Q1: Prologue [Goodbye past world. Hello new world.]




Reincarnation is here! 

Another world is here!

  Cheat is here!

  Peerless is here!

  Carnivorous harem is here!

  I also have a period when I thought of that.


  On the first half of my thirties, I got heart attack due arteriosclerosis, so I died suddenly.

  I’m sorry to my mother, who always nagged me like, ”You’re so overweight so go diet!”.

  Although I’m sad because I was dead at such young age, It’s my fault for not stopping myself from eating fatty food.

  I’m an idiot.

  I should have eaten my vegetables properly without being picky, I should have done detox, diet, and paid attention to my BMI too.

  Although my parents should be sad and heart-broken because I left them, I will pray for my brothers to support them.

  I’m truly sorry.

  And I can only pray for my little brother to follow the gentlemen’s agreement we made regarding my hard disk that contains all kinds of dream and fruit.

  Goodbye past world. Hello new world.


  Then, setting aside the pessimistic talk about my past world, I think I will change to the positive talk about this world.


Please answer the question below.

  Q : Do you know about the method for making nitroglycerin?

  A : No.

  Q : Have you learned any innovative farming method that can be put into practise?

  A : No.

  Q : Have you memorized the manufacturing process of transparent glass and glassy      metal?

  A : No.

  Q : Do you know the ingredients that must be used in the process of making carbon steel and do you have any ability to identify raw materials like Chrome,Titanium,etc?

  A : No.

  Q : You……

  A : No!No!No!


  I can operate Excel, Word, Powerpoint,etc due to the nature of my job, and after that I have a normal driving license.

  Ah, my license is a Mission, so I can drive the company old car too.

  Shit, my modern knowledge can’t be useful.

  No, I only have the modern knowledge that can be useful in modern era.

  If I was born as a farmer, I will be peerless in agriculture, but it can’t be helped, currently I don’t have any of those.

  Things like the harvest rate for potato is higher compared to wheat, or there’s a risk of crop failure after multiple harvest, even if I have that kind of Manga-level knowledge, there will be a very very high obstacle for me to put it into practise.

  In the first place, I must find the potatoes first. It was an [If] story in another world.

  Become peerless with modern knowledge? Impossible. Using incomplete knowledge is the source of injuries.

  The art of war? I only remember a saying such as “Know your enemy, know thyself, and you shall not fear a hundred battles”.

  And, I proooperly know about my powerlessness.


  However, I was reborn as the third son of royalty as a cheat occupation.

  Furthermore, both of my older brothers and one of my older sister are real cheaters who hold multiple Special Grade <Divine Protection>s.

  Looks like <Divine Protection> is the so-called magic affinity, and furthermore by its strength there’s a grade from Grade 5 until Grade 1, and for out-of-standard grade is Special Grade. So there’s 6 Grade for representing unparalleled ability.


  The holder of Special Grade Divine Protection <Sword> is my 20 years old eldest brother, Leonhart Friedrich von Grosse’s sword skill is amazing, and something like literally smashing mountains or splitting sea wouldn’t end as a joke. It’s very exhilarating for him to cut apart clouds in the skies into small pieces with just practice swinging everyday. Leo-niisama also holds <War>, <Power>, and <Sun>Divine Protection and all of it are a Special Grade too, and like his second name [Golden Lion], he has a blond hair enough to overshadow everyone, he is an ikemen cheater.

  I mean, lion isn’t a small fry.


The holder of Special Grade Divine Protection <Bow> is my 18 years old second elder brother, Siegfried Louis von Grosse’s bow will certainly hit the target, a plain-looking cheat, but even with shooting a single arrow to the sky, even if the target was more than several tens of thousands, the arrow will split and will certainly hit all their head or heart, so I was worried what will happen to the laws of mass conservation. If he shot 1 gold arrow, the gold will be ten-thousand-fold right? And there’s another two, that are Special Grade Divine Protection <Moon> and <Shadow>, and he is an ikemen cheater with silver hair that holds the second name <Holy Arrow of Moonlight>.

  Rough and yet gallant Leo-niisama, and the intelligent cool Sieg-niisama are 2 big leaders that make all the girls in the castle town to be noisy.


  And my 15 years old eldest sister, Louise von Grosse is the flower all males in the imperial court yearn for.

  Naturally easygoing, but occasionally can’t hold her mischievous heart, Louise-neesama also holds multiple Special Grade Divine Protection. If she holds <Spear> on her hand, she can pierce through steel as if piercing a tofu, and as a result she opened a big hole on the castle walls. And there’s another one Special Grade Divine Protection <Barrier Life> as her second Divine Protection. That beautiful golden thread-like hair, and she is a big-breasted older sister that the big-breast lover I love. It’s important, so I’ll say it many times. It’s big breasts. She is a big-breasted older sister that gave me a special right as little brother to touch them to satisfy myself. She’s only 15 years old and yet she is a big-breasted sister!! Rather isn’t it already fine for <Big Breast> set as Divine Protection !?

  Until now all of my big brothers and sister are monsters, rather than that it was a set of heroic figures, so I, the third son, Karl Gustav von Grosse, even if I’m expecting it or not, the chance for me to get divine protection is probably high. Among the Grosse royalty, I have unusually black hair, black eye, and a flat face with a shallow engraving, that totally matches the atmosphere of lightly shoyu-flavored soba or udon. Huh? Where have my western genetics gone?

  My twin sister which means the second daughter, Charlotte von Grosse was 10 years old as the same as me, she is a beauty that combines silver hair with a very white skin and a noble purple eyes that you might mistake her as a moon goddess, but why?

  Although my surroundings is medieval-like fantasy world, why do I have a default Japanese appearance?


  Yep, I had a bad feeling.

  Reincarnation is here!

  Another world is here!

  Cheat is here!

  Peerless is here!

  Carnivorous harem is here!

  I also have a period when I thought of that.



19 thoughts on “Q1: Prologue [Goodbye past world. Hello new world.]

  1. Thanks a lot, you really are fast (I saw a post about this novel on Novelupdate like 1/2 days ago), i hope the next chapter get done (if u do this serie) fast 🙂
    (I will bookmark ur website ^^ )


    • i think kekel found it by himself on syosetu though, AFAIK he doesnt use novelupdates. i only knew about that thread on novelupdates forums just few hours ago while i searched “gooogle” on google.

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  2. Thanks for the chapter and the google is most likely gonna be just like doctor who’s phone call home or view the internet on it from anywhere in space and time. Sorry if it is double posted tried to post it before in different browser but it fid not work at least i think so becouse i do not see it here in either browser.

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  3. That doesn’t make sense…
    Where the heck did he get the oriental genes in a supposedly caucasian family?
    Or is it that he get the worse gene traits available that formed something similar to a japanese face?
    The poor thing…
    Thanks for the chappie!


  4. / ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ \
    |  Thanks!!!! Nepu!!!! |
    \_____ ___/
    ぶお~ん( ⊃┳⊃
       ( ( ・ω・)

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