Chapter 9: Grosse Royal Family All-out-war (Without Father) -First Part-

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I open the wide area map, first, let’s confirm the enemy forces’ position.

“Well, the enemy positions which we knew already so far are……”

“The big group is here, and the small groups are here, here, here, and here. And around 30 small groups are scattered for scouts. There are also insects that move alone too.”

What? Leo-niisama that should be a muscle-brained is arranging the black mantis pieces above the map all of sudden.

“Eh? Leo-niisama? How do you know about that?”

Leo-niisama answered my question by pointing to the ceiling.

So I look at the ceiling. The grain is beautiful.

“Because the sun is looking. So I know the position of those insects. And I have seen their slaughtering acts because of that. So, I won’t let them be any further!!”

Aah, he has that kind of cheat, huh.

And, this is why he was angry like that, huh.

Certainly, almost all of the position of those pieces match the position I got from Gooogle-sensei map information.

Siegfried-niisama nod too, because he can see the situation from the moon too. 

Uuu, they shave my advantage bit by bit…… even though sensei should be the strongest.

From the position of the scout, and their main force’s movement vector, from southwest of Zurich until around the southern side of mountains across Bern, to the direction of royal capital Geneva seems to be their choice of gourmand journey.

And Western Habsburg kingdom knows that, so they evacuated their civilians to Geneva, gather their soldiers at the fortress around Bern, and they intend to wage a deciding battle there.

But the black mantises are a shrewd being, they abandon their previous movement, sending scouts that also acts as an ambush as well to the south and the north of ravine, and if the decisive battle start, they will divide the power of Bern and Geneva, and surround them in an enormous encirclement to annihilate the fortress one by one. After that, they intend to predate Geneva that have lost its defense forces completely while licking their lips.

What would you do if you lose to insects, humans.

“Niisama, Neesama, it might be impudent of me to ask something like this, but can you let me command the entire army? Because Leonhart-niisama is the commander on the front lines as well as a war potential, Siegfried-niisama is the rear guard, and Louise-neesama have an obligation to protect everyone in Konstanz, so I think I, the only one that won’t become a war potential in this battle, should be the one that supervise the information in this entire army and give instructions in this march.” 

And that little brother take the post as a commander for the entire army.

Even though it’s an impossible request,

“Okay, I will leave the miscellaneous affairs to you”

“Fufu, seeing little brother’s growth is a fun thing. I don’t even think that my brother would take those miscellaneous affairs voluntarily.”

“Yeah, I don’t like that kind of miscellaneous affairs too, so I will leave to you, Karl”

“Niichan, how about me? Nee, how about me?”

Ah, miscellaneous affairs are considered things that have no relation to <Divine Protection>, I forgot my family is a family that doesn’t like miscellaneous affairs.

The number of our soldiers including the non-combatants is 400 personnel.

It just we have 2 human nuclear warheads and a laser support from satellite, and in addition, we know the position of our enemy too.

What a cheat, there’s nothing but a cheat in this survival battle, there’s no fair nor dirty.

Fair war? What is that?

Then, black mantises, good bye. Please become the diversion for our royal family.

“Nii-chan!! Nee, How about me!?”

I will make Charlotte control the weather and make it so that the sky won’t be cloudy in the entire battle field so the moon and sun can see them clearly.

I will use “We still don’t know about the power of your power entirely, so we can’t include it in our battle power” as a pretext for her to stay at Konstanz.

And of course, Charlotte used her weapons, her bear hug of anger and the lovely begging eyes into maiden’s tears. Charlotte, I don’t want to dirty your hands with blood. So I persuade her desperately while shedding blood from my eyes and coughing blood (literally), and somehow I succeeded in convincing her.

But, if rain doesn’t fall in our country for 1 year because of that weather control, our country will be doomed, you know? My cheat little sister.

Because you are cute, I will forgive you. You are too cute to the extent you can destroy a country with your cuteness, so it can’t be helped. The country that doesn’t love you should just be ruined.

As the time passes with that kind of conversation, finally our cheat army depart from Konstanz and will station our commanding unit at Zurich’s outskirts.

Seeing the figure of Rottenmeier-san building a gorgeous mansion using her <Divine Protection> in no time is magnificent as ever.

For the black mantises, this land is a ‘land that have been predated completely’, so we don’t have to worry their scouts finding us.

Even though I didn’t learn this from something like “After a cannonball fell, the crater is safe”.

I feel depressed after seeing the Zurich fortress city which is still smoldering, but for the soldiers, it seemed to increase their morale instead.

Another culture gap that I haven’t seen for a while.

For now, we look for any survivor, but not sure whether the black mantises really sought food or what, they ate everything from the old, the young, men, women, children, and even livestock equally. And we discover blood stains, tiny bit of meat pieces, and shells of black mantises egg. Yay, Ali*n.

Their number increase as they win the battle. They are more troublesome than that black G demon.

But it’s a mystery that their body are like clad in steel even though they only eat organic matter like blood and flesh, but let’s ignore this because the hardest thing in this world is a lump of carbon.

When we finished the construction of our commanding unit, it is already night, so Leo-niisama’s turn has ended.

The sun prince is weak at dusk. Good job for today.

“Hey, Karl. Isn’t it easier for us to plunge into their biggest group and massacre them just like that?”

“If we did that, the small groups that scouts and ambush will scatter in all directions and form colonies on their own. If that happens, things will get out of hand, so it’s no good. Besides, this is the land of a foreign country, will they permit nii-sama to rampage all over the place?”

Ahh, I think I kind of understand the feelings of Albrecht-kun.

It’s hard to stop a master that does absurd things continuously.

I’m sorry, Albrecht-kun.

“Oh, that’s right. It’s the territory of Western Habsburg royal family. I forgot”

“Yeah, please don’t forget it, onii-sama. The rest is only sending the letter as a goodwill ambassador.”

“Ahh, the letter……Where should we send it?”


Up to this point, only the figure of the useless dazzling Leo-niisama has entered my eyes. That cool big bro, where did he go?”

If I was a girl, I will overlook about that trivial thing and my maternal instinct will be stimulated by his ikemen correction, but too bad, I’m a boy.

[TL Note: he refers to himself as ‘watakushi’ that is usually used by ojou-sama]

So, I only can feel irritated.

“Then, I will go to crush their scouts in nearby with Sieg-niisama, so Leo-niisama, just rest for today”

“Eh? I got the first spear, right? Karl, you are joking right?”

Uuuh, this brother of mine can only think about rampaging.

“It’s just a fight between scouts, not the real fight. So, this fight doesn’t have any relation with the first spear, so please just rest for today.”

“Oh, okay. I will sleep”

Is he easy to handle, is he hard to handle, I don’t know. What a delicate person, Leo-niisama.

Well, now it’s the turn for Siegfried-niisama the Holy Arrow of Moonlight’s cheat power.

Show me that bow technique that can massacre a hundred thousand with one shot. Huh? The battle will end if he shot his arrow twenty times?

No no, the usage of <Divine Protection> uses some MP-like thing, so I think he supposedly can’t shoot arrows rapidly.

Maybe the limitation is like one day one shot.

I’ll just believe that his power are like that. Even though I’m not believing that myself.

“Then, Sieg-niisama, let’s destroy the small groups that are swarming around Säntis mountain and the south of Zurich. It will be troublesome if they find our HQ at this place.”

I convey the action that will we do while pointing my finger towards the mountains southeast of Säntis.

“That’s right. I think it’s a rational thought to destroy our enemy before they find us. I understand. With my bow and arrow, I shall pierce and slaughter those abominable insects.”

After Sieg-niisama said that, he takes out an arrow from his shadow, after that he aims his arrow to the southwest and pulled his bow to the limit, and shoots it.

Looking from the map information, over 100,000 red dots that are swarming at Säntis mountain decrease to several thousand at once.

Wait a minute, Sieg-niisama, the distance from this place to Säntis mountain is close to 100 km, you know?

“Looks like the number of arrows are a bit insufficient. Let’s shoot it once more”

“No no no no, wait wait wait. Sieg-niisama, waiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!”

It’s no good to underestimate the cheat power of Sieg-niisama.

If it stays like this, my crafty scheme will be ruined due to the high performance of my allies.

There’s an underground kingdom of dwarves at Alps mountain range and Säntis is their entrance, and we don’t have any diplomatic relation with them, so I intend to bond a diplomatic relation with them using this insects as a matter, but the plan is ruined just with that one shot?

No no wait wait, we still can make it.

“Leo-niisama, wake uuuuuuuupp!!”

Because they were just asleep before, the 200 elites we brought looks so sleepy, and we start our high-maneuver march using Leo-niisama’s <War> divine protection to make the speed of our horses exceed 100 km/h. Their sleepiness might be gone because of <War> divine protection, because all of them become naturally high. This becomes a worrisome situation in another meaning.

There are various intelligent beings from fantasy world, so various kingdom exists as if they are piling up.

Just like even though this place is a territory of Western Habsburg royal family and yet there’s a kingdom of dwarves in here, and commonly they share their territory with elves. And, there’s no need to limit our diplomatic relations with human only.

Border is only something made by humans.

In reality, in the human race territory, precisely, the territory of Grosse kingdom, there are countless colonies of fantasy race living in our territory. And because the divine protection of Sieg-niisama, <Moon>, we can see the road at night as if it was daytime, as a result, we meet with the group of black mantises without taking one hour. Using double cheat makes me feel so safe and secure.

“Leo-niisama, please show us your promised first spear.”

It’s not the first spear but sword, with a mere swing of Leo-niisama’s sword, the shockwave will spread radially and it will turn the black mantises in the front to dried squids. 

Probably because of the sun divine protection’s search ability doesn’t work at night, his power doesn’t seem to cause any effective tremor either.

Continuing that, Sieg-niisama’s one shot of shadow moon fang of heaven (named by Sieg-niisama) finished off any remaining black mantises on the surface and completes the annihilation.

Sieg-niisama makes a face of someone that has finished their task, but the real job has just started, you know?

The black mantises that can’t be seen by the sun and moon, the black mantises that have penetrated to the underground kingdom of dwarves, it’s above one thousand in number and still counting, and they are still fighting with the military forces of the dwarves.

Do they use small tunnels cleverly or what, they are great to be able to fend off those black mantises until now.

The soldiers of dwarves are repeating the hit and run attacks even though they are covered in blood.

Different from elves, it looks they have a great affinity with battle techniques that utilize their steel weapon and arm strength.

It’s a 50:50 fight.

As expected of Sensei’s 3D map, the scope is wider than sun and moon.

“Leo-niisama, Sieg-niisama, the battle isn’t over yet.”

Sieg-niisama tilted his head towards my words.

Certainly, from Sieg-niisama’s enemy search ability, he won’t be able to see the black mantises underground, so he thinks it’s over already.

“There’s a tunnel that will continue to the underground kingdom of dwarves at Säntis mountain, and even now, the fight are still on going there. If we succeed at annihilating the black mantises there, it will be our first real win. You won’t say something like because moon and sun can’t see that place, you will abandon them, will you?”

Fufufu, I win! With this I can prove that Gooogle-sensei’s enemy search ability is better than theirs!!

Enemy search advantage, is baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!

As I thought, Gooogle-sensei is awesome! And certainly sensei is the strongest!!

[My enemy searching ability reaches the surface, underground, space, and even mantle layer is still in my range. Please don’t lump my service together with that half-baked service that have time limit and won’t work if they are covered by clouds or anything that covers vision]

That’s right! Certainly sensei is the strongest!!

Then, with 200 elites that can kill 10 black mantises in one swing, and furthermore with Leo-niisama that leads the march with his <War> divine protection, with this there’s no way we will lose or get wounded, so let’s start the cruel and one-sided hunting time. Graaaaaand Guignoooooool!!


Above one thousand black mantises? If you want to kill my brothers, please increase your numbers by ten-thousand fold!! That’s still not enough though!!

One-sided massacre, one-sided slaughter, one-sided shooting, actually it feels so great.

I want every battle to be like this.

Revenge won’t fruit anything? No, actually it makes you feel great. And especially after you see the disastrous spectacle of Zurich.

After seeing the fork and merge on the tunnel repeatedly, it so complicated just like a maze, as expected of sensei, he navigates me onto the shortest path using Gooogle locator service by guiding me using light line that can only be seen by me.

The rest is only an easy job, that’s leading Leo-niisama towards that path.

Fufufu, as I expected.

[It’s an honour to receive your praise]

I wonder what would the dwarves see when they look at the spectacle of a golden lion approaching while mowing down the swarm of black mantises continuously from behind with his sword easily.

After Leo-niisama slew the last black mantis, the commander-like dwarf from the foremost kneels down as if respecting a king. And subsequently, the other dwarf soldiers kneel down too.

Actually the scene of them doing that in front of golden lion is beautiful.

It’s really good for me to not lead.

“Is there any more enemy? I will lend my hand, you know?”

“Ha! Because there are some black mantises still remaining at this tunnel, so I will guide you to the place.”

Aah, so majestic, the dignity of a king is a wonderful thing.

 Treating another country soldiers as if they were his subordinate, making another country’s king to revere yourself as his master, and that charisma that can even overcome the differences between races make them pledge themselves as his own servants.

Actually, it’s a wonderful thing. Makes things easier.

The dwarves that left their commanding to Leo-niisama in their own heart will be able to use the power of his <War> divine protection, so the hit and run battle changed into one-sided trampling battle, without taking an hour, the trampling battle at Säntis mountain ended.

And, the awaited post-war treatment time starts.

Then, who will do the post-war treatment’s routine tasks?

“Sleepy, I’m going to sleep.”

Hahaha, indeed Leo-niisama is so free.

“I will go back to the HQ. We can’t let it unguarded too long, can we?”

Hahaha, this Sieg-niisama, escaping from routine tasks.

Shit. As I thought, it’s me again.

It’s an enjoyable business time after seeing the flustered dwarf commander because of seeing Leo-niisama gradually fell asleep after he leaned on the wall of the tunnel.

And I ordered all 200 elites to sleep. Because they can’t act at all if Leo-niisama doesn’t wake up.

First, I want to confirm how strong their forces are, so let’s bring the dwarf commander to outside the tunnel.

Because you all inhaled blood-stenched air too much in the tunnel, the air outside feels so refreshing, right?

But, over one hundred thousand of black mantis carcasses lying around all over the place, so I think it doesn’t have any change from before, right?

“This, that person’s deed?”

“That’s right. Well, I don’t mind if you think it like that. My brother’s name is Leonhart Friedrich von Grosse, the golden lion, and he’s the first prince of Grosse royal family. By the way, I’m the third prince, Karl.”

Sorry, Sieg-niisama. Because I feel it is too tiresome to explain, so I skipped you.

You escaped already anyway.

“Grosse royal family…… why did you save us dwarves?

“Humans saving humans, it doesn’t need any deep reason to do that, does it? My brother is this type of person. Even though in this occasion is not a human but a dwarf, but he is a kind of person that didn’t mind such trivial things like that.”

I declared that and laugh.

Yeah, he is really a person that doesn’t mind trivial things, you know? To the extent to feel angry.

“This mountain entrance is protected like this, but, can’t they invade us from another mountain? Please just say your demands without any reservation. Because we will fight with our own accord.”

There’s nothing better than free stuff.

Actually, it’s a good word.

Doga the dwarf commander makes a grim face, then he looks down at the mountain of black mantis carcasses, after that he point at several mountains on the map. Must be because the entrance to their kingdom is a classified information.

The dwarf won’t interfere in the fight between humans, so humans won’t do so too, so even when that kind of unwritten law exists, maybe their heart will be weakened in front of the threat of the insects.

Thinking about this mountain’s position, I think this battle have started before I start my fight at Basel, and they fight the wave of black mantises without pause until now.

3 months ago or longer than that?

Nice, for you all to be able to withstand that until now. Let me praise you honestly.

Certainly, the black mantises are making a swarm of hundred thousand on the spot that is pointed by commander Doga on the map, and they are forcing a battle which end can’t be seen.

Engaging in two-front war against both the human country and dwarf country, aren’t they full of composure? Those black mantises.

Maybe insects can’t tell apart the difference of human and dwarf.

Then, let’s use pincer tactic in response to that two-front war.

I will leave the inner part to Leo-niisama, and the outside part to Sieg-niisama, and make those black mantises dance a deadly dance with those 2 big cheater.

And I will watch them from a high place, a place higher than satellite orbit, that’s the high dimension outside of fourth dimension.

“We have secured a safe place around this mountain, after my brother and the others wake up, please go through the underground tunnel and rush to reinforce other fronts. It’s not my instructions, but if you go together with my brothers, you will become the hope for another dwarves, won’t you?”

Commander Doga nodded honestly to my words. With this, my first scheme has been completed.

Then, let’s seize Sieg-niisama that has escaped to the HQ because of routine tasks, it’s already the time to work again.

First, let’s make Kelhya-gou to run at its fastest speed while using sensei’s locator service to track Sieg-niisama, then secure him as if a cat secures its child, and while dragging him like that, let’s hunt the swarm of black mantises on every mountains moderately with shadow moon fang of heaven and leave only several thousand of them in each mountain

“Karl? Why are you making me to leave some of insects and not to annihilate them completely?”

“If we annihilate them completely, it will anger Leo-niisama, won’t it?”

“Oooh. Certainly, he will get angry if we do that.”

A unique situation where both brothers are satisfied with that answer.

It shouldn’t pose any danger to Leo-niisama and the elites because we have prepared it to this extent.

Even though black mantises that don’t know retreat, flattering, or reflecting still continue their suicidal rush boldly full of resolve, but the golden lion that is sleeping now, will exterminate the remnants on tomorrow morning.

As the battle continues, the dwarves start to admire Leo-niisama, and the number of dwarves that are in range of his <War> divine protection increase, so when the second half of battle started, the battle will be easier.

And, Leo-niisama will come back to the HQ after he has exterminated the black mantises from the underground kingdom of dwarves.

Because he isn’t a child.

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  1. This family kinda give me the chill,and somehow the older brothers are chuuni’s facepalmed me,but the MC bossing and ordering them around is quite cool,but I think the older sister is somehow dangerous,while the little sister will probably be a yandere,that’s what I think anyway,maybe a bit biased because of the yandere novels I’ve read lately

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  2. Is main character the only family member who picked up any ruling political skills from their father?
    Seems like the country would fall to ruin with the lion son’s heroic subordinate sacrificing idealism that would constantly violate treaties & national interests. No tell on big sister’s abilities so far.
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