Chapter 10: Grosse Royal Family All-out-war (Without Father) -Second Part-

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We have a big kid, that hasn’t come home.

The celebration party was started because of Leonhart, the golden lion that began protecting the Dwarf kingdom because of his morals, a child that is loved by the god of war, and a great hero, so he is drunk together with 200 elites.

And currently, an 11 years old child is looking down at an ochre kitten coldly.

All black mantises have been exterminated from the underground kingdom, so the dwarf kingdom is finally relieved from the threat of the insects race, and they held a banquet for 5 days and still continuing, then a 11 years old child arrived and he is angry.

“Onii-sama, I have something I want to confirm, what is our goal?”

“P-Pest extermination?”

“That’s right, and what a face full of emotions you have. By the way, is the pest extermination really over?”

“I-It’s not.”

“That’s right, so what do you think the little brother should say to his big brother after he saw his brother drinking alcohol and getting drunk even though the crucial moment have just started?”

“I-I don’t know.”

“Oh, Leo-niisama also don’t know about it, huh. I also don’t know about it, I’m troubled. So what should I say to this very irresponsible brother and 200 elites that left their own HQ for 5 days at this serious time!!”

Actually, I always observed them using sensei.

I forgave them for the first day.

Yes, that day is the celebration day for dwarves since they have just overcome their long, long suffering. 

I also forgave them for the second day.

A participation in a banquet, this is also a form of diplomacy, Leo-niisama was exchanging drinks with the Dwarf King, what a nice diplomacy skill you have.

On the third day, the vein in my head started to pop.

I don’t know why, it just makes me think “haven’t they already forgotten their own standing?” 

On the fourth day, I have already abandon all hope I had on them.

Ah, these guys certainly have forgotten about their own job.

And then on the fifth day, the golden lion had become a little kitten who showed its own belly towards the angry 11 years old kid.

“We’re going back.”

“Ah no, right now the alcohol is affecting me, so riding a horse might be…”


I pulled Leo-niisama’s ear, dragging him out from the underground kingdom and make him to ride his horse. 

No matter how drunk he is, <War> divine protection still works, so we all ride on the horse with speed over 100km/hour even though everyone repeatedly vomited on the road, and we managed to return.

Well, the five day of Leo-niisama‘s absence.

It’s not like there’s nothing happened in those days, we hunted the scouts as much as possible with the help of Sieg-niisama.

It sure is useful, the shadow moon fang of heaven. A mobile artillery with a range of 100 km, totally useful and doesn’t attract people’s attention.

In the hunt, some of the lucky escapee from the insects’ march was taken into our protection and invited to enter our HQ. Humans and even the demi-humans like goblins or orcs too. So as a result, Rottenmeier-san got mad at us.

The dirty goblins and orcs will be living in a gorgeous mansion.

It’s not about the fact that they will use the building, but it’s about how unclean they are that incited her rage.

To spread the culture of bath and cleaning oneself sure is hard.

If I don’t have Gooogle-sensei’s translation service I would have been frustrated.

I mean, besides me, they can’t communicate with the others.

A wild demi-human like goblins and such won’t understand German.

Looks like in this occasion, the elf, dwarf, goblin, orc, ogre, and every other demi-human, became the war victim in this insects’ march, so our HQ doesn’t look like a military HQ but it looks more like a melting pot of many races. They pity each other because they are a victim or possibly, they don’t fight if they are satiated, a fight between demi-humans doesn’t happen at all, it’s great.  

I can feel the greatness of Rony-san, the holder of Grade 1 <Cook> divine protection.

Because people can’t fight if they are satiated.

If we have the holder of Grade 1 <Medicine> divine protection, weed will become an all-purpose medicine, and if we have the holder of Grade 1 <Cook> divine protection, no matter how obscure the ingredients are, all of it will become a superb cuisine. Very convenient.

And under those black mantises’ hard carapace, there’s tender meat and innards. And there’s also horsehair worms, sometimes.

I feel like this will leave a little bit of deep wound on Rony-san’s heart.

And I can only make an ordinary cuisine from ordinary ingredients.

Such act like troubling Rony-san is awful.

And, the most shocking visitor in these 5 days is a female dragon-neesan.

Because she can’t get away from the eggs she laid, she can’t escape from black mantis march, after that she was defeated due to their numbers and her egg was smashed by the black mantises, and she drowned herself in the flames of vengeance and fights back those black mantises even though she was bleeding for several tens of hours. And at the time when she realized she will die, she realize the star from the night sky disappear and all of sudden the black mantises were pierced by many shadow arrows and die.

And she searched that person even though she was near her deathbed, the one that save her life.

She followed the arrow’s smell, and finally she found Siegfried-niisama.

Since then, Siegfried-niisama receive a ferocious love attack (including the physical one) from that female dragon.

Ah, how I envy ikemen.

As expected, even a dragon becomes love-struck.

I think it’s a match for onii-sama who has the Dragon Slaying Hero’s name.

[TL Note: I think this one is referring to Siegfried’s/Sigurd’s Legend. The Norse Hero who is immortal because he bathed in the dragon blood he had slain.

Ever since we welcomed the dragon who has the highest hierarchy in the Fantasy World, the management in HQ became easier.

After the dragon-neesan declared “Anyone who cause trouble to Siegfried-sama will be devoured”, everyone became quiet/obedient.

It’s a bit rude to talk about a woman’s age, but as expected of an older person, she can speak English, German, French, even goblin’s language and orc’s language and many other languages, what a multilingual talented woman.

“……What is this?”

And now, Leo-niisama and the other 200 elites are speechless because of how chaotic the military camp is.

As result of searching and gathering the war victims with the help of sensei, over 400 species are helped, somehow the HQ had already become a big family exceeding thousands.

This is the result from the mindset of “racial discrimination is not good”, and gathering those intellectual beings which can communicate with words.

You said that you want to save the people from others country as well, right? Leo-niisama.

“You must be hungry, right? I will feed you some food so come here.”

The demi-human troops which I assembled with my truly smart negotiation skill sure is overwhelming.

Moreover, each demi-humans uses their own network to call their comrades, so it’s troublesome for having many demi-humans that I didn’t even invite.

Geometric progression sure is scary. Probably tomorrow their number will increase even more.

We aren’t lacking in food, but I’m worried about our chef Rony-san’s physical condition.

Concerns about his mental? Well, Rony-san had already received a 180 degree turn and awakened to a new light so it’s all right.

He muttered “I now understand that the beauty of insects, is in their innards” so he’s okay I think.

For those who had their land destroyed, this place might seem to be the last fortress of hope.

All sorts of demi-humans were just like insects in the summer, flying over to this place. Ah, the Oka Kyojin, <Hill Giant>, also came.

Now my collector souls is on fire once again, it makes me want to completely gather all kinds of demi-humans in the region.

By the way, as what Neesan declared, the cocky demi-humans in the city becomes her nourishment, so actually the city order went well.

Strength is justice. It’s a good era. Power Is Justice!!

A soldier is bound by military rules, but the demi-humans are bound by nee-san’s mood.

And nee-san’s mood is bound to Siegfried-niisama, so the top of every demi-human in this HQ is Sieg-niisama.

Because I envy Sieg-niisama too much, let’s push everything regarding demi-humans to him. Somehow I hear some crying or shouting voice, certainly it’s an auditory hallucination.

By the way, it seems that humans and dragons can produce a child. What a mystery of life. How on earth it can happen?

That part is categorized as adult content so the 11 years old like me won’t understand.

So, I will ignore the impression of the wasteful son which was absent from the HQ for 5 days.

Well, I don’t know it’s hangover or something greater, Leo-niisama‘s face becomes very pale after I abused him, and now I will finish my plan arrangement against the black mantises.

West Habsburg army decided their battlefield for their decisive battle to be Bern, the most important communication point from Zurich to Geneva. And somehow, a being that walks aimlessly can make the same plan as human’s military? Wait, do they choose that move because they are smart? 

Looks like they have finished the preparation for their annihilation siege or you can say their predation siege, so the thing to do left is waiting until their prey come into their siege as much as they want.

Know thy enemy, know thyself blablabla.

Because of Sun Tzu and sensei, I know this very well.

West Habsburg kingdom army don’t know about black mantises, black mantises don’t know about us, and we know everything.

War is the thing that must be ended before it starts.

And looks like the black mantises know this well, I want to drink sake together with them once.

However, I want it at the other world. 

And at the eighth day. Something happened.

The ex-husband of female dragon-neesama came.

“My relation with you is only that one night!!”

Isn’t that obvious.

Their relation is only one time mating.

“But, I love you. And you love me too…… So you gave birth to my child, right? Love should have existed between us at that day!!”

That cruel word give a deep wound to nee-san’s heart.

Aah, it feels like nee-san’s eyes get wet because of her sadness……

“……Your child…… has died.”

Nee-san squeezed out that sorrowful words.

Because it’s a cruel memory, even though you try to regret it, you can’t.

“……What. It can’t be, such a silly story……”

The ex-husband lost his mind, step back, and lean himself on the building behind him.

Please don’t destroy this town.

“It’s because of those insects. It’s because of those black insects attacked us!! Even I protected them desperately!! But, those guys, those guys…….”

“Ooh…… It was like that……”

Sorrowful atmosphere drifted around both dragons. 

I think even the ex-husband can’t give any consolation words to her.

A word that can be said to a mother who lost her child, anyone doesn’t have those.

“I think I would die at that time. And I tried to kill all of them even though it will result in my death. But, Siegfried-sama appeared gallantly at that place. And he killed those 10,000 insects in one shot. And then I….. almost died at that place……”

No, at the time, Sieg-niisama isn’t present at that place.

Because he does nothing but shoot them from a long distance close to 100 km.

“I have died once at that time. And I decided I will devote this remaining life of mine to Siegfried-sama. If I said it honestly, it doesn’t mean I don’t love you. But, I have decided. I will live for Siegfried-sama, and die for him too.” 

A small silence fell on those 2 dragons. 

And, the ex-husband smile (I think) and start to talk

“Oooh, you have decided your master as a dragon, huh. Then, it can’t be helped. It can’t be helped……”

Aah, the ex-husband is facing upwards to hold back his tears.

You are a man. You are surely a man!!

“From now on, you will fight against those insects, right? Then, let me help you. Revenge for my child……”

It is a very gentle word from a man.

Although he had lost her love, he still stands up for her, it was a gentleman’s word.

“That’s right, you are a gentleman since olden times. …… I understand, lend me your power. And I won’t hold back!!”

“Aah, between you and me. There’s no need to hold back!!”

Both dragons exchange an indescribable delicate smile.

They are old friends and also a lover in the past, so the child me can’t say anything in this subtle mood between these two dragons, a very mysterious thing.

Hirudora? Hirudragon?

[TL Note: Hirudora means soap opera/noon drama, Karl’s trying to make a pun from it]

Ah, by the way, all of the words they exchanged are in dragon language, the only one that can understand them is me because I use Gooogle translation service.

The appearance of two dragons quarrelling while hissing “Gyaasu! Gyaasu!” makes the demi-humans in the vicinity to run while shivering because of them.


Well, on the 15th day, the Frank Empire finally lifts their heavy ass, and starts to march their army to Geneva.

And in addition, they will arrive in half a month if their march goes smoothly. Hmm, it’s completely that, huh.

At last they moved, it’s great. With this, I can have a great proof.

Gooogle-sensei, if the black mantises destroy Bern, and in addition, if they completely predate Geneva’s people, please calculate how much their numbers will expand.

[I calculate it will be over 4,300,000.]

And the probability of the Frank Empire to win the fight with those 4,300,000 is?

[If their battle potential which is called as <Magic> is average, I calculate it’s 0 %]

As I expected.

Rather, I think the outcome will be more likely for them to become nourishment of the black mantises.

Even if I trim their 2 million numbers from the bottom, in the end I need to annihilate every single one of them, and if I can’t, they will escape and increase their numbers again, pest extermination is really difficult.

It means, the black demon G really can’t be erased from human society.

Moreover, everyone might have forgotten this, but this is another country, furthermore we are tied to a non-aggression treaty in this land, and it’s very tiring to use many tricks so that any of our encounter won’t be regarded as an aggression.

Well, if the time comes, I will rely on sensei’s harmful animal extermination service.

And now, it’s already 8 A.M.

The preparation for the boxed lunch is also done.

Rony-san, thank you. Even though I ate the boxed lunch that was made by another person.

Then, let’s start the picnic as soon as possible.

Leonhart-niisama as the army leader, and sequently, the 300 elites, my platoon of 100, and on their back is the demi-human group.

Black mantises have finished their siege on the outskirts of Bern, the West Habsburg kingdom army are now being gulped down in the midst of battle with them because they have ‘1:30’ desperate comparison between West Habsburg kingdom army’s power and them.

Each fortress set their castle walls to be their shield and testing its resistance, but it was being carved bit by bit by the sickle that are harder than a stone, and I think it won’t take too long for it to collapse completely.

And, Leonhart-niisama <War> divine protection starts to operate. The 300 elites, my platoon of 100, fifty six thousand of demi-humans, and 2 dragons raise their roar.

Although this is only a journey to send the letter from my father, but it can’t be helped if we kill the pests before us to ensure our own safety, right?

And one thing, we don’t know why there are elves, dwarves, goblins, orcs, ogres, hill giants, etc. And even dragons following us, they only follow us on their own accord, they have nothing to do with us, Grosse kingdom.

Yosh, my excuse is perfect.

And this is certainly not an ‘act of aggression’.

It’s just a goodwill ambassador’s journey.

Because this is a goodwill ambassador’s journey of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prince, so it’s only a journey that have a bit too many escorts.

So, a fight between countries that was caused by the aggression act using 400 soldiers, it’s impossible, isn’t it?

The marching speed is 80 km/h, what kind of armor division is our army?

After running for around 40 minutes, we covered 50 km and we found the first fortress that was buried in 300,000 black mantises.

First, Siegfried-niisama shoots them to death with his shadow moon fang of heaven (1 shot 100,000 kill) and their numbers becomes 200,000, and next the 2 dragons put fire on the ground in a ‘friendly manner’, and reducing their numbers to 150,000, then Leonhart-niisama swings his sword while shouting “First spear” and dancing wildly, the shockwave produced left slaughtered bodies of the black mantises in their wake, leaving 50,000 remaining, after that the 300 elites with their technique that have changed from 1 swing 10 kill to 1 swing 100 kill, unleashes their sword, spear, and bow skill to the black mantises, the remaining is 20,000. With full spirit, my platoon attacks them, the remaining is 18,000, wait, isn’t my platoon… a bit weak?

Now then, like an army, kill before you get killed, we mercilessly declared “Attack!! Trample them!!” to the remaining black mantis.

As Leonhart-niisama’s voice resounded, the whole army start their attack towards the black mantises.

Truthfully, this kind of brave heart exhilaration feels kind of good. It feels so good that I’m worried if there will be any pointless damage.

Even the goblins which is labelled as a small fry character seems to be like a brave warrior who had served the army for a long time.

The battle between 56,000 demi-humans + 400 humans + 2 dragons + 2 cheat-like living beings VS 18,000 black mantises only lasted below 30 minutes.

As the result of big numbers beating small numbers thoroughly, there’s only few victim on our side, like there are few who received wounds and we have no casualties, what an amazing result.

Even if we say that we have advantage because of our overwhelming number, because the buff of large scale <War> divine protection if we said it’s just natural, it really is without a doubt the result would be like this.

But as expected the goblins are pushing themselves right? They’re wounded all over.

Now, each personnel, halt. Let’s eat some food and rest at the burned area around the fortress.

I feel a bit unpleasant seeing the carcasses of black mantis, but instead for the soldiers, it feels like being surrounded by victory flags.  

Aah, culture gap again.

Eating our first portable ration, and after we sleep to prepare for our next marathon checkpoint, the second fortress.

Aah, as usual, it’s great for Leo-niisama to fall asleep easily. He’s asleep already.

Well, now it’s time to increase our military personnel even more.

“Every West Habsburg army soldiers that works in this fortress!! We are the goodwill ambassadors from Grosse kingdom that were sent to send this letter from our king. However, on our way we met a swarm of super hard carapace-type with sword arms, so we want you to escort us to your country’s royal capital, Geneva!! And, to increase our security even more, we request to go to every fortress to increase the escort’s numbers along the way!! I think protecting a goodwill ambassador or a diplomat won’t violate your duty, so what do you think!?” 

I think it would be great if the commander isn’t stupid.

Even though it will be great to convey ‘let’s kill the flocks of black mantis in every fortress as the escort of the goodwill ambassador’ implication to them.

If they don’t waver even though they have witnessed our military achievements, I must think another way.

When I feel anxious, the gate is opened, and a person which seems to be the big-shot in one glance comes out.

Well, although I’m more of a big-shot than him. After all, I’m a prince.

“Goodwill ambassador-dono. Currently, there’s 8,000 soldiers inside the fortress, 2,000 regular soldiers, and the remaining 6,000 soldiers are volunteers, so we only have a few war horse in here.  So from the previously mentioned, how much do you demand?”

Nice, a person that can understand the negotiation.

Then, while keeping my royal family-style, let’s start the negotiation.

“All regular soldiers with their war horse, and after that I want you as well to become their commander. As you see, our escorts as goodwill ambassador, that’s is Grosse soldiers are only 400 cowardly soldiers, so we want your biggest assistance to our 400 cowardly soldiers in our journey. Somehow, a lot of elves, dwarves, various demi-humans, and 2 dragons followed us, we don’t know why they do that, so I want you to understand that they are not from Grosse army. And I will inform you that we have swept clean every super hard carapace-type with sword arms from the insect race around here. This fact is confirmed already with <Divine Protection> of 1st prince of Grosse royal family, Leonhart Friedrich von Grosse, so we can guarantee it.”

The big-shot-san close his eyes and thinking something.

Because their king’s decree is to protect this fortress absolutely, not to become an escort of goodwill ambassador.

Even though I had said this won’t violate their duty and even the chance for them to be punish is nearly zero, it’s zero at all.

“It’s better to ride on winning horse, you know? And, if you won’t become our escort, we will pull back ourselves, you know? Because, insects is scary”

“…… That’s right. And actually, it’s a harsh invitation. Balancing our neck against our country’s life, it’s downright vicious.”

The big-shot-san nods and smiles wryly, so our alliance have been concluded.

“By the way, where is the golden lion, His Highness Leonhart? By all means, we want to say our thanks to him, can we?”

Leo-nii? Etto, he’s the bold guy over there, the one who is sleeping sprawled out while snoring at that burnt area.

I’m glancing and leading his eyes towards Leo-niisama.

“H-hm. Then, at a distant future, when he has some time, we will say our thanks to him.”

“Yeah, please do so by all means.”

We add 2,000 soldiers and 1 handyman in our military camp.

Let’s go full marathon to the second fortress.

As I thought, with <War> divine protection cheat ability, our march goes abnormally in 80 km/h.

And now we reach the second fortress in less than 20 minutes.

“The First spear isssssss!”

Ignoring Leo-niisama’s voice, Sieg-niisama’s shadow moon fang of heaven shoot every black mantis that surrounded the fortress to death.

And secondly, 2 dragons’ Dragon Breath double dance performance shows a great fire dance.

And falling behind it, 300 elites shows their contest of 1 swing 100 kill technique again and again.

“Leo-nii, just swing your sword already.”

“Karl, haven’t you recently become cold to me?”

“It would be great if an ideal little brother who won’t become cold after seeing his big brother drunk for 5 days to exist in this world.”

Leo-niisama swing his sword as if he was in outburst of anger while half-crying.

A wild dance of 1 swing 10,000 kill and the black mantises ends up changing into a mountain of slaughtered body.

Well, we have shaved their numbers plenty enough, so let’s go. 

There’s still many fortresses we need to capture, so our policy is to conserve our MP.

“All hands, charge!! Exterminate them!!”

Stealing Leo-nii’s line, and using sensei’s assistance, I make my voice to resound through the entire army.

My army start to rush without even confirming whose voice is it.

Black mantises were being trampled down without even taking any cooperation.

Somehow, Leo-niisama is slaughtering the black mantises with the face of a puppy that was left in the rain.

Teasing him too much will make <War> divine protection lost its power, so let’s stop this teasing before the divine protection lost its power.

With this, their number becomes 60,000. Well, the insects don’t have any means of communication, so normally if I repeat this for 5 times more, I think they will be annihilated, but according to sensei’s information, insect race are a being that makes a thought network by swarming.

Moreover, they are intelligent beings, so the possibility they will use shrewd plan exists too. Carelessness is a taboo.

When you win blabla or something, Oh! this thing from the old world’s military arts, huh.

[TL Note: the MC tried to mention a proverb that means “You can’t let your guard down even after victory”]

Then, it’s the second time to increase our military personnel.

“Every West Habsburg army soldiers that works in this fortress!! We are the goodwill ambassadors from Grosse kingdom that were sent to send this letter from our king. However, on our way we met a swarm of super hard carapace-type with sword arms, so we want you to escort us to your country’s royal capital, Geneva!! And, to increase our security even more, we request to go to every fortress to increase the escort’s numbers along the way!! I think protecting a goodwill ambassador or a diplomat won’t violate your duty, so what do you think!?” 

Without biting my tongue on any word, I declare those words.

It’s too troublesome to think a different speech for every fortress.

By the way, I simply used sensei’s function to prepare relay messages.

However, without opening the fortress’s gate, the big-shot B appeared on the top of castle gate.

Looking down on his life saver from a high place, what a nice guts.

“The royal decree we received is to protect this fortress until death! We will say our thanks for the goodwill ambassador’s help, but this fortress can’t spare any soldier or horse. So, if you still want to march, just do it with your own power!!”

Well well, what the meaning of this.

The incompetence that can’t see the situation. Or possibly, desperation of a sacrificial pawn.

“This fortress’s commander if I said it nicely, he is a conservative person, but if I said it badly, he is notorious for being a coward. It’s better to give up increasing our personnel here.”

The big-shot A, or Laurin-dono whispered to me.

So, Plan B begins.

You must protect your country with your own hands. At least, that’s what I think.

If I get another country’s help but I don’t take any action myself, I think I don’t deserve to enjoy the peace after that.

Because, it’s just like stealing another person’s effort. Just like a thief.

“All soldiers in this fortress!! Those far away please listen to the voice! Those near please witness with your own eyes!! We have exterminated every insects that swarmed this fortress. However, there’s still so many insects out there, and we don’t have enough soldier to fight!! If you love your country, take up your sword! If you love your country, take up your spear! Is there no brave ones who would fight for their country!? We will win!! We will certainly win!! The brave ones who want to return to royal capital Geneva triumphantly, come with me!!  We don’t need cowards!! We only want to return triumphantly with the brave ones!!”

Then, how much people will join to the winning horse easily?

Ooh, they opened the fortress’s gate without permission and gushed out from it.

But their equipment aren’t well arranged and there’s so many volunteer soldiers.

In addition, the whole army except the big-shot B came out.

There are some injured person mixed there, but their eyes are on fire.

……This is a bit ugly but it can’t be helped. Let’s leave it to Laurin-kun to take care of the disabled.

“Then, Laurin-kun, I will leave the command of them to you completely. Please deal with the one who doesn’t have enough equipment and the wounded ones.”


Well, our break will end soon, it’s time for full marathon.

“Leo-niisama! Please, your <War> divine protection!!”

I will run to the third checkpoint, the third fortress…, even though the one who will run is my favorite horse Kelhya-gou.

“They are too weak”

That is the impression I got after exterminating all two hundred thousand black mantises at the third fortress.

Increasing our troops here also went smoothly, and it was calculated that 800,000 out of 2,000,000 black mantises were destroyed, the plan also went too smoothly.

Are the reason they can’t communicate because they are too far away from each other, or possibly they are just too obsessed with the food, which is the fortress before them.

“Karl, next time the first spear will be mine……”

Somehow I feel irritated hearing that voice, so I close my ears with my hands and try to get engrossed in thinking.

“Karl! Karl!”

Leo-niisama is noisy.

My shoulder start to tremble, so it can’t be helped, let’s hear his opinion.

Leo-niisama hurriedly open the map and start to line up the pieces on the top of it.

I will say sorry first to your effort, because I can confirm those movement myself if I open Gooogle maps.

The red dots left the fortresses and started to move southwest, which is Geneva, at full speed.

They are going into skirmish formation by spreading out in even intervals to each other.

Half of them drops their movement speed in purpose so they can become a decoy or moving obstacle, and the other half runs at full speed to Geneva.

This is bad, they learned.

1 swing 10 kill is possible because the enemy is swarming.

Putting aside Sieg-niisama, Leo-nii and the other elites’ offensive will drop significantly.

Moreover, they can’t ignore and just pass through the thick wall of the spread out insects who is used as a decoy too.

And we can’t optimistically ignore their individual fighting power.

They have steel sickle and body, so we can’t just retaliate them with your average strength, they are that kind of monster.

Because I looked at the monstrous Leo-nii and Sieg-nii too much, I forgot the black mantises‘ true power.

500,000 black mantises will obstruct our march, and another 500,000 black mantises will mess up royal capital Geneva make it in mess.

And then, the children grown in Geneva will escape from us by scattering all over the place in Frank empire territory.

If it becomes like this, we can’t do anything, we can only expect the hard struggle of Frank empire army.

Well well, this…… will be fine, right?

Leo-nii is stressing about how the black mantises’ march which seems to be hard to understand, but I can understand it via sensei, so it’s no problem at all.

Black mantises. It’s your win.

Even though we have advantage at searching ability because we have 2 cheat weapon that can see you from bird’s view, we still lost.

I will admit I lost to you completely at everything regarding tactic.

I won’t say any excuse like I was bound by conditions.

In the past, a great man said, ‘battle is about numbers, brother’, but I don’t know it’s really like that.

Win from large crowd with a small army force. That story only exists in fantasy story.

The large crowd will predate the minority without stop, the real wise men are you all.

I will admit my defeat.

It’s a bit disappointing, but it’s your win.

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13 thoughts on “Chapter 10: Grosse Royal Family All-out-war (Without Father) -Second Part-

  1. ┏━━┓┏┓┏┓ ../¯¯¯¯\.. ┏┓ ┏┓┏┓ ┏┓┏━━┓
    ┗┓┏┛┃┗┛┃┃ .△. ┃┃ \┃┃┃┃/ / ┃┏━┛
     ┃┃ ┃┏┓┃┃┏┓┃┃┃\ ┃┃ ┃  ┃┗━┓
     ┗┛ ┗┛┗┛┗┛┗┛┗┛ ┗┛┃┃\ \ ┗━┓┃
    .┏━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━┗┛ ┗┛━━┛┃
    ┏┓  ┏┓┏━━┓┏━━━┓┏┓ ┏┓┏┓
    ┃ \ ┃┃┃┏━┛┃┏━┓┃┃┃ ┃┃┃┃
    ┃  \┃┃┃┗━┓┃┗━┛┃┃┃ ┃┃┃┃
    ┃┃\  ┃┃┏━┛┃┏━━┛┃┃ ┃┃┗┛
    ┃┃ \ ┃┃┗━┓┃┃   ┃┗━┛┃┏┓
    ┗┛  ┗┛┗━━┛┗┛   ┗━━━┛┗┛
          iヽ       /ヽ
           | ゙ヽ、    /  ゙i
            |    ゙”─‐”’”   l
         ,/               ゙ヽ
         ,i゙    /         \ ゙
         i!     ●      ● ,l
         ゙i,,   *   (__人__)  ,/
          ヾ、,,          ,/
          /゙ “         ヽ
        /             i!
      (⌒i    丶  i   !   i!.,
        γ”⌒゙ヽ  l   l  γ’.ヽ
         i     i,__,,ノ   i,__,,ノ_,,丿
         ヽ,_,,ノ”~´ ̄  ̄


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