Long time no see

Hey bois, it’s been about 2 months since our absence, recently we’re quite busy doing univ stuff, here the new chapter, click the image below

Image result for ずっと俺のターン!


One thought on “Long time no see

  1. >we’re quite busy doing univ stuff
    no, kekel’s the ONLY one busy
    me and wynser had goddamn lots of free time.
    we had several final projects for this semester, like 3?
    if kekel were busy being actually productive then we’re cool with him not translating
    but guy like, started working like few days less than 2 weeks before the deadline(for all three of them) when we had a three week break, and the days he actually worked he worked like maybe 3 4 hours a day and called it busy doing projects. meanwhile he most likely spent 6+ hours reading novels in the same days and he dare claim he was busy. thats almost like an insult to people that were actually hard working(not me). guy even had the time to do other people’s project when he’s not even asked to(well i guess that’s doing a nice thing)
    so as always, blame kekel.


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