Chapter 3: Prince, You’re in the Way

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The fight between Charlotte and Princess Maria ends up in a draw.

They had a fight worthy of praise. Behind this palace, maybe there’s a riverbed at dusk or something?

Then, please let us, the royal family of Grosse Kingdom to take a break soon.

Looks like all people from the nostalgic South Basel fortress will receive a medal of honor in Geneva but……

In the first place, they didn’t do anything, right!?

So, I ignored them and went home.

Rather, if I didn’t show my face to my father, I will forget the face of my father.

“Leo-niisama, let’s go home. Please prepare yourself.”

“Eh? Already? I have not drunk enough……”

Yes, it’s decided, ignore him.

I will make my brother return with his 300 elites and my platoon on land route.

That’s what I planned. I thought we can return immediately with <War> divine protection, but we can’t because the divine protection didn’t work, we are not in war anymore, but in our return.

Really, <Divine Protection> isn’t flexible at all!!

Even though it can give Charlotte strength above 140,000 HP, how does it even work!?

“Because I feel a bit worried that kitten might loiter around, can Louise-neesama come along with us?”

“Yeah, that’s right. I want to go sightseeing for a bit, but it can’t be helped.”

Yes, big breasted Louise-neesama, please watch this useless kitten to make sure he didn’t drop by on the way.

Especially, to places that have alcohol.

And depending on the situation, it’s okay to tie him up with a rope.

I will make Albrecht-kun carry a straw rope, no, a chain.

“Nii-chan, do you want to return already? I just arrived today, you know?”

“Charlotte, our study is waiting in royal capital. Your nii-chan too, will harden his heart and take you home.”


That’s right, our days of studying as royalty isn’t over yet.

In the first place, a war after our 11 years old debut, and doing diplomacy to boot, the current condition is weird.

Originally, Charlotte and I should be studying in the royal capital slowly right now.

“Even though your nii-chan will take you to a sky stroll, do you still hate it!?”


The self-interested Charlotte is cute. Really cute.

What I’m worried about is the whereabouts of Siegfried-niisama, but as expected of Sensei, he can completely track someone who has 3 divine protection.

His current location is inside Dwarf’s underground kingdom. He really thought it well. To choose a place where Nee-san can’t enter.

Fufufu, for now he can indulge in his temporary peace……

Because I will surely make him pay for escaping from his duty as a royalty.

By making him to come from the balcony when we are about to give our farewell to His Majesty Maximilian.

“It will become lonely. Because this is the first time in my life to experience these busy days.”

“For me, rather than wishing for busy days every day, I want to have peaceful days instead.”

That comes honestly from my heart.

Really, I really wish for peaceful days, but my surroundings didn’t permit that.

Charlotte is special so I will permit her to be noisy. Rather than permitting her, I welcome her to do that instead. Because it’s just like a reward.

“Nou, do you really can’t mate with Maria?”

“Don’t take me wrong, the one who have that kind role is only Leo-niisama.”

His illegitimate children didn’t increase, right?

Just in case, I order the 300 elites to observe him carefully though.

But I’m afraid, I feel that onii-sama can overcome it easily.

“Beyond one’s control, huh.”

“Beyond one’s control, right?”

Both of us smile wryly at the same time.

The clouds in sky is increasing steadily, and maybe it will rain sooner or later.

Aah, darn, there’s a chance for rain to fall in middle of our march. It’s because of the incompetency of Leo-niisama though!!

“Then, well, I’m not sure, but be healthy.”

“Yeah, sorry for stopping you. The time I spent with Prince Karl, it was fun, so thank you.”

“Yeah, me too, the time I spent with Your Majesty Maximilian was really fun.”

And thus, when I’m about to go out from balcony, I remember I said a lie, so I will apologize to him.

“Your Majesty Maximilian! Which reminds me, I have one thing I must apologize to you. Actually, I already have someone to go out to meet! I’m sorry! Then, good bye!!”

After I apologized, I escape as fast as lightning, and His Majesty Maximilian smiled broadly because of that.

And when we are flying in the night sky, I think about something.

The new name for [NTR-gou].

What it will be. Fafnir? Well it feels like he will be killed by Siegfried-niisama.

Bahamut? Leviathan? Vritra? Midgard’s Olmsted…….it’s too long, so it’s a no.

It didn’t fit him at all, maybe it is because [NTR-gou] really fit him.

That’s right, let’s convert this「寝取られ」into roman letter, and let’s think about it in German language……Netorare<Neetooraaree>, it’s still no good!!

Hmm, other than that. BatsuIchi-gou?

[TL Note: it means the one who have divorced once]

Batsu, Ekkusu, [X], Ix.

Ichi, one, [1], Ein.

BatsuIchi, Exone, Ixein…..and after shortening it, Ixais!!

Yosh, from now on you’re Ixais!! Ixais-gou!! Isn’t that cool!!

“Hey [NTR-gou]. [NTR-gou] and [Ixais], in your opinion, which one is cooler?”

“Yeah, let’s see. I prefer [NTR-gou].”

Well it’s the wish of the dragon himself, it can’t be helped……

Looks like there’s a difference in aesthetic sense between human and dragon……

Well if he says okay, let’s respect his opinion……

o-ar-zed. Somehow, let’s make sure to not touch Japanese culture sphere.

[TL Note: literally ‘orz’, a pose of someone doing dogeza]

“Nii-chan, what’s wrong?”

“Huh? In what way?”

Charlotte who prefers front seat rather than back seat tilts her head and asked me.

Aah, that upturned eyes from different angle, it’s cute.

“Hmm, you look a bit lonely? Sad?”

Fue? The sadness because the new name I thought of is rejected, appeared from my face?

For Charlotte to worry about me, is this heaven? Yes, above the sky.

“Is it? Nii-chan will be happy after he hugs Charlotte, you know? So can I hug you?”

“Yes, you can♪”

So, I hug Charlotte firmly.

So soft and warm, feels so good. I’m so happy. Peaceful is great.

Yeah, that’s right, I’m already okay by just having Charlotte at my side.

And the battle with black mantis had ended already, from now on the life coloured by rainbow color, no, by imouto color is waiting for me!!

My life is coloured by red rose color, no, by imouto color!!

Man~, I’m really a happy person!!

Well then, it’s been around 20 days I haven’t met my father.

Q: Why did I feel nervous?

A: Because I have overdone it!!

Well, I have arranged so that all of the achievement I have done to be Leonhart-niisama’s achievement, so I feel relieved.

Because in this kingdom, the more expectation you have from a person, the more that person will be used.

“Karl, did the letter arrive safely to Maximilian-dono?”

“……Hahaha, please don’t joke like that, the one who sent the letter is Leonhart-niisama, right? It troubles me to be asked with that kind of question.”

I divert my eyes. And my father guessed from it. I really like him.

“It’s an interesting viewpoint to trade with the dwarves. And the marketing of salt too. Because we can turn salt into minerals, it’s indeed in the interests of Grosse royal family. Good job. Can I entrust the construction of trade route to you? Or, to Leonhart……Where’s Siegfried?”

It’s impossible, impossible for that ochre kitten to do that construction work.

That nii-sama can only shine in battlefield.

“Siegfried-niisama is escaping from a female dragon courting him, so he is currently shivering inside the dwarves’ underground kingdom”

Looks like we can make a new proverb by changing this ‘Even a hunter won’t kill a cornered bird who enter the bag’ into ‘Even a hunter will be killed by a courting dragon if he enter the bag’.

[TL Note: it has the same meaning as ‘The lion spares the suppliant.’ proverb.]

“O-Oh……Then, well, umm, Karl? Respectively I will command you…… is it okay?”

As expected, after making an 11 years old to hard labor in quick succession, made him hesitate to force him.

Thus he says it in question, right?

“It’s been awhile since father last led an army, so how about you do that? I mean, lately you don’t do anything, right?”

“Don’t say I don’t do anything!! I’m sitting on the throne right now!!”

Kuu, what a comeback. Is this the power of ‘King’……

Can I secretly exchange him with His Majesty Maximilian? This father.

Since I was released from my ikemen complex, I feel many of our royal family is really a disappointment, but this is certainly not my imagination, right?

“And after that, the thing written in the letter regarding dealing with the demi-humans in a large scale……I permit it. Karl, you can do as you please.”

“Yes, I certainly received the imperial command.”

Q: Why do dwarves live underground?

A: Because they’re weak to sunlight.

I found an unexpected fact.

When I was about to ask them to help the construction, I never thought they will reject it because UV rays will make their skin rough.

That 13 Hours of Miracle, 13 hours marathon of that with Sakura Fubuki’s song in between is also pretty tiring

[TL Note: a reference and joke of some sorts, 13時間の奇跡 (juusan jikan no kiseki) MIGHT be a reference of the book The Children’s Story by James Clavell, published in Japan as 23分間の奇跡 (nijuusan punkan no kiseki), or 23 Minutes of Miracle.. or at least that is the first result when i searched it on google. No idea for sakura fubuki. This line is beyond me. Pls halp. ]

I thought they just really like mountains to the extent they live inside the hole they created.

So, I asked Charlotte to make a cloudy weather continuously with a pattern of cloudy and occasional rain, although sometimes the inherent habit of being weak at intricate work appears and when the delicate condition control went awry, a guerrilla rainstorm occasionally falls, but the trade route construction is going steady.

But she is also doing the job of restoring the entire West Habsburg’s water shortage by increasing the cloud simultaneously, so I’m worried if at this rate, I think there’s a danger of flood in West Habsburg Kingdom.

Charlotte, do your best, nii-chan is cheering on you.

And my new vassals work diligently, so the landscape around the construction work becomes quite magnificent.

My new vassals, comrades who ran with me in the full marathon of pest extermination, or you could say, 56,000 demi humans + 2 dragons.

Boy, it’s really a magnificent view.

Even so, gathering 2.6 million dead black mantises is really a hard work, you know? My vassals.

The demi-humans I told to withdraw at the last marathon race, as expected, they’re not allowed to enter Geneva city, and I request them to pick up the trash along their return. No matter how many weeks it takes.

In order to hold a memorial service for the black mantises. All of you really were tough soldiers.

As we carry them to the HQ around Geneva’s outskirt, they will be cooked by a super first-class cook who really likes insect dish, Rony, so it’s a give and take.

Rony-san, your mind’s sacrifice won’t be forgotten…….no, the person himself looks really happy, it’s okay, right? I’m not ba-d at all.

And 3 days after the construction work started, I join with my remaining platoon.

After that, for the field overseer, I appointed nee-san rather than [NTR-gou].

In this turn, I special summon dragon nee-san using Siegfried as the sacrifice!!

By cooperating with the dwarves, I took him out from that cave into the bright surface where nee-san is waiting. Viva, mating season.

Well, by having nee-san who is bilingual, the efficiency of work increases greatly.

From this incident, [Nee-san] changed class to [Empress].

And the joyous fact……Siegfried-niisama has a child. Hurray!

11 years old uncle, huh……Wait wait, in the first place, Leonhart-niisama already has illegitimate children, I’m already an uncle.

Well then, everything that happened between Sieg-niisama and nee-san inside that huge secret room will be an eternal mystery, but she has laid an egg already so for now I only can pray for it to be my nephew or niece.

Speaking of sad news, maybe you can say I lost one of my virgin comrades?

Noo! Actually, it’s really sad news! Really a sad news!! I feel so sad I can’t stop my laughter!!

Did I injure his heart deeply, because I feel like I’ve overdone it after seeing Sieg-niisama is all-white right now, is what I feel I thought.

However, I remember about Rony-san the cook, ‘Human will be okay after they take a turn’, so I don’t mind him becoming a captive of reptile’s beauty.

In the old world, there’s someone who says reptile is moe, so please Sieg-niisama, please quickly be reborn as someone like that.

And, the funds of this constructions didn’t come from national treasury, but from selling the shells of black mantises.

Because my kingdom’s footwork for civilian is too light, so if we waste our national treasury, it will go toward another noble’s land.

Around 2500 years ago, Year 512 in Kingdom Calendar, a person who has <Politics> special grade divine protection, missed only one kingdom rule.

Guaranteeing civilian to migrate freely.

It means, a civilian can choose their land freely, and they can choose the noble to serve freely too.

Just because of this one point, the existing noble community become a joke right now, what a dreadful thing.

Have <Divine Protection>, and having ‘Wherever you go you won’t be troubled over jobs’ as a pushback, so even though you’re a royal family, you can’t do it absurdly.

Even though prior investment isn’t a waste. *sniff.

By adding dwarves’ blacksmithing to process the very hard shell of black mantises using <Magic> and make the blacksmiths inside our territory grant it with <Divine Protection>, increasing the added value to maximum and sell it, and paying my vassals in goods like salt or food, certainly it’s economical. What an economic demi-human.

In any case, the collaboration equipment for made-ins can only be found here.

One sword is worth 50 wagon amount of food, so it’s actually very successful.

As the economy is functioning well, the trade route will be long, wide, and gorgeous.

Fufufu, Maximilian-kun, domestic affairs cheat is something like this.

Rather than cheat, it comes from a game theory, the more you cooperate, the better the result is.

Ha, I feel, now, for the first time use the modern knowledge cheat!?

No, Carbon rod is the first, huh. Lately, I didn’t go fishing, huh……

By the way, if you ask why I immerse myself thinking like this, because they said ‘Prince, You’re in the way’ to me.

Even though they rely on me so much before the economy was functioning, after it started to function well, they treat me as a nuisance.

The one who has grade 1 <Mansion> divine protection, Rottenmeier-san is preparing houses which is too gorgeous for demi-humans along the trade route.

The one who has grade 1 <Butler> divine protection, Heinz-rou is teaching human society-like rule.

The one who has grade 1 <Cooking> divine protection, Rony-san is supporting the stomach of starving demi-humans by making food for them.

The one who has grade 2 <Plants> divine protection, Denis-kun is on a lovey-dovey journey with the elves to regenerate the forest. Just die.

The one who has grade 1 <Sword> divine protection, Albrecht-kun is destroying the obstacle on the trade route really cleanly. And in addition, he even created flat stones for pavement. You can do masonry too, huh.

And 30 essential battle member who have the lowest grade of divine protection helped removing the obstacles too.

Because we thought the transportation corps is idle right now, we make them work as food transportation corps. And moreover, they’ve become the busiest one.

“Hey [NTR-gou], are we unneeded trash?”

“Sorry, my master. Empress has entrusted me to do patrol and interpretation job. Because many demi-humans can’t speak human language.”


The place where I belong, the place where I belong…… where?

This nostalgic feeling, wagon, I must find that wagon……

My wagooooooooooon, whereeeeeeeeeeeeee?

[All of them are being used by the transportation corps.]


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