Chapter 7: Electrical Parade

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First, for my own safety, I will open Konozama mail order.

I will order one set of T.A.M.S <Tactical Armored Muscle Suit>.

It’s a military body suit that can resist everything like bullet, blade, pressure, shock, heat, cold, radiation, etc. And it boasts a maximum output of 250,000 horsepower, it really is a military equipment for actual fight. Equipped with night vision, optical camouflage, anti-optical camouflage, ECM, ECCM, automatic medical device, and self-repair function as a standard, attachable with optional parts such as enabling air assault or various kinds of radar, beam and laser are stationed on its shoulder and back part, it’s also possible to use live ammunition weapons via thought linking, which seems special but it’s just the basic package system.

[ED note: ECM= Electronic Countermeasures, ECCM= Electronic Counter-countermeasures]

However, the point where they send it with the cardboard still don’t change.

[It’s for the aesthetic.]

I rip apart that big cardboard, and crush the bubble wrap inside. It’s a bit fun.

As it is being customized into the size of an 11 years old kid, the output fell down to 140.000 HP (horsepower), but I still can crush the mantises easily with my grip power alone. At the worst case, I have sensei’s harmful animal extermination service so I’m pretty calm.

“Well then, first, let’s help out the elves and check their battle strength while at it. Albrecht-san, Denis-san, let’s go.”

No one can pose a threat to me after my combat ability rose to 140,000. . Although, just for appearance sake, I also bring some escort.

For Albrecht-kun who has Grade 1 <sword> divine protection, a lump of steel doesn’t have any difference with a lump of butter so he will be a dependable war potential.

And even though Denis who has <Plant> divine protection is not combat-oriented, the forest should be willing to support him.

Furthermore, the Southern Basel’s commander, who we brought forcefully, is a magic swordsman that can knead mana into the sword, and he is also a fire magic-user. I still don’t know whether he will be helpful or not, so it’s better to assume he is our escort target.

Now, let’s barge into the camp of the elves on my favourite horse, Kelhya-gou!!

When the black mantises’ arrow-head formation begin to change from ‘へ’ to ‘o’, sensei will delay their invasion by pinpoint shooting them from the satellite.

An anime like laser is visible in our eyes, but the actual laser is not visible with our eyes, so the black mantises will be pierced with invisible super high temperature infrared rays and their pace will be disturbed.

At the rear of black mantises that are in chaos, a gust of wind comes out from Albrecht-kun’s sword, and 10 mantises are cut, turning them to corpses.

One stroke ten kill!!

Huh? Won’t we win if Albrecht-kun swing his sword two thousand times?

“Prince! The enemies are super hard carapace-type with sword arms. Ordinary attacks will have no effect because of its hardness! Please be careful!! ”

If the one who said that can slice off that hard black mantises easily, as the owner of that extraordinary power, it doesn’t have any persuasive power. Even T.A.M.S might be torn apart if I am clumsy. This thing need some caution.

After that, because the formal name that is super hard carapace-type with sword arms is too long, from now on I’ll collectively refer to them as black mantis.

“Our objective is to break through the enemy’s formation, join with elves, and guide them to take refuge! Denis, devise delaying tactics by making plants around our feet entangle them!! Albrecht just tear the center to the pieces just like before! Commander-dono! Hmm… just don’t use fire too much?”

Leo-niisama is a human weapon too, but Albrecht-kun is quite a lethal weapon.

So dependable. Is it okay for me call you Aniki?

Before long, four of us breakthrough the enemies’ formation.

For some reason, there’s a lot of mantises that didn’t attack us but die for unknown reason in our way, but it’s a tremendous luck for us.

Maybe the elves are trying their best.

“All elves gentlemen! Those far away please listen to the voice! Those near can look with your own eyes!! I’m the third prince of Grosse Kingdom, Karl Gustav von Grosse!! On this occasion, all of you are in danger so I came here to assist you. The enemy forces is forming an encirclement as they cut the forest, and now, their encirclement is already half done. And if your foothold, trees, were to be gone completely, your treetop advantage will also be gone!!  Therefore, please stop your attack immediately, and evacuate to Southern Basel fortress on full speed!! Now in the fortress, an organized resistance is being prepared. Don’t uselessly waste your life here!! Change locations, and join the fortress to counterattack!! Flee to the north!! At full speed!!”

I utilize sensei’s service to make my voice reach all the elves in this entire battlefield.

And the problem is, can they understand German?

For something like this, spirit is important, so if I speak eloquently in high spirits, some people will be taken by my pace, then, because some people have been taken by my pace, some of them will follow those people, and those remaining will feel lonely, and they will follow them too.

Looks like they understand German, the elves, even women and children are skillfully running from trees to trees.

When I look up above me, even though they live above the trees, aren’t their skirt length non-existent? Uhihi. I go towards the fortress while receiving that side benefit.

As expected, the mantises that want to encircle the elves arrived to their deathbed due to a mysterious laser, and with no casualty, we finished the evacuation.

……To convince the elves, I brought the commander.

Well then, while the four of us are breaking the enemy’s formation and guide the evacuation, a construction are being constructed on the northern and southern Basel fortress at great speed.

Specifically, construction of a hollow bridge spanning from fort to fort. And certainly with the <Divine Protection> cheat.

And furthermore, along the Rhine River, the hardest mansion with only the walls are constructed with <Mansion> divine protection.

Because this method hurts Rottenmeier-san’s pride severely, looks like I need to do a dogeza after this.

Because originally the fortress don’t have enough space to house five thousand people, they temporarily built an ice bridge on the Rhine River.

With the collaboration of water <magic> and cooling <divine protection>.

I ordered many elves to prepare their bow on the top of the wall, and I ordered the remaining to standby at the utmost rear of northern fortress.

Like that, the tactic reached its final stage, we let loose a fire on the forest to improve our view.

“Commander, start a flame, and make the trees catch fire! What, it’s just a bit of harassment!!”

“R-Roger!! Prince!!”

Hm, I, am a prince from another country, but. He’s completely caught up in the pace of a retainer. Pace is scary.

Because the tactic went smoothly, the image of useless Boobs Prince changed into the image of a veteran general.

A very great development.

Now, change your opinion of me steadily, Albrecht-kun.

The fire that the commander-dono spread makes the trees caught fire, and just at the right time when the fire wall have been done, the wall scorched the mantises and makes them hesitate.

A very little flame can become a big fire, so you must be cautious with the cigarettes that you threw.

For some reason, the flame from commander’s fire magic rises from a completely unrelated place too, but due to him making a row of fire wall, I won’t mind about that.

After we run through the forward and return path in the midst of the enemy, the 4 of us return to the Southern Basel fortress.

The elves and the soldiers raise their cheer after they confirm our return.

However, they shouldn’t forget that the battle is still not over yet.

Before long, the fire wall is disrupted and a carpet of black mantises overflow from it, so the voice of cheer changed to the voice of disappointment.

But, I’ll skip the ’this place isn’t the place for us to die’ drama.

“Soldiers, don’t give up!! First, we must lure them to the Southern Basel fortress!! Their body is heavy so they can’t cross over Rhine River, so let’s start with delaying tactics!!”

The soldiers shoot their arrows after they hear my encouragement.

Attacking with arrows aren’t effective, but attacking with fire magic or throwing stones, and physical attacks using Divine Protection are quite effective.

Creating mansions mid-air and squashing the enemies physically, you have that kind of battle method, huh, Rottenmeier-san.

However, the enemy exceeds twenty thousand, only words of despair came out from those who watches the battlefield from Northern Basel fortress on the other side of Rhine River. But still, we won’t give up.

After that, I never thought that <House Keeper> divine protection can strengthen the fortress wall.

What kind of bullshit, they raised the hardness of fortress’ defence, which in its own way makes the wall long lasting.

I must give those maid combi some reward after this battle.

Nevertheless, our fruitless struggle had lasted until dusk, by that time the outer wall of the fortress reached its limit and collapse.

However, at that time we have already moved from the southern to the northern by crossing the bridge we made before. Goodbye, pops!

[TLNote: a reference to Lupin series… Probably used by Lupin himself. No one watches Lupin series in our team, so…]

And so, we have gathered those black carpet on the other side of the river, we have gathered the spectators on this side too, and dusk is the perfect time for the arrangement.

Now, be enchanted with my great show!!

That black carpet are wriggling before the river, we, the insects and humans, glare each other across Rhine River.

I think they understand that they will drown if they try to cross the river with their heavy body.

I thought they will make their comrade’s body into a bridge to cross the river, but it looks like they don’t have the courage to do that.

However, that cleverness and cowardice of yours will lead you to your fall.

The plan will fail if they ignore the southern fortress and cross the river, so thank you, black mantises.

At dusk, it has become dim, so the time for illumination to shine have come!!

Come on! Deus ex Machina!! Gooogle-sensei!!

[I’m already at the side of the user though?]

Oh, what a heartless answer.

Then, can you do that as what I said before?


Then, let’s the stage begin.

At the top floor of Northern Basel fortress, and furthermore I ascend to the roof and stand on that place.

Let’s do the specialty of Basel fortress, the scorching rainbow electrical parade!!

“My divine protection is boobs!! Even so, don’t ridicule boobs!! When you believe your own power and your own divine protection, it will shine its divine protection grace!!!”

Even though it was ambiguous, I think it’s fine!!

The battlefield is about spirit and momentum!!

For some reason, no one noticed the mystery about my speech that resounded over the entire battlefield!!

“I have the power of <Divine Protection>, smash all the enemies in front of my eyes until it turns to ashes!! Look at my <Divine Protection>!! Look at the power of my <Divine Protection>!! And, burn the power of my <Divine Protection> into your mind!!”

Well, it’s your turn, sensei!!

“Nipple Laseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer!!!!!!”

Japanese name: Chikubeam.

The seven-colored illumination outpouring from around my nipples, and one by one it pour down on the black mantises.

And at the same time, the laser beam from satellite pierce through those black mantises.

As the rainbow colored illumination showered down from my nipples, those black mantises die.

Red dots that are displayed on the map are decreasing with every second.

By the time this illumination shower stop pouring its rainbow, all black mantises have died.

Everybody become speechless after they saw this unbelievable spectacle, the beautiful rainbow shower, and the mountain of corpses on the other side of the river.

All humans and elves are entranced by the electrical parade that come out from my nipple.

“T-This is the power of a Special Grade <Divine Protection>…… It’s too, It’s too strong, and beautiful……”

Albrecht-kun had difficulties revealing his impression.

And then, the soldiers, commanders, elves, comrades from mansion, they all become speechless, and before long they look at me.

Those eyes are eyes of admiration of a legendary hero.

Q: Do I not know of the words ‘overkill’?

A: I know, sorry.

Annihilating twenty thousand super hard carapace-type with sword arms black mantises alone, it means it’s a legendary level exploits.

When I asked, ‘isn’t it fine for Albrecht-kun that can kill 10 of them with one swing to swing his sword two thousand times’, he said that if he swing his sword like that for ten times, he will collapse. Even though it was called <Divine Protection>, looks like it consumes some MP-like thing.

After that battle, Rottenmeier-san too, sleep for 3 days.

And those maid combi collapsed too, so I have done something terrible.

It just makes me ought to dogeza more and more.

Because, actually we could have annihilated them without any effort.

Because my conscience are torturing me, I escaped towards the banquet.

Well, as we are too excited to open a victory celebration, we forgot that we asked for some reinforcements from fortress cities in the surroundings.

In front of the reinforcement that were coming to this place with their equipment fully equipped is an 11 years old child indulging himself with celebration sake.

Someone who forget his social position and age is a good-for-nothing, isn’t he?

It was said that the carapace of black mantis is an ingredient for various armor, so everyone from fortress city will go to carry all of those here.

It was said that it’s an ingredient that has quite a value in fantasy world, but they can’t say any complaints because I’m the one who finished all of them, on the contrary, they are in the situation where they must be grateful to me because I saved their country’s soldiers.

Even though they approved our border’s entry reluctantly.

It’s troublesome if putrid smell was to waft around, so it’s best for us to receive them quickly.

We start to dispose the corpses with the help of the elves, and by the time it finished, 2 months had passed.

Rather than war, cleaning things up after a war is more troublesome.

From the elves, proposals to take up their daughter as my wife…… no one raised a topic like that, so I continued my return journey to the royal capital while feeling lonely.

The elves are owners of such beauty, good enough to make me want to hug them from behind and whisper sweet words from my country, now I hate this 11 years old body.

By the way, the elves want to live at the northern forest inside Grosse Kingdom’s territory for a while, so I used my right as a prince to grant that.

I don’t know the sense of time of elves, so maybe [for a while] for them is 100 years or 1000 years.

Somehow the Southern Basel fortress’ soldiers stays at Northern Basel fortress, but it was said previously that they want to rebuild the Southern Basel fortress together, they are very close.

The question ‘what on earth is country border for?’ keep appearing on my mind.

Well, the departing journey is me beaten down by the expectations set because of my 2 handsome brothers, but my return journey will be like the triumphant return of a hero.

I can enter the town proudly and magnificently! Because I worked hard for that!!

Passing through the gate, and the voice cheer raise from the crowd!

“Kya—————————–aaa, a, aa??”

Leonhart-niisama the golden lion is a shining handsome man with his blonde hair and manly body.

Siegfried-niisama the holy bow of moonlight shadow with his silver hair reminiscent of a moon at night is a melancholic cool guy with a tinge of melancholy on his face.

I, Karl, the war hero, with his plain and a bit irregular, disappointing face.

Gets a shrill voice fizzling with question marks.

The expectation hurdle is too high!!!

It’s the same disappointment as opening a Christmas present with a gorgeous wrapping, and the inside is one Kanro candy!!

Friendly fire!! Friendly fire!! Isn’t!! (Friendly fire? It’s not!)

It ended up as the women are disappointed with me, and the men are all troubled with how to respond and start to mumble away.

I-in the end, it’s all about face huh…….

My effort didn’t bore any fruit……

“Hey, is wearing full-helm…”

“You can’t”

At least just let me say it until the end……

And what kind of harassment is this? They splendidly set the departing and home-coming route differently.

As the expectation rises, so does the despair, my heart is trembling. 

Just like forgetting the heat after something hot passes your throat, just like getting tired of a beautiful woman after three days, a hero is forgotten after a week.

I was once again degraded into a burden within the platoon and being put inside a wagon on the way home to the capital.

“The wagon is rock~ing~……*sniff*”


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