Chapter 6: Adamandight

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“Hey, [NTR-gou]. I was exiled from my country, and thrown away by my family, so where should we go to…?”

“My master, Karl. Didn’t you command me to go to Highland Kingdom? Do you want to change the destination?”

Even though I want to decide it melancholically, my favorite dragon just can’t follow the pace.

“Just a joke, just a joke. We will go straight to our destination, Hi-yo! Silver!”

“My master, Karl. My name should be [NTR-gou] though?”

A favorite dragon who can’t follow the pace.

There’s nothing that can stop a dragon who is soaring through the sky.

Even If you want to stop it, the one who could do that would be another dragon. And also, sensei.

Sensei has satellite laser cannon, so he can win easily with just that, but when I said, “Sensei, tell me, how to destroy earth” as a joke.

[I recommend you to use degenerating-planet release-type collapse bullet. This bullet can distort the space, forming a black hole with it as the center. While it takes mass from its surroundings, it will sink toward the center of planet, and it will pass through the mantle while increasing its own mass. When it reaches the core of planet, it will release its distortion, and the mass it took before will be released as kinetic energy, destroying the planet from inside. The pieces of planet that have become asteroid remain in surrounding, so you can use it as resources, it’s a very ecological weapon. Do you want to order it?]

And he answered it like that, looks he has weapon from Satellite laser until Earth-Collapsing Bomb.

I’m afraid to ask about how to destroy a universe, so I don’t ask it.

Probably, he has it. So scary.

And, in what way does destroying a star is ecological?

Well, with this and that, the journey of the homeless kid continue. Please pity me and give me loose changes, and also a warm meal too.

Highland Kingdom, that name excites me.

Highlander is the brave soldier of Scotland!!

I have seen it in movies! They fought! But they lost! It’s so cool! They wear skirt!!

Ah, Do I have to see the hairy legs of old men…… Just feel like splashing water on my excitement.

Gooogle-sensei, please tell me about Highland Kingdom, especially about their hairy legs.

[Currently, the country named Highland Kingdom territory is around England and Ireland. At the time of world fusion, both island of England and Ireland joined into one. Between north Ireland and England, around the connection from Wales until Ireland, a big lake took the shape of the former Isle of Man. Its area is about 50 km2, about 8 times of Lake Biwa. Their form of society is national parliamentary consisting of 12 tribes, they hold their congress inside Camelot castle’s Round Table, and the current king’s name is Arthur Pendragon. Camelot castle is the living place of the current king. And the thing that Karl-sama looks forward to, regarding the hairy legs, 4 of 12 tribe satisfies the requirement of your inquiry, compared to the average man, it’s about 1.7 times thicker.]

Ooh, 1.7 times thicker than average~… not that, King Arthur!?

[Yes, currently the one who put together those 12 tribes is the same person as the one who became the model in stories of the old era himself, Arthur Pendragon. And, Pendragon is a honorary title in Highland Kingdom for someone who has subdued a dragon, so Karl-sama can name yourself as Karl Pendragon inside Highland Kingdom]

O-oh, that’s right, it has fused with Fantasy world.

This world.

[Yes, the reason for why there’s so many mysteries in the legends of King Arthur in the previous world, is because the history of old era overlapped with it. It’s just a supplementary info, but there’s a culture where the one who subdues dragon will be released from their tribe’s bindings and may discard their family name as a hero, and will name themselves as Pendragon, so Karl-sama, please be careful]

Yees. Even though I’ve already thrown my family name off.

For the tsukkomi, just by being punched when wearing T.A.M.S <Tactical Armored Muscle Suit>, I became a hero, huh?

That’s good. Does that mean my harem arc has come!?

But, Charlotte isn’t by my side……

Isn’t by my side……

Camelot castle, in the former era, should be around Birmingham.

And, Birmingham palace doesn’t exist.


[Because fantasy world won this region, many of former earth culture were overwritten by them. This might seem rude so I apologize, but Buckingham palace isn’t at Birmingham but London. Due to world overwriting, the palace is gone so Karl-sama’s guess hit the mark.]

………………………………………………..12,000 years of disgrace!!

H-Hm? I know it. I, know.

When I passed through London, I saw what shouldn’t be seen. Yeah, I saw it.

I thought it’s not Buckingham palace!! I thought it like that!!

[Karl-sama, do you want to turn off brain information scanning?]

Sensei’s kindness……pierced my chest. *Sniff

Good bye! Birmingham palace! Hello! Camelot castle!!

Flat-faced baron wouldn’t be broken by something like that!!

So please, turn it oooooooooofffffffffffffff!!

Fuh, I calmed down. Even though it took 1 hour.

“Sensei, please turn on the brain information scanning……”

Like human world’s building remaining, the building of fantasy world too.

Certainly, it’s a world fusion, there’s no way for my previous world to be the only one who wins.

Birmingham palace……I can’t see it again after 12,000 years, huh.

In the first place, there’s no such palace though.

So, even though I fell behind the schedule for 1 hour, [NTR-gou] descends in front of castle gate with a bang!

It’s the dragon gunboat diplomacy I learnt in Habsburg kingdom!!

“My name is Karl Gustav von……No, Karl Gustav Pendragon.  In the midst of my journey, I passed Camelot castle, so I want to give my courtesy visit to your country’s king, Arthur Pendragon. Can you give me the permission to enter the castle?”

The bang from dragon! And, even though I think I did dragon gunboat diplomacy, the palace guards didn’t flinch at all.

He smiles to me instead and says,

“Karl Gustav Pendragon-sama. Unfortunately, I don’t know such name, but I will show my respect toward a great hero. Please, go in. And I will prepare someone to guide you. How about the treatment for your dragon, Karl-sama? There’s so many dragons that hates to be touched by other people than his master, so I think I will ask Karl-sama’s opinion first.”

What a used to dragons attitude.

If it’s me from the previous world, I will shiver in fear, you know? Well, even though the current me is like that too.

If you say about what I should do……

“Um, [NTR-gou] how about it?”

Yes, I pass the whole problem to him.

“My master, Karl. Since it’s been awhile for me to go to this land across the sea, so I want to look around from the sky. And I also want to see my old friend’s figure. Is it okay for me to fly freely around here?”***

“Ooh, it’s been awhile, huh. Okay. You can fly freely.”

Then, drop the luggage, and have a good day~.

Don’t trouble anyone, okay?

Various thing happened in [NTR-gou] dragon’s life, huh……No, his name is the crystallization of it.

“Karl-sama’s dragon is very splendid. What an adult dragon, he probably has lived around 10,000 years, right? Then, for subduing such dragon at that age, it’s a very hard thing to believe. And of course, I don’t mean it in a bad way.”

In that age……That’s right, I’m an 11 years old kid.

Sometimes, no, usually, I forgot this.

He punched an 11 years old kid like that, that Leo-niisama! Isn’t that completely a child abuse!!

A man who will be 21 years old soon, did that to an 11 years old kid? That jerk, next time, prepare yourself……

“I see, that fighting spirit. No doubt, you’re a hero. Age didn’t matter at all to become hero, did it?”

No, this is not a fighting spirit but a pure evil intent.

And, rather than yours, my body is…… much weaker!

The boys are looking at Leo-niisama with eyes full of aspiration, meanwhile figure of an middle-aged man is looking at me with eyes full of aspiration sure is a new kind of feeling.

Even after becoming an adult, men didn’t lose their childish heart.

“It’s such an honor to meet a young hero. Your guide has arrived, so please come in.”

I feel bad about tricking him a bit, but I don’t want to destroy his dream.

And then the guide gets my luggage…… Ah, it will snap, their back.

That’s right, my luggage weighs at least 200 Kg.

I’m sorry.

In front of the gate there’s a question I have, but at last I’ve arrived, Camelot.

I thought I was brought to the audience room, but I was brought to the guest room.

What I get is not a talk between a king and a hero, but a talk between two heroes.

Somehow, it’s awkward.

“Kept you waiting, huh? Karl Gustav Pendragon. No, since we’re both Pendragon, is Karl Gustav fine?”

What suddenly came in without knocking was a beautiful person.

Golden hair, gallant blue eyes, white skin that looks like almost transparent, the last time I thought someone is beautiful from my deepest heart was…… a former-family member.

Charlotte is number one, this won’t be shaken.

“Please just call me Karl. Because Gustav is also a title.”

“Oh, with that age you hold another title other than Pendragon? A hero to this degree, really ominous. Whoops, my apology, I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Arthur Pendragon. Please call me Arthur.”

King Arthur smiles broadly.

Uuugh, golden hair, gallant eyes, transparent skin, and also appearance of someone in their mid-teens…… I want to ask!

But, it’s rude right? But I want to ask!!

“It might be rude, but King Arthur. I want to ask one question……”

“I’m a man. Too bad huh? Hahaha!!”

Eh, that’s riight, I knew it, he’s a maan.

A peerless beautiful boy.

“Everyone who met me for the first time frequently ask that. This appearance haven’t changed after I inherited the sword from Lady of the Lake. It might be better if I took it five years later than the time I received it previously, is the only thing I regret.”

To him it might be an unfortunate yet funny story, as he talks about it while smiling happily.

Straightforward cheerfulness. Or maybe, he’s just someone who often laughs.

“Karl is…… a man right? I know it from just a glimpse, how envious……. Whoops, if you are a lady this would be rude beyond limit. Karl is a man, that’s not wrong, right?”

“Yes, Karl is a man without a doubt. An 11 years old boy.”

Setting aside my previous life, in this body I’m without a doubt 11 years old.

While I’m saying this, I wonder what to answer about my real age, I myself also don’t know.

“11 huh…… I thought you were young, but I didn’t expect you to be that young. When I got my Pendragon title was in my mid-20s, I think? If we consider about it, to what extent Karl’s outstanding talent would be going…… As a king, I want it.”

His eyes glittered just a tiny little bit, looking like seeing a high quality good which is scary.

He resembles His Majesty Maximilian, before I got startled, I almost shed tears because how nostalgic it is.

“Ah, I won’t do such inelegant thing like stop being a Pendragon. To gallop in the sky with dragons and freely live with dragons. I also, want to live like that if these two swords are not with me.”

He pats the two swords which rest on the left and right of his waist.

Why there’s two?

“Restrains a Pendragon, can I ask those swords’ name?”

“Fumu, that’s a question I haven’t heard since a long time. These two sword are what tie Pendragon to this land. Caliburn and Excalibur. Proof of a king. Merlin tricked me to grip this. Even though he said a Pendragon is someone who live freely.”

Eeh, eeh, perhaps, are you really him?

And also, how is Caliburn and Excalibur a set?

“Why do you have those 2 in set?”

“Regrettably, because I’m a king, a resident of battlefield. Only a stupid person don’t bring any spares in battlefield, right? And I’m not a poor king too. Well, maybe it looks strange outside of battlefield to have 2 blades on the waist.”

The resident of battlefield and 2 blades, the mind of samurai, huh. Wait, even though he’s an Englishman, he has the spirit of Japanese!?

Or, the mind of soldier is the same in the west and east too, huh.

“Sorry for being rude, but how old are you, King Arthur?”

“Ooh, even though I asked how old Karl is, I forgot to say my age……certainly I’m older than Charle, but I don’t know precisely. What I should say……”

Umumu, King Arthur is thinking.

Seeing someone doing a gesture which doesn’t fit his age, makes me want to laugh, but do I look like this in front of the others?”

“Who is Charle?”

“Karl didn’t know who Charle is? It’s that annoying demon king of Frank Empire, Charlemagne. Because of him, my country went through many hardships. I have fought him continuously since over 1000 years before the world fusion.”

Eh? Demon king? Frank Empire?

“It means, King Arthur is over 13,000 years old, right?”

“Umu, that’s right. I forgot my precise age, but it’s certainly above 13,000 years old. The start of it is because of him coming to me and said I must become his wife. Even though he knows I’m a man. He declared that for him, every beautiful thing regardless of gender must be at his side. From that time, to court me, he invaded my country many times. But, even though he’s annoying from the very core, his magical power is so big, and he uses sly tactics, even though my country manages to win from him temporarily, we can’t corner him. Eei, he’s really an annoying person!!”

Hero King, Arthur, 13,000 years old.

Demon King, Emperor Karl, 13,000 years old.

And the motive of war between both countries is to aim for King Arthur’s ass.

My head, hurts, because of headache.

And after that, King Arthur’s grumbles about his relation with Great Demon King, Charlemagne endlessly, so I spent 10 hours just hearing that.

In short, King Arthur’s Highland Kingdom which mainly uses sword and spear, can’t reach Frank Empire’s great demon king, Charlemagne’s neck who mainly use magic cavalry.

In games, it’s the so called hit and run.

If you use arrow to do hit and run, you’ll just slow down, but it’s a different case for <Magic>.

And terrains in Frank Empire are mostly plains.

If they’re pushed, they escape, if they escape, they attack. What an annoying tactic. Can’t win completely.

If you ask how about we attack them with dragon, in history, there were only a few of Pendragon.

Dragons live eternally. But, the rider’s life is short.

So they can’t gather them.

The currently confirmed Pendragons inside this Highland Kingdom, are only me and King Arthur.

And looks like 10-20 dragons are unable to compete with the great demon king, Charlemagne’s magic power.

King Arthur can fight that person equally, but it also means he would be left alone in the middle of enemy.

Moreover, the imperial guards of great demon king can surround him.

If he wants to invade Highland Kingdom, he can corner him and kill him like that.

But, Frank Empire can’t do that.

Actually, it’s regrettable. That facial expression which fits his age, isn’t that cute?

His appearance is like a super beautiful mid-teen boy. But his inside is a geezer over 13,000 years old.

Shotajijii……No, he’s too big for a shota.

How regrettable.

However, I know about the super dictatorship of Frank Empire, but I don’t know they even have last boss.

Handsome boy blond hero, Arthur VS the great demon king, Charlemagne.

I kinda want to watch that.

Which reminds me, when Hiruhiru named herself, she only said she’s an imperial princess, but after 13,000 years and he still makes children, it’s obvious for her to not know what her succession number is.


Did he feel satisfied after he vented all his anger, King Arthur stops his grumbling while being out of breath.

Well, history of 13,000 years is amazing.

“Karl, I’m sorry. To make you hear my grumbling like this. Maybe because I think you’re the same Pendragon as me, made me loosen my guard a bit.”

“No no, it’s really a beneficial story. By the way, I brought a present for you, can you take a look?”

I took one thing from my luggage, giving it to King Arthur to test it.

“How about it? What impression do you have?”

“It’s black and hard, really hard….. Indeed, it’s praiseworthy. Indeed, it’s wonderful. This thing feels so nice.”

Umu, he likes it.

“Then, can you try this too?”

“Fumu, this is also black and hard, really hard, and the length is just right……It’s frustrating, but I even feel pleasure.”

Aah, that’s good.

Just in case, I have tested it, but if I got the approval from King Arthur, then there’s no problem.

“This thing’s name, what is it?”

“Aah, I haven’t decided the name yet. How about Adamandight?”

“Fumu, did you bring it to me to boast it? Umu, I guarantee this thing is worthy enough to boast. It’s Adamandight, right? This thing is amazing!!”

It really excites the blood of military man.

Boys really like something black and hard, huh. Like rhinoceros beetle.

“Aah, no, I didn’t come to boast it.”

“Hmm? I thought you came to boast it? What do you want after showing this to me? If you want a praise, I will give it, you know?”

“No, do you want to come with me to kill someone a bit? To kill the great demon king, Charlemagne.”

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        Interesting ending.
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        This 2nd novel though still funny has a real dark side.
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