Chapter 8: Someone Else’s Problem

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A public humiliation which was called debut journey has ended, and what awaits me after I arrive at the royal capital is war council for counter measures against the insect race’s invasion.

Even though there’s someone thinking ‘don’t let an 11 years old attend this war council’, but if that child had achieved something like smashing a large army of twenty thousand, it will be natural for that child to be here.

Regardless of age, anyone that can be used will be used.

Regardless of age, anyone that can’t be used will be cut off.

It’s indeed a cruel and heartless world.

Even though I am still heartbroken because of those repeating friendly fires.

When you see one of them you might find another 30 of them is the slogan of black demon G, so that kind of word exists in this world.

[TLnote: G is frequently used by the Japanese to refer the nemesis of humankind, the annoying little demon, the most hated (probably) in the world… cockroaches…]

As for insect race’s slogan, if you find 1 of them, there will be 1000000 more of them.

It’s mysterious how did they manage to infiltrate to the central part of human and fantasy race’s world, but it’s not mysterious at all if you think about how low is the population in this world.

Also, the Alps mountains are harsh for humans but not for the insects.

Inherently, it is a black carpet which doesn’t need logistics to prey on local creatures.

Furthermore, since they are an intelligent life form with a shared will, they can clear any sneaking mission easily.

After I look the sensei’s map from the north of Alps mountain range to the south of Rhine river area, I see over 2 million black mantises waiting for their battle and predating time. Due to Rhine river having tendencies of long rain and increased water level, they can’t cross over Rhine river without any casualty, so they don’t have any intention to invade Grosse Kingdom that are now at the other side of the river.

It’s just, they are eyeing the West Habsburg royal family country that governs over the former Switzerland territory at the south of Rhine River while licking their lips as if they are delicious, so they are sharpening their sickle.

By the way, more than 10 cities and towns, not to mention several villages have been destroyed by them.

A lonely feeling sprouted from me after I know that towns with nostalgic name like Liechtenstein or Zurich was destroyed.

They surround their target quietly, and they hunt everyone without leaving anyone. Because of that high-level hunter coordination, the world still do not know that those places have been destroyed by them.

Namu ami namu ami.

By the way, from what Gooogle-sensei counted, they have a great battle power just below 2,660,000 personnel.

I feel embarrassed for being proud after defeating twenty thousand black mantises alone.

My father’s answer to that despair inducing number of black mantises is.

“We will adopt a wait and see approach for a while.”

What a ruthless and rational answer.

Even though we signed the non-aggression pact with West Habsburg royal family, we don’t have any obligation to help them.

It’s really a king-like decision.

If a ruler tells their own people to die for another country’s people, rather than decapitation, they should be hung with a straw rope instead.

By the way, decapitation is for nobles with honor, while the straw rope is a commoner’s friend

We will let the human kingdom from fantasy world, that is West Habsburg royal family, to deal with the pest themselves, and if that isn’t enough, if it comes to it, we will help them with the condition of becoming our vassal state. This is the decision that my father made.

It’s a ruthless, heartless, and yet a great decision.

Leonhart-niisama’s certain kill sword technique – sun slayer blade sword is a cheat-like technique that has a destructive power on the level of world’s largest nuclear fusion bomb, Tsar Bomba.

Siegfried-niisama’s certain shot technique – shadow moon fang of heaven is a technique that multiply one shot arrow to a hundred thousand arrows which dyes the sky black, darken the sky cause of their enormous number, and after that, all those hundred thousand arrows will pierce and destroy the enemy’s vital point. What an ecofriendly technique.

Actually, if one of my brothers was there, I think they can exterminate all those black mantises alone.

Thus, we can watch over them safely, tea with the suffering of the others is delicious.

By the way, this technique’s name was named by Sieg-niisama.

Yeah, certainly Sieg-niisama have that kind of interest.

If this was a heroic tale, this heroic tale will be like a hero subjugating the neighbouring country’s hostile race with his self-sacrifice personality that won’t hesitate to hurt themselves or their subordinate.

And that neighbouring country, as their biggest gratitude, this epic would be handed down, but the thing called government is downright ruthless.

For this reason, my act of crossing Rhine river and then saving the people of Southern Basel fortress, is an impressive tale, and it will be sung as a heroic tale, it will be sung as a heroic tale, but for some reason my unusual facial features made the up-down effect bigger and this wasted my heart.

Even I fail at the agricultural village……

Can this world please just get destroyed already?

Besides, it doesn’t mean that Western Habsburg royal family doesn’t have any chance of winning.

Because Western Habsburg kingdom have already pledged an oath to Frank empire as their vassal state, it’s possible for them keep their existence by begging in tears to their suzerain, Frank empire. Because Frank empire has that much power.

And, they have already grasped their enemy’s true form, so the only things they need are equipment and strategy for that.

In the former world, Switzerland is a country that walked a path of independence as a permanent neutral country, but in the fantasy world, they can’t win their freedom from Habsburg dynasty.

Even though they resemble each other, the history from another world is very interesting.

Ahh, tea with the suffering of the others is delicious.

“Father! Even though Liechtenstein and Zurich fortress city, several cities without walls, and many agricultural villages have been trampled down by a swarm of insects, do you still plan to stay silent!! Why didn’t our country move!!”

Ahh, Leonhart-niisama who lives the way of life of a hero is filled with righteous anger

Even though they are from different country and world, he resents our father for letting people die.

If we let Leonhart-niisama take over the throne as is, I’m scared this country will turn into a lionhearted war nation that would even kill his own people in the name of justice.

“Leonhart, if you move an army towards another country’s territory without permission, it can’t be helped if they say you are trying to invade them, is it? And moreover, we have already signed the non-aggression pact with them. Leon, do you want to break our pact with them? Please don’t disappoint me”

As expected of my father, he parried those words smoothly.

It’s best if we leave a vassal state’s problem to their suzerain.

2 months after the discovery of black mantises, they organized an army for reinforcement, they should have enough time to send out the army.

We don’t have to bother going through the trouble to look at his pained face.


That appearance of him clenching his teeth looks cool since the one who does that is an ikemen, huh.

Ahh, ikemen correction. Ikemen correction. A very hateful ikemen correction.

[TLNote: a justification for everything that was done by ikemen, or cool guys]

It doesn’t mean Leo-niisama is bad, but right now I hate ikemen.

“Father, haven’t we already finished the construction of the defense wall along Rhine River with Louise-neesama’s <Divine Protection>?”

Even though I was being carried away in victory celebration at that time, it doesn’t mean I wasted my time of 2 months.

A tough wall was built along Rhine River properly, and a barrier was made to accompany it, and I have especially sent a letter to fortify the defense on the city of Konstanz.   

I make a strategy guideline by marking the hostile life-form and viewing their movements from Gooogle-sensei’s real time map.

Those 2 million black mantises slowed down after they succeed in destroying Liechtenstein and Zurich.

And maybe the scouts they sent to search for the next invasion target or feeding ground are those swarm I defeated.

For overall, they are going towards west because the food are abundant, but at this rate they will arrive at a densely populated area in the southwest, which is the heart of industry, Bern, then steadily approaching Imperial City Geneva which would be the fall of Western Habsburg royal after they thoroughly devoured all of it. After that, they will continue their march to Frank Empire.

However, truly it’s irritating for me because I can’t disclose this information.

Why, my <Divine Protection> is boobs.

“Yeah, the construction of walls and barrier along Rhine River has already finished. And we have already placed only a few lookouts just as what Karl proposed ‘Don’t place too many lookouts because it will attract them more’. We have already selected the right soldier with their <Divine Protection> for the quick response forces to fight the super hard carapace-type with sword arms”

The barrier is for mantises, and the wall is for humans.

For this country, refugees that crossed over the river without carrying anything will only become thieves.

So, I think if they see a wall from the other side of river, they won’t cross the river.

Please, go to Frank Empire on that side of Rhine River.

“That’s excellent. With this, Grosse kingdom territory will be safe”

My father smiled and then we nodded together.

Even if those 2 million black mantises try to cross Rhine river, I think they will be blocked by wall and barrier and they will be killed by our over grade 3 archer’s arrows one-sidedly without relying on one of my brothers.

Because the arrow that are made from the carapace of twenty thousand carcasses will be used to attack them, it will increase our chance more and more.

Although iron arrows can’t pierce steel wall, steel arrows can pierce steel wall.

Moreover, we have already granted the arrows with Blacksmith’s <Divine Protection>, and if the archer have the correct <Divine Protection>, I think they can pierce not only 1 of them, even 5 or 6 of them, and maybe even more. And if that preparation isn’t enough, they will be attacked by the elites from the quick response forces.

We have already secured our kingdom victory because we have prepared in this past 2 months.

War is the thing that must be ended before it starts.

Aah, tea with the suffering of the others is delicious.

I welcome you, mantises. Because we have already prepared to massacre you flawlessly.

However, there’s still one person that doesn’t agree about this.

“Karl! So you think it’s already okay if people of Grosse are safe!?

From his conversation with father, as expected Leonhart-niisama display his rage.

“Then onii-sama, are you trying to tell us that it’s good to let our people die for another country’s people?”

I don’t want to be chummy with neither Leonhart-niisama nor straw rope.

If you want to give up, please give up immediately.

“Oh…….that’s right. Karl, you are right……”

Finally, he give up.

“Then, I want to save the people of Habsburg kingdom without sacrificing the people of Grosse, and without violating the non-aggression pact. Therefore, please lend me your wisdom!!”


What an absurd at request. You are too carefree, Leonhart-niisama.

“Please I beg you, Karl. This clumsy me doesn’t know anything about how to accomplish that, but you can right? Please lend me your power, Karl!!”

That overly excellent brother begs for help to his foolish brother…… No, precisely because he’s too excellent, he will rely on anyone honestly if he really doesn’t have enough power.

Ah, even his personality is like an ikemen, what an annoying big bro. How admirable.

I can’t be helped…… I can’t be like this forever, it’s about time for me to be serious!!

“I think it’s enough for normal soldiers to handle Grosse kingdom’s territory safety. So, I, Leonhart-niisama, and Siegfried-niisama will enter Western Habsburg kingdom’s territory through Konstanz. And at Konstanz, we will station Louise-neesama and Charlotte to guarantee our escape route. Then, we will go to royal capital of Western Habsburg, Geneva as a goodwill ambassador. At utmost, it’s only a goodwill ambassador, isn’t it?”

Charlotte still can’t control her <Divine Protection>’s power, so she was imposed to ‘No Big Brother’ as her self-punishment.

If you ask why it becomes like that, when I’m at her side, she won’t learn anything.

And my self-punishment is ‘No Little Sister’……I hate my father!!

And, I don’t hate big breasted Louise-neesama that entices me instead, I only hate my father!!

Shit, if I can use this war to increase Charlotte’s position and to supply my imoutonium! If I can!!

“……Goodwill ambassador, huh?”

From Leo-niisama’s voice, looks like he has regained his sense back.

“Yeah, even though the insects are marching, it doesn’t mean we can’t send a goodwill ambassador to another country right? And fortunately, we have something to discuss regarding about the protection of elves and also the soldiers from South Basel fortress, so we have a reason to send messenger. And furthermore, in the territory of Western Habsburg kingdom, the threat of super hard carapace-type…… It’s too troublesome, the threat of black mantises exists, so I think they will permit the goodwill ambassador to bring some soldiers to escort them. And we will only bring the soldiers as the non-aggression pact permitted, so it’s about 300 soldiers, but I will only choose the ones who have Grade 2<Divine Protection> and above, and with Leonhart-niisama and Siegfried-niisama, I think it’s quite enough to fight one million of them no, 2 million of them, right?”

Precisely, Leo-niisama alone can kill 2 million black mantises, but if we do so, it will affect the terrain and the climate, so if we don’t restrain this brother of mine, it will be troublesome.

“I see. Father, can you permit me to go to bond a friendship a bit?”

This brother, saying that smoothly as if he wants to play to a neighbour’s house.

“I understand your theory, but Karl, is it okay?”

“I think it’s okay. In the long term, it can tilt the power balance between West and East Habsburg royal family, so it will be a bad influence for Grosse kingdom. And I will say it to return father’s word, if Western Habsburg changes their suzerain to us, I think it will make unnecessary friction with Frank Empire. Thus, I think it’s a great decision to offer one million carcasses of black mantises as a token of goodwill. If we don’t, well…… Leonhart-niisama won’t be convinced.”

The north will be handled by the protective wall along Rhine River, the west will be handled by the mixed army of Western Habsburg and their suzerain, Frank Empire, and the east will be handled by man-nuclear-warhead Leonhart-niisama and Siegfried-niisama.

I don’t have any resentment towards black mantises, but this thing is a war of survival, so I will make them give up.

Aah, tea with the suffering of the others no, other mantises is delicious.

Then, let’s accept the appropriate personal letter from my father before departing to the front.

The letter’s content is like this.

“First part omitted   how are you?   I’m fine.    Yours Sincerely”

I think it’s a simple and yet a splendid sentence.

Rather than the amount of words, the heart of people itself will create more impression.

I was moved to the extent my eyes shed tears upon reading that letter.

Well, let’s put aside this bullshit and go.

From Leo-niisama’s personality, I knew it will be like this, so the preparation to depart from our country has been completed.

If we could stop Leo-niisama with a reasonable argument, I think it’s easy to imagine that Sieg-niisama will depart from this country, and after that there will be some mysterious phenomenon like the carcasses of black mantises found with arrow wounds.

Both of them suffered hero disease or what.

Really, it’s very troublesome for having royal family that forgets their obligation and their national interest.

On top of my favorite horse, Kelhya-gou, I watch Albrecht the foreman and the other mansion members also get ready on their horse for departure.

We have already completed the preparation for us to take a fast march to Konstanz.

And one thing, somehow the 30 core members of platoon and 50 members of transportation corps have a proud look on their face as if they are my personal platoon, it’s mysterious. You all are not my retainers, right?

Putting aside that trivial thing, let’s depart quickly. Before Leo-niisama gets impatient.

“First, we go to Konstanz, and join up with the 300 soldiers that were selected to accompany us there.”

“Yeah, first we go to Konstanz! Let’s go!”

After that one word, Leo-niisama run his favorite horse, Tichino at full speed. Brother! You can’t!!

Even though I say to do it quickly, except Kelhya-gou, with that speed the mansion members can’t follow this pace!!

When I’m thinking like that, for some reason the mansion members follow him casually.

Eh? What is this. Are Special Grade <War> Divine Protection like this?

The horse runs at a non-horse like speed?

Heck, how fast is this in km/h!?

[It’s 142 km/h]

It’s not the speed of a horse! Is this the real power of special grade divine protection!!

And moreover, because my courage have welled up, this kind of speed isn’t scary at all!!

My brave heart is burning!!

Looks like my platoon instinct for fighting have fired up, so they look like having fire in their eyes.

Rony the cook, Heinz-rou the butler, and even Dennis the gardener. You shouldn’t have battle instincts, right!?

As a result, we travelled 220 km to the west-southwest from Munich to Konstanz in one hour and a half.

If we run like this, we will arrive at the main body of the black mantises in one hour and a half too.

What a cheat divine protection, looks like I underestimated Leo-niisama’s greatness.

Looks like this brother of mine intend to trample those black mantises in one day.

Aah, our common senses are too different.

I’m stupid for comparing my joke special grade with his.

Well, speaking of Konstanz, it’s a fortress city which also serves as a border city, and at that place, a lion prince with his sparkling golden hair appears gallantly!!

Because of a big star’s sudden appearance, the people, especially the girls are shrilling *kyaakyaa*.

By the way, everyone, do you know about evaporation phenomenon?

It’s a very dangerous phenomenon that is caused due to relative position of car headlights and pedestrian’s position, so the driver can’t see the pedestrian.

Well, not knowing yourself, no, I have already known myself fully so let’s hide in the shadow of that light.

I, the flat faced baron, have a fear of towns.

After various things happened, we borrow a plot of land from this permanent noble’s fortress to start our strategy meeting.

As expected of a city near the border, they have a wide area map, with this our meeting will advance smoothly.

The 16 years old big breasted Louise-neesama and Chuuni Siegfried-niisama have arrived earlier at this place, and my lovely,



Around half a year, I haven’t received Charlotte’s human warhead attack, but she pierced my T.A.M.S<Tactical Armored Muscle Suit> armor easily, and my ribs are breaking while making breaking sound clearly because of that bear hug. But my friend, T.A.M.S operate its automatic medical device!! Break and repair, break and repair, T.A.M.S, you’re the only one who can keep my life, keep it going!! Even though it’s so painful!! I want to cry!! No, I cried already!! Your niichan cried already!!

“Niichan is happy enough to cry too, right!? Charlotte feel lonely too, because she can’t meet you! Can Charlotte cry too? Can I?”

The bear hug becomes stronger. What, are you saying this armor that can output 140,000 HP lost to this slender arm!? Supposedly, Charlotte doesn’t have any <Divine Protection> that can increase muscle power, right!? No, <Love>, everything is possible with <Love>, huh!? Love save the eaaaaaaaarth!!

“Niichan, Niichan, Niichan, Niichan, Niichan, Niichan, Ni——————————-chaaaaaaan!!!”

As Charlotte’s love is tightening, my life force is fading.

Love can kill someone, so that kind of thing exists, huh……

“Charlotte just stop it already, if you don’t, Karl will die you know?”

Big breasted Louise-neesama, your follow up is too late.

I will die without T.A.M.S, you know?

No, big breasted Louise-neesama has Special Grade <Life> Divine Protection, so it’s not a problem if my lower half and upper half is separated, is it? Special grade divine protection, what a fearful thing.

Well, finally for a long time, five siblings gathered at one room, that is the meeting room.

This nostalgic atmosphere is just like the atmosphere when I want to celebrate my 10th birthday.

But Charlotte, whose love is already heavy, are becoming heavier as time goes.

Love is heavier than earth.

“T-Then, let’s start…… the tactic meeting……”

Before I die.

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