Chapter 2: Holiday in Geneva

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“Then, what would you do to me?”

The attitude of Her Highness imperial princess is magnificent.

She can express resignation, seriousness, and even shamelessness.

“What should I do? I won’t make this an official declaration of war, and fortunately we’re not hostile anymore too. It’s good for the victim to be me. Because if the victim is the commander of West Habsburg, an immediate war will begin easily. I don’t mind if you want to thank me, you know? Or perhaps, do you want to declare war with Grosse Kingdom right now?”

The victim is the prince of Grosse Kingdom.

And the assailant is the imperial princess of Frank Empire.

West Habsburg isn’t related in here, because the goodwill ambassador is Leonhart-niisama.

“Okay, I understand. I was saved by you, huh, prince. I am Princess Hildegard, the daughter of Emperor Charlemagne of Frank Empire. Let’s bestow you something as gratitude and apology from my heart. I will let you, a prince to call me Hilde as the sign of my gratitude.”

No, rather than that, just let me grope those breasts…….forget it.

For me, if you just go back right now, it’s already an okay, but let’s at least retaliate for almost making me die.

“Then, Hiruhiru. What would you do now? You can freely choose to stay in this country or go back to your troop. At this season, Leman Lake is beautiful, you know? I think it will be worthy enough to see that once, so do you want to go with me? Aah, maybe a stroll inside the city is good too. The faces of the people that were full of desperation due to insect race’s invasion before are already bright and full of hope right now. And may l guide you to some sightseeing spot which is usually visited by lovers?”

Let’s recommend it with a face full of smile.

This beautiful and elegant town called Geneva. At least, I will give a huge impact to her heart.

“Prince Karl is, indeed, cruel. Very well, please guide me to the places where lover usually visit and Leman Lake, I want to see it. But, won’t I and prince look like siblings rather than lovers instead? And also, Hiruhiru huh…… What a cute nickname. I allow it.”

Haa, the balance between this 11 years old body and an 18 years old body of imperial princess is…….well okay.

So let’s enjoy the holiday of Geneva. Where was the real entrance?

[It’s Rome]

I know it already, sensei.

The difference in our height make things difficult, if we link our arms, I would look like a caught alien.

If we held hands, it would be like an elder sister being pulled around by her mischievous little brother.

Not good, no matter how much I think about it, there wouldn’t be any sexy feeling at all!!

Apart from the stroll, this will be my first time escorting a woman on date, it’s a disappointment as a Japanese guy! No, German guy?

Sensei………Gooogle-sensei……Da-Date, I want to………Date!

[How about ordering elevator shoes?]

NO! You know the heart of man, right? Sensei!

It’s not like I want to do something amorous, well, let’s leave it at that.

I’ll put some boldness to my mischievousness to the imperial princess. Just not to go overboard to rouse all-out war with the empire.

Now then, there are many beautiful sightseeing spots in Geneva.

First, let’s start from Saint Pierre Cathedral.

I also want to see it with my own eyes after all……

“This is it, the famous Saint Pierre Cathedral. How is it? Isn’t it beautiful? It’s a precious Christian church left behind from the era before world fusion. If we count it from the present, roughly it’s a building that was built 13000 years ago, so it has received so many renovation and you can feel the history regardless of which religion you are, you can feel how moving it is.”

O how admirable thou art to survive.

Even though the people from fantasy world is the enemy of Christian, they left it behind as a cultural asset, I’m deeply moved by the people of Geneva’s large-heartedness.

Or maybe, because it looks like a Greece building, they didn’t realize that it was a church.

Saint Pierre Cathedral is a church constructed by the Protestants who hates how depraved the Catholics became, because they hate those Catholics they thought “then we shall build a Greece-style church!” with a rebellious spirit.

Can I call you elder brother?

“Even though you know I’m an imperial princess of Frank empire, and you still took me to a church of city state, the prince sure is mischievous, huh?”

“Don’t call me prince, please just call me Karl. Since it’s our incognito date after all. …By the way, this cathedral isn’t the property of the city state. It’s a story of ancient age, around 12,500 years ago, there are some faction who opposed the Pope and want to be independent so they built this cathedral. That’s why, please don’t hate it.”

Greece-style church… the renovation trace remains to some degree, to see the relic of the old world, I’m moved.

It’s been 12,000 years huh… I have never come here in the previous life though.

“Hou? Karl sure has an extensive knowledge. I see, in the previous world there are also some who opposed the Pope, huh. If I consider this as a heritage of those people, I can honestly say that this structure is truly beautiful. Thank you.”

Geneva was the place for the revolution of religion, Protestant’s home.

Well, the other party still called themselves Vatican, so it’s not a lie.

Even though I won’t recognize them as Catholics.

“Now then, shall we get inside, Hiruhiru?”

It’s just like an elder sister pulled inside the building by her little brother.

This feeling as a little brother makes me a bit sad, but as the result the imperial princess obediently followed me inside.

Somehow I’m getting used to this. This… is there any image of a man inside the imperial princess?

“Even though it has lost all of its splendor and ornaments, you can still feel the harmonious beauty it has from the effort of those who built it, right? Hiruhiru has never seen a cathedral from the city state……right? Well, they are in enemy territory after all.”

When I smiled bitterly, the imperial princess followed up.

“Certainly, Vatican City State is our enemy, but we properly investigated their internal conditions. Temple…….is it called church? I heard it was a building full of desire and ostentation decorated with gold, silver, and jewels. And for some reason, they preach their teaching about compassion, kindness, and honorable poverty inside that building. I think those who built the church are laughable jokers, because the building they built opposed their teaching. That way of thinking, actually is quite understandable.”

Eh? The church in the city state had become like that?

Even though I want to teach her, but actually I was the one being taught.

I can imagine them using gold and silver in their building, but they use jewels too?

“Only 3-layered stained glass which decorated the church’s front, and other than that maybe they tried to use stones to express the beauty of nature. Just in case, it’s a place to worship god, so they’re very well informed in artistic things, right? Because they can’t just place those stones randomly. When praying, it’s not good if wind blows from a crevice, right?

Hearing my joke, Her Highness imperial princess bitterly smiled for the first half and she laughs elegantly for the other half.

Aren’t I quite good at escort?

No, I know all of them from Gooogle-sensei.

“So in the past, there’s also someone who said those words. I will remember it. Karl, I thank you.”

“Yeah, please remember for sure”

Next, it will be that, right. Italian gelato~.

Because I will make the princess go around with me incognito, this thing is indispensable.

But this place isn’t Italy. In those times I rely on,

Please tell me! Gooogle, the most popular frozen sweets shop in Geneva right now, good for dating, and close from here!

[I recommend you Bourg-de-Fleur plaza that was moved to the former University of Geneva. It’s less than 100 m to the southwest. Do you want to use locator service?]

I love sensei who answer so vague and yet accurate. Please use the locator service.


A light line that can only be seen by me guides me to the location.

“Then, let’s go to eat the popular frozen sweets for a while. Please, let me escort you.”

The gentlemen says that and lend his hand.

And the imperial princess receive that hand gracefully, as I guessed, it becomes like a little brother pulling his sister. Daamn!

While I was troubled like that, the imperial princess followed my walking pace.

……To be considerate to you is a mistake. The flat-faced baron certainly have a long body but his leg is short……

The former University of Geneva or you could say the current Bourg-de-Fleur plaza is full of activity.

After they were released from the threat of insects, the people will face forwards for living.

And, where is the frozen sweet? Aah, that cart, huh.

I follow the line while friendly holding each other hand, and both of us lined up friendly in horizontal while facing each other.

Over there is……why? Is not Italian gelato!?

[Precisely, it’s not Italian gelato. When you make ice cream, due to their lack of technique to mix air to the mixture, also they skimped on skimming the milk and used fruit juice and fruit flesh to cover it up and as a result, the failed product have a peculiar sticky texture, so it became an ice confectionery originated from Geneva which is well accepted by the young people, thus it’s more suitable to be called Genf ice or Géneve glace. But, the composition is the almost same as Italian gelato from the old generation.]

[TLNote: Geneva ice. Genf and Géneve is Geneva in German and French, respectively. Glace is ice in French. Credits to Michi]

Thank you, Sensei, to teach me this is a failure before eating it…….

Sensei’s kindness makes me want to cry, but let’s think the heaven is at my side!

So Sensei, what is your recommendation?

[If you like sweet things, I recommend Melon, if you like sour things, I recommend cherry]

The usual Vanilla is?

[It didn’t exist.]


Why? When you say ice cream, it is vanilla, right!?

[Vanilla’s habitat is on Mexico, in the Central America, so it is an herb that is impossible to get for now because there’s no sea trading. The tropical regions from the old era have been reforested, there’s wild vanilla species, but currently, they don’t exist in Europe. Do you want to use mail order service?]

No, even though I order it right now, it won’t become ice cream.

A world with no Vanilla ice cream, my image of ice cream = vanilla is… fuuuckk.

But for ice cream, I like Su*ka bar, so I don’t mind it. And after that, I also like the red beans one, that dangerous weapon which can even kill a person.

[TL Note: Also no idea about the dangerous part. Maybe overeating?]

“Karl? What happened to you? For a while ago, what are you pondering over?”

Ah, no good. Unconsciously, I only talk to Sensei.

“No, I’m just thinking about what Hiruhiru will like, the sweet one or the sour one. Looks like it will be faster to ask the person herself, huh.”

“Oh, you’re being considerate. I like the sour one.”

Yosh, successfully covered it.

When I’m around other people, it becomes harder to discuss with Sensei, huh.

[My apologies. I can make Karl-sama’s brain calculation speed faster, do you want to use High Speed Calculation Service?]

No! I don’t want to become a cyborg soldier!

[TLNote: I think a reference of 009 from Cyborg 009: The Cyborg Soldier]

So, I will concentrate myself towards my date with Her Highness imperial princess.

“Then, I recommend cherry. I like the sweet one so I will choose melon. Shopkeeper, please.”

Being overwhelmed by the aura of a prince and imperial princess…….or rather, being overwhelmed by the aura of an imperial princess alone, the shopkeeper old man hurriedly cram it to the bowl.

Somehow he said, ‘We don’t need the payment!‘, but I properly paid for it.

At this rate, it will obstruct the sales here, so let’s eat it immodestly while walking.

Like this, it become more like Geneva’s holiday, right?

“Ooh, as expected of what Karl recommended, it’s delicious. I like it. This sticky texture too, I like it.”

“Right? Now it’s a shop popular among young…….No no, it’s a shop popular among lover.”

Looks like Her Highness imperial princess really likes it, she smiles because of the deliciousness of the frozen sweets.

Hmm, when a beautiful women putting something in their mouth…….It’s great……

“Yeah, if it’s like this, it makes me want to try the sweet one too.”

“Then, you want to taste mine?”

I present the melon taste with my hand.

And of course, I have eaten it a bit already.

“Karl, are you always seducing women like that?”

I think she will hesitate a bit, but she just perform the indirect kiss with that face full of composure like that.

Mumumu, she is quite an opponent……

“Then, Karl, you can try my cherry flavor too. What, don’t be shy. Ho-ra, open your mouth.”

Sorry, our level is too different.

For me to taste the special skill [Aan].

However, that act, I have done it many times with Charlotte!!

Do it with spirit!!

“Yeah, cherry flavor is delicious too.”

“Yeah, looks like Karl likes it to the extent your cheek’s color to look like a cherry.”

I looooooooooost!!!

Really, year 12000 is hard.

“There’s a stone wall over there, that’s also a remnant from the old world.”

What I pointed to is the monument of reformation, a wall and statue made of stone to praise great Protestant men.

“Fumu, Karl sure have extensive knowledge. I also have a little brother who is the same age as Karl, but you have the wisdom as if you’re not the same age as him.”

I have a feeling that it was like implicitly telling me that I might be treated more than just a little brother figure.

Her highness is also a woman.

No, if a beauty like this isn’t a woman then the population of women in this world would be reduced by ten-thousandth, wouldn’t it!?

“Now then, what other knowledge will you show me next? I’m looking forward to it.”

“Then, let’s visit somewhere close by.”

That crack on the wall because of plants, and the numbers of the great men also decreased, but I’m sure it would remain.

As expected they don’t treat it as work of art, they don’t mend it from being exposed to wind and rain.

“This is the wall and statue that was made to extol the faction I tell you before, that faction of great men who work in cathedral and prizes compassion, kindness, and honorable poverty. There were 4 statue inside it, but one of them have decayed already. Can you see it? Though their shape have rotten so much because of being exposed to wind and rain.”

“Fumu, I see, now that you mention it, the shape of human can’t even be seen anymore.”

Time is, cruel.

Not just from women, they also took away beauty from stone.

“From the left Farel, Calvin, Baize, Knox, these 4 figures are the one who had fought the city state’s corrupted person at their time. With money you get power, with money your sin is forgiven, even though they said compassion and kindness in their teaching, actually they only exploited the weakness of people and claimed themselves as someone close to god while using money, power, and violence. Those great men fought that kind of people.”

As I explained, there’s only silence.

Beside me, her highness offered a silent prayer.

Which reminds me, the princess is also a general. If we look at it, it can also be seen as a monument for the dead soldiers.

“…If I think about it, this place doesn’t seem to be appropriate for date.”

“Certainly. But I learnt something. Next, what do you want to show me?”

I turned myself from the stone wall, and I show the spectacle while facing my palms to it.

Over there, food carts lined up, a harmonious world spread out.

Families and lovers harmoniously spent their time peacefully.

Unfortunately, the weather is a bit cloudy, but if we compare it to the ghastly faces of those people had yesterday, it’s far brighter.

Something like thunder cloud is springing forth from the royal palace, well let’s ignore that from our view. I hope no one dies.

“This is, what you want to show me? This peaceful scenery, is what you want to show to me?”

“I guess. I might want to show, no, I might wanted you to see this? The people who we, as the ambassador, Grosse kingdom wagered their lives to save.”

The people who were protected from the threat of the insects regarded Leonhart-niisama as their savior who saved them.

I was absent from the victory parade because I disappeared without a trace, like evaporating, no~body noticed me.

And so, they didn’t notice the disappearance of one flat-faced baron. Thank goodness.

Fufufu, I’m a shadow hero! … Did I got infected by Sieg-niisama?

“But, did Grosse kingdom’s ambassador really destroy 2 million insects? It’s not that I doubted it, I feel it is just a too incredible feat.”

“Yeah, I swear with my royal family blood, it’s the truth. When Leonhart-niisama, the goodwill ambassador, and his 300 escorts are coming here, the insects encountered them unluckily when they’re marching, and with this, all of them were killed. And of course, we borrowed the help of West Habsburg army too. The regular soldiers too, and even the volunteer soldiers too. They are really a hero.”

I didn’t tell any lie.

Even though there’s many parts insufficient in my information.

“If it was the truth……Hmm, I’m sorry……I don’t want to fight those heroes for sure.”

“Because there’s a non-aggression pact between Grosse Kingdom and Frank Empire, it’s absolutely okay, right?”

And I smile broadly.

As long as the pact still exists, there won’t be any war between Frank Empire and Grosse Kingdom.

“I want it to be like that. We, at this occasion, prepared 500,000 soldiers, but our enemy is 2 million of super hard carapace-type with sword arms, no, it was 2.6 million huh. I think we surely won’t be able to win fighting them.”

Yes, sensei guarantees it.

In the estimation, Her Highness was eaten deliciously by the black mantis.

“Hiruhiru, you made some miscalculation, you know? Insects are a living being that will increase their number after they won a battle, because they devour their enemy after that, right? I think after they devoured all Geneva’s people, their number will increase to around 5 million. And I can guarantee that if you say 500,000 soldiers will be defeated by those 5 million insects and eaten by them, you know?”

Along with their victory, the black mantises increase their number.

So that uncounted power will increase their advantages over their enemy.

It’s just like you come to them as their food.

“……Oh, that’s right. The people of Grosse Kingdom, not only you saved the lives of Geneva’s people, you saved our lives too. With this, that made me saved by Karl for the second time. From one another, it just increases our debt to you, how embarrassing. After nickname, what should I give to you?”

Her Highness imperial princess makes a realistic calculation, and she considers the outcome of battle too, what a great general.

Then, it’s okay to just say it to this person.

Regarding the debt, it’s okay to just let me enjoy that voluptuous body, but it’s the same as the declaration of an all-out war with Frank Empire……

“Rather than that, Hiruhiru? I think this conversation is too far apart from love affair though?”

“Ooh, sorry, Karl. Certainly, the current me is lacking the glamor of women.”

Yeah, because the one who wryly smiled is a beautiful women, no matter how much I see it, I can’t get tired of it.

Well, the last sightseeing spot in our tour is Leman Lake.

The figure of two people sitting next to each other at the most suitable spot where lovers talk to each other, the bank river, as I guessed, it just looks like a figure of big sister and little brother sitting next to each other.

No, the flat-faced baron’s seat height is high, so I think it should work better than when I stand!!

“It’s really, beautiful.”

“That’s right, it’s my first time seeing Leman lake but……it’s a beautiful lake.”

“No, I mean you. Hilde.”

“……Ooh, I will give 15 points.”

Oh dear what a strict grading.

Then, negotiation, negotiation.

I feel bad to this peaceful Leman Lake, but it’s a war.

“It’s just my story, but would you hear me? No, just let me say this monologue.”

After Her Highness imperial princess sees me, she nods.

“There’s a red subspecies of super hard carapace-type with sword arms. If you compare them to the black one, they are softer, but they exhale poisonous gas, and when a human or demi-human inhales that, they will recognize every people around them as their enemy. Thus, a fight between comrades will start. And after that, well, you know what kind of <Divine Protection> of city state’s cardinals have, right? The rest is yours.”

There’s no reaction from Her Highness imperial princess.

She’s only staring at Leman Lake.

Thus, it just looks like two lovers peacefully leaning at each other while viewing Leman Lake……

[98 % doesn’t look like that.]

Like it will. Ahahahahaah.

Wait, 2% looks like that!? Yes, it’s just like the hit rate in a certain robot SLG!!

[TLNote: SLG = Simulation Game]

“Then, let’s return soon. Even though today was cloudy, but I think Leman lake will be more beautiful in good weather. Only that is regrettable.”

“Yeah, Karl. Really, thank you for helping me. Then, I will return.”


And of course Her Highness imperial princess went to her own army.

Along with her escort, we finished our farewell at the west gate, the place where we met for the first time and where I was on the verge of dying,

His Majesty Maximilian too,  seeing Her Highness imperial princess off, but with a complicated face.

“Then, Hiruhiru. Good luck.”

“Yeah, good luck to you too, Karl. I’m very sorry to His Majesty Maximilian for causing many troubles inside the castle and its vicinity because of my sudden visit.”

“Well don’t mind it. Because many troubles happened lately, I’m used to it already. More precisely, it’s because of Prince Karl.”

At that expression, Her Highness imperial princess laughs blissfully.

Looks like she interpreted it as the truth. How rude.

“Next, when you come to visit, please do it more leisurely. I’m already old, so I think it’s already enough for the one who makes me busy to be Prince Karl only.”

“Yeah, I will pay attention for that. Next time we meet, we will come more leisurely”

After Her Highness imperial princess says that, she rides a horse, leading the army who waited her since before at outside, and leaving Geneva.

After that she turns her head to me midway, and says this.

“By the way, I forgot to say this, the perfect score is 15!!”


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  1. Thx for the chapter.

    If i read it right, Genf ice and Géneve glace.

    Genf is geneva in german and Gèneve is the same in french.
    Glace is ice cream in french.

    Geneva (/dʒᵻˈniːvə/, French: Genève [ʒə.nɛv], Arpitan: Genèva [dzəˈnɛva], German: Genf [ɡɛnf], Italian: Ginevra [dʒiˈneːvra], Romansh: Genevra


  2. Seems pretty weird to be haply chatting/flirting with the leader of the army that was meant to protect that empire but who decided to sit and watch the genocide of an entire people.
    On top of that she actualy attempted to murder him who only survied due to hidden armor. She said at the time it was because she was in a hury to save the people but she was allready wanting everyone dead (and from they way it sounds was there to extirminate the survivors).
    This is something in far too many JP/CN stuff, instant forgiveness for heinous acts that are total bs and 100% not the humans would or even shoul react.


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