Chapter 2: Even Though I Believe This is Another World

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“A fight, huh? I can’t. <Butler> Divine Protection didn’t have that kind of power”

Heinz-ro’s answer was so deplorable.

The result of the investigation, this world’s butler and maid standard isn’t from Japanimation, but from the real butler and maid.

Looks like he can’t do something like saying “It’s been a long a time for my hand to be itching like this” while fighting with bare hands or dancing wildly with silver knife on hand and pierce the enemy with it.

Maid’s skirt length is long too. I knew it.

Only the maid head Rottenmeier-san (Age unknown) can fight to a certain degree with the power of <Mansion> Divine Protection.

Because she can grasp the position of people inside the mansion, she can place traps beforehand to deal with the enemy, so she can fight using that kind of indirect fighting style.

Should I change this mansion name into life mincer?

Although there are only 23 names of servant in this mansion, because all of them are too capable, there is no job in here to suffice them.

Let alone my ideal 2LDK, this stately big mansion is 40LLLLDKDKKKKK and even has a stable included, for the Maid Duo that has Grade 2 <Housekeeper> Divine Protection, they could finish their job in less than 1 hour.

By the way, due to Rottenmeier-san’s Grade 1 <Mansion> Divine Protection, even if there are spears falling down like rain, the mansion will stay the same as if it’s a new building, rather, the mansion will keep its thickness and its historical majesty. Even if some arsonist light this building, that wouldn’t mean anything.

The more I know the more I think <Divine Protection> are some kind of cheat.

If the one with Grade 1 is already like this, how about the ones with Special Grade..? Ah right, Leo-niisama can turn the clouds in the sky into small pieces by just swinging his sword.

It’s been nearly 1 year since I start my sunny-fishing rain-read life, if it’s sunny I’ll be fishing, and when it rains I will read books so I already read a considerable amount of books.

My favorite is books regarding <Divine Protection>.

I can’t use it myself, but it’s possible for me to use it indirectly by making another person do it!

Yeah, I’m the third son of royal family. I have a position to make use of people!!

After a long time, I remember that I was a royalty.

Except the <Divine Protection>, this world doesn’t have any difference with European on Earth.

Since there’s a culture gap between me that is living without <Divine Protection> as a premise and the people that are living with <Divine Protection> as a premise, I feel somewhat lacking in this world, therefore I’m collecting the thing that is lacking today.

Therefore, I spend my days by reading books regarding <Divine Protection> and fishing.

Thus, even though it is still vague, I start to see the <Divine Protection> taking its shape.

The modern knowledge of mine will be useful or possibly grasp the situation as a bystander with this body of mine that can’t use <Divine Protection>, and somehow I can come to understanding to a certain thing.

First regarding the bestowal of <Divine Protection>, the type of <Divine Protection> will be granted based on a person’s innate talent, the accumulated experience until 10 years, and desire. Then, the grade of it will be decided according to soul’s capacity. After that, if someone has multiple <Divine Protection>, the soul’s capacity will be divided and the grade will become lower more easily.

In other words, I understand that my brothers and sisters, even though theirs have already divided into 4 or 3 and yet still got Special Grade, are real monsters.

And next, for the same grade, the one with high specialization will be superior compared to general purpose ones.

So, the bread that Rony made using his Grade 1 <Cooking> Divine Protection will be inferior compared to a person who has Grade 1 <Bread> Divine Protection.

Then the book that was written by authors who have a <Story> or a <Book> Divine Protection would certainly arouse reader’s feelings, but there’s a restriction, the book must be handwritten by the authors themselves. The manuscript isn’t in the Divine Protection’s effect range, so there’s a chance for me to be able to become a favorite author and live at ease and comfort by taking the royalties.

Wait, I’m already living like that.

Well, so far, this is the common sense for this world.

Taking a step further, to begin with, documents that can answer the question “In the first place what is <Divine Protection>?“ is too few.

Because there’s too many articles inferred that it is a teaching that was given by the great God, there’s almost no documents from serious research.

Like a birds trapped in Divine Protection, there’s only a few people that will think about the <Divine Protection> itself.

Because they are human, at the point when they don’t get <Study> or <Research> Divine Protection, they would abandon their effort toward that.

Thus, among the destroyed theses, there’s only one thesis that wrote an interesting experiment.

We asked some herbalist who has a Grade 1 <Medicine> Divine Protection to make 2 [Illness Curing Pill], one from right ingredients and one from weeds around the vicinity, after that we gave those pills to patients with the same disease, and both of them completely recovered. And of course, there’s no drug component included in the weed.

Next, we request to produce another [Curing Illness Pill] with weed as the ingredient, and gave them to patients with different diseases, and this time both of them are completely recovered too.

With this, the ingredient that was needed for treatment in Medicine <Divine Protection>, can only be identified as a mere medium.

From this fact they reach a conclusion, that is, for people who have high-grade <Divine Protection>, the effect of their ingredients have no effect to the result.

When the first time I found scientific thesis among several hundreds of poor writing, I shed some tears.

And flu, appendix and cancer were counted as illness and will be healed together with the power of <Divine Protection>.

I see, I understand the theory but I didn’t understand anything about that scientifically.

It only makes me understand even more about how nonsensical <Divine Protection>can be.

And I feel disappointed because that researcher have already died over one hundred years ago.

I wanted to talk with him.


Next, I’m not quite sure about it, but I know the cause for this world’s civilization stagnation.

It’s because the civilization is based on <Divine Protection>, so they can’t make civilization that surpasses <Divine Protection>’s capabilities.

When I took a glance at the list of several thousands of <Divine Protection> that was already confirmed, and I noticed that many missing things are sprouting.

I noticed from examining the group of Divine Protection for fighting like Sword, Spear, Hammer, Bow, Shield, Armor, etc. There’s no <Gun> Divine Protection.

Even when I examine the group of elementary-type Divine Protection like Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Light, Dark, Shadow, etc., There’s no something like <Gravity>, <Electromagnetism>,etc.

In other words, the words that wasn’t used in daily life doesn’t have its <Divine Protection>.

And, the humans that were trapped inside <Divine Protection> didn’t create any new word.

That means this world can’t produce any new things.

Nonetheless, if Divine Protections such like <Nuclear Fusion> or <Antimatter> come to existence, it will a troublesome thing, so in this case it might be nice in itself.

Let’s leave the fate of this world to the people of this world.

I will feel awkward too if I carelessly reveal scientific knowledge to the world and lead it toward its end.

Well there’s some part that I can’t accept like Dark and Shadow is different, but it was acknowledged for the people on this world.

Perhaps, if I received <Butler> Divine Protection, I will become an omnipotent battle butler who fights empty-handed, maybe?

Anyway, it seems that, these maids won’t be doing night services like approaching you while saying, “Danna-samaa ♥ ”. What a disappointment.


Well, after the long rainy weather clears up, today’s weather is great, so it’s a good day for fishing.

I also like to find books, but I like fishing more.

And, today is the day my carbon rod made by Dennis-kun the gardener who have Grade 2 <Plants> Divine Protection to raise its howl.

It’s too scary to spread scientific knowledge so I make Dennis-kun to keep it as a secret.

It will be troublesome if the general idea for manufacturing with high temperature and pressure to leak to the outside.

Incidentally, the thread and the reel is already completed.

With this, my fishing style evolved from fishing on bridge with thread only (Angler-style).

Angler is fine too, but I want to do it more seriously.

By the way, since 1 year ago, the number of people who are fishing with angler has increased to 8 people.

Looks like effort with no guarantee of success gave a kind of refreshing pleasure, so it’s popular among the boys who have too much spare time.

For girls? Just leave them, they are a living being who didn’t know that kind of romance.

Eventually, everyone wants to go out to the sea, Let’s cruising!

Recently I had forgotten that I’m a prince.

And recently my identity as a prince was forgotten.

Yeah, everyone’s lineage is not important on top of this bridge.

The size of the fish they caught is the one which decides the status of a man in here.

Kid? You have no value to live. Just go back into your mother’s womb!

Yes, I have no value to live.

Why? Why everyone else gets big games? And why was I called Kid?

Having 14 lukewarm eyes from 7 of my servants is tough.

It’s really tougher than when they pitied me because I don’t have any <Divine Protection>.

Shit, is it okay for me who introduced a new fishing-style to be like this? No, it’s no good!

If it becomes like this, I will target the big ones, so I won’t target anything except the big ones.

Just like that I ran towards the mansion, got a new bait, and come back again.

The new bait is the highest-grade of chicken leg meat!

Just wait for me you demon fish! It’s another world, so it exists, right!?

I quickly release the reel on the big fishing hook, and lastly I long throw the chicken leg meat with overhand throw with all of my power.

Ah, not even 20 m. I forgot my body age is still 10 years old.

It can’t be helped, winding, winding the reel, winding, winding the threeaad, recover the meat!?

I got-I got a striiiiike!?

Fished, no it’s more like, was fished!?

Release the reel, discharge the thread, hold the rod, and prevent the breakdown.

The surroundings servants finally remembered that I’m a prince, they embrace me, and they tried to bring me back to the mansion.

But I declared.

“Eei! You all! Are you trying to make me lose!? You must know that the fight between me and this big mysterious fish is my first battle!!”

Thus, the bridge completely turned into a battlefield of men.

Those who support my body, those who support the rod together, and those who grasp the reel together, yeah, now all of our hearts are one.

In order to be released from the fishing hook, the big mysterious fish violently struggled underwater, and although I’m paying attention to the tension of thread carefully, the reel is still drawn to the limit.

Sometimes the rod is bent, released, by making it irritated it’s certainly snatching way its strength.

Certainly and yet carefully, the win is approaching.

20m more, 10m more, 5m more, 4m more, and when it was 3m more, I saw the true identity of that big mysterious fish!!

…… It was a horse.

Even I didn’t know what I’m saying myself, but it was a white horse.

“It’s a Kelpie!”

There’s a voice like that among the servants.

The true identity of that big mysterious fish-, no mysterious horse is a being called Kelpie.

It’s not a fish, but it’s still a big game!


Under my command, they are pulling up the carbon rod and tightening the reel furiously.

Kelpie struggled at the last moment but it was too slow.

The thread, rod, and reel are blessed with <Divine Protection>. It won’t break with something at the level of horse power!

Finally, Kelpie lost its strength, raised only from its top to its foreleg, and expose its unsightly shape on top of the bridge.

“It’s our win!”


All of my fishing friends that was easy to get into atmosphere, I like you all.

So, what must I do now?

Is horse delicious?

And even though it’s a horse, why does it eat chicken’s meat?

“By the way…… What is Kelpie? Although it’s a horse but I don’t understand why it came out from the water.”

“Prince is not well-informed about Kelpie? Then, I will explain it to you lightly.”

Heinz-ro the butler explain every information about Kelpie to me a bit by bit.

It’s a carnivorous aquatic horse-type demon beast that pulls humans to the river and eats only their flesh, and leaves only their internal organs.

If you attach a harness on it, you can employ it just like a normal horse, and it looks like its running speed greatly surpass the normal horse speed.

Furthermore, it can kick the water, and it can even dash on water’s surface, and it has a really great performance.

While hearing an explanation just like that, one thought floated in my mind, why does it leave the internal organs that have a high nutritional value?

“Horse sashimi or horse riding…… This is troubling…… No no, eating a man-eater animal itself gives an unpleasant feeling……”

“As the prince doesn’t have any favorite horse yet, this time, let’s keep it for you to practice horse-riding. We won’t be pleased too if we eat a man-eater monster”

While I’m at lost, Heinz-ro gave me a suggestion.

So, Kelpie will start its post as my favorite horse (even though I don’t like it) from now.

According to the stable manager that has Grade 2 <Animals> Divine Protection, it will receive posture training a.k.a brainwashing for 24 hours, so Kelpie’s instinct will be destroyed, and everyone doesn’t know if that kind of act will make it happy or not.


“I thought I caught a fish, but I got a horse instead. Honestly, I was surprised. But I still didn’t get any fish. How should I feel about this?”

At the dinner table, while we are talking about our fishing result for today, Rony the cook gave us some supplemental information.

“Perhaps, because of the long rain before, this Kelpie was washed away from the territory of the fantasy race. And because of that, other fish were scared and ran away to the river bank, so you would get many fish just by fishing around the bridge.”

In short, today’s big catch is because of the Kelpie.

Then, if we leave the Kelpie in the lake, we will always get big catch?

No, no, that’s just as bad as fishing with dynamite.

The essence of fishing is the spiritual exchange between human and fish. Even though only fish that have painful one.

“Territory of……fantasy race?”

Because I was too preoccupied with fishing, I missed a tempo, so I try to reaffirm what I missed before.

“Yes, because there’s a territory of fantasy race in the upper stream of Rhine, so I think it was washed away from there.”

Territory of fantasy race…… No no wait, Rhine River?

Speaking of Rhine River, is it the river from Germany?

Wilhelm, Leonhart, Siegfried, Karl, Louise, Charlotte.

Aren’t all of it the name of Germans?

Which reminds me, I feel like I’m saying Ihhiihhi habitually!?

[TL Note: it means habitual of Germany for some Japanese, maybe?]

Even though I chose French language as a second foreign language, the habit of saying ‘mon amour’ is right here now!?

[TL Note: Mon amour=my love (French)]

Huh? This place, Is this really another world?

“I’m sorry for asking the obvious common sense, but what is territory of fantasy race?”

Ah, culture gap again.

I hard pressed Rony for an explanation. I gave a troublesome question to him even though he is a cook not a teacher.

“Te-Territory of fantasy race is the territory where the fantasy race lives in, and fantasy race is an inhabitant of fantasy world……”

“Yeah, sorry. I will search it through book afterwards.”

Rony stroke his chest after my follow up.

This world’s people really are weak on ad lib, we can’t ask them to ad lib the action outside of their own <Divine Protection> territory.

Therefore, I hurried my diner, and I start my investigation in the archives.

First let’s check this world’s map.

If I think carefully, after I was born since 10 years ago, I was too preoccupied with unusual language and royal court manners, so I didn’t take any glance into geography or history. In the first place, it is already enough to only know about your own territory and the neighbouring country. (Self-justification)Or possibly it’s odd for my previous world to know about name of a place on other side of the world.

“I have my own country’s map, but for wider map, non-existent.”

Because in this era, map is equal to military information, it is obvious if you can’t find it, but it can’t be helped if you become curious.

Because there’s an existence of <Divine Protection>, I think this is another world, but I start to become anxious about is it another world or not.

I think the meaning of expression like the [Human Race] gets <Divine Protection> when they are 10 years old, is animals won’t get any Divine Protection, is the expression like [Human Race] specially made to differ it from [Fantasy Race]?

It is book of history’s turn for times like this.

Fall into earth, isn’t Book of Genesis from Bible that lost its authority from long ago become history.


Book of Genesis

Year 1 of New Calendar, Year 2085 of Old Calendar, after numerous worlds mixed, war and bloodshed made chaos fall into the world.

Year 10 of New Calendar, in the middle of chaos, Human Race had lost any means of survival, and as a favour the great God gave <Divine Protection> to children.

First is <Food> Divine Protection, so food need was fulfilled.

Next is <Heal> Divine Protection, so the injured ones were healed.

And last is <Living> Divine Protection, so human race was protected from another world’s race.

After that, every children got various <Divine Protection>……

Hmm, it’s enough.

In short, a little after the era when I lived something like dimension fusion or world fusion happened so the old civilized society of humankind collapsed.

Perhaps, it is because monster army like Kelpie or Dragon were rampaging.

After that, to adapt to the world after fusion, the children of new era were granted an ability that is <Divine Protection>, and once again humankind regained their civilization. And they all live happily ever after.


And there’s 7 world before fusion, that is.

“Human world”

“Fantasy world”

“Oni world”

“Dragon and Spirit world”

“Insect world”

“Tentacles world”


The current world is the fusion of those 7 worlds that currently have been confirmed.

Even though I believed this is another world.

I never thought this is a future world.

Year 2085 of Old calendar, huh…… Father and mother have already reached their lifespan.

I’m still doubtful about my brothers, but well maybe they had a peaceful death.

I don’t know how many years I was late, but I will pray for happy life in the afterlife for them.


Gyate Gyate Haraso Gyate

[TL Note: a prayer]



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  1. And so author previous explanation about “gun” “gravity” and other things are become useless.. I mean it’s the “future” so it should have some relics from past or some knowledge about those things…


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