Chapter 10: Slave Trade

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As a result, Frank Empire have collapsed.

Because all their vassal states have declared their independence, it became Frank Kingdom.

If one doesn’t have any vassal state, they’re a kingdom, huh.

As a result, many princesses and princes argue about who’s the legitimate successor and many people around Frank Empire who hate the empire’s lineage started an uprising, and also, many of the former vassal countries declared war on them.

Really, that empire is established because of that one monster, huh.

How scary, how scary, Arthur-kun who killed that monster is really a frightening being.


After that decisive battle which happened at Caen, Highland Kingdom army came back to their country immediately.

Fire on the opposite shore, in order to look at the distant shore, Strait of Dover, in flames.

Watching a scene of fire should be from a distance.  I said “Ahahahaha, I really like it” to everyone with a smile.

Then, since I only lent the Adamandight equipment, not giving it, so everyone returns them reluctantly.

There’s also a negotiation on buying it, but I only answer with the price is a mountain of gold, so one day, after their treasury is filled to the brim, they might come and buy it.

By the way, the gold produced in the ancient times would only fill a 50m Olympic pool.

For the old men who want to obtain Adamandight, good luck on saving your money, okay?

Within the Highland Kingdom, having Pendragon title comes in handy. Most negotiations can be easily settled.

If we consider myself as someone who came from a distant land.

From my hometown with [NTR-gou] is only seven hours away.

It’s a distance which a soup would have cooled down, so it’s really a faraway place.


But well, a prince who lost his rights to the throne is someone who can search a new job quickly, right?

But I can only become a Dragon Knight though.

At least, I’m not jobless, right? Right!?

Look, in games there are things called as Job right? Dragon Knight! Yes, I’m a Dragon Knight!! And my dragon partner is [NTR-gou].

……….Feels like Final Fantasy 4 which is hopeless at many things though.

[Just by riding a dragon, Karl-sama can’t be called a knight, thus [Dragon Rider] would be more appropriate.]

Ah right, I’m not a knight.

Yes, I am…… A Slave Trader!!

Guhehehehe, in turbulent times the slaves’ supply and demand would rise, right?


As for Grosse Kingdom, they suddenly declared a war against Frank Kingdom.

Since Grosse Kingdom is only tied to non-aggression pact with Frank Empire, there’s no non-aggression pact with Frank Kingdom. That kind of thing.

Led by Leonhart-niisama, no, it’s led by the man whose job should be sitting on the throne, the bald majesty Wilhelm himself. Crossing Rhine River to Bern from south to west, marching to Geneva’s district.

Capturing the former Frank Empire army at Geneva, and somehow, without them realizing it, the west wall of Bern which wasn’t restored yet was completely destroyed, without any time to establish a line of defense, in ten days they felled cities from Bern until Geneva.

And, Grosse Kingdom didn’t take over the territory of liberated West Habsburg, they re-established West Habsburg Kingdom with a new king.

Currently, the country claiming to be Habsburg Kingdom is debating whether they should revert back to East Habsburg Kingdom or leave it as is.

Father, no, it’s just a dude with no relation to me. That baldy didn’t do anything decent, huh. By the way, the current king of West Habsburg Kingdom is the first fortress commander of that nostalgic first checkpoint, Sir Laurin.

Once, walked side by side with the first prince, Leonhart, and once fought the black mantises fiercely, a great hero of West Habsburg Kingdom.

So he has entered royal lineage, huh.

Eeh, even if I said he entered, but actually he will be entering, he will!! (No objection)



Unfortunately, many people on the east of Bern died due to the great march of black mantises.

And, the people on the west of Bern took refuge to Geneva.

In the first place, the people on the west of Bern have taken refuge from black mantises already, so they’re not killed by the mantises and lived their life peacefully as a farmer or production worker.

So it means, to take advantage of that, we need slaves, so under the jurisdiction of Frank Empire, they’re made to work as slaves in villages and towns.

How pitiful. Really pitiful.

For the subordinates of the kind Hiruhiru to be in deficit.



However, it’s different for the people who engaged in production industry.

As a serf, they’re transferred by wagon from west to east inside Frank Empire. You have my sympathy as a friend who suffered the same thing.

64 % of Frank’s territory is plains, so no matter how many serfs there, they won’t run out of land to till.

In this world, not working in production industry is equal to being a soldier, so they do it happily with hoe in their hand.

Healthy slaves sounds charming, so let’s buy them.

So relying on Sensei’s guidance, I intruded upon the houses of the guys who bought a large amount of farmers.


“The serfs you bought, I want to buy them at 70 % of their original price. So please sell it to me.”

By sensei’s power, I know how much they bought it already.

“70 %? Don’t be silly, brat. If you want to buy it, buy it twice, no, three times the price.”

I wonder why? Most of them said the same line like this.

Is this because being an 11 years old is bad?

It can’t be helped, I make [NTR-gou] show himself in front of the mansion!!

“Since you admitted your slave trading, you won’t have any problem if I turned you and your whole family as slaves from now on, right?”

Economy is a mysterious thing. Even though I said 70 %, he gave them for free.

There’s so many mysterious thing in this world.

And sometimes, there are some that said, “Please take me along too!!” too, so I only bought them after I check whether they’re a criminal or not using Sensei’s record search.

Mysteriously, I bought them for free too, I wonder what do slave masters do in their business?

I think Dumping is no good.

[TL Note: Dumping]

Even though I will really buy them for 70 % of their original price, I think it’s no good to destroy the fundamentals of slave trade, right?

Well, I said 70 % because they’re used goods. It’s an appropriate decision, right?


“My master, Karl. Lately, you haven’t slept at all, right?”

“I have a medicine which has the same effect as taking a sleep for 8 hours. So I’m okay, you know?”

“Well then, okay……”

[NTR-gou]’s worry is right, but the tablet I ordered really have that effect, so it’s really no problem. But it’s a secret♪



Thus, I visited many places such as farms, coal mines, brothels, fortresses, noble’s mansions, slave army corps, etc etc.

Man, Dragon gunboat negotiations is really great.

Timing is important, lately I have grown up to the extent of making my appearance mentally and physically prepared.

First, an 11 years old kid is being underestimated, then a scary dragon makes its appearance, and when their mind is blank, I will force them to agree to my overwhelming advantageous conditions (Free).

A perfect business.

Name: Niko Niko Yakuza Business.

Once in a while, I make [NTR-gou] breathe fire art performance as a welcome, and we even got offered gold and silver coins.

Man, welcoming is important. Because it will loosen their pocket. It makes me remember about my previous life.

Everyone is really generous, huh. I managed to collect a lot of gold and silver coins, and even jewels.


Slave trade is really a promising business.

It can’t be stopped and won’t stop.

Come to think of it, lately, maybe due to his age, [NTR-gou] often drops the slaves I have bought around Geneva.

Really, growing old is a scary thing. I must train my brain too.

Even so, a period of turmoil when you can’t even mourn when you want to is really convenient, right?




“Fuuh, angler angler……”

Thus, I have done all my jobs, so I’m fishing at the lake shore.

The result of slave trading, comparing to their population before the invasion of Frank Empire army, 83.7 % have returned to West Habsburg.

There’s a few people unrelated to West Habsburg, but I think they will come back to their home when they want to.

Man, a big catch, a big catch. If above 80 % of population have come back, it will be enough for them to become a country again.

At this rate, I want my fishing to be prosperous too, but hasn’t Merlin grandpa started to fish besides me?

Fufufu, you’re Merlin, right?

Do you think you can win over me at this lake?

I will take you on, fuhahahahaha!!


“That lifestyle, isn’t it hard?”

“It’s not the lifestyle, but the world itself is hard.”

“I see……”

The silence continues for a while.

Well, fishing is something like this though.

“You won’t cry?”

“Because I’m a man.”


And once again, the silence continues.

In order to prevent the fish from escaping, be quiet and just watching the string is important.

“Why the long face?”

“Because I killed people”

“I see……”

The fish will escape if I talk, so I want it to be quiet though.

The elderly is noisy, I can’t bear it.

“Why does your fishing pole have no string?”

“Because I don’t want to hurt the fish. But, I will enjoy it as dinner, you know?”

“I see……”


Even though I promised to enjoy the dinner, I wonder why this country’s cooking isn’t delicious at all. For real.


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  2. for real. A fishing pole without string its like a stupid personality with a genius mind. furthermore he did not kill a person he murder one. and that person are hiruhiru father who will become his father in law.


  3. hah….it’s a true mourning time huh….

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  4. it’s so dark around this time huh…
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