Gooogle volume 3 chapter 5

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Help! Gooogle-sensei!!

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I was on the verge of death after ruining my health by over weighing myself over 30 years. Goodbye, past world. And Hello to new world. I will cheat with modern knowledge, is what I thought, but in reality I don’t have any practical knowledge. Nitroglycerin? How to make it? Where to find potatoes? Method to make transparent glass? Method to make carbon steel? I don’t know any of that.

However, the heaven didn’t abandon me. I was born with royalty as a cheat. And, my brother and sister have an unparalleled level of cheat talent, so unparalleled cheat ability would also dwell in me!…… I changed my mind, the heaven have abandoned me. I don’t get any unparalleled ability. While I was spending my days lamenting about that, I have already abandoned by heaven, but Gooogle-sensei didn’t abandon me! Passing through  eras and expanding his service, certainly sensei is Deus ex Machina! My era has star-, no, Sensei’s era has started! Just look at it, all of the holder of unparalleled ability!! All of you must prostrate in the front of Sensei’s power!!

Chapter 1 Let’s give this serious letter a decision! Part 1

TL : kekel2ms
ED : Novarime, wynser

Special thanks to Raystorm (ED 3)

Part 1

――I want Kazuma’s child.

I stiffened at the words which Yunyun spat out passionately, while dripping out the black tea at the ends of my mouth.

In front of my eyes, Yunyun is clenching her fist and shivering with a red face.

It’s not only me who becomes stiffened.

Everyone except me, has their mouth agape.

That’s so sudden right, anyhow something that Yunyun blurted out is……

“Hey, Megumin, can you wait a bit for this turn? if you let me fix my move once, I will give you this strange stone that I found at Arkarentia’s hot spring”

…… Nope, there is someone who didn’t read the atmosphere at all and listen when someone is having conversation.

While facing Megumin who’s stiffened, Aqua is holding a pawn and troubled.

After I collect myself, I wiped out the black tea on my mouth, and Darkness was still dumbfounded and tilted her cup, black tea is spilling all over the carpet. I left my cup on the table, fixing my neck towards Yunyun.

“……What did you just say?”

“I said ‘I want Ka…I want Kazuma’s child’!”

Yunyun answered my question with her face flushed red.

It looks like what I heard wasn’t wrong.

“…… As for me, I want the first child to be a girl”

“It’s, It’s no good, the first child must be a boy!”

I thought she was a quiet girl but, it looks like she is a ‘person that will say what they needs’-type.

However I have something that I can’t just give up. If you are a man, surely you want to be called Papa……!

“ No, wait a minute, a girl or a boy… why suddenly the talk progressed to that extent?…anyways Yunyun, what are you blurting out all of a sudden!? Do you really understand the words that you just said?”

Megumin who regained her composure, stood up from that place spontaneously.

“Th, That’s right, just like what Megumin had said, Yunyun was it!? I don’t understand what is happening between Kazuma and you but, don’t lose your mind! Do you really know about what kind of man he is!?”

Darkness said something that badmouths me.

“Huh? Wait a minute!? Yep, right here! It looks like I must leave the person who is treated as a useless crusader right here……!?”

Without knowing the uproar, a person with her own pace, Aqua is still holding a pawn and troubled.

Her opponent Megumin, grabbed Yunyun’s shoulder and her whole body was trembling.

“Please come back to your senses… Anyway, there are times when you  occasionally rush over to a conclusion and you become incapable to see what is in front of you! What the heck is happening? Please talk about it step by step!”

“Be, Because, Because!! If I don’t make any child with Kazuma, the world will! And the Demon King will……!!”

Although Yunyun was shaken by Megumin, she shouted words with tearful face.

“Oh, I see, the world will…… Don’t worry, you don’t need to say it all. Just leave the world and demon king to me. If I make a child with Yunyun, the demon lord will somehow, and the world will be saved right? I, don’t have any reason to refuse a request from a troubled person. “

“Oh! You! Even though when we beg you to took a quest, you resist it so much!”

“Truly! Despite usually never listening to our words, at times like this you suddenly become so considerate. Rather than that, please have some sense of crisis for this sudden development!”

“Be quietーー what’s wrong with you all since a while ago! This problem is only between the two of us right!? Any person who aren’t involved should just be quiet on the sidelines! This my very awaited popular season, don’t disturb!”

“This man even dare to lash back ー anyway, I’m not uninvolved, if my friend gets involved with a strange man, I won’t just watch from the sidelines!”

To silence Megumin who became more flare up, I continued even more.

“In the first place, despite always finding beautiful girls and women, until now there weren’t any development is even stranger right!?  We are the heroes who fought with a great number of Demon King’s army’s boss, aren’t we!? Somehow, we have already solved many incidents ,right! Soon, it wouldn’t be strange if there are beautiful girls who deeply admire me, or an adventurer who come to ask my sign will appear right!! Oi, Darkness! If you are an important noble, hand over a medal for my achievements!”

“Y,You! If you think something like that, don’t say it! You will make all of your achievement you gain from working hard to become nothing!”

Yunyun who sees the fight,

“C, Calm down! Sorry, it’s my fault, p, please calm down!”

said that between us while being flustered.

“In this country, I heard that it’s normal to marry around 16-20 years old! Or you can get married at 14 years old!? If Yunyun and Megumin are classmates, she’s already 14 years old, right!? Then, there’s no problem, isn’t it! It’s wonderful, It’s WONDERFUL! I’m happy because the rules don’t drag us! And I’m happy too because I’m won’t be called a lolicon! I, for the first time came to like this world !! Anyway, what? You all, do you like me? Are you jealous because I will start dating with Yunyun!? Then, say it honestly, you tsunderes!”

“This guy! Darkness, punishment! Let’s punish this man once!”

“Yosh, let’s beat up this no good man who can only fast-talk!”

“Oh? Oh? Oh… you want to do it? You all never learn, huh! You know since I have Drain Touch, touching your body counts as self-defense! No matter what place I touch, it doesn’t count as sexual harassment!”

I intimidate those two by  opening and closing my hands as if trying to grope them and while I am provoking them, Megumin start to lifted her eyebrow.

And now, it looks like Megumin wants to attack and with a *Kuikui sound, her mantle starts to float from the corner.

TLnote: Kuikui (sfx for someone trying to chant something)

“Hey, It’s your turn Megumin, please look, I have confidence in this move. Hey, come here quickly!”



Megumin who’s tugged by Aqua, flipped over the game board without looking while shouting Explosion.

“Uh……Uh…… . Should have prohibited the Explosion rule……!”

I glance at Aqua’s back while she is picking up the pawns which are scattered on the carpet while crying, and Megumin came here and took a stance with her staff.

“Even though I look like this, I always train hard everyday because I am aiming to become the strongest magician. For someone with low status like Kazuma, I can win this with ease without using any magic!”

“Oops, as expected, even I was offended by that. My speciality is, regardless of my low status, I have already exchanged fists with a great number of strong enemies. I can’t possibly be left behind by this stupid explosion demon who can only remember one magic. That muscle brain crusader over there is no exception too.”

“Muscle brain crusader!?”

When the atmosphere starts to look like a battle will begin soon, Yunyun’s eyes start to become teary, and suddenly shouted.

“Megumin! Please listen! Crimson Demon’s village will……, Crimson Demon’s village will be gone!!”