gooogle volume 2 extra, finally.


insertyorokobeshounenhere. for the chapter release? nono, for the content. you’ll know when you read it. i myself am not rejoicing though, didnt really care about that.


took so long even though a short chapter because kekel was busy with his sist.. i mean, work. and most likely sister too.


if anyone’s interested in illustrations, click here.  it’s link to the publisher’s website itself though. in their character introduction part, from the beginning: Karl, Charlotte, Louise, Goodful/Gooogle, Leonhart, Siegfried, and Maria. you can take a peek of the digital novel with that yellow button far below, the one with book icon with text 試し読みはこちら!(Trial reading is here!). ES Novel is quite generous with the trial read, they gave like a quarter(60 pages or so) of the full book for trial for this novel, with their other novels like a third(100+ pages), whereas other publishers are like, 25ish pages, 40-50 for very few novels. though, there’re only three grayscale illustrations available in the trial version.

images inside trial version(for the lazy ones or cant be bothered to waste time loading tens of image of gibberish moon runes): 1    2    3

can’t find the light novel raws elsewhere on the interweebz though.


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