Chapter 1: The Hasty Princess General

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Well, even if you tell me this and that, I’m still the third prince of Grosse Kingdom, must I care about what would happen between Frank Empire and Vatican City State?

Cold? Isn’t that obvious? Because I’m a royal family.

Royal family isn’t not a hero nor savior.

We are our “people”’s ally.

Well rather than thinking about that, I must think about the approaching threat in front, no, there’s also one approaching from behind too.



Surrounded from the front and back, and I use the power of Gooogle-sensei because I have already lost the place to escape, and I requested to escape to the past world using in-brain internet.

After I finished giving order to Charlotte at Konstanz, and when I wanted to fly back to Geneva along with Princess Maria, Charlotte denied this physically.

And suddenly the clear blue sky became a swirling storm full of thundercloud, making [NTR-gou] incapable of taking off.

I don’t know whether is it <Nature> or <Universe> divine protection that did the job, but for you to grew up as a terrifyingly naughty little sister, makes happy tears came out from Nii-chan.

Well after many things happened, to get the permission to take off from the aviation controller, Charlotte-sama, the three of us fly together happily(?) using [NTR-gou]. With this, Grosse Kingdom was left stark naked, but it’s okay, because our father is still there. I think.

However, if I write it like “男女男” it can be read as “Naburu” which means teasing.

But if I write it like ‘女男女’, how do I read it?

[It’s read as “Uwanari”. It’s a kabuki terminology that expresses about a man involved in the fight between two women because of their jealousy, and Karl-sama current condition is exactly like that.]

Thank you for your detailed explanation, Sensei is really reliable.

[Thank you.]

Even though I praised you, I wasn’t!

Well, in aerodynamics, why can [NTR-gou] is able to fly, it’s a mystery.

Because of his aviation has a magic-like property, we didn’t feel any wind even though we don’t prepare anything like shield to resist wind.

Because it will be troublesome if the wind crumble my hair that I have styled with much trouble.

Around an hour and a half later, I was surrounded by girls, it was a sweet~ harem flight.

From my front and back, I received sweet whispering, pestering, and black flames from their exchange, my MP is already zero, you know?

People will die if their HP goes zero, but if it is their MP, they won’t. Life is……cruel.

“Nii-chan, please hug me more firmly? It will be terrible if I fall.”

Nii-chan hugs Charlotte firmly. And after that, Charlotte and Nii-chan’s body get very close.

Aah, so soft, so warm, so happy.

“Karl-sama, can I cling on you more tightly? It will be terrible if I fall……”

From the back, Princess Maria’s hand hug me in abdomen, trying to wedge herself between Charlotte and me, and after that she pulls me to the back.

Plainly, giving pressure to my solar plexus, so painful.

“Nii-chan’s hand, so warm♪”

Charlotte seizes nii-chan’s left hand with her right hand firmly, and with her left hand, she seizes nii-chan’s right hand, and forcibly, sisteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer crossssssssssssss!!

[TL Note: like, forcing people to cross his arms, hugging her]

My right arm to the below left, and my left arm to the below right, and making my shoulder as the center, she forcibly pulled my body to the front like that.

“The back of Karl-sama, so warm……”

The light of mana dwell on Princess Maria’s body, pulling my body to the back.

Aah, when you want to backdrop someone, did they throw them from navel? How skillful you areeeeeee!!

Q: My shoulders went to the front, and my stomach went to the back, what is this?

A: The me before being torn apart.

Bear it! Please bear it, my friend, T.A.M.S <Tactical Armored Muscle Suit>, I can only rely on you!!

And, among the customers, Ōoka-sama, is Ōoka Echizen-sama there?


Too bad, there’s no southern magistrate among the passengers.

[TLNote: some reference about Ōoka Echizen, a very old TV drama, not sure about the specifics tho]

But comes an unexpected helping hand from somewhere.

If there is action, there is also reaction, right?

The law of physics is great.

“My master Karl-dono, and his wives. Please don’t move too rigorously on my body, it’s troubling me. Can you all pass this sightseeing flight friendlier?

It was stopped by my favorite dragon, [NTR-gou].

If something with even 140,000 HP can’t withstand what happened in his own back, it will be very tiresome, right?

Just by word ‘wives’ are they feeling better or what, the endless Ooka’s judgement from my front and back ends, saving my life.

Thank you, [NTR-gou].

As expected of someone who had divorced once, very well-informed.

Can I call you aniki?

Well, after many things happened, I swear with my heart I will rename [NTR-gou], the savior of my life with a new name full of honour.

Then, our troupe arrives at West Habsburg royal capital, Geneva.

While gazing at the sky, I feel some dangerous presence from capital Geneva.

Well, compare to something that happened from my front and back, it looks so peaceful though.

Because of that, hurriedly, to the royal palace. So I make Charlotte and Princess Maria to descend quickly.

“Karl-sama, the sky stroll, it was like a dream……Next time, take me along again, okay?”

“Nii-chan, you understand, right? There’s no next time, okay?”

And then, the two beautiful princesses staring at each other. No, two animals. No, two heads. Tiger & Dragon & Dragon (NTR-gou).

Princess Maria made a gesture of pointing with her chin.

Not losing to her at all, Charlotte smiles as if she ridicules her.

Ah, this smile, my first time.

Sensei, please save this scene.

[Certainly, *click*!]

The meaning of their gesture, even without using sensei’s translation service, I can understand it.

If one is a Japanese boy, surely he will understand, that gesture.

Princess Maria “want to settle this outside of the castle?

Charlotte “Ooh? You got some nice guts…… don’t you dare regret your words, okay?”

For the time being, please avoid any visible parts such as the face, I beg you.

……Charlotte, please, don’t be too “friendly” okay?

Well, after wasting my time idling like this, let’s pick up the pace.

At the west gate of capital Geneva, a troop that shouldn’t be here, the troop from Frank empire army is advancing to the gate.

This is bad, I hurried myself to the west gate.

And when I arrived in front of the gate, a beautiful princess general raged with the Frank Empire army as the background.

“I have said to open the gate! Are your ears only a decoration?”

Nah, our Charlotte-san is tomboyish too, but this girl is also quite tomboyish.

For the soldier or commander who only guards the gate, they can’t deal with the Frank Empire army as their opponent, so they cried. Crying man, no, that’s not.

Let’s make this more confusing before that cynical His Majesty Maximilian come to deal with them.

Fufufu, I want to see that suffering face more.

I don’t know whether they are my enemy or ally, I don’t know what’s name for this kind of relation.

Hahaha, so what is it?

[I think this relation is like a relation between bad companions.]

Please don’t say it literally. It’s too boorish, sensei.

[My apologies]

Really, sensei is boorish.

So, I, the flat faced baron, landed in front of that cocky princess from the castle gate, who looks so well with armor and helmet.

My friend, T.A.M.S. You are really reliable at times like this. It’s about 10m in height, right?

“Good morning, Ojou-san. What an excellent weather today!”

“It’s so cloudy though? Are you blind?”

That’s right, to cope up with water shortage, I made Charlotte to summon rain clouds.

Below the cloudy sky, the flat faced baron has just missed his first step.

However, the baron didn’t give up because of something like that, he is not that weak.

Because I have attained the heart of steel from many up and downs that have ever happened to me!!

“My name is Karl Gustav von Grosse. Please just call me Karl.”

And I ended it with smile.

Smile is the ultimate weapon for making the world peaceful.

“I don’t ask you that!! Rather than that, just open the gate already!! The enemy forces is approaching in this very moment, you know!!”

Aah, she misunderstood it.

The difference of information gives birth to many things.

She didn’t know that the black mantises have died.

At least, stay attentive for now, because I will give an explanation slowly.

“Well, the enemy you are thinking right now have been exterminated already. We are already at peace right now. Although I think you are very tired after your long journey, please do not intrude upon the currently peaceful city dressed like that, it could cause troubles after all.”

This peace can be retained after sacrificing the black mantises.

Certainly, I won’t ruin it.

“Are you an idiot? When I heard that over 2 million super hard carapace-type with sword arms are closing to our vassal state, we came here hurriedly without making any preparation, you know!! Or possibly, are you implying that’s only a misinformation!?

Well, certainly, she won’t believe it just like that, right?

Because the perpetrators who have done that unbelievable thing is my cheat brothers.

I don’t do any bad things. In general, the bad one is Leonhart-niisama. Or so I conclude it like that.

“No, certainly over 2 million of them…… precisely over 2.6 million of super hard carapace-type with sword arms attacked West Habsburg Kingdom, but at that time, the goodwill ambassador of Grosse Kingdom came bringing a letter, and the ambassador and the troops defeated all of super hard carapace-type with sword arms. Because they are disturbing us in the middle of the journey.”

I say the truth with a smile.

It’s completely the truth. Supposedly.

“Okay okay…… you are just ridiculing me, die!!”

Lowering her tone, certainly anger and killing intent were included in that voice, so I was blown up with a giant fireball, throwing me to the castle wall. It’s so painful, fuu, looks like it’s only ended up with a critical injury.

However, I don’t think for it to be that strong.

Thank you, T.A.M.S. You are my only friend……And maybe love and bravery too?

You want to eat my face? Eh? You don’t want because I’m ugly? How cruel you are, then just starve to death!!

And I pass my time with that kind of smart exchange, after that I lost my consciousness.


“Unknown ceiling……”

For the time being, after I wake up, I mutter something I must mutter.

At the moment I saw Frank Empire army’s princess general, I know she is flustering, losing the normal decision making power.

Within her mind, she thought West Habsburg will disappear at any moment, so she was just thinking about how to cope with this situation as fast as possible.

This is the right decision if we are at war time right now, but unfortunately we are at peace right now, so it’s just a wrong decision.

So, I face her while taking that slippery provocative attitude.

In the midst of war, if one of the vassal state’s soldier took an attitude like that, it’s obvious for the suzerain state’s general to be raged like that.

And even though the princess general is naive, she will be angry, and normally it’s a magic that can make someone die when hit, but due to the great efforts of T.A.M.S, I’m still alive. Noo, hard times, hard times. Really, I thought I’m gonna die.

Well, violence against another country’s royal family, and when it was done to extent that capable of killing them, what will happen to the diplomatic relation between the two countries? Yes, checkmate from the first move. And ‘Tsumi’ in shogi. And in reversi…… 4 corner stolen?

[TL: a term from shogi, it means checkmate]

So, I endangered my life in exchange of getting a checkmate in the first move.

Although from the calculation in my brain, it should be safer, well, negligence and carelessness is a taboo, huh.

Nevertheless, from the calculation, they should arrive in about 10 days from today, but it looks like miscalculation existed in everything, huh.

How unusual, for sensei to miscalculate.

[It’s not a mistake from my calculation, it’s just an error because of the parameter Karl-sama inputted is wrong. Karl-sama’s impression is wrong so I correct it.]

The calculation is right!

Bug was caused because the programmer made a mistake!!

Yeah yeah, that’s right, that’s my bad!!

Now then, while currying sensei’s favour, let’s check my current condition.

“How long did I lose my consciousness?”

[About one hour. And the current time is 1:03 p.m.]

Well it’s a bit too fast for someone who have just been healed from a serious injury, but let’s assume it as an okay.

Because T.A.M.S-kun was too revved up, I was healed too much.

To make me look like being in pain, let’s break one of my arms.

Yeah, just one, I will break!! It hurts!!

[Should I break it for you?]

Please don’t do it more than this. I hate painful thing.

However, I don’t know the reason why the face of every Frank Empire’s reinforcement is so tense like that even though they came this late.

And if I add it even further, the current Geneva is protected by big breasted Louise-neesama’s barrier, so anything that may harm West Habsburg Kingdom shouldn’t be able to enter. Perhaps, the barrier have been destroyed with some kind of method?

So, let’s ask it directly.

Then, from now we will start the fun interrogation time.

Is he waiting for me until I go out from my room after I wake up or what, His Majesty Maximilian-kun is waiting and saying something, but looks like he tries to completely ignore me, the victim. How convenient, for someone who can’t be charged for lese majeste.

Because a soldier of Frank Empire army injured a prince from Grosse Kingdom, so this is a problem between Grosse Kingdom and Frank Empire.

Absolutely, I won’t stay quiet.

Like I will let something this delicious to escape from me.

And like that, I arrive at the torture room, or you could say, VIP room, and the hooligan princess general-sama is already waiting there.

Behind princess general-sama is a cocky soldier from Frank Empire who wears a sword standing as her bodyguard, indicating she’s quite high in position.

The higher the position of my prey, make things more exciting, I wonder why?

“So, princess general-sama, what did you come here for at this time?”

By chance, she is the one who shot magic attack to me with killing intent.

And that magic attack is completely based on misunderstanding.

Maybe after looking at the peaceful Geneva city, she understood the current condition completely, the face of princess general-sama is full of sweat that flows as if it’s a waterfall.

Maybe she’s not surprised seeing me uninjured like this because Healing magic exists, but I think it feels so good to question someone that have shot magic attack to you with killing intent.

Looks like princess general-sama is quite high in position among Frank Empire army, it means she is a sheltered girl, so she’s not used to this kind of sticky unexpected situation like this.

Fufufu, you, the inexperienced one, let me touch that maiden soft heart, *slurp*, guhehehehe.

“I-I run here to fulfill our obligation as the suzerain state of West Habsburg Kingdom with no preparation!! I just shot you with a magic attack a bit…… lightly……, so please forgive this unforeseen accident!!”

What a forceful diplomatic negotiation.

Okay, I will let you be my opponent.

However, even she come without preparation, it took 2 months, what the hell is she doing at that times?

“I won’t f-o-r-g-i-v-e you!! Not only you precisely emitted killing intent to me, you even insulted me as an ignorant ordinary person, right? I receive impoliteness after another, you know? Do I look ordinary to you?”

The power of that magic attack, if T.A.M.S isn’t by my side, I will certainly die, and even if I’m lucky, I still need the help of big breasted Louise-neesama because it’s a critical wound.

“……E-even though you look ordinary……”

Princess General-sama muttered that softly.

Yeah, your eyes is right! Really right!! Very very right!! You’re so right, that I want to cry!!

“How about you say that louder? To let this ordinary person be able to hear that.”

Aah, this princess general-sama resembles someone. She resembles the ochre kitten.

Living with wild intuition and power, she is that type of people.

“I-it was an accident! I have apologized many times since before, right!? Please forgive me with that!!”

“I’m saying I won’t! I should have said my name before! Do you not remember it?”

Princess General-sama tilts her head and thinks for a while.

Looks like she didn’t even remember it.

Did she just forget this flat faced baron’s name!? She forgot the name of mine who have this unique and flat face!!

“No, nou. Your, name……what is it?”

“Then I will introduce myself once more. My name is Karl Gustav von Grosse. The 3rd prince of Grosse kingdom.”

Ooh, the waterfall of sweat increased even more.

Niaa~gara, quite a beautiful spectacle.

The appearance of a beautiful princess covered in sweat is quite tempting.

Even though this isn’t a situation to feel sex appeal at all.

“O-Oh. You were the royal family of Grosse Kingdom. It’s….. great for you to be alive!

“Yes, even though a r-o-y-a-l f-a-m-i-l-y was dying before, it’s great for him to be alive. Because of that, I can talk to you at ease.”

I smile with a royal family smile.

Even though it doesn’t have any effect to make someone fall in love, it still can intimidate…… right?

Well, let’s start our serious diplomacy soon.

“Then, back to the talk. By the way, we called that super hard carapace-type with sword arms as black mantis. That black mantis started an outbreak in a country under your country’s protection and they had predated half of the population from Liechtenstein and Zurich until Bern’s outskirts, when they wanted to eat the other half of the population, your country made a blockade around the border, obstructing the evacuation of the other half of the population, and around 2 months before, we had requested reinforcement and you just arrived now, what are you trying to do at this time?”

“Like I said, we came to reinforce you!!”

Like I said, that kind of excuse is no good.

“Blockading the border, and arriving 2 months later than the reinforcement request as if you have already calculated that will be just exactly around the time when Geneva royal capital would be in ruins after being trampled by black mantises, or so I’ve been trying to say. But I will make it easier for you to be able to understand, and say it clearly. I think of you as an enemy of this country. Because invading a vassal country that have pledged loyalty to your country will worsen your country’s reputation to your other vassal countries. And with this, Frank Empire can claim the land that have been destroyed by black mantises happily as annexing the land, not invading the land. That’s why we recognize you as an army corps that is sent here, not a reinforcement.”

Like I guessed, after I said those words, the guards behind me starts to emit killing intent to me.

However, I, with a face full of composure, glare at him as if I ridicule him.

I won’t break the royal family smile! My heart throbs so hard.

Y-You all, didn’t want to fight with G-Grosse royal family…….right?

M-My b-brothers won’t stay quiet you know! Because my brothers is good at sword and bow!!

“……is that, for real?”

Towards princess general-sama’s question, not me, but towards someone behind me.

That guard commander face that looks like a knight, start to open his mouth heavily.

“Yeah, for real”

“Oh. That’s why the organizing of our troops is that slow, and moreover our march is slow too, and that’s why there’s so few refugees we met in the middle of our journey. So it’s just a plan to steal the land of a vassal state after they were destroyed from a long battle……Certainly, we are your enemy. If I was beheaded right in this place, I won’t have any excuse. Even though I feel irritated because our march isn’t advancing at all and ran to this place alone hastily, I don’t know…… for this plan to be this corrupted.”

Ooh, only knowing she came as a reinforcement for West Habsburg Kingdom, she came with her righteous anger, she is just a hasty princess general-sama, huh.

I thought she resembled the ochre kitten, so let’s revoke that title.

Even though their frankness is same, her IQ is around 3 times bigger than him, so let’s give golden kitten title to her.

“Then, I want you to think about this as a commander and answer my question. Right now, in front of the troops that came as reinforcements is the West Habsburg Kingdom that have luckily survived, I wonder, do you want to change it from reinforcement to invasion?”

“I will…..not, is what I want to say. But it’s too embarrassing……”

She sighs in resignation with a cloudy face.

Maybe she is good in nature.

“Because the northern island country are in battle with Highland Kingdom, he lost the land that should be rewarded to the lords, and when he wanted to demand a land from a vassal country, luckily the insects have just started an outbreak, so he let the insects to do the job, and for getting the empty land, he even blockaded every refugee, letting them die. Actually, it’s a very great plan. Can you tell me the name of the person who thought up that plan? By all means please, for future reference”

After that I smiled. I wonder why I smile naturally like that.

Was I like this from the start?

“…………My father. The emperor of Frank Empire, Charlemagne. In Grosse Kingdom he would be called……Karl der Grosse.”

[TLNote: or translated from German, Karl the Great]

“It is quite a familiar name. Your Highness.”

Charlemagne, alias the Great Emperor Karl.

As one would expect, he’s not a person from the old world though.

However, is it only Karl with bad attitude that exists in this world?

Even though Uncle Karl the farmer is so nice. Perhaps, this one is a cunning person?

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