Chapter 11: Grosse Royal Family All-out-war (Without Father) -Last Part-

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Leonhart-niisama activates his <War> divine protection, and now we, 300 elites, my personal platoon of 100, 56,000 demi-humans, and 12,000 West Habsburg soldiers are marching in 5 km/h.

To match black mantises’ spread out skirmish formation, we use the line formation.

We have almost no casualties since we repeatedly do 1 vs. 5 and 1 vs. 10 battles, but we lost a good amount of time

There’s about 150 km between Bern and Geneva, so with our speed right now, we will take 30 hours to arrive.

On the top of that, human requires rest.

Even though we have <War> divine protection on our side, there’s no way we can maintain our battle state continuously for 30 hours.

And at that time, the black mantises that went ahead are moving to Geneva at 30 km/h.

They will arrive at royal capital Geneva after 5 hours from now, and it’s not hard to think that the defenseless royal capital will be trampled and devoured by the black mantises.

After that, the insects with their increased numbers will move to the west even further, predating and reproducing again repeatedly.

It’s too late to realize about the threat of their enemy, which is proliferation. That foolish Frank Empire.

Their number increases as they fight, to defeat that kind of troublesome enemy, there’s no other way than destroying them before it happens.

So, let’s do that.

By the way, it’s different from what I talked about before, but there’s a complicated and mysterious procedure in diplomatic courtesy.

Well, for sending letter to West Habsburg royal family, we need to send one messenger to send a letter beforehand. Because from time to time, the goodwill ambassador who sends the letter usually are aristocrats, so they do some preparation to give them a warm reception.

So, now I went to Geneva to deliver a personal message.

Well, there’s Jura mountain range on the north, and on the top of that we can enjoy the natural beauty of its land with Leman lake view in one go.

Because in my previous life I always lived as a loner so I never went to vacation abroad, maybe something like this will be good for me.

By the way, when I named myself as the third prince of Grosse kingdom, they didn’t believe me, but when Siegfried-niisama named himself as the second prince of Grosse kingdom, he got the approval to meet the king of West Habsburg instantly, I wonder what standard is used?

As I thought, leaving this country alone is the best decision, isn’t it?

And after we met His Majesty West Habsburg King, Maximillian VII, the first impression I got is, he is a wise but unlucky person.

From the west, they are intercepted by Frank Empire, from the north is Grosse and Prussia’s brother countries, from the east, the country they share their territory with, East Habsburg, and from the south is the unified religious state, Vatican City State. Their territory is from Geneva until Zurich and the land between the mountains, so there’s no special product they can produce from their land, and they don’t have any way to build up power. Their land didn’t face to any sea too, so they are lacking salt in stock, and the salt sources are being held by the Frank Empire, so they became their vassal state, only unlucky that can be said to them.

Moreover, the unluckiest is he has the wisdom to understand the truth, he is really unlucky.

They don’t have any special forte nor products, so it means, their country doesn’t have any power.

Born in a land with bad soil and location, a wise but unlucky person, it was my impression for His Majesty Maximilian.

“Prince Karl, what do you think, am I a cruel king or possibly a foolish king?”

That is his question regarding gathering soldiers at Bern, and using them to buy time until the reinforcements from Frank Empire arrives. But what the Frank Empire wants is the destruction of West Habsburg kingdom, and after that, claiming the blank zone as their land.

Therefore, their delaying tactic doesn’t mean anything, now royal capital Geneva is a town that can only wait its death.

Just like clinging on a faint hope, no, it just like clinging on something that was a faint hope. Indeed it is the best analogy.

“I think you’re a cruel and foolish king. It just, Grosse royal family are more foolish than you so we can’t ridicule you.”

Towards the remark which I consider as sharp myself, His Majesty Maximilian returns a wry smile.

It’s great that lese majeste doesn’t work on another country’s royal family.

“Your word is unpleasant, even more so to your relatives. That’s great.”

Rather than some sweet words to the ears, bitter words are more necessary, it’s just the same with medicine.

“Why did you not take refuge to the Empire?

Make do as a government in exile.

Although, whether they can restore their power again or not is another story.

“I love this country quite a lot. Dying together with the one you love is a great thing too. Even though they claim themselves as our suzerain state, their ass is too heavy. Rather than being together for our entire lifetime with them that let us be ruined, this is better, right?”

The speech of his Majesty Maximilian that stands before resignation is tinged by a masochistic aesthetic sense.

Struggle to the end is a virtue too, but the one who bravely accepts their death is a virtue too.

And it’s greater for someone that stands on the top.

“What about your people?”

“We don’t convey ‘we are at desperate times’ yet. Even though the ass of invading army that self proclaimed reinforcements from Frank Empire is heavy, they are so fast at blockading their border. We can’t escape neither to the north nor west, and you know, there are so many monster at Alps mountain range, even if we succeed at passing through that, the only thing waiting us is Vatican City State. Be killed by humans, be killed by the insects, or be killed by the mountain, I think every way we choose is a cruel one.”

He thinks he still have a bit of time to wait before conveying the truth.

Because in fact, if we don’t interfere, the people in the fortress will only act as a sacrifice that can only buy time for 5 days..

“That’s fortunate. Because you don’t have to choose.”

Towards my words, his Majesty Maximilian tilts his head.

“Because you choose to be killed by insects, I want you to not inform your people, the same as before.”

“……Are you, a dreamer? Delusional? Or even beyond that?”

“No, I self-proclaimed myself as a realist.”

I respond it with prince smile.

If it’s Sieg-niisama, he can make women and even men swoon when he do that, but for me, it doesn’t have any effect. Shit.

“If what you said is true, our country will be quite in trouble.”


“The nobles are fast at escaping, so they are already outside of this country, and people like that are actually capable in their job in their own way. If this country survived, they can’t just come back shamelessly, right?”

Even though they have escaped, it doesn’t mean they are traitors.

It’s just they don’t love their country to the extent to offer their life.

And, if they can escape from this country earlier than any other, it means they are quick witted.

They are not a patriot but they are a ‘capable’ retainer.

“Oooh, it will be quite troublesome, huh. Then, you choose to be destroyed by insects without doing anything?”

“I’m not so foolish to not bet when there’s a chance for this country to survive. However, I think you are mysterious. Everything you said is absurd, but those words can be trusted wholeheartedly. Therefore, I want to believe in it.”

His Majesty Maximilian indeed smiles pleasantly.

Are the one in front me is a legendary hero or a genuine fool that thinks himself as a hero, well which way is the same.

Even though he’s only clowning or another thing similar, it will be a great and perfect thing to bustle the thing.

“Then, in this evening. Oh right, around 5 A.M, I want to show some great attraction, so please wait at the top of northeast castle gate.”

“Okay, it should be us who give warm reception, so thank you for your consideration. And for the last, can I ask you one question?”

“What is it?”

“Karl prince, are you really an 11 years old?”

I think about that question for a while, and answered like this.

“Who knows?”

The sun is setting in the west, and the moon starts to rise from the east. So it’s evening already.

After that I meet his Majesty Maximilian VII at the top of northeast gate, and our top runner, the black mantises have reached their final checkpoint in their international marathon.

With a few of regular soldiers and imperial soldiers, and the people too lining up on top of the gate while holding their bows, expecting the moment when the runners arrive excitedly.

We waited for the top runner of black mantises’ international marathon run to their goal, West Habsburg royal capital Geneva, until we can see them clearly.

At the south is Leman, and at the north, they are pinned down by Jura mountain range, so the black mantises become crowded, and they are entering the last spurt.

An encouragement voice like “GyaaGyaa” towards black mantises from the refugees that are living around Geneva with tent because they can’t enter Geneva resounds in the surroundings.

And the goddess of victory who welcomes the runners after they reached the finish line is my older sister, the big breasted Louise-neesama.

Just see the power of Special grade <Barrier> divine protection.

I lost at planning.

So, I will resolve it with brute force.

Dragon-neesan retrieved her from Konstanz and went to Geneva just like that from the sky.

It’s very tiring to appease a nee-san that only wants to give a ride for Siegfried-sama, but somehow they arrived punctually.

And incidentally, [NTR-gou] or you could say the ex-husband-san goes along with them too.

Because dragon’s name can’t be spoken using human’s vocal cord, it can’t be helped for me to name him like that.

I name him using [Japanese language] so the dragon himself doesn’t realize about it.

When he sees the big-breasted Louise-neesama, he says something nonsense like “That size at 16 years old, woman, do you want to be my bride?” while focusing his eyes towards her chest, so without thinking I punch him using my T.A.M.S. full power (140,000 HP).

Looks like 140,000 HP possess a threat to dragon too, somehow ‘NTR-gou’ submits to me.

Looks like dragons are a being that will recognize the one who saves their life or the one who wins against them as their master, so from now on I need to be careful in treating them.

However, if you compare them to Kelhya-gou that will become friendly to every person who gives him a carrot, maybe there’s some worth to think about their treatment.

Leaving that aside, the invisible wall stops the runners’ legs.

Pressing their ugly face to the glass, actually it’s funny.

Still, seeing the leading runners to be crushed by the runners from their back isn’t good for the eyes, let’s avert our gaze.

Then, sequentially, it’s Siegfried-niisama the Holy Arrow of Moonlight’s turn.

Nocking the arrow he took from his shadow with his bow, after that he draws the bow’s string to the limit, aim the shadow arrow towards the sky, and shoots it, and the arrow multiplies from 1 to 100,000 arrows, killing 100,000 black mantises in the end.

So, the remaining runner amount is 400,000 black mantises.

Stopped by invisible wall, pierced by shadow arrow, and even after all of that they won’t stop, I feel like giving you this small gift of mine to you all.

And it’s a really pleasant and fantastic light party.

It’s a light parade program I made carefully with Gooogle-sensei for 2 hours.

Electrical parade (with sound) will start!!

“Nipple Laseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer!!!”

The light shower that gushes out from my nipple draws an arc, blessing the runners.

And along with that, a pleasant symphony resounds in the entire battlefield.

The high-temperature laser that came from satellite dances wildly, blessing them.

The parade of thousands, ten thousands, hundred thousands of light of blessing are fired and after 10 minutes the people around are astonished, and this parade surely astonished the black mantises as well. There’s no doubt, they are so moved to the extent they can ascend to the heaven literally.

The black mantises ascend to the heaven at a speed of 500 per second, and along with the fired light arrow fluctuation, the music reaches its climax.

And, when the end comes, just like a nocturne, just like a firework sparkler fading, slowly, the light shower stops, losing its power, and the calmness of dusk returns.

There’s no clapping, salute, nor cheer, but everyone has their mouth agape without any signs of closing.

I feel really satisfied seeing the audience’s’ reaction, and along with his Majesty Maximilian, we return to the palace.

It’s not elegant for a minor character to be on the stage forever.

And the parade continues.

Leonhart-niisama’s army, no, goodwill ambassador group that travelled to Geneva are cornering the 500,000 black mantises that became decoys.

We put the elites on the left and right wing, and gradually increase their speed. The ‘-’ formation becomes ‘へ’, completing their favorite crane wing formation, and anyone that tries to escape are killed by the flames of dragon nee-san or my favorite dragon, NTR-gou.

Intimidation can be felt from the march, at first they are marching at 5 km/h, gradually it becomes 10 km/h until 30 km/h, even though it’s a slow march for soldiers that have the blessing of <War> divine protection, about 4 hours after my electrical parade, the black mantises are pinned down by invisible walls and Leonhart’s violent power, and they are annihilated.

Because it’s past 9 P.M already, he didn’t stand out at all, what a disappointment.

As I thought, Leonhart-niisama the golden lion is more suited under the sun.

It’s my fault, I will reflect about it.

And, the West Habsburg soldiers that went to march along with Leonhart-niisama are welcomed as heroes.

Looking at Laurin-kun, looks like he’s okay. By the way, about the big-shot B’s attitude, his Majesty Maximilian will lecture him plentifully.

For the demi-humans, it’s a bit bad, but I don’t let them to go near the town because it will cause chaos. And I give them some decision, which is ‘back to the HQ’ or ‘back to their homeland’.

After that, when the moon rises to its peak, Siegfried-niisama rides on dragon nee-san’s back, flying in the sky.

500,000 black mantises acting as decoy, another 500,000 black mantises going as a marathon runner, and about the remaining 200,000 black mantises, 20 colonies of 10,000 escaped to the north and south, the south is Alps mountain range and the north is Jura mountain range.

If one survives, that’s okay. Actually it’s a wonderful insect-like survival tactics, so let’s destroy them completely.

The fact that there’s no one on the ground that can escape from the moon means they can’t escape from Siegfried-niisama.

Each arrow shot, 1 colony disappears, after 20 arrows have been shot, their life ended.

Well well, there’s some tenacious black mantis hiding, so there are few red dots remaining in Gooogle-sensei’s map. For the ones that can hide from the sun or avoid the moon by hiding inside narrow places like inside a rift on the cliffs or inside a deep forest, I will give them a lovely present.

So, I buy about 0.00001 g of antimatter using mail order.

And of course, the cardboard used is wrapped with gorgeous wrapping for presents. With a ribbon too.

All the red dots have vanished from West Habsburg’s entire land, so finally I can have peace of mind.

Sensei, thanks.

[You’re welcome. Thank you for using our service.]

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  1. Entire army must march through stalling troops, resulting in battles and lost marching speed. Main character brought along himself and Seig directly to the capital, possibly via flying dragon, ignoring all enemies, so they made the trip in much less time.

    But yes, this novel is poorly written, although there’s worse ones out there..


    • yea, i kinda know they separated, just that it’s never mentioned anywhere
      author only mentioned that dragon neesan picked up louise
      there have been several times this happened before, suddenly changing scenes without any indication, it’s just they used to be in A, suddenly karl talks about something in B, interacting with people/stuff in B, etc
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    • Technically 0.00001g of AM might not even be a firecracker.

      One gram is IIRC 21.5 kilotons of TNT
      = 21500 kilos

      0.00001g would then mean 0.215kg of TNT or 215g.

      Correction. It might make a decent firecracker, but that’s about it.

      Think the author is just scaring people with “woo…anti-matter”.


      • I think the kilos in here means 1,000 ton that means 1,000,000 kg
        so it would be like 2,150 kg of TNT, btw it’s a pure antimatter in here, so it’s about 43 kilotons :^ so it’s not 2,150 kg but 4,300 kg of TNT, quite massive


      • “Kiloton of TNT” is not a measure of WEIGHT, it’s a measure of ENERGY. So how heavy the anti-matter is does not matter because they were not measuring weight, they were measuring how much energy is given off. This means there is no reason to simply double the yield (why 4,300 anyway, TNT isn’t 50% AMA conversion in the first place).


      • Gah, dyslexic, MAM (matter-anti-matter)

        And yeah I forgot to convert the tons to kilos, so carry 3 decimals up, 215,000g or 215 kilos.

        Still no idea why you would double the yield just because it’s anti-matter, physics don’t give a f about brand names. one gram of antimatter generates a yield of 21.5 kilotons of TNT flat out.


      • sorry, my bad, I saw it as 0.0001, not 0.00001, so the correct one is 430 kg, and i don’t double up the yield, but using the right one, the one you use is the matter+antimatter conversion, so if it was 0.00001 g of antimatter+matter react will be like 0.000005 g of antimatter reacting to 0.000005 g of matter, and in this WN, it say only the antimatter, so you could say this 0.00001 g of antimatter will react with 0.00001 g of matter(with either the air or the cardboard).


  3. Thanks for the chapter!
    Hahaha, this series is very enjoyable….
    More so than what i thought first.
    Hope karl will be more regarded though.. at this rate only the ‘wise man’ can see how unnatural this 11 year old is


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