Chapter 5: Exile

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It’s been awhile since all the member of royal family to be present in royal capital.

And I was punched with all of his strength.

No, if it was really his full power, I should be dead, so I think he is going easy on me a little.


After my right cheek, my left cheek is.

I was blown off and hit the wall.

He punched me twice, even my father never punched me!

“Guahaa! Gehaa! Gehaa”

And the third is my solar plexus, because he punched it accurately, I puked everything inside my stomach.

The good news is, lately I can’t eat anything solid so the monja I puked is beautiful.

[TLNote: Monja probably refer to Monjayaki.]

“Leonhart-niisama! Stop it! Karl will die!”

Big breasted Louise-neesama cuts in. But as usual, I think her follow up is slow.

Or maybe, is big breasted Louise-neesama also angry because I used her?

Cardinal Lauro who has special grade <Foresight> divine protection said this.

“After this, tension will run between West Habsburg and Frank Empire. And at that opening,  Nero Cavaliere will march to Frank Empire’s territory using Cardinal Oldani’s <Insect> divine protection”

So, I hurriedly destroyed West Habsburg to prevent that.

And then, with dragon as their top, demi-humans country, Alps United Kingdom is founded, and with this, that Vatican can’t release the seeds of insect troops again here. As for this country, the <Empress>, Nee-san will severely punish any humans who try to invade.

To put it in another way, any humans who is not Nee-san’s acquaintance will become nourishment for the dragons.

And the other country won’t investigate why Frank Empire violated the non-aggression pact.

And they should’ve seen the flock of dragons who cover the sky.

After receiving such report, there shouldn’t be any idiot country who wants to make Alps United Kingdom their enemy.

And, that also includes Grosse Kingdom who formed alliance with Alps United Kingdom.

The reason we called it a country of dragon, dwarven, and elven is because if bad children like goblin or orc make a ruckus, it won’t become any international problem. Because we didn’t include those demi-humans in our name, we can say it’s not a part of us and the problem is done.

And we have collected the resources that had been lying inside places where our hands couldn’t reach before like Zurich and Liechtenstein town too.

West Habsburg Kingdom can only claim their ownership before their royal family was destroyed.

As expected of a town, we got enough to cover the costs of our military campaigns until now. Because, black mantises didn’t eat any gold, silver, and gems.

Well, we pay them almost only with food, so the original price become so cheap.

And, looks like because of that scheme, I incurred Leonhart-niisama’s imperial wrath.

Even though he’s a lion, he has scales, anything is possible, huh, for Leo-niisama.

[TL Note: imperial wrath can mean the reversed scales of a dragon, there’s some folklore says that a dragon will be angry if you touch it.]

Inside Leonhart-niisama’s ego, seems like he sees me as the one who incited the demi-humans to destroy West Habsburg Kingdom.

Well, it’s the truth, so I receive the storm of violence from him as he wishes, even if I explain it to him, like he will understand……I think he will, but he would be agonizing over the problem.

The country that was saved after us siblings gave them a hand, and I destroyed that country. It’s right? Leo-niisama.

“Why!? Why did you do that!! Why did you kill them!?”

“I’m not the one who killed them, it’s Frank Empire army and Alps United Kingdom.”

“You’re the one who incited them, right!! Making Charlotte create clouds, making my and Sieg’s <Divine Protection> to not be able to see them, even that coward act too!!”

Because, if I didn’t do that, Leonhart-niisama and Siegfried-niisama will be suffering too, right?

It can’t be, for West Habsburg Kingdom, do you want to declare war with Frank Empire?

And because of that, you’ll force our people to die?

“Right? So what?”

“Don’t talk back!!”

After punches is throwing technique, huh? It really is a variable martial arts, right? Leo-niisama.

My mouth is full of taste of iron.

Well, throwing techniques can damage my internal organs, right?

The feeling of blood overflowing from inside, what a new feeling. No, I experienced this for the first time with Charlotte.

“Sieg!! What do you think!? Don’t you have anything to say to Karl!!?”

Because Siegfried-niisama made nee-san laid an egg, he was released for a while.

I heard raising child is the job of woman, but protecting egg is also the job of woman. As expected of nee-san, so manly.

Is it a nephew or niece, I am looking forward for it.

Is it a boy or a girl who will be born, is it a male or a female who will be born, it’s a quiz with 4 choices.

“I think what Karl has done isn’t very beautiful at all. However, what Karl was thinking makes sense, wasn’t it?”

Ooh, the dignity of non-virgin, he starts to feel like he’s a father.

That Sieg-niisama uses his head, what an unusual sight.

“Come to think of it, did you mean to kill Princess Maria!? That princess loves you, you know!! Karl!!”

He grabbed my collar, I can’t breathe if you strangle me like that, Leo-niisama.

Or else, does a man have an obligation to protect someone who loves him one-sidedly?

Aah, if it’s Leonhart-niisama, he will.

Because Leonhart-niisama is a hero after all.

“Is it really like that? It’s the first time I know–!!”

I was punched again. He does it third times, he’s not joking at all, damn.

3 times in the face? Hahaha, nice sense.

“I won’t let you say you don’t know!! Even though she loved you to that extent, for you to not know, it isn’t like you at all!!”

It can’t be helped.

I will answer him properly.

“Leonhart-niisama, my divine protection is <Boobs> you know? A girl with small chest like her—!”

Guouuu!! I was blown off to the ceiling, I have seen it in mangas, but it’s my first time to experience it, and after that, I fall directly and hit the floooooor!!

“What are you doiiiiing!!!

My father who usually works sitting on the throne, makes his rare appearance.

Beside him is Charlotte crying.

Aah, the face of Charlotte crying because she worries about his brother is cute.

Surprised by seeing Leonhart-niisama’s wrath, she searched a person that can stop him, so she called our father huh?

Just a little bit more, I can still keep along with Leo-niisama’s wrath though.

Thank you, Charlotte.

As expected, Leonhart-niisama can’t be violent in front of our father, he holds his anger while trembling.

It’s just, seeing him clenching his fist tight and really firm like that, I think it will hurt if I was hit by that. If it lands on me.

The big-breasted Louise-neesama comes closer to me quietly, and she uses her <Life> divine protection, and rapidly the pain is disappearing, my body is being healed.

Fuu, consciousness, consciousness.

“Karl! To make your brother be angry like that, what have you done!! Aren’t you aware you’re the third son!! I will listen to you, and I’ll give an appropriate punishment according to what happened, so prepare yourself!! Come here!!”

My father calls me to the sermon room, so I proudly get out of this room.

By the way, I never went to the sermon room huh?

Because since my childhood, I was already an adult, so he never scolded me even once.

When I’m about to get out from the room, Charlotte looks at me worriedly, so I pat her head, and then get out from the room.

My father’s lounge, alias: sermon room.

When a child have done something bad, my father used it to scold them, so it’s called that.

The ones who use it most frequently is Leonhart-niisama, and the second is Charlotte.

I can’t completely hide Charl’s tomboyish act, so please forgive nii-chan.

But, I can’t throw away the privilege to hug her after she came out from there. So please forgive this kind of nii-chan too.



Looks like my father hesitate to start the talk too.

Grosse royal family signed non-aggression pact with Frank Empire.

And with West Habsburg too, no, it was.

Therefore, if both of the country is in dispute, we will act as mediator.

However, Leonhart-niisama is a person who can’t do that. Because he fought together with West Habsburg to save its people.

Because his feeling is hindering him, no, he’s a man controlled by his feelings, so I quickly keep him away from Geneva.

And, I borrow the power of Charlotte, to make him unable to see it.

“You have done a great task.”


Leonhart-niisama is a prince, King Wilhelm is a king.

A prince doesn’t have any right to perform war.

And the one can do that is our father, King Wilhelm.

If the world is as simple as the invader is evil and the invaded one is justice, it’s okay for Hero-sama to go business trip there. But unfortunately, the world isn’t like that.

“Is the last moment of Maximilian really grand?”

“Yes, he’s so manly. He fought the elites from Frank Empire furiously while leading the cowardly soldiers.”

After he asked that question, my father smiled, both happily, and sadly…

“Is that so…… Maximilian……Max was my friend.”

“What a coincidence. I’m also a friend of His Majesty Maximilian. At least, I think of him like that.”

It’s my thoughts without any lies or falsehood.

“Max helped me in various things. He is so cunning, when I was in trouble, he helped to make a good plan for me. It’s about the throne, you know? To the extent for me to discuss with him first before I discussed with my vassal.”

My father wryly smiled.

“Yeah, because of that cunningness I almost got married to Princess Maria. And after that, maybe he will make Leonhart-niisama his ally and use him as a counterbalance in the battle between Frank Empire, and at any rate, he is trying to involve Grosse Kingdom. So, I terminated him as fast as possible.”

A wry smile also floats from me.

“…… I see. Once again, you have done a great task.”

And my father holds the corner of his eyes.

This is why old people are…… huh? I’m not much different from how I was in the previous world, huh?

Father is still in his 40s, right?

“In this founding of Alps United Kingdom. This is an inheritance left by His Majesty Maximilian to Father. Please receive it.”

“Inheritance, you say? Please explain in detail”

His Majesty Maximilian, my father’s friend, Max, regarding his last cunning trick, let’s talk about it.

He has the right to know it as a friend after all.

“Simply put, if this country will be taken by Frank Empire, he’s more willing to give it to Grosse Kingdom. The current central of Frank Empire is in tatters right now, to the extent to not care about its appearance. So, to make sure for them to not lay their hands on Grosse Kingdom, I made the effort to establish Alps United Kingdom. Their current condition is like ‘Geneva will surely fall and their people will be slaves sooner or later’.  So, he gathered all of his people into one place, and while he was unable to see the land east of Bern, I established the foundation of Alps United Kingdom. And, at the same time when Frank Empire is about to declare war, Alps United Kingdom also declared war. And Frank Empire was in panic because a country of dragons who unreasonably intervened and I made them sign a treaty of joint struggle, and after I confirm it, to ensure Geneva’s fall, He let Alps United Kingdom kill him, lowering the morale of the whole army, and in addition to destroying the royal palace and various facilities, destroying the people’s will to fight completely. And after that, the people who have lost their will to fight let themselves be the slaves of Frank Empire without taking any resistance. Simply, His Majesty Maximilian judged that Frank Empire will dissolve from inside in the near future, their land will be separated due to many nobles, and at that time, the people who became slaves will have a chance to live free again. Because the normal condition for someone to be released from being a slave is usually by participating in war. There’s many example of winning over the slaves from the enemy’s country like that, right? Amidst chaos, someone can escape easily with their own power. Usually Frank Empire use their slaves as serfs, but if they do that, it will make their people life’s harsher. And, I hold on many resources from royal family and nobles inside Geneva. About 9/10 of it. And in the event when their people become free, I beg you to aid them to reconstruct their place again. However, it’s just a verbal promise, so if father wanted to, you can even claim it as yours and store it inside the national treasury, what would you do?”

Personally, I think it’s okay to let the resources left from Alps United Kingdom circulate to assist people, since if the economy circulates, you will be able to assist lots more people, let’s use it in accordance to His Majesty Maximilian’s testament or so I want to.

But, father didn’t respond, it’s just a corpse?

Or maybe, he’s in conflict whether or not to steal the money his friend left behind!?

Then father, I will make the decision …… no, maybe as a royalty that might be the right decision.

“Hey, Karl……”

“What is it father?”

“It’s just, I remembered the time when I talked with Max.”


“Simply put, if his country will be taken by Frank Empire, he’s more willing to give it to Grosse Kingdom, like that”

“Yes, I know”

Now then, l digress a lot, but a car won’t be easily stopped right?

Moreover, if there’s something loaded in, it becomes harder to stop.

If you look at the letter for army, there’s a load above the car, so it even becomes more unstoppable, doesn’t it?

[TL Note: letter of car is like 車, and letter of army is like 軍.]

I’ll be under house arrest until father decides my punishment, so in that time, I use Gooogle-sensei Map Service to peek over Bakachin or you could say Vatican City State.

[TLNote: Vatican is bachikan in romaji]

There’s the nostalgic black mantis in that place. Aah, that black lustrous form, it’s been a long time since last I saw it, I think it’s so cool.

Haa, now I understand the feeling of Rony-san the cooks……No, I dunno, I dunno, about insect dish.

There’s red mantises too.

Eeetto, is it Lawson Kaributore?

[It’s Rosso Cavaliere.]

If I’m not mistaken, their special ability is 3 times faster……

[It’s an attack with hypnotic gas]

Let me say it to the end pleaseeeee.

[It’s me who have that ability of 3 times faster]


Gooogle-sensei, red, dyed all red!?

……Ah, but to be fair, it’s bright red. Because Sensei is a being from the land of fairness beyond human’s reach

[Karl-sama, do you want to install a square-type acceleration device too?]

Noo! I don’t want to become a cyborg soldier. Even though it’s a commander-type!

Well, let’s stop the idle talk, but really, black mantis-san is cool.

Even though I don’t think of them like when I hate them as an enemy, but they have the sharpness that can tingle the heart of man.

Mantis + steel with black luster, you know? With no doubt, it will be cool.

If we compare red mantises with black mantises, they’re more slender, and they have smooth curve, making me remember about the shape of that red prancing horse of Italy. And that also tingles the heart of man again.

[TL Note: Ferrari reference. Race team symbol is Cavallino Rampante/prancing horse and red is their signature racing color]

I sit on the right seat, and a girl sit on the left seat, and after making it run stylishly, absolutely that girl will fall in love with me, right?

[TL Note: in the raw, it’s not seat but scythe/sickle, but I think it will lead to many misunderstandings, so I changed it to seat.]

Vrooom! Vroooooom!!

[It’s a car from Italy, so the driver’s seat is on left. And I don’t know what could make a girl to fall in love just by Karl-sama driving the car. To increase the quality of service, can you teach the logic to me?]

N-No, it’s just my misunderstanding……

However, they eat very well. So all of them grows rapidly.

Regarding about what they eat, let’s not think about it for my mental health.

It’s been about 1 month and half after they planned to invade, right? The red marks are about 80,000.

After this, about 1 month and half again, their number will be about 200,000, right?

Eat a lot and become bigger. No, only their number is increasing.

By the way, when the flat-faced baron, the special envoy from Alps United Kingdom left, Empress sent a letter that conveyed ‘If you dare to make your shitty insects set foot on my land even once your land will be a sea of fire, you listening? And in my country, human who enter our country will be killed immediately is the rule’. With this, the route from Mont Blanc Mountain until east Alps mountain range is destroyed, so I feel relieved.

And for the demi-humans of fantasy world inside the city state, Alps United Kingdom is being worshiped as a country of miracles.

Until now, there’s no place for them to be able to escape.

But from now on, they have a place to escape to.

This difference is a big difference for the oppressed citizens.

If we succeed to escape to Alps mountain range, we are saved! That can kind of easy hope of light is widening among them, so a lot of runaway slaves come here with their life at stake.

In reality, human can’t enter Alps mountain range, so as long as unforeseen accidents didn’t happen, they will be saved.

Because we will protect the runaway slaves who succeeded in their escape, and it’s also the establishment of mutual aid society.

With this, whether the demi-humans succeed or failed in their escape, Vatican City State’s power will decrease.

After that, there’re human special envoys with letter saying things like ‘The demi-humans slaves inside your city state are my country’s belongings, please give this and that back to us’ and when he’s about to enter the mountain for diplomacy, he’s killed immediately. In the rule of Alps United Kingdom, humans who don’t have the permission to enter from empress will be killed at once, so it’s an obvious result.

She has already conveyed it, so there’s no one can complain about that.

Something like the negotiation with a messenger who has already raised the white flag will be heard by their enemy nation, did they think that would work on dragons?

Your opponent is a beast, you know?

No, nee-san is a very intellectual talented woman, but when you act as empress, please act like a beast.

By the way, go ahead if you want to try military invasion.

If you can win fighting against several hundred dragons inside Alps mountain range. (Bluff)

And, Grosse Kingdom is in military alliance with them, because the husband of empress, Siegfried-niisama is there, so please don’t forget about it.

However, lately, I don’t know about the total war potential inside Alps United Kingdom anymore.

With the empress as the top, the older demi-humans, plus the runaway slaves, as the Empress faith’s war potential

There’s some rumor like, “Somehow, you can eat something delicious if you kill the humans who enter the mountain from the south”, but it turns out to be real, is the wild dragon’s war potential under chef Rony, the holder of grade 1 <Cook> divine protection.

And rumors like ‘apparently there’s a safe forest’ heard by the elves so they migrated there, more war potential.

And the very enthusiastic dwarves who dig tunnels continuously after hearing we have finally conquered Alps mountain range, more war potential.

In the first place, humans won’t have any merit in capturing a mountain with these war potential.

Because if someone is smart, they won’t think to attack this place.

With the existence of this much war potential that they won’t even be able to ascertain. Total war potential is military secret after all.

And with this much war potential prepared, I can leave this country with ease.

Now then, since I have arranged this much, can I leave the rest to you? Her Highness imperial princess Hiruhiru.

Incurring the wrath of my father, he deprived my right to the throne, and spread information to other countries that he had broken all ties with me, effectively exiling me

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