Last Chapter: I See, the World. And Then Time Starts to Move.

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When I came back to the bedroom assigned for me, there’s a beautiful girl wearing a very thin cloth that faintly shows her skin, sitting on my bed.

“I-I’m the daughter of King Maximilian, Maria! U-Uhm, I was ordered by my father, uhmm, even though it’s vulgar, please treat me well! I’m 12 years old!!”

My head hurts because of the headache.

“Princess Maria. My name is Karl Gustav von Grosse, the 3rd prince of Grosse royal family. First, can you cover that beautiful skin of yours? It’s a bit too stimulating for my eyes.”

Stripping off the bed sheet, I covered up the body of the girl with it gently.

And then, I sit beside her, brushing and combing her hair gently.

And at last, the sense of security overcomes her shyness, finally word starts to come out from her mouth.

“My father said this is to pay the debt, or return the debt, but Karl-sama, do you know anything about it?”

Paying of the debt by giving his daughter to hero who saves the country, and demand to return the debt of overlooking Leo-niisama’s mistake.

Maximilian, you! What a terrifying child!

“Yeah, generally. It means by offering the princess to the hero who saves the country, one part of the debt is payed. The so-called sacrifice. Princess Maria won’t like such duty, right?”

Kukuku, you will be hated by your own daughter because you offered her as a sacrifice.

Maximilian, serves you right.

“N-No….. If it is Karl-sama……”

As she said that, Princess Maria starts to blush.


“I, when those black insects were closing in to us, was on the top of the castle walls. I thought that my end had come. And when everyone that stood above the castle walls, from the soldiers to the civilians too, had their face colored in despair, only Karl-sama smiles while watching that. After that, the light arrows that were shot by Karl-sama, destroyed the insects one by one, really one by one. Then, a music starts to reverberate from the heaven as if honoring Karl-sama, coloring the world with rainbow. Karl-sama is my, no, this country’s hero. So if I become Karl-sama’s possession, it’s an honor for me……”

Q: Do I not know *omitted

A: I know *omitted

[TLNotes: This omitted line is about the overkill from Ch. 7]

For a girl that fell in love because of my Chiku beam to exist, and in addition that girl is a princess……

“Hahaha, it’s an honor for me too. But for a girl, rather than me, I think they would prefer prince Leonhart, my elder brother, right?”

Let’s push everything to the person who has an unchanging attractiveness.

“Uhm, I think it’s impolite of me to say this. But I can’t stand Leonhart-sama a bit. His looks is really beautiful, but as man I feel that he is a bit too loose……Ah, I’m sorry.  For saying some impolite things to Karl-sama’s elder brother.”

No no, your evaluation is totally right.

To the extent that I want you to say more.

Because there’s a woman that isn’t affected by ikemen correction in this world.

“Well, I don’t mind it. Certainly, my big brother does have that kind of part in him.”

“Karl-sama……you are so kind……”

Huhh? Princess Maria’s eyes become enthralled, and blood starts to rush to her cheek, coloring it with red.

Why? How? Where did I go wrong?

“I have something I want from Karl-sama.  I know this wish will exploit Karl-sama’s kindness.”

The blushing girl completely turned into a girl with heroic expression and looking up at me with a cloudy and upturned eyes.

If this is just an act, she is dreadful, but if this is her true nature, then she is a very dreadful princess.

“One night together, please sleep together with me in the same room until morning. U-Uhm, it’s okay even if our skin isn’t touching each other. My father said. It’s the reward for the hero who saves our country. And, if I can’t do this role, I, I will have my head to be beheaded.”

Es-ta-blish-ed fact!!

That guy! To negotiate using his daughter’s life as a hostage, you’ve done it now!!

“I’m sorry. I know this is a very selfish wish of mine very well. If Karl-sama told me to get out, I will, from this room……”

Big tears was shed from her eyes, soaking the sheets.

Aaaaa, uuuuu, oooooo, the situation, the situation becomes worse.

“My principle is to end the war before it started, Hahaha” by Maximilian VII.

To suffer defeat, twice, Maximilian, you! Sooner or later, I will exact my revenge!!

“It’s okay even if you don’t get out from this room. It just, even though it’s embarrassing but my body isn’t grown up enough to embrace a woman. So today, just merely sleep together in this bed, can you pardon my wish?”

“Karl-sama…… Understood. Until Karl-sama becomes fully grown, I will wait. No matter how many years it takes, I will wait for you properly.”

Hmm, Why? Why was it interpreted conveniently like that? Is it because Maximilian’s blood flows in her?

“I myself too, will properly take care myself to be able to bear Karl-sama’s child……”

That act, placing hand on abdomen while blushing, please stop doing thaaaaat!!

“Then, we will just sleep together in the same bed, Karl-sama…… let’s get inside the same sheet together.”

Ha-, there’s a predator in front of my eyes!?

But there’s no red mark in the map service!!

Sensei, there’s a bug!!

[The system is normal.]

Making skin contact inside the sheets. In the first place, does that thin cloth accomplish its role as an underwear??!!

Ah, but it feels so smooth. Her skin has a different feels, so it feels good in its own way……Noooo.

Let’s just give up. Today I will certainly have a dream being chased by Charlotte holding a knife.

“Good night, Karl-sama……………….*Chuu”

Ah, she naturally stole my second kiss.

Looks like the knife will be changed into a machine gun.

It’s fortunate that Princess Maria fell asleep easily, now let’s calm down and think about the current problem.

Even though I say current, it’s not about what will be happening on the bed.

Why do the insects suddenly start an outbreak all of sudden? This is the topic.

If that swarm of insects came from the east without being noticed by anyone, there should be some movement in August Empire and East Habsburg kingdom.

But, they didn’t show any indication of that.

Gooogle-sensei is an isolated being from the fourth dimension space and time, so sensei can look up info exceeding time.

As expected from Deus ex Machina, the God of Wisdom, Gooogle.

Let’s trace back the movement of the black mantises and display it on the map.

The red marking is going back from Geneva, and to Bern, then Zurich.

Midway, I feel nostalgic after I found the one attacked Basel fortress before, and then it’s still going back.

Before Zurich is Liechtenstein.

On the way, they attacked a small town and village, but the real starting point of large scale damage starts from Liechtenstein.

If we continue to trace it back, their number decreases more and more until there’s only ten of them.

The starting point was the village around Chur 3 years ago.

Chur is located at the south of Liechtenstein, within the Alps mountain range, it’s a small agricultural village, a tranquil place of Fantasy world. 

One thousand soldiers appeared there. They destroyed that agricultural village, after that they lined up the carcasses of cows and pigs, and then, they left behind ten eggs near the carcasses.

I think they delayed those eggs’ incubation with some kind of <Divine Protection>.

After those soldiers left, larvae of black mantises began to hatch, eating the corpse around them, and start to increase their number.

The cows and pigs also, there’s no difference, just corpse, and in the end, the black mantises increased their number proportional to how much they eat.

As their number grows, they start to act in groups, so they gradually increase their specialty which is their siege annihilation or you could say their siege predation.

Combining this world’s slow communication with the stealthiness of black mantises, ten eggs becomes ten thousand, etc. And when they reached 300,000 they attacked Liechtenstein.

After predating Liechtenstein, the black mantises whose number had reached over a million went to Zurich, if the rain didn’t cause Rhine River to flood, I think Konstanz would also be swept away by them.

After predating Zurich and the village and town around, their number becomes over two million, making them to seek for food even more, so a group of twenty thousand attacked Basel. And at this point, I finally found out about their existence.

Their stealth is terrifying.

Thus, after seeing the black mantises’ activity, looks like they prioritize to defend against information leak about their activity by killing peddlers and any others who found out about them. Truly a sapient being.

And then, the rest is as we know.

After we became aware of the black mantises’ existence in Basel, we follow along Leo-niisama with his heroic desire to exterminate the pest, roughly in about half a month , the black mantises are exterminated. We prepared for half a month, then the battle only lasted 13 hours, such a short-term decisive battle.

Destroying the industry at east of Bern… no, it was annihilated, but I think the revival of the west of Bern will be fast because the black mantises only pass through that.

However, if there’s a hundred Rottenmeier-san, I think it would be done in a few days.

Before we conclude this up quickly, there’s something I want to know, so I ask sensei to predict what will happen if we didn’t interfere with the black mantises.

[This information is based on the future of a parallel world, it might have some error, so please acknowledge that this information will be lacking in certainty.]

Yes, I acknowledge.

The result is, from Zurich to Bern, and then to Geneva, and at that time there will be some conflict with the Frank Empire, but it ends with the victory of five million black mantises. And just like that, the colony that invaded the Frank empire start to spread and increase once again, and their number swell up to over thirty million, and after that the Frank empire starts to attack due to aggression, and at last Frank empire prevail in the war, but it takes 20 years and 60 % of civilians’ life as the victims.

[The accuracy is 83%, but it’s only if Grose kingdom, Prussia kingdom, and the other kingdom didn’t interfere with it. So the result may differ from the reality, please acknowledge.]

Yes, I acknowledge.

In the first place, that prediction is a prediction when the probability of Leo-niisama and Sieg-niisama didn’t move is zero, so I have a confidence that prediction is 100 % a miss, but putting that aside, I understand about what happen in this terrorist act.

In short, their aim isn’t West Habsburg kingdom, but their aim is to attack Frank Empire using biological weapon.

“Ooooh, The world. And then time starts to move.”

Well, there’s no need to confirm anymore, but I will specify the origin of the soldiers who makes the first move chronologically.

I rewind the act of the soldiers, and their starting point is none other than the Vatican pope state.

The only country that still have faith in Christianity.

In reality, that place is a paradise of human from humanity race because they have <Divine Protection>, and it’s also hell for human and demi-humans from fantasy world who have <Magic>.

Sensei, why is this happening? Vatican pope state, what kind of country is it?

[Their authority is based on Acts of Peter of New Testament apocrypha. According to that apocrypha, Apostle Peter destroyed the magic of a magician called Simon Magus, making him fell to his death. But it was interpreted broadly, so the rule that decides magic as a heresy was established, making humans and demi-humans from fantasy world to be enslaved. Also, every human that has <Divine Protection> is considered as a person that received god’s favor, so they become the ruling class, and moreover the grade of divine protection is interpreted as the degree of love they received from god. The ones that receives special grade <Divine Protection> will become cardinal, for the ones that receives grade 1, they will become archbishop, and for the ones that receives grade 5 will be guaranteed a happy life as a believer. The use of <Magic> is prohibited inside the pope state, so even though the slaves have the power to interfere with mana, they don’t have any knowledge to use magic, so they can’t use <Magic>. And, the society that uses the labour power of slaves who don’t have any power to resist is built. Furthermore, they perceive all the race from fantasy world as heretic, so they have a tendency to see them as their enemy. And Frank Empire, the largest empire of fantasy world, is on the first list.]

Hoo, hee, so in short, that long boot-shaped peninsula is on good terms with slavery.

[TL note: it means Italy]

[I have some objection regarding the way you conclude it, but if Karl-sama understands because of my explanation, I’m satisfied with it]

You have some objection or you are satisfied, sensei’s delicate heart is so complicated.

Probably, taking insect race lightly and even the defeat of Frank empire army are already planned out by them. The large army that predates all cities until Geneva until the trampling of Frank empire, although it is a grand-scale plan over 3 years, it doesn’t cost anything, what a smart tactic. It deserves to be admired, really.

Well, maybe the a person that can plan that ingenious tactic are capable to deal a tremendous damage to Frank empire with 10 eggs and 3 years’ worth of time in Vatican Pope State. And it’s undoubtedly a <Divine Protection>…… maybe.

So, let’s confirm the current situation of that pope state using 3D service.

Fumufumu, it’s not a Pax Romana, it was the real slavery.

Based on the divine right of kings, their grade decides their status, and it connects directly to the court rank of noble.

To amuse the nobles that have <Divine Protection>, the heretic is deprived, raped, killed, I wonder if they have any feelings of compassion and mercy.

Let’s make sure it’s a different reason, to protect Catholics’ honor. It’s just something that is likened to Christianity.

There are beautiful people among the humans of fantasy race too, and in general, the long-eared elves are beautiful, for dwarves, well even though they are…… as I thought, it’s impossible.

And, the children that are born will belong to the world of their mother, so the children will become new slaves.

Somehow, I don’t want to think about it anymore.

Being fine even though your own child is a slave, what kind of feeling is it?

It’s a relief that my country’s faith isn’t of <Divine Protection>’s and have scientific belief, and that my own country’s churches to not teach doctrines about god but establishing academies of salvation and orphanages instead, it’s a relief that we only have humanism here. It really is a relief.

And, I think of this after seeing the defenselessly sleeping princess Maria’s sleeping face.

I shudder at the thought of bringing her to that country.

The morals of me, the modern Japanese is rejecting that country, but I can’t involve my own country because of that feeling of rejection, so I can’t give a command that will result in my countrymen’s death.

But if it is Leo-niisama, I think he will jump out without thinking.

How enviable, that freedom.

But I will say nothing. If it is done poorly, it will cause a great war.

Seeing the deed of humans gives me a shiver, so I longed for a warmth and embrace Princess Maria closely, and closed my eyes.

“Yesterday, Karl-sama wouldn’t let me go……”

“Oh, Prince Karl didn’t let you go, huh. I understand.”

What a disgrace of me.

Due to Maximilian A and Maximilian B, we’re busy reclaiming the land around the castle.

“Oh, Karl, so you finally became a man!!”

Somehow Leo-niisama seems delightful.

“Wroooong!! Leo-niisama, don’t be fooled by these foxes!!”

Certainly, I slept while embracing princess Maria, but I didn’t do anything!!

My body is still pure!!

“Fox…… am I a vixen……?

Tears starts to flow.

What a responsive tear glands you have.

“Prince Karl. Aren’t you too rude to my daughter?”

“That’s right Karl, I will say this as your big brother, but it feels so pathetic to see my little brother makes a woman cry.”

“That’s right, Karl. You can’t make a girl cry. You must make them smile, you know?”

War is about number, brother.

And I’m alone in this battle, brother.

“U-Uhm, sorry……”

War…….is a thing that you must end…….have ended……before it started……

“Which reminds me, Prince Karl has tamed a dragon, right? Considered it as an apology for saying improper words, if you take Maria to stroll in the sky, console her, I will be happy ,you know?”

“A stroll together with Karl-sama in sky!? Aah, that’s great!! Father, thank you!!”

The tears stops instantly.

Princess Maria, what happened to the structure of your tear glands?

Strolling in sky on a dragon, isn’t that a flag?

“Ooh, show your manliness, Karl”

“That’s right. Do at your best as a boy. This is also an experience in life”

Leo-niisama completely misunderstood it, but big-breasted Louise-neesama understood it really well, so she did it because it’s interesting.

So just like this I fight alone helplessly, and on the top of that, I was shot by everyone that should have been my ally, so I fly to the sky.

“To be able to stroll together with Karl-sama in the sky…… Can I hold on to you stronger? Or is it disgraceful of me?”

“The back of dragon is unstable, so please hold on to me firmly.”

Yeah, if she falls, it will become a diplomatic problem.

Princess Maria clings on me tightly, but unfortunately it’s the ‘she hasn’t grown enough to feel the elasticity’ pattern.

Human skin is warm, but the impression is only so much.

“Father also, keeps a wyvern, but as I thought, the altitude and the speed of a dragon is different. We’re already this far from Geneva…… at this rate, we can go to anywhere…… just kidding”

“Hahaha, kidnapping a princess, huh. It’s a lovely elopement, isn’t it?”

She can ride a wyvern too, huh. Looks like it’s better for me to reinvestigate the army of this world.

And, I feel like I triggered a flag again, maybe it is just my imagination?

“It’s really faster than a wyvern……Uun……it’s really, really faster than a wyvern!!”

Triggered, Triggered, I triggered a flag!

Ah, [NTR-gou], in this situation, who is the unlucky person?

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