Chapter 11: Lancelot-niisan

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“Please give me an Adamandight!”


Arthur-kun said selfish thing again.

He’s a kid who will be selfish for three-times.

Really, have lived over 13,000 years and still a kid, huh.

“Everyone said after they used that, they feel something’s lacking with normal swords, I can’t bear it anymore!!”

“Do you like that black and hard thing! Then just catch black beetles by yourself!!”

Lately I understand that mental age is the same as body age.

This peerless beautiful mid-teen boy, even though he have lived for 13,000 years, his mental age stopped in mid-teens.

Eeh, Leonhart-niisama is below that!! Are?




The reason for me taking back the Adamandight is because the price of those swords and spears inside a culture where swords and spears is regarded highly will be very expensive, it means, it can become a trigger to war. Even I will want it too if someone has something like that.

Actually, when you trained so much you can’t show your full power because your weapon is too brittle can be solved by training your fist though.

Men are furnished with both arms as a weapon, right!?

It’s the birthplace of boxing, right!?

Maybe even Kung Fu will get popular in this country!!


“In the first place, such articles, and that many, how did you get those?”

Fufufu, do you want to search out the place where it comes from?

Too naive, too naive. Leaking state secrets, they can’t be possibly naive enough to…… Wait, they’re all naive. That royalty.

“My dwarf acquaintances made them for me. The ingredients came from me”

Well, I didn’t say any lie.

I just didn’t say it all.

“Dwarf, huh…… If so, I understand why it was well-made. Karl, are you born in Northern Europe?”

“Northern Europe? No, why do you ask that?”

“Well if you said dwarves, it’s northern Europe right? It’s the place where the giants, which is the being closest to their god, and their engineer, dwarves lived. Well, if they are the ones who made Adamandight, I understand that quality. Or perhaps, you’re not from Northern Europe but you have travelled to Northern Europe? If it’s that, that explains everything.”

Shenshee, elppp.

[TL Note: for anyone who doesn’t get it, it’s Sensei help]

[Currently, the Dwarves considered as pure breed inside Grosse Kingdom is a tribe called Dwelves, they live around Norway, Sweden, and Finland of old world’s northern Europe, they’re very weak to sunlight, if you compare them to dwarves, their smithing techniques is even more advanced.]

Aah, a race that need more UV care, huh.

Even they’re tough, they have skin of a maiden, huh.

If ozone holes became wider, I think they will die, huh.

[Do you want to do it?]



“Hmm…Yeah yeah, that. Northern Europe, that northern Europe, man, it was cold.”

“Hmph, if Karl won’t tell me, I will ask your dragon directly. My dragon, [Dun Stallion] and [NTR-gou] are siblings, you know? It’s an easy thing to ask a dragon, you know!!”

Eh? They are siblings? Well, he was nee-san empress’s husband for a time, it isn’t a mystery for him to be a high-ranked dragon.

However, one side [Dun Stallion] and one side [NTR-gou]…… let’s think a name for them.

Putting that aside, victory goes to one who make the first move.

Opening the window, and towards the sky~

“Ooi, [NTR-gou]!! Don’t ever leak the information about Adamandight, okay!!”

And the problem is solved.

Dragons can’t defy their master.

“Wha- that’s cheating, you know!?”

“It’s not cheating, it’s not. It just King Arthur being stupid by exposing his plan~ you must do that kind of thing behind the scenes, you know?”

“Hmph, like I can do something that cowardly as a knight!!”

“Then, you won’t know until the end of your life. Yay~♪”

“Just tell it already~~!!!”

If you have a little brother, it would be like this, huh?

How could he be a king for 13,000 years.

Probably, Merlin grandpa is so busy because of that.


“If you want a great sword, why not hang around that lake?”

“Nuuuuuu, you can say that because you don’t know how terrifying that old hag with maiden face!!”

Is it that youkai who catch beautiful men and bring them to Isle of Man or you could say Avalon Island?

In a sense, it’s a paradise for certain people, isn’t it?


“Because, my face isn’t her liking, so I’m safe? Man~, that big lake is really beautiful~♪ you can fish there too, the best place~♪”

They said in Highland Kingdom, beautiful boy and man is prohibited to approach that big lake.

Because, they will be caught by that old hag spring youkai in there.

I think there’s a problem if someone follows someone who says, “Hey, if you want this sword and spear, follow me~”, right?

Having a quite strict inspection standard toward face, and furthermore, that weapon she gave can only be used by you, so when the person who got that died, that weapon will disappear too.

Well, it’s a spirit of a big lake 8 times bigger than Lake Biwa, she will give you something divine.

Looks like she quite likes Arthur-kun because she gave two swords to him, Caliburn and Excalibur. And moreover, to reserve his beauty, she granted him healing and perpetual youth divine protection or you could say it’s a curse too.

How frightful, that Maiden of Lake.

By the way, no matter how many you throw away Caliburn and Excalibur, those swords will come back to the side of your bed the next day.

What the hell, is that a cursed doll?


“Nnununununu, then, just one, please just give me one of it!”

Aah, is it that, that “Please I beg you, just one more, please”.

My chastity isn’t that cheap~. It’s only for Charlotte.

If Charlotte says give it, I will! But I won’t give it to you!!

Haaa, I want to meet Charlotte.

How come I can’t be together with her when her breast grows cheekily right now.

Even though nii-chan want to observe your growth in millimeter level, no, micron level.

Even though I can meet her in Alps United Kingdom, but I think I can’t because she’s on confinement for two years to learn at the royal capital……

Might as well instigate Alps United Kingdom to destroy Grosse Kingdom? And then, the disinherited prince and princess of a ruined country will elope.


“……Karl, what are you indulging in? Even though I begged you to this extent, did you want to say even one sword is no good?”

“I have said I will sell it if you bring me a mountain of pure gold, haven’t I?”

A proper price.

“Too expensive!!”

“Yes, it is!! So what? If you think it’s expensive, why don’t buy it from someone else?”

This is why in the old world, competition law was created.

This is the opposite of vending machine cartel!!

Why should every company have the same price?

Be destroyed! Good, it’s already destroyed.



“……..That, resembles Lancelot’s sword.”

Huuh? Again, a famous person’s appearance.

Is it that traitor who have a reputation for being a Devil Knight?

“It resembles Arondight, the sword which disappeared along the death of Lancelot. The name, the color, and even its tenacity.”

Y-Yeah, because Adamandight is created by me trying to rip-off Arondight.

Even though the ingredients is different. Because the noble black mantises are superior to that silly lewd youkai!!


“Karl, you don’t know Lancelot, right? Because it’s a story from 13,000 years ago.”

If you ask whether I know or not, I know, but after I see this world’s Arthur-kun, I think the story will definitely differ from what I know.

I really want to hear that! But then he’ll demand a sword first!

Well, if it’s just one sword, okay……

In fact, I once tried to sell it in Grosse Kingdom. In the end I collected them back though. No matter what era you’re in, technological innovation is always the trigger of war.


“King Arthur, in your opinion, what kind of guy is he?”

“My master, friend, and brother. The purest and strongest among the knights. Even that Maiden of Lake won’t sweep him away. It’s just, she gave him one sword to protect himself, a clean relationship. A beautiful, elegant, strong, wise, and so he was targeted by that Charlemagne.”

Aah, that silly lewd demon king, huh. I’m glad to have gotten rid of that.

It will be bad if big-breasted Louise-neesama and Charlotte is targeted.

If it’s Leonhart-niisama, I will gladly give him though.

“Therefore, that time was awful. Because Lancelot is different from me, he can age. The repeated invasion after invasion. His family are taken as hostages and the large army of Frank Empire who didn’t fear death. He fought alongside the twelve tribes. But, even so, the victims are endless, then Lancelot crossed the sea. He begged to stop the invasion by sacrificing himself. That knight among knights, accept the condition, which is to sleep with Charlemagne, he presented himself to protect his country. For more detail afterwards, he gave us a really detailed report about it……”


“After that, what happened?”

“…….From the conclusion, he died. He tried to assassinate him. Living on the same bed, accepting it, waiting for the right time, and when he thought he let his guard down, he attacked Charlemagne with Arondight. The result is, the tables got turned. Karl knows his power after seeing it at Caen, right? He’s a monster which can’t be categorized as magician. Even I don’t know how I could win against that. He destroyed that Arondight which should be indestructible. Twelve years passed since he lost his Arondight. And, Charlemagne lost interest to old Lancelot.”


“That knight among knights fell into depravity by himself, becoming his lover, and he protected me and this country. He’s even stronger than the current me. But, he failed to assassinate him. Even though I promised him to win before I went to the battle of Caen, but I thought I would’ve lost for a moment after I saw his power! And indeed, he didn’t take me on seriously…… Even now I don’t know. Why, I won, and Lancelot lost. From his personality, he definitely toyed Lancelot just by himself. And even so, he lost. But, why did I win!?”

“Because, Your Highness didn’t lose heart. Maybe it’s heaven’s divine protection. I think Charlemagne himself didn’t even think he would lose and didn’t even know why he lost. Arthur took his revenge, isn’t that already enough?”

Yeah, no matter how much you think about it, you won’t understand it, right?

Because King Arthur never gave up, he won.

“Okay, I understand, King Arthur. I will let you have some, so I will give the one that resembles his the most.”

“Yeah, I will gladly take it……”

……Lancelot-niisan, you’re a real man……And……Please swap with my brother. For real.



Alps United Kingdom also takes some refugees, so it grows rapidly, and I punched some demi-humans who tried to pick a fight with me without knowing I’m the founder of this country.

It’s been awhile since I showed off T.A.M.S’s power.

Power is justice! By Charlemagne.

And moreover, empress took on the stance of turning those like that to her nourishment to show the relation of us.

Eventually we must tell that it is a country full of demi-humans, not a country where demi-humans are the best.

Escaping from Baka-chin, picking a fight with humans, being eaten by nee-san in the end. Doing anything ridiculous will only bring calamity upon yourselves.

[TLNote: in case anyone forgot, vatican is bachikan in romaji]

And many refugees start to misunderstand something.

There are some fugitive slaves who shouts, “Destroy Baka-chin!!” on the streets too. This is bad, huh.

And everyone who lived here since the start stared them coldly as if they’re saying, ”Ooh, then, why don’t you all go out and start the war?”, and the former demi-human slaves say, ”Destroy the humans!!” because they felt they were being victimized and tried to involve everyone around them.

If you want to fight, sure go ahead, but please do it by yourselves.

And nee-san understood that they’re only small fries who borrow the power of dragon, so I feel relieved, but it looks like a storm will start if they start to obstruct our trade between Grosse Kingdom.

Even though their long-awaited peace have come, they couldn’t enjoy it, huh……Maybe they can’t. Because hatred is something like this.


Let’s start our next move soon.

Evil scheme, evil scheme, all evil is mine.

So, I hand him Adamandight swords.

In total, I have around 200 swords.

Kukuku, people can choose immediately if they were given three choices, but when it’s too many, they can’t choose.

It’s the present from your big brother who is 13,000 years old younger than you, accept it gladly!!



Then, why is he here?

That unrelated person with excited face.

Merlin grandpa whistles even though he can’t.

You, even though you have lived for 13,000 years, you can’t whistle?


What what? The stimulating battle royale of Arondight struggle?

The champion will be presented with Arondight or you could say Adamandight.

I went out for a day, and there’s a rumble about power contest in this country, do you really want it that badly?

Well, it’s obvious they want it that badly.

Because the more you train, the more you feel your weapon is brittle, right?

Then, just be born as a beautiful person, because you will get a present from that old hag in the lake, you ugly faggots!!

Ah, I forgot that I myself is a flat-faced baron……Person is not just a face!! For sword, just use the sword you can use!!

By the way, King Arthur can’t participate.

Indeed, something is plotted behind this, by that grandpa.

Well, it’s great for me to bring 200 swords then?

I think when both fight to their fullest, and no one would hold any grudge.

The death rate would be high, but that’s not my problem. Like I care the life of barbarians who indulge themselves in their greed.


So, I upgraded T.A.M.S<Tactical Armored Muscle Suit>!!

And, I will take Adamandight back!!

Absolutely! Like I will give it!!

Even though I gave it as a present because the story of Lancelot-aniki moved me, why did it become a prize, that grandpa!!


First I must increase the 140,000 HP output.

Loading the miniaturized degeneration system, changing the output to 120,000,000 HP, and if this thing broke, earth will be destroyed.

[TLNote: SF machines stuff. And no, 120 million HP, or 90 billion joules won’t destroy earth]

Aah, it’s still lacking.

Loading the miniaturized nuclear fusion reactor, if this thing broke, Europe will be destroyed.

Aah, it’s still lacking.

Because I’m still in my growth period, the power should be increasing at the same time of my height increase even though it’s only few centimeters.

It’s just, I’m afraid if this won’t be able to deal with <Divine Protection> and <Magic>.

And it will be quite dangerous if I got slashed, and actually I was at the brink of death once when someone shot me with a fire ball.

So, the concept is, increasing attack power, defense power, speed, with every kind of buff and debuff, and every option which is basically important for battle……Because it’s too troublesome to think about an equipment which can protect from something like before, I leave all of it to sensei.


Sensei, please show me your craftsmanship.

[I recommend you T.A.M.S D-Model. Do you want to order it?]

Yes! I want!

Aah, big cardboard after so long.

And many bubble wrap.











Fuu, I enjoy something which I can’t feel in the previous era.


Sensei, please the specification of D-Model.

[The previous T.A.M.S reflects back attacks from the outside using its armor and elasticity. D-Model is loaded with space distortion system for that. By distorting the space, it evades attacks and make it as if it slides on the suit’s surface. And, as a subsystem, it’s loaded with a Stasis Field called as Acceleration System which can stop and accelerate the flow of time. And to cope with the weakness of the previous model, that is simple substance attack system, it’s cladded with expansion-type field…….]

Sensei, please explain the specification of D-Model like game explanation.

[170,000 HP output. Equipped with dimension distortion circuit, imaginary number axis detour armor, time stop field, self-time acceleration device, molecule binding destroyer fist, and space cutter sword. And the system is almost the same as the previous version.]

So it means, T.A.M.S-kun is enchanted with space-time attribute, huh……

Yeah, I became too strong. Space-time attribute is cheat, right? But, it’s a war, so it’s not.

Your opponent fights with sword and spear, but I got M1 Abrams, they will be run over, you know?

[TLnote: a type of tank]

There’s no rule in the kingdom of the wild. The unwritten law, ‘Power is justice’ is the only rule.

Human rights? Equality? Fairness? If you want, just win over it with your power.




Well then, if this was a manga, it will be when it becomes exciting because the start of martial art tournament.

I will meet everyone who is stronger than me!

Martial art tournament, start.

On the first day, I win.

On the second day, I win.

On the third day, I win.

On the fourth day, I win.

On the fifth day, I win and become the champion.

Fuhahahahaha, I will teach you all, the difference of equipment is a thing which decide the difference in war potential!!

Well, no way a normal person can win over someone who lives within the world where the time flows 30 times faster and having 170,000 HP.

And so I took the Adamandight back!!


It’s all your fault, Arthur, because you betrayed my trust!!



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