emperor. Then, after this campaign of 3 million, I’ll concede my virginity to you. As a celebration in advance, could you grant me the permission to march as the advance celebration??”

……What!? He’s really a great demon king……!

“Fumu, I was intending to wait until a year after you’ve ripened before stealing your chastity, but taking a fruit before it ripened is fine in itself. Very well, I will permit your march. It would trouble me if you became a defective good, take as many soldiers as you want…”

Aah, sacrificing herself for the sake of her country, she is really the role model of imperial princess.

I can’t see her because of the tears. Fueeeen (crying).

Not that, he’s a dangerous man that will eat even his own daughter?

Isn’t his lower half body too free?

“Yes, thank you, Your Majesty Emperor. After this march, I’m thinking of receiving your affection.”

It’s mortifying, right? Hiruhiru clenches her fist tightly in a place where no one can see, and her nail is digging in.

Hiruhiru’s hand is smooth and beautiful, so you can’t do that, you know?


Well however, dispatching troops is really that easy, huh.

Then, if I send a love letter to him, will he come and wait under the legendary tree?

He will come, won’t he? He will wait, won’t he? It won’t hurt Arthur-kun’s maiden heart, will it?


Well, let’s start our preparation.

In this current world, the world after fusion, excavating ore is risky.

Well, it’s because many monsters from another world loitering around.

A mere carnivorous animal from another world = monster though.

First, to excavate iron I have to ensure the safety on the road, next is the safety around the tunnel entrance, because mountain and forest is a pleasant heaven for monsters, so if food just come bustling around like that, they will happily come to us.

It means, if you want to excavate ores safely, first you must slaughter every monster in the mountain, a very cost ineffective economic activity.

So, iron becomes precious, and if you can’t process it professionally, it will become worse than copper swords.

Under that environment, metallurgy technology was lost, and many scientific knowledge was also forgotten.

Well because of that, we can’t gather any Chromium, Titanium, or rare earth metals.

And for that, I prepared a new material.

Ta-dah! Black mantises’ super hard carapace~♪ (The usual ingredient)

Why though? At first I can only saw them as an atrocious living being that predates human, but now I can only see them as a high-class material.

This is the beauty of insect…… which Rony-san the cook is saying……No no, I won’t say that, absolutely!!


Putting aside the joke, I will explain how to make Adamandight.

As what the species name says, super hard carapace-type with sword arms, black mantises’ carapace boast its super hardness.

Next, the dwarven craftsmen molded it to the shape of sword and spear, and using <Magic> further increases its durability and hardness.

And to complete it, blacksmiths from Grosse Kingdom with <Divine Protection> enchant them with self-repair, increase durability, increase hardness, etc.

Quality in details and characteristic is by dwarves and it will change furthermore according to our kingdom’s craftsman ability.

However, even the worst product is better than copper sword, I think. And of course, it’s better than iron sword. And steel sword too.


Well, if you want to ask why I prepared it to this extent, it’s because of culture gap.

Even though King Arthur’s swords are special, he still said, “Only a stupid person don’t bring any spares in battlefield”.

They’re using <Mana> to increase their physical ability, and they can use <Magic> when they knead it toward their weapon.

So, because the burden is too much for the weapon and armor, the consumption of it is too harsh, and it completely becomes a consumable.

Just the fact that this can withstand exchanging blows with Arondight and Excalibur is enough to make it be treated like a treasure.

So, I try to mass produce it, Pseudo Arondight, Adamandight.

To make their army move, this level of bait and assurance is needed, right?

I’m looking forward to them in shivers after hearing it’s a mass-produced product.

I was exiled from Grosse royal family, but I don’t remember being exiled from Alps United Kingdom, you know?



And, at this place, Camelot, using King Arthur’s name, the meeting with every tribe’s head started.

Even though I said tribe, it doesn’t mean savage tribe, so every one of them show their appearance stylishly.

About one-third of old men have hairy legs. Perhaps, they’re specialized for cold region. It was so bristle.

Old men……


Brave heart……

Meeel Giiibsoooon……

The truth, always cruel.

[TLNote: no idea about the joke.]


After recovering myself, I unveiled Adamandight armaments.

Even though I said unveiled, it’s actually simple.

It’s only by lining up several hundred Adamandight swords, spears, armors, shields, and full-armors.

And placing billboard, “You may touch it freely with your hand”.

For them who only have iron sword at best and copper sword at worst, after they held it, touched it, and tested its hardness, they want to take it home.

So I kick them, I have said it’s a debut, right!!

I’m weak! But my friend T.A.M.S is strong! But, it’s only weak to women!! Why!?


Anyway, this thing is prototype, not a finished product yet, so I say to them I’ll increase it even more.

The materials are still around 2 million, you know?

And if you want to buy it later, they won’t steal it now, right? Probably.

Their organ system that can create this carapace just by eating organic matter is full of mystery, but I won’t ask Sensei.

The answer won’t be worth mentioning anyway.


After that, Pendragon title is indeed, useful.

After all, Viking-like soldiers that will make fun of 11 years old, will dogeza after hearing Pendragon.

It exists, dogeza.

Resident of battlefield, two blades, actually, isn’t this place Japan?


Currently, I have offered the number they want already, but the timing isn’t good yet.

A certain dead guy in the future once said.

Lure Frank Empire army to Marseille, and in that opening, we will rush to Lyon, taking over it.

So, I’ll rip them off.

Lure Frank Empire army to Nice, and in that opening, we will kill the great demon king.

Hahhahha, resent this world because it doesn’t have intellectual property right.


However, usually I ride [NTR-gou], so I feel frustrated with this world’s army formation and how slow the marching speed is.

From Vatican City State Papal Basilica of Saint Peter until Nice is about 700 km.

From Paris until Nice is about 800 km.

Because we have <Magic> and <Divine Protection>, marching speed becomes faster for a bit, but it will be about a month until they meet.

King Arthur’s evil plain, or you could say campaign is done, It can’t be helped I feel so bored because of free time.

There’s nothing I must do.

At an appropriate time, I will present King Arthur’s love letter written by himself to the great demon king-sama, and because I want to match the time of Hiruhiru VS Bakachin death match (literally) happened at the south, so I will be free around 2 weeks.

It can’t be helped right, when I’m fishing at the bank of a very big lake boasting the size of about 8 times of Biwa Lake, I met a very beautiful woman.

Whatever she, Lady of the Lake, might be referred as, a fairy or a spirit, is still a noble being.

I heard she was the one who granted Caliburn and Excalibur to King Arthur, but I was warned by King Arthur before, so I safely evaded the flag.

Every beautiful man, will be brought to Isle of Man, or Avalon, and will suffer something terrible.

King Arthur grumbled if his favorite dragon [Dun Stallion] didn’t save him, it will be dangerous for him.

But, looks like the flat-faced baron’s face isn’t her favorite, so in the first place, he won’t trigger a flag.

Happy ever after.


Maybe I’ll shoot degenerating-planet release-type collapse bullet to Avalon?

[Do you want to order it?]

No thanks.


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