Chapter 5: Debut

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After I returned to the royal palace safely, the servants that was dispatched to the resort became unemployed.

So, now that resort is my personal property, and all of them are employed back as my personal retainer, 1 case done.

But I’m worried about the future of this royalty, as the king just can’t refuse any request from Charlotte if she looked at him with her upturned eyes.

And then I, who safely(?) finished the coming of age ceremony, am treated as an adult and also a member of the royalty.

With this I can fully enjoy 24 hours a day of imouto life… or so I thought, but regretfully, it came to light that I won’t be able to do that.

As a royalty, I must learn this and that in order to participate in politics.

Speaking of why is a prince forced to study, you can pass the work to someone who have the convenient <Domestic Affairs> or <Diplomacy> Divine Protection, although it’s still questionable whether such Divine Protection exists or not as the person who has that has not appeared yet since generations, so it’s accepted as non-existent, therefore it was decided that it was the fate of royalty and nobles to take those jobs generally.

The “permanent” in permanent noble is the best honourable title that implicates  “you guys won’t be able to escape from this duty”.

The people that receives politics-related <Divine Protection> will receive a noble title and duty for their lifetime, different from the ones with “permanent” title.

And there’s only 1 type of permanent nobles in Grosse Kingdom, so there’s no distinction such as viscount, baron, duke, etc.

All of them are in charge of odd jobs. If you said it in business language, it’s general affairs section.

Furthermore, all of our citizens have <Divine Protection> in general, so it means in this nation there’s only people that have their own specialized job, therefore the footwork is quite light, and if there’s a nobles that misunderstood their own authority in their own territory and do some stupid things, their own territory population will be reduced to zero immediately.

Because of that, I must put my spirit in such routine, a noble’s default image is someone who strives to gain the popularity from their people.

It really is Noblesse Oblige.

[TLnote: in case some people don’t know what a ‘Noblesse Oblige’ is, click here]

Usually it’s done after positioning someone with the right <Divine Protection> in the right place, but along the generation, there would be some job vacancies , so it has become the part where study and effort can accomplish it without the help of <Divine Protection>.

So the reason for royalty are royalty and nobles are nobles is exactly this.

Nevertheless, I have Gooogle-sensei’s <Divine Protection>, so I think I can say that I’m an all-rounder domestic affairs special grade divine protection holder.

But why is there no Divine Protection for <Domestic Affairs>?

By the way, it seems like my <Boobs> Divine Protection has never appeared in the history, it’s regarded as an honorable divine protection.


As result of cramming the knowledge of military, law, diplomacy, general affairs, flood control, and business to my brain with great efforts, my head started to hurt a little so I take some medicine from sensei, then everything is solved suddenly.

It’s a medicine that also boosted the memory and improves brain comprehension, so I don’t want to ask its ingredient because it’s scary.

In the first place, even if it’s in the shape of a pill, I still doubt whether it really is a medicine or not.



As a royalty, the first thing I was being taught is the difference between battle and battlefield.

If there is a battle between swordsmen with a Grade 3 <Sword> and Grade 4 <Sword>, the one with Grade 3 will certainly win.

But what if there are two opponents? What if there is a battle between someone with Grade 4 <Spear> Divine Protection and someone with Grade 3 <Sword> Divine Protection? What if ten archers without any Divine Protection shoots him? What if there is a pitfall trap dug out in the middle of the battlefield?

<Divine Protection> certainly gives them power, but if they use it wrongly, or if they don’t use it, the outcome will be different.

Learning the tactics that was left by military personnel who have <Tactics> Divine Protection in the past, and cramming the tactics to be able to use it again. By the way, because Leo-niisama has Special Grade <War> Divine Protection, he passed this part. It’s unfair.

And why is the first thing being taught is military strategy? Because there’s a serious problem in this current world, that is we are in the middle of war.



After the fusion of seven worlds, each of the world’s law of nature also mixed.

In the case where living beings from various worlds lives in a  good habitat, an overlap will definitely occur there no matter what. And after they overlapped, conflicts would happen there, and it was called the struggle for existence.

It’s hard to imagine the human world, the so-called old world extension, but it’s different for the other worlds.

There’s also humans in the fantasy world, in addition, there are various intellectual beings too such as elf, dwarf, goblin, orc, etc. And they make use of [Mana], the universal element, to use magic.

Beings other than human, like Mythical Beasts, such as Kelpie exists too and inhabits the whole world

If you asked which is better between <Divine Protection> and <Magic>, I don’t know.

And there are few cases where the bearer of <Sword> Divine Protection from human world fought with a swordsman from fantasy world and lost, so you couldn’t be off guard when fighting with the different world.

Because the fantasy world’s humans don’t possess <Divine Protection> and the human world’s people can’t use <Magic>, the treatment around here is complicated.

While it’s possible to cross between two worlds and crossbreed, their unborn child would belong to the world from their mother’s side.

Because the thought process and civilization of fantasy world’s intellectual beings are very close to human’s, they can communicate each other, so the friction between them are few, but this became the problem between the other worlds.

Especially, the remarkable one is afterlife.

They are already dead, or possibly they are a race that was never alive in the first place, and they tend to increase their numbers by predating another life form other than themselves.

That activity policy, is as if they are zombies from movie. Certainly, we will be in conflict with them.

From Google-sensei’s explanation, their soul is the core and their body is only something extra, they’re a kind of spirit life form.

They possess corporeal touch and can pollute the opponent’s soul with a virus-like nature, and even if you destroy their intermediary in this world, which is their body, they will just regenerate again anyway, so if you attack them with pure physical energy and even though it is a nuclear, you can’t exterminate them. So troublesome.

And, there’s one more threat, that is insects world.

They are a life-form made up from a herd of insects with a single will, and basically they don’t do anything other than predating and increasing their numbers.

They roam around the world just like a colony of army ant , and they are a troublesome presence that literally makes the world into insect-eaten state.

As the result, many visitors from various worlds are roaming around the world as they like, so war -, no struggle for existence can’t be stopped in this world.

Because Grosse Kingdom is located in a relatively safe location, they can keep their peaceful state, but to prevent the nations that are adjacent with the afterlife and insects world from getting destroyed and end up in disastrous ending they are forced to participate in the war.

This kind of situation exists, and there’s another reason too, that is, they don’t have any wide area world map and don’t have any means to communicate with a remote location.

The world is dyed by 7 seven different colors, and to dye this world with their own world’s color, the struggle of existence lasts until now.



Europe continent is easy to protect because of its shape, and it has topographic advantage that makes it so difficult to attack, so our Grosse Kingdom passed their long times in peace.

If we talk about the topography, Grosse kingdom royal family rules over the southern part of old German, making Munich as their royal capital, and Frankfurt as the northern border of territory.

Furthermore on the north, that is on the northern Frankfurt, there’s a royal family that owns a territory merged from Netherlands and Denmark that is the Prussian royal family, but specifically  our lineage are related which means they are our sibling country, and we have a friendly relation in military and civil sector with them.

On the west, there’s a human empire from fantasy world, it’s called Frank Empire, their territory is the result from the merge of France and Spain’s territory, but because they are glaring at each other with Hyland Kingdom whose territory is the merge of England’s and Ireland’s, so currently they don’t possess any threat to us. Those 2 nations’ relationship are bad even across different worlds.

On the south, there’s a royal family centered on Switzerland, it’s called West Habsburg royalty, and there’s another royal family centered on Austria, it’s called East Habsburg royalty, but it’s just in name, because they are glaring at each other regarding about which is the legitimate royal family, so they don’t care much about Grosse Kingdom. Which one is the legitimate ruler is truly trivial to us.

On the south beyond the Alps Mountains, there’s Vatican Theocracy, still spreading their dear Christianity until now in Italy, I want to give those religions’ power some applause for keeping it for 12.000 years.

Speaking of the only threat, the east of German, there’s Baltic Three Kingdoms centered on Poland, and humanity’s largest empire, ruling over Czech, Slovakia, and Ukraine, the August Empire and its vassal states but they’re distressed since their eastern, southern and northern border are next to insects race’s and afterlife race’s territory, they’re locked in endless struggle which makes them exhausted which is one thing off my mind. Fools.

Grosse Kingdom and its sibling, Prussian royal family, understands about the current peace after thinking the fact about the buffer zone between fantasy world’s largest empire and humanity largest empire.

If a full blown conflict happened between fellow empires after being exhausted from the war, they will be swallowed up and annihilated altogether by the approaching insect race and afterlife race from behind.

Because ocean trade don’t exist, we don’t know the current condition of other countries over the seas, but just leave it at that, and after borrowing the power of Gooogle-sensei, looks like my beloved hometown, the great Japan was swallowed up by afterlife.

Seems like the Article 9 of Japanese Constitution had no effect regarding zombie pandemic.

The spectacle of skeletons from 12.000 years ago, loitering around the wasteland, creeps me out.

A former skyscraper only have their concrete ruins left, and there’s no activity on Japan’s normal ecosystem, there’s only plants and skeletons that rule over the place, it was a peaceful world.

Dogs, cats, bears, etc. become part of the skeletons’ kingdom, birds, etc. too, but it looks like they don’t have wings so they can’t fly. What a mess.

But there’s some hope left. There were the self-defense forces at Hokkaido, so they survived the confusion at the time of world fusion due to the success of the northern army, afterwards, children with <Divine Protection> are also born here, and due to the fantasy race, human race, also the Oni race’s united front is a nation of hybrids, this led to the establishment of the northern sea empire, which seems to be gathering their forces to take up arms once again with recapture the mainland as their slogan Good luck, Japan.

The so called Oni race is a race that consists of onis and other beings similar to demons, uses a concept called <Ki> and loves violence. Their punches, kicks, and strikes with rod, such activities of simple destruction reaches even the domain of the soul, a mighty race that can destroy even the afterlife race. I don’t really want to encounter this kind of athletic being.

Originally, the 7 worlds were already close in dimensional distance, so sometimes cultural exchange happens when the dimensional boundary rips. And it was passed on as folklores, so incidents of swapping children or mysterious disappearance are caused by this, and Urashima Tarou-san was brought by a turtle-like being to fantasy world.

So if you consider the place that Kobutori-jii-san went to is oni world, you can say his luck is so wonderful.

[TLNote : some Japanese folklore]

Thus, if you look at the worlds from bird’s-eye view, you can see the human society scattering about the whole world in their attempt to survive on their own which is a little painful. If you were able to connect the dots in the humanosphere with a line, you can also carry out a more organized rebellious activities against the threats from other races.

And yet, why is my <Divine Protection> is boobs?

[It’s what Karl-sama wished for.]

“I didn’t wish for it!! It was just sensei who jumped into conclusions!!”

And then, since that incident, I become someone who would listen to the worries of ladies who have modest chest.

Everytime that happens, Charlotte emits her dark aura. Please forgive this sinful brother who is rejoicing when his little sister is jealous for him.

Google medical service not only work toward its user, but it can work toward its user’s pet (Sensei’s standard) too, so cosmetic surgery for making breasts bigger or cosmetic surgery for repairing breasts that have lost to gravity, is one of its forte.

But, rather than young girls with small breast, ladies over thirties are much more than them… It’s not something I am really happy about.

Rather than 30s, the one on their 40s, 50s, and even though they are over 60s, they still can’t stop to yearn for beauty. I’m, already, all worn-out.

Why did it become like this!?

[It’s what Karl-sama wished for.]

“I didn’t wish for it!! It was just sensei who jumped into conclusions!!”

Recently they start to forget my own standings as a royalty as time passed.

There’s the concept of lèse-majesté established in this country, but lately it just ends with like “Well, It’s that prince anyway” for me.

After the coming of age ceremony, I was getting too carried away.

Looks like to be respected by another, you must be supported by the right personality and actions.

It’s without doubt that I’m also loved by the citizens just like the Golden Lion and Moon Shadow nii-sama although in a different way, but there’s something I’m dissatisfied with.

The onii-samas are looked at with a longing eyes, meanwhile, I’m looked at with a lukewarm sympathetic eyes, why is it like this?

[It’s what Karl-sama wished for.]

“I didn’t wish for it!! It was just sensei who jumped into conclusions!!”

There’s a rule that says that you can only throw the same tsukkomi three times , so keep any complaints in your chest, but recently, I can’t stop my anxiety because my big-breasted Louise-neesama started to distance herself from me.

Because my breasts are big, my little brother became like that?, she was in troubled condition like that.

I can’t even apologize as the one who hurt that big breasts.

Father who recently began losing his presence and hair more and more because of this and that, issued a royal decree to me for the first time.



“Exterminate the demon beasts along the way as a platoon commander?”

“Yeah, I received some notification that you excel in tactics. And I heard you are even more excellent than Sieg. Even though I’m worried about what must I do to ‘that’, but humans keep existing because of the hidden potential from every different <Divine Protection>. So I’m happy as your father.”

That how it is right, father? A prince who only have boobs as <Divine Protection> is causing you to worry too much right?

Due to the fact that Kelpie, a being from fantasy’s territory, nearly drowned, and since then, beings from fantasy world appeared more frequently in human’s territory, I’m entrusted with the mission of investigating it as my first mission.

[TL note: I have no idea how can a kelpie, a water horse or water spirit can drown]

With exterminating demon beast as a pretext, giving the blessing of Medical Treatment or Carpenter Works Divine Protection to the villages along the road was included as my job too.

If the coming-age ceremony is an inside debut, exterminating demon beast along the way is an outside debut.

Originally, this is a custom that will be done after taking lessons from the class lecture for 3 years, but my that is ‘that’, so before it becomes a scandal, I receive a parental affection that is, I must raise my popularity towards the citizens before that could happen. I accepted it firmly.

“Yes, it’s an honor to receive this order, father.”

In this kind of situation, I must sternly decide.

Father also seems to be pleased.

Let’s call out some large army to do the march.

I’m already tired of the class lecture.



I strut through the highway together with my corps on the brainwashed Kelpie, which is now my favorite horse, Kelhya-gou.

By no means, I won’t attach ‘-’ behind Kelhya.
[TLNote: it means if you attach ‘-’ behind Kelhya it will be like Kelhyaa, which would be Kärcher, a company about cleaning technology.]

I feel how fearsome <Divine Protection> is after it made a ferocious man-eater horse into a gentle carrot-eater horse.

Retainers under my direct control, are the 23 mansion employees of mine, 30 soldiers with their battle-type Divine Protection, Albrecht-kun as the commander in battle  and as an adjutant too, and 50 person in charge of transportation corps, who are in charge of goods transportation, a whole platoon totaling of 105 members are advancing on the highway.

Eh? A platoon with over a hundred personnel?

Wait, isn’t father a bit weird?

Daily patrol around the highway near the royal capital without any living being that are harmful to humans and animals, actually it is so safe.

For night encampment, we have Rottenmeier-san’s <Mansion> divine protection to create a big and wonderfully structured mansion for our sleeping safety.

Seems like this march will change the definition of camping.

In the morning, we didn’t destroy the mansion.

There’s no need for such extreme safety, there wouldn’t be anyone who dares to hurt me, it will be a safe march, I thought at that time.



After we left the royal capital, we will arrive at our first city.

Before, when I was sent to the resort, I concealed myself so there was no chance for sightseeing, but now it’s different.

And so, as the prince’s army passed through the town’s gate, I proceed within the town on top of my favorite horse, Kelhya-gou.

And then, from the town residents, a welcoming voice raised up!!


The Golden Lion, Leonhart-niisama with his golden hair and manly body is a sparklingly cool guy.

The Holy Arrow of Moonlight, Siegfried-niisama with his silver hair that reminds people of the moon in the middle of the night is a melancholic cool guy with melancholic face.

The Boobs Prince, that is me, Karl, with his smooth and flat face with little unevenness, makes them feel disappointed.

Shrill voice of awe with a question mark attached to its end.

If their expectation is too high it will become like this!!

If a Christmas present with a wonderful wrapping turns out to be just a piece of Kanro candy it will be such a disappointment right!!

[TL note: Kanro candy seems to be a brand of candy in japan. Maybe you should try to google it.]

Furendorii Faia!! Furendorii Faia!! Izuntu!! (A friendly fire? Is not!)

[TLnote: The first one is written in engrish(katakana), and the one in the bracket is written in japanese.]

The women are all disappointed because of me, and the men are all troubled with how to respond and start to mumble away.

Ah, in such a place my enemy is here. I didn’t see the ambush at all.

I can also understand how you feel. But my feelings are also hurt. You knows that boys around this age are delicate right?

“…Hey, is wearing a full helmet no good?”

I asked the adjutant of my platoon, Albrecht-kun.

He also, with a troubled face that doesn’t know what expression should he makes, shakes his head and answers, “No, you can’t”.

Thought so. It’s my debut after all. Ahahahaha.

Is this a debut!? Or is this a public humiliation!?

[I think it is 20% debut, 80% public humiliation.]

Thanks sensei, for giving me an exact analysis that doesn’t give me any consolation.


I was welcomed warmly by the permanent nobles who are governing this town, after that we left the town.

My opinion, that is to leave the town before the dawn, were rejected. Even though I’m the prince. Even though I’m the prince!!

The other day, a rumor regarding that the 3rd prince have a disappointing face spreads through the city via obaa-chan network, so when I want to escape from the city, I received an overflowing welcome from citizens.

At a glance, they all want to see a disappointing face.

The whole crowd of men and women obviously have a shared opinion.

This is……

[I think it’s 100% public humiliation.]

Thank you……sen……sei……



At the second town, my heart was wounded again.

When I passed the third town, my heart was broken.

When I passed the fourth town, my heart lost its emotion.

At the fifth town, my heart changed to steel.

“Mou, I want to go home……”

“You can’t”

Albrecht-kun has shot down my petition heartlessly dozens of times.

Recently, I feel that Albrecht-kun has been treating me roughly.

The standard is already wrong at the moment when my brothers were used as the standard.

I’m not supposed to be really that bad of a prince, right?

If we consider it from the view of the people, I’m supposedly pretty good as a ruler, right?

I don’t want towns anymore. I don’t want towns anymore.

As I thought that, God granted my wish, what I see is not a town but an agricultural village.

Until now, if we stray from the highway slightly, there’s a village in there, so in the terms of debut, we would go through it.

And there was this hospitality that wasn’t there before.

After all, there’s no disappointment at all!

Yes, now I know, if people didn’t know the beautiful face of my brothers, they wouldn’t be disappointed because they only know my face!

As I got my confidence back, I didn’t hold back on using my power to help this village.

“What, what? The milk that comes from that cow is insufficient? Whaaat, just leave it to me, I’ll show you the power of my special grade divine protection.”

I’ll make that dairy cow able to be milked up to 200 litre of milk with the finest quality possible every day.

Hurray for nanotechnology!!

“What, what? The mother’s milk for the babies is insufficient? Whaaat, just leave it to me, I’ll show you the power of my special grade divine protection.”

I’ll increase the mammary glands activity, furthermore, I also adjust the optimum additional nutrition for the child.

Hurray to nanotechnology!!

“What, what? Recently, as the breast sagged, it has been a hindrance in your married life? Whaaat, just leave it to me, I’ll show you the power of my special grade divine protection.”

I will make them plump and springy, brimming with youthfulness, and also, say goodnight to the nipple that darkens along with age, and makes it into a pretty pink color again! Danna-san!

[TLnote: ‘Danna’ can refer to many things. Master, husband, boss, etc. In this context he is using it to refer to the husbands of this village.]

Hurray to nanotechnology!!

A village is great, unlike towns.

Because there are so many things lacking here, so there’s a worth in showing my power off.

Denis the gardener examined the infertile land with <Plants> Divine Protection and improved it.

I tried to leave the part of house repairs to Rottenmeier-san, but it looks like <Mansion> Divine Protection can’t be used for houses, I was shocked in a certain meaning.

Even though it can reconstruct something that has relation with <Mansion> like stable or livestock cabin, just because one little house is not in the category, she says she can’t.

I discovered an unexpected aspect of <Divine Protection>

It’s the forte of maid combi, who have Grade 2 <House Keeper> Divine Protection, so the counter-measure for repairing roof leak until re-coating the wall to protect it from the wind are entrusted to them, and indeed they show their wide variety of abilities here.

House Keeper is to keep the state of house, and purely not a maid.

Now that you mention it, I’ve never seen them doing maid-like things except cleaning.

On the second day we fixed this and that in this agricultural village, and raised the production rate to 800 % (According to Gooogle-sensei’s investigation) with domestic affairs cheat!

Domestic affairs cheat is great!!

Domestic affairs cheat is great!!

“Well, let’s move to the next one soon”

Eh? What is ‘next’?

What is Albrecht-kun saying?

I’m not done yet in this village, you know?

“I don’t want towns! I want to be a child of this village!”

“Well, let’s go. And you are a prince.”

I was dragged along by the nape, and I hate this 11 years old body because I can’t defy them.

And this is not how you treat a prince!! This is absolutely a lèse-majesté!!

Ahh, everyone from the village are waving their hands as farewell.

Because of their sudden advance in technology, everyone in the village drew back instead, so they are waving their hands with a relieved look on their face.

Ah goodbye, village of happiness. And hello to the town of despair.


The voice of disappointment after happiness is already unpleasant, was unhappiness used to flavor the happiness? Was happiness used to flavor the unhappiness?, just like that I think about that philosophical question continuously.



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