gooogle volume 2 extra, finally.


insertyorokobeshounenhere. for the chapter release? nono, for the content. you’ll know when you read it. i myself am not rejoicing though, didnt really care about that.


took so long even though a short chapter because kekel was busy with his sist.. i mean, work. and most likely sister too.


if anyone’s interested in illustrations, click here.  it’s link to the publisher’s website itself though. in their character introduction part, from the beginning: Karl, Charlotte, Louise, Goodful/Gooogle, Leonhart, Siegfried, and Maria. you can take a peek of the digital novel with that yellow button far below, the one with book icon with text 試し読みはこちら!(Trial reading is here!). ES Novel is quite generous with the trial read, they gave like a quarter(60 pages or so) of the full book for trial for this novel, with their other novels like a third(100+ pages), whereas other publishers are like, 25ish pages, 40-50 for very few novels. though, there’re only three grayscale illustrations available in the trial version.

images inside trial version(for the lazy ones or cant be bothered to waste time loading tens of image of gibberish moon runes): 1    2    3

can’t find the light novel raws elsewhere on the interweebz though.

here, new chapter, it’s the epilogue


mid term has finished

kekel overslept during one of the exams lol. it started at 8.00 but he woke up at 8.17 lololol. his best record of travelling from his house to our uni is something 30 minutes, so no way he’s going to make it in 13 minutes (at the latest one has to enter the exam room 30 minutes after it started) lololololol

also, minor note, while editting earlier i just realized that braveheart(the actual movie) has no space between brave and heart, and then i realized the japanese name is also ブレイブハート, while the name used in this novel has always been ブレイブなハート. totally didnt realize that until just now, so i decided to change it to bravely heart. has literally no impact on the story though, but to just let you guys know.


google translate’s quality has been steadily improving recently, few days ago i decided to try reading raw japanese web novel, i chose demodori, continuing from the latest translated chapter, totally have no regrets, it’s kinda cliche but it’s good. sakura is so damn cute, GJ, self proclaimed god(lol).

Not a release, also, no chapters for a while

midterms are going to start in two days, and since the next chapter is only at around 40%(as always, blame kekel for being lazy), i figured i’d just make a post about no releases for a while. kekel won’t be willing to translate while midterms. no fucking way that guy can finish the chapter tomorrow.

a while as in two to three weeks? the last exam is on 23rd.

gooogle volume 2 chapter 11


kekel actually finished translating this since yesterday, but i forgot, and by the time i remembered, i already turned off my lappy and was too lazy to turn it on again, sorry about that lol.

right before writing this, FGO anime is announced.. why couldn’t they pick a better studio to do this though. what about ufotable.

i didn’t play the game, but still, they released several PVs for in game events made by ufotable, but not for the actual anime. why.

nothing much.


there’s really nothing much to write, well, enjoy i guess? i don’t even have any idea what to flame kekel with.

help would be appreciated on this line . 泣きつこうにも泣きつく先のない乱世というものは実に便利なものですね


not much to say

Chapter link.

university term has started, so future releases might(almost definitely) become (a lot) slower.

mostly kekel’s fault since he’s busy doing stuff ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) with his little sister, i have lots of free time okay?

his sister wrung him dry every day and night, so have mercy on him, he’s always tired -> no energy to translate -> no chapters

his time is mostly wasted since his sister now is in the same university as him, so he has to wait until his sister’s class is done as a good brother, and their class shifts rarely coincide, so..


Edit: also, to the confused/unable to keep up readers, we(minus kekel, since he never has been able to follow the context anyway) are also having a hard time keeping up with the author’s pacing, so at least you’re not alone i guess.

i always try my best to structure sentences so that english readers can at least try to follow the story while not losing the meaning or made it awkward to read, but i’m neither majoring literature nor a native speaker so i can’t do all three perfectly(i often take a long time to figure out how to fix the sentence. most of the time it’s not that i have limited vocabulary, though. more like my ways of structuring a sentence is limited).

and this turned out to be not not much to say lol.

P.S. mind you, kekel is worse than me lol.

Edit 2: i made a mistake in the page permalink lol. fixed. thanks Rusaku.

kekel is retarded

apparently, kekel removed every single line break the author put to signify change scene or something to that effect

that explains why i had always really had trouble noticing when does the scene actually change. like they’re talking about this in their castle, suddenly they already arrived in another country

and he claimed that wordpress removed the line breaks, so he followed suit

im like, ?????????????? what remove,





can do just fine




with multiple line breaks, such bullshit.

goddammit kekel. im not gonna clean up his mess, and he said he’s too lazy to fix the line breaks in one go, let’s see how many years it would take until he fixed his mess. and he also forgot to tell me he has finished checking my edits. so this one is late by almost a full day

to new readers: blame kekel for fucking up the line breaks


oh, here’s the chapter