Metal Hagure chapter 12

TL : kekel2ms
ED : Novarime, wynser

Medusa of the Demon Beast Forest Part 4 Girl meets miracle

In a private room on the second floor of the mansion.

Anastasia burrowed herself in the bed and she was shivering.

There was an incident just a while ago.

Suddenly―― an overwhelming aura filled with anger appeared in front of the gate.

“This is…. the person who had just appeared at Noranuku Kingdom a while ago…an existence whose nature is still unknown…Why is he coming to this kind of place!?”

From the rumor, that person is the one who made the strongest Demon Lord for successive generations to step down the throne.

There is no doubt, that person had already made contact with the Demon Lord.

Anyway, It’s because that time when she was fighting with that fellow with supermassive aura, I could clearly feel it even from this place.

Demon Lord’s aura and that unknown creature’s aura are too non-standard. That total amount of aura can’t be compared with normal high-level demon.

Therefore, I don’t know who are more superior.

What will happen from that fight….However I can’t believe the Demon Lord will lose from that fight….

When my thought reaches to that extent, Anastasia’s whole body is becoming pale.

Anyhow, it’s certainly not an enemy to fight with.

“ I’m afraid…I’m afraid…I’m afraid….”

From downstairs, that overwhelming aura is coming here straight.

The sound of someone climbing up the stairs, then walking through the corridor, and I can hear a loud voice filled with anger.


Anastasia immediately realized.

――It seems he saw that boy’s statue that I left at the garden.

It seems that person with an overhelming aura is trying to condemn me himself.

Since he has already seen the truth, I can’t make any excuse.

So this is the end of my life, huh…――that was what Anastasia thought, and she laughed because of desperation.

――Come to think about it, I have already lost any hopes for living. Changing the boy into a statue and took the blame….. I think it’s good if I atone with my life, isn’t it.

Violently, the door is forced open.

And, that person with an overwhelming aura walked towards here in straight line, pulling away the sheet that covered her.

Anastasia who is sitting while hugging her feet on bed appeared, and Yuuki asked her.

“…. Are you…..the Demon Beast Forest’s Witch?”

“Hmm… So…. You have already seen that ,right? Therefore you are that angry, right?”

“Oh that, I have already seen through all of your bad deeds”

――As expected, because I made that blind boy into a statue…seems like he is quite angry.

Anastasia was insulted by Yuuki with cross-examination-tone of voice.

“Nevertheless, How dare you to leave them until that state… Just a little bit, I’m sure there’re other better ways to do that, right?”

The place Yuuki watched, there are approximately 12 cats in that place.

They already became a big family, if we leave this problem, they will breed like a rabbit and the population will swell up, and Demon Beast Forest will be called Cat Forest.

“Certainly….maybe like that…if I just a little bit more careful…It won’t become like that…..”

“Be careful… That’s not the problem, right? You must properly think for every action you done! Moreover… if you let it be…the amount will increase even more!”

Anastasia expression become sorrowful below the mask.

“Hmm.. You are right. Because I think it was wrong… Therefore, I have properly thought about that….I’m scared if there’re more victims….So I secluded myself!”

“Why? You secluded yourself! ――if you’re scared that the victim will increase.”

It’s what Yuuki thinks.

Looks like she reflected about it, but she act like she didn’t reflect about it at all. As Yuuki said, Even if you said you secluded yourself, the fact that the cats are still increasing in number won’t change.

It would be best to stop giving those cats any food.

This person….Yuuki realized something.

From Yuuki’s acquaintances, this kind of person does exist. Do a bad thing and then get scolded by their teacher, and pass it with an apology, but in their heart they put out their tongue.

“Are…you really reflecting!? Do you understand, oi!”

By the strength of Yuuki’s anger,


Anastasia was shivering.

That man in front of her, if he wants to kill her, he can kill Anastasia within 2 seconds.

Half-way, despite abandoning the will to live, as expected if you say it as human, with sensitivity level of 13 years old girl――Scary things are scary.

“I am reflect…. ing about this”

“Are you really reflecting about this!?”

“Without letting food go through my throat… My weight decreases by about 10 kg. Because I will puke if I force myself to eat…Therefore…I’m crying for at least 5 hours everyday.”

“No, that’s indeed too exaggerated, isn’t it!?”

Yuuki likes cats.

Really――like cats.

That’s why, he’s feeling angry to this extent but… it’s still after all, only a mere cat… this kind of thinking exists too.

Really, if what she said was true, she shouldn’t be that shocked and depressed. Well it’s not like she killed a person.

However――I think this person is still forgetting one main point.

“It’s good to reflect on your sins but… You really are the worst. Because they will continue to increase…  If you think to not bear the responsibility yourself, are you abandoning them? Before you reflect about this, I think you have a task to do right!?”

Yeah, like pet them in the house, or possibly neutering them.

First you must do something to that extent, then you can give them food. And finally, you can say you really take full responsibility towards living beings, isn’t it?

“Even if you said I have a task… Doing another thing is…I think that’s okay, then what was your purpose coming here?”

“My purpose coming here… I have many ways to do things… So, I came to teach you that.”

“Ways to do things…?

Maybe that man came here to kill me.

How to kill…making Anastasia tremble in fear.

Then, Yuuki mercilessly declared.

“――You’re right. If it’s a boy, you must cut off their balls. If it’s a girl, you must temper their uterus. You need to do a surgery but, it can’t be helped.”

This man――he doesn’t only want to kill me, he even intends to torment me until death.

“Please… stop this kind of painful thing”

“No, it’s no good. I mean you, when you talk to other people, using that mask is rude, right!”

Completely leaving aside his appearance, looks like Anastasia’s mask doesn’t suit Yuuki’s tastes.

With all of his might, the mask was torn out.

――No good. Again…I will turn another person into a stone.

Anastasia who detected a threat to her life, but still…she has a reason to not remove her mask.

―― I mustn’t let another person to be petrified again for the second time, she decided that in her heart.

――Yuuki’s and Anastasia’s eyes met.

A moment of silence. Many hesitation.

*PakiPaki (sfx of someone petrified)

That sound resounded all over that place and the petrification starts.

Yuuki’s trunks began ―― to be dyed with greyish color.

According to many fights it has already surpassed, the trunks that had already ruined――and finally, it met its lifespan.

Yuuki’s scream resounded inside the room.

“Uooooooo!!!  My trunks had become―― a stone!!!! That’s right… I heard that Medusa have a skill to petrify…”

The one who is surprised is Anastasia.

Why only his trunks turned into stone?…

“…Why…are you… not turning into stone….?”

“Don’t bother with small things!”

Yuuki who splendidly stopped, caught her with both of his hands, and look into her face.

“Rather than that――You…You…You…”

*Purupuru (sfx for shivering)

 Yuuki’s body is shivering, and gradually his eyes are becoming bloodshot.

――Aah, I can’t be saved anymore.

Anastasia’s eyes mixed with despair.

The man in front of her, from before… has always raged.

Based on that, and his way of trembling… despite she only attempted it, but for using petrification power to this man, that man’s rage finally reached its peak.

Not long ago, ‘craft their uterus, surgery…’ those words won’t drift away from my head.

“…Hey, you…? Please, don’t get angry…and don’t do painful things to me.”

“Hahaha, who is angry? What are you talking about? I’m a kind, enjoyable, and cheerful brother you know? It’s unpleasant If you had a misunderstanding, you know?”


Just now, Yuuki saw an angel.

When I saw her, maybe she is a 6th grade elementary school student, or possibly a 1st middle school student.

Her real face after her mask was removed, with silky white hair, and purple eyes with double eyelid.

Although it’s like a child, since I have already seen that deep canal features, in the future――I convinced myself I won’t let a beauty that anyone can’t get close to go into another person’s hands.

The conclusion, Yuuki’s only thought is.

――Uooooooo、she is really cute!

Instantly, he unmasked his prajna expression, and changed it with the smile of Bodhisattva.

TL Note : for Prajna and for Bodhisattva

“You…. what is your name?”

“Anastasia Seere…… And…… are you really not angry with me? Despite always being angry……  since a while ago……”

“Anastasia-chan? Don’t think about that again. I…… certainly had something I want to tell to you”

“Want to tell……? Who on earth are you? Onii-chan ……”

Then, Yuuki froze.

Roughly he froze for around 10 seconds, he stiffened up like he was being petrified.

“Wait, Anastasia-chan……just now you said ’Onii-chan’…… right!?”


Yuuki looks at the ceiling, and made a winner pose.

Anastasia who doesn’t know what kind of reaction is good in this situation, just watched every move he made.

And, to calm himself, Yuuki took a deep breath, and gave a refreshing smile toward Anastasia.

“Once more…… can you call me Onii-chan again?”

“Eh…… Hmm, Okay…… “

I don’t understand the circumstances, for a while I must obey his words or I will be killed instantly, so Anastasia replied to his request.

“…… Onii-chan?”

“Once more…… still say it with a questioning tone, while tilting your head, and I request to slant it for 45 degree”

While slanting her neck, Anastasia said.

“…… Onii-chan?”

“And now without the questioning tone, I want you to say it normally”

“…… Onii-chan”

“With NyanNyan word, can you try to say Nama Mugi Nama Gome Nama Tamago?”

“Nyama Myugi…… Nyamya Gome…… Nyamya Tamyago?”

Yuuki shed tears on that place.

――Uooooo!It’s really worth it to go on a trip to diferent world!!!

While rolling on that place, he expressed his happiness.


Completely leaving aside Anastasia with a dumbfounded expression, Yuuki is still rolling on the floor.

From one side to another side of the room he lay up and rolled over and over.

――It finally cameeeeeeee! Lolimedusa finally cameeeeeee!!!

He dived into the bed where Anastasia is sitting.

She quickly averts her body, stand up and evacuate to the corner of the room.

Sniffing the pillow on the bed, and embracing the sheet with whole body.

――It’s cameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

And after several minutes。

He realized that Anastasia was trying to draw away her gaze from him,

*Kohon(sfx for coughing)

After he coughed, he start to spoke gently.

“Sorry, Anastasia-chan, Onii-chan went overboard a bit.”

“……Somehow I don’t really understand, but it was an amazing spirit……”

“For now, it’s fine to sit besides Onii-chan”

I made Anastasia sit on the side of bed.

The more I see her, she becomes more cute. Somehow, her fragrance is a bit sweet…… looks like Yuuki’s spirit will fly again until the day after tomorrow.

Leaving that aside…… Is what Yuuki thinks.

Because Anastasia’s cuteness, I nearly forgot about the main topic――

No, I almost forgave all of her deeds.

The actual issue, My anger is already gone but …….still I shouldn’t indulge a child.

“But you know, Anastasia-chan, you can’t do that, okay? Why are you doing this?”

“I also…… never want to do that kind of thing…… Because of my carelessness…… “

TL Note: starting here Anastasia uses ‘boku’ to refer to herself

“If you were just careless, it can’t be like that right……”

Yuuki said that, then he realized something is off inside his head.

Something ―― is weird.

Anyhow, I recognize what word Anastasia is saying but, I feel there is something very wrong.

Yosh…… Is what Yuuki thinks.

In this place once more, it’s better to confirm her behaviour.

“ Wait, Anastasia-chan, maybe I had a very significant misunderstanding”


“I will ask once more, okay? Why are you doing that?”

“Because I…… although I didn’t want to do that kind of thing, and misfortune happened to me ……”

Yuuki become speechless.

According to what Anastasia said, and what my head recognized odd , I accurately recognized.

――This person said ‘BOKU’!

If I look carefully, her chest is like a cutting board, then she is

――Otokonoko(Homo)huh! I deceived because he’s too cute!

TL Note: Otokonoko mean a boy who looks like a girl .

Thinking to that extent, for the second time, his anger started to resurface.

As a 17 years old Onii-chan, to get angry at a 13 years old girl is too immature for me.

――But, If the opponent is a boy, it’s a different story!

Toward Anastasia who sit beside him, Yuuki pushed her out with his right hand.

Her whole body was thrusted away, with *Donsu as SFX, Anastasia fell toward the floors and rolled over.

“Off guarded, huh, this shitty brat! Are you think my rage already subsided!”

“Eh…… what happen suddenly?”

For the second time, Anastasia expression are starting to mix with fear.

“I know everything! Something to make me relax my guard…… that is by raising a tragedy, isn’t it!”

My anger is more exaggerated than before.

Yuuki still has a dignity as an adult Onii-chan.

I thought he was a girl……so I was being lovestruck by it but, about the sweet face that was showed once, I must immediately amend that.

Because……If I was made fun by this kind of brat, I will be carried away until the end.

“Onii-chan…… at that time, what will happen…… you know…… all of it?”

“Ah, I know all of it! All of that thing happen because of your shallowness and carelessness!”

Certainly…… it’s the same as what he said, it’s what Anastasia thinks.

Neglience and carelessness…… That accident, if I do something to prevent it, it shouldn’t happen.

And…… probably, to understand to that extent, the man in front of my eyes really knows everything.

This man, holds an overwhelming power.

Because my petrification didn’t have any effect, maybe he possess many special abilities.

For example, if he has a clairvoyance skill, he should be able to easily grasp the interchange between Anastasia and that past boy.

“I see…… Onii-chan know it, right?”

Currently…… Yuuki is, talking about the relation between Anastasia and cats, so he don’t really understand.

However in this situation, It’s essential to play the superiority role of “Adult know everything” .

Including homo too, I must preach him a lot about relationships, dignity is important.

For that sake, I will let my opponent to confess all of it.

And, about that subject, It’s good if I point out his mistake with a triumphant expression.

“Don’t underestimate an adult! If it’s someone like you, I can understand everything…… I understand but…… more definitely why does it become like that? I want to hear it from your mouth.”

“I…… lost to my own desire.”

“Desire…… ?”

“The desire to get along with him. Actually…… before I came to know him, although I should deny his invitation to become a friend at the frist place……”

“He…… ?”

“But, I was tired of being alone. No, If I have to say the truth……maybe I liked him……my clan ……would be troubled if I make him as my  marriage partner, but he was……the most suitable person”

――Marry a cat? What is this person saying?

No, It can’t be……, Yuuki asked Anastasia while he slightly want to draw back from her.

“What you mean by ‘like’ is like…… cute or admire him right? not that kind of thing…… or you seriously like him?”

“Yes, I like him. Like making my heart throb, or wanting to be touched by him, and I want to be kissed by him too……those kind of meaning of like.”

Anastasia’s cheek becomes slightly redder.

Yuuki thinks.

――Uwa……Not only a homo……he’s making a cat his target too, this person really an outrageous pervert……

“Well…… Each person, have various hobbies”

“Therefore I…… have finally…… done that…… Therefore…… It became like that”

“Done that!?”

“Yes…… done that…… “

‘Dude seriously?’ is what Yuuki thinks.

13 yeas old, Otokonoko (homo), Bestialty…… Kazoeyakuman was coming into existence.

TL Note: Kazoeyakuman is  a set with a very low chance to show up in Japanese Mahjong.

No complaint, a super-level――pervert.

――I already don’t want to get involved with this person.

He thought that however, he who previously borrowed a DVD with [Horse and Elf] title so, as expected  he was still curious about that part so he tried to ask.

“So, how was it?”

“After it was over, it feels vain.”

“Well……it will feel vain indeed.”

“I was miserable and sad, Everyday Everyday…… I cried.”

“Well…… I will become miserable too…… If I done that……”

Ha…… Anastasia breathe out a deep sigh.

The man in front of her is terrifying……

He is still mad at me, and this situation is reckless……, more than anything he holds a power that can turn me into minced meat instantly.

But, it has been a while since I’m able to talk with another person…… She was healed because of that.

“Still, Onii-chan…… even so…… I, have that circumstances…… I still think it’s a lonely life”

She looks towards Yuuki with a mournful gaze.

Uwaa……is what Yuuki thinks。

This brat……Somehow,  she is sending a feverish gaze to me.

And with lonely words…… this is…… is what Yuuki thinks.

The action is the same as what Yuuki’s imagination expected, Anastasia took an action.

She――puts her palm on top of Yuuki’s palm.

“So? Onii-chan…… talk――”

When she want to say ‘more with me’, Yuuki swiftly stood up from that place.

“WaitWaitWaitWait! Wait! WaitWaitWait!”

TL Note:  Yuuki said this’ Wait! WaitWaitWait!’ in English

Yuuki moved to the corner of room while holding his ass with his right hand.

“Eh…… “

Anastasia felt lonely, however Yuuki is in a desperate situation.

He glanced towards Anastasia’s soft skin who is turning over her eyelashes. Certainly, Anastasia is cute.

The more you look, the more you won’t believe this person is a boy…… rather than that, if I make contact more than this, Yuuki feels a  dangerous hobby will awaken inside him.

Right――At this rate, I will awaken myself……into a Shotacon (Homo) world.

Medusa of the Demon Beast Forest Part 4 Girl meets miracle (Afterwords)

The misunderstanding comedy arc is over.

Next, I will finish it with misunderstanding happy ending.

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    • An integral part of a misunderstanding comedy is that the major misunderstandings must be resolved eventually or else it isn’t satisfying. Not all the little ones need to be resolved, and new ones can be made after fixing the previous ones, but they need a resolution sooner or later. I am starting to fear that with the ridiculous level of stupidity on display, that I am going to end up with massive narrative blue balls.


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