Not a Chapter Update, Status Update.

First of all, there’s no new chapter for now. And the new chapter might still be looooong to be posted.

Our univ had this internship-like program, and the terms for our internship will be around one year (it differs between the company, but mostly it’s one year or less).
Kekel and Novarime had internship to some company, meanwhile I got my internship to some research institute as a junior researcher.

So far, Kekel is busy because by the time he got in, he was assigned to a project that is near its deadline.
Novarime might also gets busy as the time goes, but he doesn’t seem to be all that busy now.
My workplace seems to be doing nothing for now, compared to the other two I had more free time, but they said when the time comes, we might also get busy as well.

So yeah, you get the point. I might try to TL some to help since Kekel might not touch it for a while, but my skill is very limited so we still need Kekel to check my TL and add some parts where I don’t understand. I think Kekel had a test for his Japanese skill and I think he got N2? I never had mine but I think at most I would be N5. BTW, if you’re not familiar, N1 is the highest and N5 is the most basic. So if we compare it to like this novel, Kekel would probably have Grade 2 on , meanwhile I would have Grade 5 (estimated because I never had the test).
After TLing, we still need to wait for Novarime to check and edit them all, but usually he does it fast so no real problem here, I think…
In the end, it’s all depends on Kekel.

So, yeah. Back to indefinite update.

Oh BTW, if you ask if my workplace is the laxest, the answer is no. Because I think Kekel’s workplace is actually the laxest out of us 3. Maybe even compared to others, his workplace is the most relaxed one. He’s just busy because when he got in, he was assigned to a near deadline project.
Well, I would say it’s his own fault because the guy promised to start at Jan but never showed his face till mid Feb. Honestly when me and Novarime heard this, we contemplating about how the heck did we became friend with this kind of guy.


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