Chapter 12: Grosse Royal Family All-out-war (Without Father) -Back Stage Part-

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Well, it has started.

The speciality of Grosse royal family [Pushing down routine tasks to each other] is.

“Karl must do this part, right? Because I have struggled so much until this far.”

“No, I think we must give this to someone that abandoned the HQ for 5 days just to drink alcohol as punishment”

“Karl? Who is this someone?”

“Aah, Louise-neesama didn’t know about that, huh. The golden lion that is called ochre kitten.”

“Ochre kitten…… Isn’t that cute. By all means, I will make this popular!!”

The big-breasted Louise-neesama’s eyes are shining.

She is serious.

“Stoop!! Karl, Louise, you all, what do you think about me, the eldest brother!?”

What do we think about you?

Fufufu, hehehe, hahaha, then, I will answer your question.

“A selfish and useless brother. In the first place, this expedition started because of your selfishness, right? Looks like you want to save another country’s people? Why did you drink for 5 days straight when you have that enthusiasm? And if we used the tactics that Leo-niisama thought up in the beginning that is rushing to the center of enemies’ formation, I think the insects will be running all over the place right now, and we can’t handle it at all, you know? And doing military activity inside another country’s territory is unbelievable, you know? Do you know about how much I struggle to arrange every tactic so as to not become an act of aggression? Because we can’t use our country’s soldiers, I must increase our forces by gathering elves, dwarves, and demi-humans, do you know about how hard I struggled to do that? Guiding the insects’ movement only with Sieg-niisama alone, and assembling them to one place without letting a single one of them escape so we can catch them in one go, and finally handing them all to Leonhart-niisama, do you not know how much your little brothers  have done to you? Are you still a human!? Ahh right, I was wrong, you are not a golden lion, you were an ochre kitten from the start!! Kitten can’t understand people’s feelings, right!! So if Leo-niisama want to erase this stigma, please do all post-war treatment by yourself!! Otherwise, I will notify everyone this ‘Ochre kitten’ second name so you will be called like this by our own country or another country alike!! It’s an easy thing, I can just ask father via Charlotte, so prepare yourself!!”

I said it!

I said it!!

“Nee-san is so moved because of Karl’s growth. You have really become great.”

Aah, the big-breasted Louise-neesan understands me.

Yeah, ikemen correction won’t work on family.

The me that becomes nervous around ikemen isn’t here anymore.

“Ka-Karl, you, you think about me like that, huh……”

The ochre kitten is being downhearted right now.

Even without turning my heart to a demon, I will push everything to him.

This big brother is far too outrageous, so if I don’t make him grow up, it will be troublesome.

Of course no matter what you think, it’s no good to make another person to clean up your own mistake.

“Si-Sieg, how about him? What is he doing right now?”

Sieg-niisama is…… running…… from a dragon’s love.”

The war is over, so she pestered him to make a child with her and as a result, he ran from her. To some faraway place.

Isn’t it okay to just mate with her once, this is why cherry boy is…

And of course, I don’t want it too!

“He escaped, huh….. Oh, he escaped, huh……”

Losing the only person that can become his ally, Sieg-niisama, Leo-niisama is in a helpless situation.

Actually, I feel good because his misery.

Please, do your job seriously.

“Then, because the post-war treatment will be done by Leo-niisama. We will go home now, so exert yourself freely, and please work for our kingdom’s interests, okay.”

“Wha-, Karl, you, do you want to abandon me!?”

“Abandon you, huh, what a very bad way to say it. I have abandoned you already from long ago, you know?”


So, after pushing down the most troublesome work, I escape from here along with the big-breasted Louise-neesama.

Goodbye, onii-sama, till we meet again.

Even though I said that, I meet him again in this evening party that is opened for “West Habsburg Kingdom’s” victory celebration as well as welcoming party for the goodwill ambassador, the ochre kitten’s attractiveness still doesn’t change even in a foreign country, and he is drinking alcohol while being fawned over right now, so I’ve decided within my heart to abandon him.

Right now, he might end up having an illegitimate child with someone, so I will only pray for him to not do it with more than one person.

And on that point, Siegfried-niisama is a person that persists in pure love doctrine so, he’s still pure, and I like that point of him. As a fellow virgin.

As I expected, the 16 years old big-breasted Louise-neesama’s breast is still beautiful and precious in this land, so many men glance towards it, I will forgive those men, but I can’t forgive this bald old man that looks at her limbs as if he is licking  all over it!

Absolutely, I won’t forgive you. I have decided, I will lead your noble family to ruin.

“We owed the Grosse royal family with something that we can’t be paid in our life.”

“Isn’t it okay to not bother about that debt? Royal family is like that, right?

I answer His Majesty Maximilian’s frivolous talk with a royal family joke.

“I’m considering to make my daughter into your bride, but it’s just a selfish request, huh?”

“That’s right. Even I receive it and make her as my bride, it will only increase the loss for Grosse royal family, right?”

“It’s great for you to be another country’s royal family. It’s really wonderful, no matter how harsh the words you say it won’t be considered as lese majeste.”

Due to the attack of the insects, the economy of West Habsburg kingdom have collapsed entirely from agriculture until ecosystem.

I wonder how many generations and time will be necessary for it to come back to its previous state and become stable.

Moreover, there’s even a chance for the neighbouring country, East Habsburg to come to invade this country in honor of competing about who is the legitimate dynasty.

Such country’s princess, who would say they want her?

“However, if we don’t give any reward towards our savior, it will stain our pride. Correction, our country no longer has any pride, but please I want to pay you back at least one thing.”

“Then, give us the permission to make one highway inside your country and we want a commerce treaty along that highway too. The name will be, that’s right. Let’s name it Leon highway. For some harassment.”

“One road and one treaty, huh. If the one who says that is you, there must be some hidden meaning behind those words, right?”

Yeah, of course. I answer like that in my heart.

“However, it’s mysterious. For someone wise like you to save my country to that extent, I can’t understand it. And from what I see, it’s frustrating for me to lose to you in wisdom, but can you tell me why?”

“Aah, it’s not something that can be answered by reasoning. It’s just Leonhart-niisama said he wants to save this country. So we saved you. That’s all.”

Towards that answer, His Majesty Maximilian laughed. To the extent of twisting his body, while shedding tears from his eyes.

Every people in this banquet looks at us with inquisitive eyes, but after His Majesty Maximilian made a cough, everyone quickly diverts their eyes from us.

“Hahaha, if that was true, I don’t know to who I should say my gratitude, to prince Leonhart or Prince Karl.”

“I evaluated Your Majesty Maximilian as foolish, but our royal family is even more foolish than you. It’s troublesome, but it is true.”

“Surely, it’s very foolish. Actually, it’s really a splendid foolish royal family.”

At first, it was like that.

But, after I understood the threat of the insects race and their proliferation, I decided that we must destroy them, and since I decided that, my will itself is being involved, I can’t say that I’m a soft hearted person.

At the east of Grosse kingdom, in their very long border, the August Empire withstand their endless battle against both the insect race and the afterlife race, Props to their bottomless power. Do they have any knacks of fighting them?

Even if it is their nation’s secret, in front of Sensei’s searching ability, it doesn’t mean anything, so let’s search it when I have time.

“It’s regarding Leon highway, can I ask which route do you want? Even I can’t give you any permission if you want to make it as you please.”

“You don’t need to worry about that. It’s actually a very short highway. It’s just from Konstanz until Santis Mountain. If I use the north route, we will be crossing Zurich and Liechtenstein, so if I use the south route, we can use the road along the highway, it is okay, right?”

His Majesty Maximilian is pondering for a while. Certainly, a highway less than 100 km. And moreover, currently Zurich and Liechtenstein, much less a functioning town, it was totally destroyed.

We don’t know what problem our generation will have or what will happen after this. And, I think he didn’t know why I set the end of the highway to be Santis Mountain.

“It’s my loss. I give up. Please give me the answer.”

The result of him thinking thoroughly, His Majesty Maximilian raises his arm as if he gives up, and seek the answer from me.

“In this battle, Grosse royal family earned a relation which is close to an alliance with the dwarves in the underground kingdom. This is just the same as getting the right to use the underground tunnel that goes through Alps, so it will lead to the new expansion for increasing our commerce route. Also, the rights for Zurich until Liechtenstein will be in the hand of Grosse kingdom, so it will restrain the movement of East Habsburg, and we can import salt from Prussia and selling it along the highway too.  The dwarves need salt and other daily necessities too, so they will be a good business partner. And after that, it’s a secret, so please think about it carefully, because you will see the answer after several years. If you understand it now, it would be great though.”

His Majesty Maximilian becomes speechless.

Even I feel a bit angered towards this riot’s ringleader, so I’m preparing a bit harassment for them, so I can’t tell him everything. Besides, I don’t know where they have their ears on.

“So, by establishing salt market in my country, you insinuate us to liberate ourselves from Frank empire, and furthermore to guarantee protection from East Habsburg royal family. For just 1 highway to have that kind of intrigue……”

“Do you still have any loyalty to a suzerain state that abandoned you? If I were you, only hatred will reside in my heart. And, regarding the barrier we apply in this royal capital Geneva, the barrier was set as to not let anyone that means harm to West Habsburg kingdom to enter. And I heard the reinforcements from Frank empire will arrive about 10 days from now, it will be great to see whether they can enter or not. By the way, this barrier will remain for 1 month, so please be careful. I recommend Your Majesty Maximilian to create a conference room outside Geneva.”

Yeah, sorry.

My principle is to end the war before it started, well, I think His Majesty Maximilian can overcome this.

Good luck. Taking this opportunity, I will leave Leo-niisama and 300 elites as the goodwill ambassador as well as the one who will do the post-war treatment, so if Frank Empire tries to use force, it’s okay to just destroy them completely using the man nuclear warhead. 

Well, in the first place, I think they won’t start a battle in a town that has a prince from another country as a guest.

“Prince Karl, I won’t force you to marry my daughter, at least just mate with my daughter, can you?”

“I think the child won’t have any <Divine Protection> even if I give my seed to a female from fantasy world, right?”

“No, rather than your <Divine Protection>, I want someone with your ingenuity to be born in our family. If you exist within my grandchild, it will feel very reassuring.”

Even though His Majesty Maximilian says it like a joke, he is looking at me with serious eyes.

However, in this world, there’s something called ‘beyond our control’.

“Your Majesty Maximilian. It’s really hard to say, but I can’t do it with someone I’m unfamiliar with.”

Only a bitter smile colored His Majesty Maximilian’s face.

And an incident happened.

In the midst of celebration, I remembered a minor thing that I almost forgot.

First, I drag Leo-niisama who was being surrounded by women, take him to the garden and pour water to his head to sober him up.

“Ka-Karl! What are you trying to do!!”

“Have you sobered up? That’s good. Rather than that, Leo-niisama, have you forgotten why we come to Geneva?”

“I haven’t, it’s to exterminate the harmful insect right?”

“No, it’s to hand over the letter from the king.”

I also forgot about it so I can’t criticize Leo-niisama, but I won’t mention about it because it gives me more benefit and just push all the responsibility to Leo-niisama.


Oh, there’s no response from Leo-niisama? Is it just a corpse?

“……ost it”

Oh, just now, what is he trying to say?

Probably it’s because my hearing became poor.

“Leo-niisama, just now, what are you trying to say?  For this little brother who has bad ears, can you repeat it once again clearly?”

“……I lost it.”

Now, what should I do?

This ochre kitten.

Can’t even hold a single letter.

Are you a black goat? Or are you a white goat?

“I ask my older brother. Do you want to be decapitated or hanged? I guess because you’re from royal family, you want to be decapitated, right? I think it would be less painful than being hung, so what do you think? I think drinking a poisoned wine just like what Frank Empire does is great too. Because that way is the one commonly used around this land.”

“Karl!? Hahaha, you’re exaggerating, it’s just one paper of letter and you are like……”

“No nii-sama, I’m absolutely not exaggerating at all, you know?”

If you lose a letter which is hand-written by the king, your head will literally fly away, you know?

All sort of offense will be charged on you starting from lese majeste, you won’t be forgiven just by having one or two of your heads fly away, you know?

Leo-niisama’s face becomes blue when he realized that my eyes were serious.

“Karl? Are you serious?”

“By the law of Grose Kingdom, you will be subjected with a capital punishment.”

And then Leo-niisama began to panic.

Ah, what a really cute kitten.

His appearance of begging me to not abandon him with teary eyes is just like Charlotte, but there’s a big difference between him and Charlotte, just like the sky and earth.

“Aah, are you feeling refreshed in here? Because you were surrounded by girls, it makes you hard to call out, only exchanging talks with Karl-dono would be impolite of me. And I’m Maximilian VII, the king of this West Habsburg kingdom. Are you the rumored, that infamous golden lion, Leonhart Friedrich von Grosse, the 1st prince of Grosse Kingdom, right?”

Aah, what a timing…… As I thought, he observes us with some magic-like thing.

“Y-Yes. My name is Leonhart Friedrich von Grosse, the 1st prince of Grosse kingdom. It’s an honor to have an audience with Your Majesty Maximilian.”

Even though you are a prince, you need to be humble in front of another country’s king, so he can do some etiquette for that.

Leo-niisama is doing a prince-like thing, I feel a bit moved.

Nowadays, I only see an image of a useless animal child.

“And, your mission is to bring the letter from His Majesty Wilhelm, the king of Grosse kingdom. Actually, I’m glad to hear that. I heard about your valor of saving my country people along the road, I’m very grateful to you to the extent even though I thank you many times, it won’t be enough. So, I want receive the letter from you, can you just give the letter right now?”

Wait, actually His Majesty Maximilian smiles gleefully.

Being majestic, a king should be like this.

Then, for our Leo-nii?

Aah, he diverts his eyes, so he is gazing at the night sky right now.

Hahaha, this is that, right? He unleashes Grosse royal family’s special technique that have been passed since generations.

“Prince Leonhart?”

I move my sight to the sky beforehand.

Tonight’s sky is beautiful too.

There’s not even one cloud, I understand how much Charlotte works her best.

“Prince Karl?”

I activate the Grosse royal family’s secret special technique that have been passed since generations [Make it as if it never happened].

Wait, is this what starry sky looks like, huh?

It’s beautiful, without even one cloud, it’s really beautiful.

“The moon is beautiful. Your Majesty Maximilian thinks so too?”

“Oooh, it’s surely beautiful. And, Prince Karl. You owe me one favor.”


To suffer such defeat at the last of the last, Leonhart-niisama! Prepare yourself!!

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