Chapter 4: Boobs

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I think, therefore I am.

Little sister exists, therefore big brother is.

Q: Why am I currently here in this lakeside mansion while spending my life fishing if sunny, reading if rain?

A: To conceal the fact that is, the third son of royal family didn’t get any <Divine Protection>.

Q: Well then, what must I do to break-down this house arrest state?

A: Plan A: Get <Divine Protection>. But, this plan is impossible.

Plan B: Convince your surroundings that you got <Divine Protection>.

Q: How to convince my surroundings?

A: Help me, Gooogle-emon!!


Yeah, that concludes the strategy meeting.

The meeting leader is me, for the brain, I invite Gooogle-sensei.

Let’s think about the big failure that happened at my <Divine Protection> debut, last year on my 10 years birthday.

I touched the crystal, it didn’t shine, and it didn’t pop any word.

Therefore, everyone knows that I didn’t get any <Divine Protection>. That’s all.

“Sensei, is there any method to deal with this problem?”

[When you touch the crystal, I will cast some light, and if I produce some words in the mid-air, it’s possible to deceive the surroundings that you got <Divine Protection>]

“Then, is there any service to write a words in the mid-air by casting light?

[I recommend you to use Gooogle illumination service. It is used to liven up the mood for birthday parties, festivals, and sometimes romantic situations, but it can also be used for presentation and the likes.]

“In short, I just need to touch the crystal ball, and then Sensei will use the illumination service, and everything will be done, right!?”

[From calculation, it will be like that. But, as it’s like a fraud act, so I advise you to conduct it carefully. In case of law opposition, I won’t allow the use of the service.]

Nuguguh, after the adult content wall, now there’s the wall of law.

If I, If I can pass this net of law.

Let’s use-let’s use the wisdom of Nagata-chou.

“For example, if I use the illumination service on my birthday last year, will it be counted as a fraud?”

[No, it’s not a fraud from that situation]

Why? Why?
[TL Note: the other ‘why’ is in English (Naze? Why?)]

I totally thought that it would be a fraud though?

“Currently, I don’t recognize those sapiens that claim themselves human as a human. I recognize those sapiens, who have <Divine Protection>, as a new species because they have mutated after taking the effect of the world fusion. For it to be easier to explain for Karl-sama, it is the same as the difference between Homo sapiens with Homo neanderthalensis.”

Un, please explain it more easily.

[Karl-sama is Homo sapiens. Meanwhile, the present beings that claim themselves as human beings are the future race of Homo sapiens. And, I only recognize Homo sapiens as a human. Therefore, I don’t recognize the current beings that claim themselves human as a human, and I don’t recognize the act of using illumination service as an act of fraud. This includes theft, rape, etc. too.]

Eer, in short, because I am some sort of primitive human, I’m treated as a human?

[Yes, it is.]

A new truth, I am actually a primitive man in this future world.

Uhho uhho. How come? Why? Such thing happens?

[I think it’s because of your genetic code. And I think your genetic code was rewritten due to your spiritual body information.]

The spiritual body information? You mean the memory of my past life?

[Yes, Karl-sama’s spiritual body information was dragged into the space-time oscillation together when the dimensional boundary collapsed, and reincarnated without going through the normal process. Because the spiritual body information reproduces your information, there are some changes on your genes, so you were born as a Homo sapiens. Therefore, I recognize Karl-sama as a human, so I can offer the service to you]

My flat slender chin are right here.

If you mention it, my current appearance and my former appearance seems to be the same.

Even though I should be a German from my lineage.

But with this I passed the net of law. No, to begin with, there’s no net of law!

Except the adult contents restriction……

Huuh? Then, theft, rape, murder, and the likes are fine, but why does peeking on Charlotte doing that is forbidden? Is it just Sensei being mean to me?

[In order to cope with something like picture, words, CG, etc., everything that resembles human, doing reproduction or anything that will heavily influence children’s aesthetic sense’s growth are categorized as adult content. This is a judgment made since ancient international treaty times.]

… Age, huh? The wall of R-18 is impregnable, isn’t it? Damn it, those primitive people who forgot about dreams. No, I guess it’s because of those regulations we can dream, huh? Since I also declared that a 2D girl on the other side of the screen is my waifu. Hahaha……

Leaving that aside…… with this, all preparations have been set!! The rest is just my triumphal return to the royal palace!!


And now, after some time have passed, redo of her society debut will be prepared again on Charlotte’s eleventh birthday.

“Louise-neesama, I don’t want to do any debut. Last year I’ve done it so there’s no need to do it anymore right?”

For Charlotte who have never seen her mother’s face, Louise is her motherly figure.

The feeling of being separated from her brother, and that sadness must be causing her chest to hurt.

So, she starts to throw a tantrum. And of course, she is aware it didn’t work like what she wants.

Louise only strokes Charlotte’s head gently.

She can’t just pretend to listen to her selfishness until she is satisfied.

Her <Divine Protection> debut, for her, it is the same as the ceremony that pushed her beloved brother to the depths of hell.

“Charlotte… I understand your feelings. And I also know that you’re a girl who won’t neglect her duties as a royalty.”

Charlotte is a girl who can’t run away from her duty as a royalty.

Louise, the other two elder brother are too, and also that’s how Karl, who accepted the house arrest too.

“Louise-neesama is mean……”

“I’m sorry. Even though, it’s only Karl who is allowed to tease you.”

As she said that, Charlotte’s face suddenly turn red.

“Uuu——-, you really are mean!”

Louise giggled.

Exactly one year ago, on the other side of this curtain, Charlotte and Karl are holding hands side by side.

This year, Louise stands behind Charlotte to give her courage to welcome her 11th birthday by pushing her back.

If today, the appraisal crystal ball didn’t shine, will I be able to pass my time with Karl-niichan once again?

Imagining the impossible, sadness began to cloud her face.

As the curtain rises, permanent nobles with their children are lining up on the left and right side, in the middle of it, Charlotte and Louise walk on the top of the red carpet.

The appraisal crystal ball that seems to be so far when she saw it last year, seems closer this year.

Quickly, very quickly they arrive at the front of appraisal crystal ball.

“Charlotte, last year, because of some illness, your coming of age ceremony was halted, so I’m glad for you to be able to perform the ceremony this year healthily.”

It’s a farce. It’s a farce that have been known by all of the people that are present right now, but it’s still the obligation between nobles and royalty.

Probably because of last year’s memory, our father’s face gloomed. Seems like he remembered some bad memory about Karl, the third prince.

Both of my elder brother’s face on the side also gloomed.

“Well then, let’s start. Touch this crystal ball with your hand”

Charlotte extend her hand.

Somehow, please don’t shine, she prayed.

The inorganic appraisal crystal shine mercilessly, and then in the air some letters formed.

[Nature: Special Grade] [Universe: Special Grade] [Love: Special Grade]

Three special grade divine protection. It’s a sign of a person who is loved by the heaven.

The nobles are clapping their hands. That applause is so loud as if washing away the previous incident.

Charlotte looked up at the letter floating in the air with sadness.



To blow away a little sister’s sadness is the duty of an elder brother.

To do so, I can’t choose my means, no, I will use any means allowed.

Rather than the law, rather than the heavens, isn’t it obvious that my little sister is more precious!!

The silhouette of someone steps on the red carpet, which is me!!

“O Solomon! I have come back!!”

Some commotion start to appear among attendants.

Most of them must be thinking like why is the useless third princes here? And the rest probably thinking like “What is Solomon?”

“Ka-Karl? For what reason are you here?”

Fufufu, as expected from our father, Wilhelm-tousama also can’t hide his surprise.

“Isn’t it obvious? Because of the illness last year, I couldn’t attend the coming of age ceremony, this year I came to attend the ceremony!!”

Yeah, this barely on time schedule is also my plan.

I came to the royal palace by riding the Kelpie that had been brainwashed by the animal trainer in the barn.

Running through highway, street, and also on top of the river, I finally arrived to this place.

“Ho-However, Karl’s <Divine Protection> is…”

Yes, the appraisal crystal ball didn’t shine when I touched it.

That’s because I’m a Homo sapiens. Because I’m a primitive man.

But now, I have received a new guardian deity who will give me a <Divine Protection>, that’s why I came back.


Charlotte run up to me, butting her head towards my stomach, and then giving me hug that was like a brown bear.

M-my little sister’s love is too heavy… no, painful, I’m dying… help……

“Charlotte, if you keep doing that, Karl might end up dying, you know?”

The one who helped me on time is the big breasted Louise-neesama.

Seems like in this one year, it grew up and became more vigorous.

That’s wonderful.

Charlotte weaken her strength, and it changed into a comfortable embrace.

“Karl-niichan, why are you here?”

“It’s not ‘niichan’ but ‘onii-sama’. What, I come to show the result of my 1 year effort.”

I brushed away my hair. There’s no reaction at all.

If it was performed by Sieg-niisama, the ladies would be screaming hysterically in awe immediately, the difference between our face are great.

“Now, it’s Niichan’s time. Char too watch it properly, okay!!”

I gently release Charlotte’s embrace, with brimming confidence, I walk on the red carpet and glare at the appraisal crystal ball.

If I think about it, you’re the one who let me taste humiliation, BUT, this year, I will prevail over you!

Fuhahahaha, watch! This is my power!!

Salvation-by-faith!! Come out! Deus ex Machina!! Gooogle-sensei!!!

[Initiating illumination service]

I touched that crystal ball with my right hand.

From the crystal ball, a faint light start to glow.

The attendants and the people from our house who knew about last year incident began to raise their voices.

Without stopping, the faint light rose from the crystal ball, illumination service amazed everyone.

And after a while, the surrounding people tilt their head because the light is still running.

Eh? What does this mean? Sensei?

[Karl-sama. Because you haven’t decided what words to be drawn, I can’t draw it on the air.]

Ah, right. I haven’t decided on the type of the divine protection.

No, this is bad.

First the impossible rising light phenomenon, and the second is the no word popping phenomenon, made the surrounding people show their baffled look.

Something, is there nothing at all?

I look towards my left. There are some permanent nobles’ attendants.

I look towards my right. There are some permanent nobles’ attendants.

I look forward. There are my father and two elder brother.

I look at my side. There’s the big breasted Louise-neesama.

Ah, within this one year it grew even more.

That’s no longer a breast of 16 years old you know.

Boobs <Divine Protection>, huh? That’s not that bad, is it?

Ha… Not good, Sensei!? Sensei!?

[Boobs: Special Grade]

OHMAIGAT! In the middle of the air, a beautiful <Divine Protection> is being presented.

The commotion, the commotion became big and bigger.

Special Grade <Boobs> Divine Protection…… It’s too ambiguous!

And then, suddenly our father began to clap.

Following him, Leo-niisama and Sieg-niisama also begin to clap their hands.

Every attendants present right here also begin to clap their hands, once again.

For the time being, the surge of clapping hands are flowing for a while.

Indoor, the loud sound of clapping hands repeated, and they give some blessing words for my <Divine Protection>.

“Boobs is just not good, right?”

Big breasted Louise-neesama, around 80% of this is your fault, you know?

Well, it’s all completely me trying to shift the blame though.


Now, let’s begin the dinner party which was cancelled last year.

The high society debut that was late for 1 year.

This year, if we talk about what I’ve been doing for the past one year, it’s only fishing and reading… The end.

This is bad, does my body still remember how to dance properly?

And I don’t have any clothes for dinner party from before.

It’s not like Shi*mura and U*qlo are open here, and usually, a royal family’s clothes are order-made.

Since I have grown into an 11 years old from 10 years old, my old clothes don’t fit me anymore as result.

I think it’s fine to have some mail order from Sensei, but I will have to say that I got it from somewhere.

I might have to drag some tailor who have a Grade 1 <Clothes> Divine Protection.

I’m sorry. I got carried away with my tricks that I forgot to think about what to do after it ends.


After finished changing into the dinner party dress, Charlotte tangled her arm around me while behaving like a spoiled child.

It’s obvious that she lets her cute deredere face shows out. Well, I’m also letting out the same deredere face, though.

“What is it? Charlotte.”

“Only call~ing~♪”

Ah, too cute.

I can’t believe I was able to live separated from this cute little sister for one year.


“What is it? Charlotte.”

“Only call~ing~♪”

Ah, too cute.

I can’t believe I was able to live separated from this cute little sister for one year.


“What is it? Charlotte.”

“Only call~ing~♪”

Ah, too cute.

I can’t believe I was able to live separated from this cute little sister for one year.

Like a broken tape, we endlessly repeating this until the most of the family members got their attention drawn towards us.

“Charlotte, I understand that you are happy but please keep your act properly. We need to prepare clothes for Karl for the dinner party quickly, so please separate yourself from him.”

Father warned Charlotte.

When he did that, Charlotte gazed at father with a clouded upturned eyes.

Soon enough, that eyes moisten up and tears began to spill out, and then father turns away. Just like that.

“Ju-just only for a little bit more, okay.”

Father, he has no dignity whatsoever.

No, is this probably the power of <Love> Divine Protection?

“Charlotte wants to attend the high society debut with Karl, right? On that time, you want Karl to wear stylish clothes, don’t you? So, will you please separate from Karl?”

“Ye-es. Then I’ll wait. Karl-niichan, become good-looking okay♪.”

As expected from the big breasted Louise-neesama. As expected from big breast.

I, who was released from Charlotte, quickly have my clothes being prepared.

Although the one who tailors my clothes is a craftsman, I must try to not to move a single bit as if I’m a mannequin.

<Divine Protection> is really such an amazing thing, it’s already finished in 5 minutes.

If a tailor from the old era see this, they might just throw away their tools.

Now, as for the high class society debut that was postponed for one year, let’s start it.


“No, I understood.”

As expected my golden lion and moon shadow brothers still have that attracting power.

All of the women including the unmarried ones, married ones, little girls, and even the ones who are holding their grandchild, altogether are swarming around them.

The power of the big breasted Louise-neesama’s breast also increased within this one year, and the children of the nobles who are fully loaded with ulterior motive are surrounding her.

You guys, you didn’t forget that the other party is a royalty right?

Because I will certainly remember the one who have their gaze directed at the bottom rather than the lips. Gooogle-sensei will!

And then, there’s also Charlotte, who obviously sticks around me and tangled her arm with mine.

As for the ladies that seems to be trying to approach me, Charlotte draw out her black aura to clear them away.

Un, oniichan doesn’t really need anybody as long as Charlotte is here, but as I thought, I also want to be pampered by some other girls.

But Char, you will know if you see them properly, they all have a common feature which is, that they are all women who have a bit disappointing breast.

As for myself, there’s no erotic feelings within me. Ahahahaha, ha……

By the way, there’s no noble children who seems to try to get close to Charlotte.

Apparently there’s no idiot KY who dares to interrupt this pink colored atmosphere between the two of us.

[TLnote: I hope everyone knows what KY is, but just in case. It stands for “Kuuki Yomenai”, someone who can’t read the atmosphere/situation.]

Ah, father is standing alone right there.

I wonder why, he is the least conspicuous one in this family. Even though he is a king.

Now I wonder who is the main character for this dinner party?


And once again today, the Grosse royal family is bustling in harmony.



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    If he actually spent the time to think what his Divine Protection would be, I wonder if he would’ve chosen History. Seems like the best choice with a god-level search engine on your side.


    • I very much think that everybody was just clapping to keep up appearances and not confront the royalty. For more normal humans, laughter, scorn or open pity would have been the most likely result.


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    Thanks for the chapter.


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