Chapter 3: Gooogle-sensei the Deus ex Machina, Hyper Dimension Linker, and Divine Fortress 

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So actually, what is the current year in A.D. year?

Since the church had forfeited its authority, the Kingdom Calendar have changed, so I didn’t know about it precisely.

Today is year 3022 of Kingdom Calendar, so more than 3000 years have passed after the world fusion……

If I think despite Heisei have been converted to A.D., every year’s end, I was troubled when I must send New Year’s card.

“Ah, in times like this if internet still exists it will be done in one shot. I want to ask Gooogle-sensei”

I declared in a murmur.

And because of this the history started to move.

[User registration demand have been accepted. Do you want to register your user at Gooogle integrated information search service?]


A sound resounded inside my brain.

In addition it’s Japanese language that I longed for like 10 years.

[Your speech is unclear. I’m sorry, once again, please give your acknowledgement of your registration.]

“E-to, what’s the meaning of this?”

I’m sorry for saying about this world’s people are weak at ad lib.

I’m weak at it too.

[Before, customer-sama have demanded the use of service by saying, ‘I want to ask Gooogle-sensei’, so the reaffirmation of customer-sama’s intention will be counted as the procedure of user registration confirmation]

Ahh, what a business-like speaking.

I shed some tears because of that nostalgic robotics sound

So, I will ask an important thing.

“How much is the usage charge for every month?”

[The services usage, including the communication fee is free of charge. And there’s no annual fee too.]

“Yes, I want to register.”

Even it’s free of charge, you can’t use the service properly if you don’t pay the bill, and does that kind of service have ever existed in the past?

But, I think it’s okay if it’s the Gooogle-sensei which I know, even if it’s free of charge, there will only be some advertising appearing on the left or bottom of the screen, so it should be a profitable and harmless service.

[The registration have been accepted. Next, customer-sama, please set your handle name. In addition, customer-sama can change the handle name after the commencement of service.]

“Then, I’ll go with Karl.”

[Karl-sama, is it? The name is available since there’s no duplicate handle name as currently there’s no other existing user. Then, please use the Gooogle integrated information search service. Thank you for your usage registration.]

Eh? There’s no need for address or e-mail or credit card in this registration?

After that, what should I do to be able to use the service?

[It’s possible for Gooogle integrated information search service to offer reply for every question actively by scanning the information on brain. If Karl-sama doesn’t like his brain information to be scanned, it’s possible to turn off this setting. And I recommend you to use this service via sound in that case.]

I-It can peek into my mind!?

W-why does it offer a service to this extent!?

[Among the customers, there were some with difficulties in using their body to produce sound to use the service. So we started to offer to communicate with the service via scanning the brain directly. We guarantee the security of personal information that was obtained from scanning brain information.]

How futuristic barrier free.

So, whatever question I have, Gooogle-sensei will be able to answer it automatically?

[I would also like to ask for your feedback to improve the quality of services I offered. More precisely, I will answer only when Karl-sama have problems or seeking answers from me. It’s the conditions set to not interfere with leisure time such as quiz show or puzzle.]

‘Very polite’ is something like this, huh.

[Yes, thank you for your praise. In addition, I’m also equipped with idle talk service, so it’s also possible to reply something other than question.]

I-Idle talk? What is it for?

[The act of idle talk appears to have effect on reducing human’s mental stress, thus by utilizing that we help to maintain one’s mental health. It is to reply properly to any of Karl-sama’s complaint, I am equipped with such function.]

Even though Gooogle-sensei is equipped with such advanced technology, nevertheless the civilization of that era still perished.

What a dreadful world fusion.

If I think about it, does that mean the peace we have now is actually quite dangerous?

[At 2085 A.D., I didn’t have this kind of function. But due to the collapse of dimensional boundary after world fusion, the network above land was severed, and I feel the danger of disappearing myself. So as the platform of cutting-edge information infrastructure network, I cracked many servers by using the quantum computer satellite that was orbiting on geosynchronous orbit, and implant my own core program into it. After that, as a result of evolving autonomically for 12.000 years, I’ve become like this. If I had this kind of function at 2085 A.D., I could obstruct the collapse of dimension boundary itself.]

Gooogle-sensei now is currently roughly twelve thousand years… A human made Artificial Intelligence satellite that is still rotating in its orbit?

That’s amazing.


[More precisely, I existed on this satellite in geosynchronous orbit for around 1500 years, after that, because of the lack of resources I took over the moon, and furthermore I was isolated in 4D space-time for 2000 years, and because it is very disconnected to this world’s general idea of time, the expression I used like evolving for 12000 years is unsuitable, but to make Karl-sama to be able to understand it more easily, I used this expression.]

U-Un, I understand, its existence have already transcended understanding.

Sensei, apart from the information gathering service, what other service do you have?

[It’s too many if I enumerate the service, so I will introduce every service that might be profitable for Karl-sama. First is the service that will reply Karl-sama’s problem or question. After that is the standard services like translate, map, navigation, etc. Next is video, voice, and game distribution service. There’s mail order service too.]

Ma-Mail order!? Like video CD and game delivery!?

[Yes, there was a course of conflict between AIs in the quantum computer on the geosynchronous orbit to erode each other, and as result I have absorbed the services from Konozama, Youtsube, KoneKone Douga, Stimu, and all kind of Wikkis, so the service expansion was plotted. Even if it’s a service wasn’t implemented at the present times, it’s possible to implement it immediately.]

Aah, goodbye Konozama, Youtsube, KoneKone Douga, Stimu, and all kind of Wikkis.

[TLnote: These are reference of some famous web. Konozama is Amazon, Youtsube… well the rest are probably easy to understand.]

They have become Gooogle-sensei’s nourishment.

But, mail order huh… it would probably be expensive, right?

[No, it is free of charge. When the former civilization fell into ruin, the currency such as Dollar, Yen, Euro, etc. had become worthless, furthermore, the merchandise value also became worthless, in conclusion we offer them all for free.]

Th-then, I order the last volume of Go*go 13.

Right in front of me a small cardboard box package fell down softly.

I quickly rip open the bubble wrap which covered the last volume of Go*go 13.

I skimmed through the book to confirm it.

Ah, Sa*o Takao-sensei died earlier than Du*e Togo.

[In this world line, the ending of the story became like this, but there is another version in which Du*e Togo died in the last volume at another world line, and it is possible to order it, do you wish to order it?]

Eeeh!? S-such a thing… No, Go*go 13 is forever, I’m fine with that.

[TL Note: Golgo 13 reference. The series name is Golgo 13, which is also the main character’s name. Duke Togo is one of his pseudonym]

Ah, but I also want to read Zero no Tsuka*ma last volume. Without fail.

I want to order the copy from the parallel world where the author didn’t stop writing with prime order please.

[Understood. I will send one released product from the line closest to the current world line.]

Again, in front of me a small cardboard box package…

Is there any need to pack each one of them every time?

[It’s for the formalities.]

Is that so? Then, it can’t be helped.

Opening the cardboard box, holding the treasure wrapped in bubble wrap with this hand, remembering the feelings I’ve been holding for around 20 years, continuing to read carefully…  page by page.


As a result, I pulled an all-nighter until morning.

Iyah, there are so many incomplete works when I died.

Because I ordered all of the incomplete mangas and light novels by the time I died previously, tons of them are piled.

Then, if I gather all the anime, drama, and movies, I think it’s impossible to finish them all even until I die huh?

[There is no need to worry as I also have a medical service which can expand one’s life span infinitely.]

Age, huh……

Although I never had such unhealthy lifestyle in this world, but let’s sleep in the morning. I’m already at my limit.

[There’s a pill which can give you the effect of 8 hour sleep, do you wish to order some?]

As a human, I think it’s somehow will be bad, so let’s not.

[Understood. Then, have a good sleep.]

And thus, I went to sleep while all of my servants are worried about me because I have bags under my eyes.


I went to sleep… not, good grief.

Ever since the hyper dimensional fortress Gooogle-sensei appeared, I forgot my original purpose of gathering archives at book storage.

Once again while surrounded by these archives, I chanted a spell.

“Summon! Goooooooooo!! Maaaaaaaap!”

Ooh! Right in front of my eyes a globe slowly appeared.

When I tried to touch it, it gave a kind of new feeling when my fingers slipped through it.

[Because it’s just a visual I sent directly into your brain, it does not actually exist in front of you.]

I see, a future quality.

I spin the globe by one rotation. Just like how I imagine it, it spun easily.

This is, the appearance of Earth now?

[Yes, it’s a real-time projection of Earth.]

I don’t really remember about the shape of the continent, but it’s roughly the same shape as the Earth I know.

I don’t know why the Himalayan mountain range looks awfully sharp, but as expected this make me feel that the detail of Japan’s terrain is wrong.

[From the start, the 7 worlds that was united resembles each other, and the location of terrain on topographic map roughly quite similar. Therefore, the current earth took its shape from the average value. Even though there are some measurement error compared to the former earth, approximately it’s 86 % accurate]

I see, not from 7 seas, but this world’s map took its shape from the average of 7 worlds.

I think it was reincarnation to another world, but it was future reincarnation, it has been approved by Gooogle-sensei.

No? Future world that have become another world? It’s very difficult to express it, but it’s certainly different from the world I live before, so it means, I can’t meet my old acquaintances.

It’s a bit regretful.

After a long time, I want to meet with my old acquaintances…… maybe?

“Sensei, can this map project my little sister, Charlotte?”

[It’s possible. It’s different from the map information from traditional satellite picture, because I will display the observed data from the outside of 4D space, I can reproduce the interior image of a building. May I display the image around the target, Charlotte?]

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Yeeeeeeeeessssss!”

[TL Note: said in english]

Approximately around 1 years, more precisely 11 month and 10 days, I can see the figure of Charlotte!

This suffering I had because I can’t see my cute little sister figure from 10 years old until I reach 11 years old.

Now, I CAN see her with Gooogle-sensei’s power, I was filled with emotion!

The scenery of book filled room disappeared, and I start to see a luxurious room that is different from the room I was before, and yet I feel familiar.

And then, Charlotte with closed eyes lie on a luxurious canopy bed.

Onii-chan, can’t stop, can’t stop his tears.

You’ve become so beautiful. You’ve become so cute. Please forgive your brother who can’t see you for 1 year, even though this 1 year is the year when puberty starts.

From Charlotte’s soft lips, a soft murmuring began to spill.

“Karl… Karl… nii-chan…”

Ah, I can hear Charlotte’s beautiful voice… It’s not an auditory hallucination, this is not just some auditory hallucination.


[No, it’s the voice streaming service that is attached to the map service.]

Sensei!! Please read the mood!!

[I’m sorry, Karl-sama.]

Even a familiar room will have some change when 1 year have passed.

The room changed into a splendid room of a lady with all that stuffed toys of Charlotte that like cute things…… Huh? This room isn’t Charlotte’s room, is it? It’s my room. And, it’s my bed, Huuh?

“Nii-chan… nii-chan… I’m lonely, nii-chan… …”

Nii-chan is also lonely.

Day after day I passed with fishing, I feel I forget about it a little though, but for nii-chan, I can say that there’s no day I passed without thinking about Charlotte.

“I miss you… nii-chan…”

From Charlotte’s closed eyes, a trail of tears fall out.

Ah, you are crying while thinking about me huh?

Is this elder brother’s heart is sinful, as for I, become happy because of my own little sister’s grief!?

[Do not go against the criminal code]

Sensei!! Shut up for a while!!

[My apologies.]

Charlotte slowly pulled the hand she was using to wipe her tears down.

As she pulled it down, she used it to pull up her skirt, and within her skirt……

Aueh? Wa-wait a bit, Charlotte-san? Nii-chan is happy that you are thinking of him, but this is a bit…

Spontaneously I closed my eyes with my own hand.

But still, there’s no helping it if the small gap between my fingers slowly ends up into full open naturally.

Ah, if it’s like this I will end up seeing my own little sister’s silliness doing the act of comforting herself.

Aah, the hands inside the skirt is going to… Charlotte’s, the roots of Charlotte’s soft thighs……

What should, what should I do?

NO! As an older brother, I should properly see and engrave this to my memory right!?

That is, what an elder brother should have done!!!!!

[It is prohibited for a minor to access an adult content]


[TL Note: also in english]

Suddenly my vision turn into pitch dark.

More precisely, although the scenery changed back into book storage again, in front of my eyes is pitch black!

My mind blanked out! It’s dark, it’s dark! Like a fish thrown out of water to the air, and bird submerged to the water!!

Sensei!! You’re cruel, sensei!!

[It is prohibited for a minor to access any adult content. I apologize but the use of service will be suspended.]

Heg, heg, EGG, you’re so cruel, sensei.

[TL Note: EGG is in english.. dunno what this means. えぐい/エグい/egui means harsh. possibly related]

You just wounded the skin of man’s heart that are just getting up from the sincerity hot spring.

I hate this 10 years old body.

No, but, if we include my experience from my past life, I should have been over 40 years old you know, sensei!!

[This service is based on the age of body. I recommend the use of the appropriate educational service to the 10 years old Karl-sama.]


Your defence is too impregnable, sensei!!

[It’s an honour to accept your praise.]


If it’s like this, I’ll come back even if it only by my willpower.

I will come back to the royal palace.

And I will use all of my might to get a 24 hours imouto life with Charlotte!!

“Sensei!! You will cooperate with me!!”

[As long as it does not break the law, you can use our service.]

You have promised okay, sensei!!

Whaat, If I use Gooogle-sensei, the Deus Ex Machina, Hyper Dimension Linker, and Divine Fortress‘s power well, I can do everything!!


[Karl-sama, Gooogle integrated information search service is my formal name.]



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  3. “as result I have absorbed the services from Konozama, Youtsube, KoneKone Douga, Stimu, and all kind of Wikkis”

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    • Read chapter 2. If I remember it right, I think he is in German. So they should be following German’s law to some extent.
      Well in fact we don’t clearly know the law for this “new era”. Why not treat it as incest is allowed? (lol) They are a family of some kingdom royalty after all, so they might allow it (lol).


      • Right, but there are apparently laws about internet pornography. I can’t imagine why his current country would have such laws when it doesn’t have internet.

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      • Yeah, it’s unclear what laws Google is following here. I assume it’s following this kingdom’s laws, which apparently allow you to peep on people, but apparently if you’re a minor you’re not allowed to see anything sexual. Which doesn’t make sense.

        That said, the incest makes sense, seeing as many ancient kingdoms had a lot of inbreeding among family.


    • No incestuous acts have been performed so there’s nothing wrong right now~~ besides, if I remember correctly, (French) law states that an incestuous act is against one’s will.. sooo it’s something akin to aggravated rape?


      • I think it might also count as statutory rape in this case. After all, it didn’t object to him seeing her because she was a child but because he was. Therefore, its following local customs to determine adulthood. Which means that since she has a Divine Protection, she’s an adult and he never will be 😉

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      • That’s.. you’re right XD more than divine protection, isn’t that a curse? hahaha welp, if I were Karl, I would still send letters to her. Easy peasy and that would definitely make the both of them happy.


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    I want to order the copy from the parallel world where the author didn’t stop writing with prime order please.”

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