Extra Chapter: Help! Gooogle-sensei!!

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To protect myself from the human torpedo, I added 3-layered shock resistance armor as an option part in my T.A.M.S <Tactical Armored Muscle Suit>, but she still penetrate that armor!?

Looks like I’m a bit carried away.

With [NTR-gou]’s 200 km/h speed and a little over one hour, we can reach Konstanz from Geneva.

Then, Charlotte is at Konstanz, and just a minute ago I ordered him to land.

Along with Princess Maria.

Bringing another country’s princess cross over the border, I wonder what will happen, if you say it’s too late, yeah it’s too late.

Rather than that, for Sieg-niisama to be able to run place to place from nee-san’s love, what kind of power his body has is a mystery.

Putting that aside, in this occasion, Charlotte’s bear hug assaults me, and the vibrating movement of her forehead is gouging my breastbone, only the words death can be seen in my eyes. Shit, big-breasted Louise-neesama isn’t here!!

“Nii-chan……will die……Nii-chan……will die”

Even though I inform her using a red alert, that is the blood which I vomit, there’s no sign of Charlotte stopping her pursuit attack.

This time, it’s different from her usual affectionate face……is this……jealousy!?

“If you are too jealous, you will be hated by Karl-sama, you know?”

With that word, I was released from the bear hug.

Thank you, Princess Maria.

“Niichan. That woman. Who?”

Please stop pointing at a person using your index finger.

And please stop that angry gaze too, please.

“This person is the princess of West Habsburg kingdom, Princess Maria. And also Charlotte, can you be a bit more elegant……”

“I have spent a night together with Karl-sama, our relation is that much”


Wait! She is right but it’s a misunderstanding!!

“Charlotte-san, please calm down and hear me out. Nii-chan certainly slept with her together for one night, but our relation isn’t to the extent of relation between man and woman……”

“Even though you wouldn’t release me at that night, how could you say it like that……”

Aah, the convenient tear glands!

Is your tear glands a tap or something!?


Charlotte-san, I can’t see your grace as a member of royal family at all, you know?

Kuu, if I lose at planning, what should I do?

But this time, I should have learned it from war!!

“Your nii-chan loves you, Charlotte!! Really loves you!! You can even say that I love you in that meaning!! Charlotte, you are cute!! Charlotte, you are beautiful!! No, your nii-chan is so happy having Charlotte as his little sister!!”

If I lose using tactic, it’s okay to win using power.

What a splendid breakthrough.

My eternal rival, black mantises, because I fought you to the death, I grew up.

“Muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, nii-chan!! There’s no next okay!!”

Does it mean I will be [killed] next?

“Karl-sama really likes his little sister, huh. Well maybe in the future, I will get along with her really well as my sister-in-law?”

Maria-san? I didn’t say that at all, you know?

That’s right, she says it’s just a possibility, how convenient. The possibilities are infinite.

“Mumumumumumu, that’s right, let’s get-a-long”

Why, why did it become like this?

And [NTR-gou], for rolling around laughing at me like that, prepare yourself.

“So, what is nii-chan trying to do by coming back to here? It’s not to introduce that woman, right?”

Charlotte naturally restrains my right arm and asked me that.

Yeah, it’s true I have some business in here, and for that I came back to this place.

And, please stop referring her as that woman. No, please stop it at once.

“Aah, the war with insect race have ended, so I want you to stop the weather control. Because if you continue that more than this, there will be water shortage here.”

“Oh, I understood. I will stop.”

Just like that she can stop the <Divine Protection>, huh.

Everything is possible, huh. <Divine Protection> is.

“Then, with this my business here is done, so let’s resume our stroll in the sky? Together.”

Princess Maria naturally restrains my left arm while smiling.


Charlotte, that face full of popping vein and that hoodlum-like voice aren’t quite good as a member of royal family, you know?

“Then, let’s go, Karl-sama”

My left arm is pulled.

“Nii-chan, you want to stay with me here a bit longer, right?”

And my right arm is pulled too.

Only a bad premonition that comes to mind!?

Princess Maria pulls my left arm while her body is shining because of mana.

Charlotte pulls my right arm using the power of <Divine Protection>.

Keep it going!! My friend, T.A.M.S!! 140,000 HP worth of power is within yoooooouuuuuu!!


Help! Gooogle-sensei!!

[It’s impossible. I don’t have any service to manage the relation between man and women.]


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  4. [It’s impossible. I don’t have any service to manage the relation between man and women.]

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  5. i think he meant more like: ‘give me something that will ensure my arms don’t get ripped off’ rather than ‘help me with my relationship problems”

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  6. actually isn’t there one like gooogle-sensei? it’s yaaahooo-shisho girls version… they haven’t met just yet… SOON


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