Chapter 4 : Below the Cloudy Sky

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It’s not like because I’m free, but currently, anyone except me can’t do diplomacy, so I went to send the letter.

The destination is to Habsburg royal family.

Riding [NTR-gou], I go straight to Habsburg Kingdom.

Because I put some spirit acting as a prince right now or because [NTR-gou] is right by my side, they actually let have an audience easily with the king.

Even though I don’t follow the process of diplomacy, there’s no messenger who can send letter faster than [NTR-gou], so it can’t be helped.

Handing a personal letter with dragon gunboat diplomacy, do they want to be a friend or not, you won’t know, right?

“Firstly, congratulations. Can I congratulate you like that? Congratulations, the former East Habsburg King, the current legitimate Habsburg Kingdom king, Your Majesty Ferdinand.”

Kneeling on one knee, l show my respect to His Majesty Ferdinand.

“That’s right. Just in case, I’m happy. Because I didn’t think I can achieve it in my generation. Because I didn’t do anything anyway.”

His Majesty Ferdinand didn’t resemble His Majesty Maximilian at all.

It must have been a long time since Habsburg kingdom split into east and west.

I can’t even sense any blood-relation at all.

“I haven’t even achieved anything at all so there’s nothing to praise, but I’ll gladly receive the compliments. Of course, I also think pleasantly of Prince Karl’s congratulation.”

“Thank you, Your Majesty.”

It’s not like I hold a resentment to His Majesty Ferdinand, but when I see him, I see him like His Majesty Maximilian, and so I feel irritated.

Today, I didn’t even feel like joking or even thinking about it.

“I didn’t think, Frank Empire would break the pact boldly like that, and took over West Habsburg Kingdom like that. No, it wasn’t taking over, it’s invading. Even though in the public I hold some hostility toward them, for a country that feels like your own sibling, to be destroyed by invasion. Actually, I feel sad.”

West Habsburg kingdom has, disappeared from this world.

Due to that, East Habsburg kingdom casted away their “East” title, and also they have been recognized as the legitimate Habsburg royal family.

The west royalty dies, the people become slaves, and their territory became Frank Empire’s possession.

Slavery isn’t patented by Vatican City State.

Frank Empire, Highland Kingdom, this Habsburg Kingdom, and the ruined West Habsburg Kingdom have it too.

And of course, my Grosse Kingdom too.

I protected West Habsburg Kingdom from the insects.

But, I didn’t protect it from humans. So they’re destroyed. I abandoned them. I let them die. I just let them be destroyed.

No, I incited them to be destroyed. Everything is for the sake of Grosse Kingdom. Tricking them, manipulating and guiding people, demi-human, and dragon, letting the people of other country fell into slavery.

I, Grosse Kingdom’s royalty, Third Prince Karl Gustav von Grosse, for the sake of myself, destroyed West Habsburg Kingdom.

To protect those I want to protect, I sacrificed His Majesty Maximilian and Princess Maria.

Let’s go back to the past for a bit.


Frank Empire army, just as planned, or maybe unexpectedly, brought 500,000 troops to West Habsburg and declared war.

What’s their motive? Well, it’s very irrational, and I remember it’s just like a child’s tantrum.

His Majesty Maximilian, ordered all the soldier who have been assembled completely to go back to Geneva, and he even involved the civilian in the town to prepare for that battle.

Because he has a way to postpone the battle, which is by waiting the barrier produced by my big sister Louise’s <Barrier> divine protection.

For that reason, His Majesty Maximilian called every soldier in his nation, from regular to volunteer soldier, to abandon the fortress and be prepared for the decisive battle.

Because if they were defeated, the whole nation will be slaves, so they all gathered into one…… there’s also some who ran away and also died…… but the preparation for the battle was in good order.

And then, two days after the war declaration, while Frank Empire army and West Habsburg Kingdom army were having a battle, I went to West Habsburg to declare war.

Precisely, it’s not me but the “The united kingdom of dragons, dwarves, and elves, United Kingdom of Alps”.

In this timing the demi-humans magnificently declare the founding of their nation, and then immediately declaring a war was something nobody would expect. Well, naturally.

And then, Karl the Third Prince, or the flat-faced baron is sitting down in negotiation with the Frank Empire.

Of course, as the interpreter for the United Kingdom’s founder, <Empress>.

During the negotiation, I have Nee-san to just randomly shout “Gyasu, gyasu”.

“We come to claim the land of our United Kingdom, including the Mont Blanc Mountain and the eastern Alps mountain range, and also the current land of West Habsburg from Bern to the east and north! We have lined the details on the map, please confirm it! Any army who trespass this land, we would take it as an invasion, so we will execute them at once! And we also have built castle walls over the border, so don’t ever think to step over it! Or else our dwarven, elven, and dragon army will attack your country! If you doubt this, look at the sky!”

That day, just like Leonhart-niisama I pointed at the sky.

<NTR-Gou> said “I’ll provide something tasty, so come with me for a bit” to invite hundreds other dragons from Alps mountain range to circle around the sky. Karl-san, you sure had it convenient.

To oppose this they need battle power over 5 million, probably? Not including those who can’t reach the sky with their swords and spears.

They won’t have any intention to fight, if it’s like this.

“In the first place, the land we demanded is in the territory of West Habsburg so we don’t even need your country’s affirmation, but to prevent any needless conflict we want to declare it to you. After your country has destroyed West Habsburg in Geneva, we don’t want you guys to misunderstand that is your land, don’t forget our advice. If you understand that, those who hold the highest position in the army should sign this treaty!!”

And then, after that we ask the haughty person who I caught together with Nee-san to convey what just I said, and finally the person who hold the highest position in the army come.

It’s been 20 days since that, isn’t it?

Imperial Princess-dono, as the chief executive you shouldn’t be too agitated.

Well, my big brother is like that too so I can’t say that though.

“I see. Truly, you really are someone who appears at unpleasant timing. Moreover, I didn’t expect you would bring this many dragons with you. No, in the first place, I didn’t even consider you would interfere suddenly.”

“Yes, I always thought about the timing. Really, I’m tired. Furthermore, there’s one thing need to be corrected, I got dragged by the dragon and came as interpreter. Don’t take it wrongly.”

These two days, she must be continuously fight in the frontline swinging around magic.

From the lovely young lady, smell of soot drift in the air.

Usually, there’s no time to mind this kind of nonsense.

His Majesty Maximilian fought dynamically in the front line.

But, since they saw dragons in the sky they won’t have time to cope with silly things.

“In this treaty of Frank Empire army and Alps United Kingdom army’s of Geneva’s Invasion united front, what do we gain?”

Time is valuable right?

So they started from the main question.

“The land from Geneva to Bern and slaves, and also the commodity owned by West Habsburg royal family and the nobles, this doesn’t include the things from the east of Bern. Because those things are already my country’s possession. And the dragons will breakthrough royal capital Geneva, and also support from the sky, to the extent of not turning the city into a scorched ruins.”

We don’t have any intent to offer the commodity left in the land from Zurich to Liechtenstein.

Those black mantises didn’t have any interest except towards meat after all, there are some gold and silver, and also jewels left behind.

“That, sure is alluring. So, what if we don’t sign the treaty?”

“First, all of you will die. And then, West Habsburg kingdom will perish too, and all of those land will be Alps United Kingdom possessions.”

All that war power we have are dancing in the sky.

They are just dancing, though.

“I see, if you guys rule the whole West Habsburg, does it not cross to your mind that my Frank Empire army will come attacking?”

“After we rule them all, we plan to form a military alliance with Grosse Kingdom. Furthermore, Grosse Kingdom is tied by military alliance with Prussia Kingdom in the north, so for the territory of West Habsburg, an all-out war from these three kingdom won’t be stopped. While we’re at it, let’s drag Highland Kingdom too. Should we involve Vatican City State too?”

They won’t try to risk themselves for all that danger just for some land from West Habsburg, right?

To begin with, at that moment the Imperial Princess would already be dead, so there’s nothing to worry about.

Being in the position of a royalty sure is a bother.

“I lost, isn’t that complete already. I give up. The land from Geneva to Bern, the prisoners who become slaves, and the property of royal family and nobles outside United Kingdom of Alps’ territory, that’s all right? And in addition, we will help your Geneva invasion, so with this, it’s a deal, right? Besides, we are threatened to be killed if we don’t do it, right?”

“Yes, I don’t want to kill Hiruhiru. For now.”

I don’t wish for the Imperial Princess to die.

But, now we’re in battlefield.

“Fumu, I should’ve used my whole power at that time. I could’ve killed this extremely malicious person. Well then, let’s sign it, is it good here?”

“Yes, then just as we agreed we will start our Geneva invasion.”

I have confirmed they received “Treaty of Frank Empire army and Alps United Kingdom army’s Geneva’s Invasion united front” contract.

With this, Frank Empire acknowledges “The united kingdom of dragons, dwarves, and elves, United Kingdom of Alps” as a country.

The biggest empire of fantasy world, Frank Empire acknowledges United Kingdom of Alps as a country.

With this, we can proudly name ourselves as a nation. I’ll appreciate if Frank Empire will guarantee that.

“You, aren’t you a friend of His Majesty Maximilian? I see you like that.”

His Highness imperial princess actually ask a cruel question.

“Yes, a friend. But, I’m a royal family.”

“I see. Both of you, are a person born burdened with your blood, huh.“


Then, in accordance to the contract, let’s make the breakthrough first.

In games, HP and MP exist, and even when MP is empty, you still can fight.

And countries have HP and MP too, but in this situation, if you lose all of your MP, you won’t be able to fight.

“Then, Empress-sama. Please do it like what we planned.”

So with this, I ask nee-san to start the Geneva Invasion plan.

Currently, the people of Geneva are in fear.

In the first place, pressured by 500,000 soldiers from Frank Empire army they’re fighting, suddenly a flock of dragons appeared in the sky.

Even though the dragons are just weirdly dancing in the sky without showing signs of action.

Just that is enough to crush a human’s spirit.

The opponent is a dragon, so maybe I can’t say “just”.

But, there’s also some who don’t lose their will to fight.

Like His Majesty Maximilian and his surroundings, regular soldier, and those who are brave.

His Majesty Maximilian truly fought well.

Although they have numbers, it’s just a mish-mashed troop. He led the cowardly soldiers without any good equipment, and in those 2 days, he made those soldiers fight intensely, using many tactics, and even more he comes to attack Frank Empire army himself, making them scatter.

While I observe His Majesty with sensei’s power, I indulge myself in my memories.

Princess Maria said this when we were having a sky-stroll with me huh?

“Really, faster than wyverns…… yeah…… than a wyvern, far faster!!”

Yes, it’s fast. Far more than a wyvern. A dragon is.

That must have been a Flag huh?

His Majesty Maximilian tries to confirm the battlefield from a high place by flying on a wyvern.

And the empress attacks the wyvern using her big mouth from an even higher place as if an adult chasing a child, making the wyvern fall. And it’s not like gliding from the sky, it directly falls to the ground.

For a dragon, something like a mere wyvern is an easy prey if they wanted to.

Anyone who saw someone fall at that speed would surely think that person won’t be able to survive.

Almost everyone that know the one who rides that wyvern drops their sword from their hand.

With this, the first breakthrough point is done.

Just to make sure, I will activate T.A.M.S’s optical camouflage.

Even if their country will be destroyed from now on, if I violate Grosse Kingdom’s non-aggression pact, maybe it will be a disgrace to my country.

“Well then, let’s go, [NTR-gou], let’s take a little walk.”

[NTR-gou] who I rode, flies to the sky.

And I went straight to the palace.

Ignoring the line of defense on the ground, I invade it from the high sky, and gave a body blow using the force from it.

In the first place, their defensive line is at the outside of castle walls, so they can’t protect the palace properly.

Then, this place is just a big building made from a big stone.

Just by making [NTR-gou] run rampant around, it will be destroyed easily.

In rare cases, there might be a hero that fights against dragon, but unfortunately they don’t have a power that can make them be called as a dragon slayer.

For everyone who lives in royal capital Geneva, no, for the people of West Habsburg, their palace is a symbol, so if it can be destroyed easily, it will be enough to break their heart.

And even though destroying the palace is more than enough, the lump of violence flies to the sky for the second time.

First, it shoots its breath of fire to their land of memories, Saint Michael Cathedral.

[TLNote: the author suddenly changed Saint Pierre to Saint Michael, which is in Brussels, Belgium, for some reason.]

Next is Bourg-de-Fleur plaza, looks like I won’t be able to eat that gelato for the second time.

If I do it to this extent, I think the message will be conveyed to everyone inside Geneva, that the dragon in the sky is their enemy.

And after that, just as planned, it fires breath to the building which is labelled as [The place where people’s heart depend on] continuously.

Please stop, Geneva’s MP is already 0.

And lastly, it burns the soldiers who protect the castle gate from Frank Empire army’s for around 1-2 times using its breath.

Then, [NTR-gou] destroys the gate from inside with its brute force like a battering ram, creating the entrance for them.

With this, the second breakthrough point is done.

The people are still alive, but their heart are already dead.

The soldiers who lost their will to fight from the roots are no longer soldiers, and the bravery of the volunteer soldiers disappear.

From where the wyvern fell, the figure of His Majesty Maximilian who died from crashing is rolling, and with it as their banner, there’s no soldier who dared to fight Frank Empire army.

With this, Geneva has fallen. Before their life, their heart broke.

After the empress made sure about it, she goes to the eastern sky along with a herd of dragon, and then they eat insect dish from Rony-san.

Amid the confusion, there are some people escaping.

And many of them are caught by the Frank Empire army as a prisoner, no, as a slave, and nevertheless some of them managed to escape to the east, but what is waiting for them is a wall.

<Bern’s Wall>, the strong wall that separates the world of human and demi-human.

While His Majesty Maximilian is gathering the people from his entire nation, the people of United Kingdom of Alps…… no, the wall is created by me.

Demi-humans stand above the wall, and they didn’t let any escapee from Geneva to escape to the east even further.

And, Frank Empire army appear behind them, taking them to custody.

And there are people who escaped to the north too.

Requesting emigration to Grosse Kingdom.

However, since the rain that fell throughout West Habsburg, Rhine River has risen, and at the opposite of the river, there’s a wall created to obstruct the escapee.

Below the cloudy sky, where the sun and moon can’t reach, everything began, and everything ended.

Looks like Princess Maria was found sleeping eternally on the top of her bed.

And Hiruhiru buries that corpse politely.

“Prince Karl, then, this place is the country of dragons, dwarves, and……”

“It’s okay to call it United Kingdom of Alps, Your Majesty Ferdinand”

I propose this because the formal name is too long.

Every time, saying ‘The united kingdom of dragons, dwarves, and elves, United Kingdom of Alps’ takes time.

“It’s the letter from Alps United Kingdom, but why is the Prince of Grosse Kingdom, Prince Karl, the one who sends it?”

It’s a natural question.

So, I simply answered it.

“Dragons are too big to enter audience room, right?”

It’s a nice opinion so His Majesty Ferdinand nodded.

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